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Application for Adoption

The average time it takes to process an adoption application is 3 weeks which includes
screening by our volunteers, a phone interview, reference checks and then a home visit. 
We are very thorough and applicants are not matched with dogs on a first come, first
serve basis.  The more specific your requirements, the longer it is going to take for a
After your phone interview, reference, and home visit reports are submitted by our
volunteers, they are reviewed by the Directors. Soon after, you will be contacted to let
you know if you are an APPROVED Boxer home. If you are, then the fun starts...
the process of matching you with the right Boxer!


Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and anyone filling out an application who is living with their parents,
will need parental permission. 
BAR operates in NY, NJ, CT, Eastern PA, MD, DE & the New England States.


1.  Name:               

2.  Address:           

3.  City:              4.  State:              5.  Zip:     

6.  Email:     

7.  Home Phone:             8.  Cell Phone:

9.  Best time and place to reach you:    

10.  Dominant Language Spoken:         

11.  Occupation:           

12.  Employer:      13.  How long at current Job:

14.  Spouse/Significant Other's Name:      15.  Occupation:

16.  Employer:      17.  How long at current Job:

18. Please list the NAMES and AGES of all person's over 21 living in the home including yourself


19. Please list the NAMES and AGES of all full-time and part-time residents in the home who are under 21 years of age: 


20. If children are present in the home, have they ever been exposed to dogs before?    

21. Is there anyone in your home with animal related allergies-If so please explain: 




Personal References for you and/or your spouse (NOT related to you please):

1.  Name:           Address:

     Home Phone:           Relationship to applicant:     

     Years Acquainted:     

2.  Name:           Address:

     Home Phone:           Relationship to applicant:     

     Years Acquainted:     

3.  Name:           Address:

     Home Phone:           Relationship to applicant:     

     Years Acquainted:     

4.  Name, Address and Phone number of your current veterinarian. If you do not have any pets currently, but did, please provide
previous veterinarian information.  



1. What kind of home do you live in?       

2. Do you:      

3.  If you rent, please provide the name, address of the Landlord or Relative:                                    

4.  Phone Number of Landlord/Relative - Required              

5.  How long at your current address:                Years     Months

6. Are you planning on moving within the next year?   

7.  If yes, please explain:

8.  Previous Address if less than 2 years at current:

9. Do you have a fenced in yard where you are presently living that is secure for a dog?                 

10.  If Yes or partial fencing, please provide approximate measurements, height and type of fencing:


11. Do you have a Kennel Run?                

12. If Yes, please provide approximate measurements of your kennel run:

13. If No, how will dog be exercise & toilet be handled:

14. Which best describes your home?                  

15. What are the requirements of dog ownership in your community? (i.e., licensing, rabies, leash laws, etc.):     




1.  List names, breed and gender of ALL of your current pets (cats, dogs, etc.):

     Pet #1      Pet #2

     Pet #3      Pet #4

     Pet #5      Pet #6

2. Are all dogs spayed or neutered?        

3. Are all cats spayed or neutered?        

4. Are all dog in your home up-to-date on Vaccinations or had a titer test with the past year?        

5. How many other dogs have you owned in the last 5 years?                   

6. What happened to your last dog?       

     Died-list age and cause:

     Other-please explain:

7.  If your last dog was given away, please explain the circumstance and indicate the name and address of the person to whom the dog now belongs: 

8. Are all of your animals (dogs/cats) on heartworm preventative and flea and tick control?    

9. If so, what brand?                      



1. Have you ever owned a Boxer before?                  

2.  Why do you want a Boxer:   

3. What do you know and what have you learned about the Boxer dog: 

4.  Why would you like to acquire a dog at this time: 


5.  Describe the type of dog you are looking for:



    Style Of Ears?    

    Style Of Tail?   

    Would you consider adopting a dog with a treatable medical condition (heartworm)?   

    Would you consider adopting a dog with a permanent medical condition (blind/deaf/missing limb)?    

    Would you consider adopting a Boxer Mix?    

    What age dog are you looking for:

6. What are your plans for this dog:               

7. How far are you willing to travel to adopt a dog?

8.  Please list the name(s) of any current dog(s) on our site that you may be particularly interested in:
The adoption process generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete.  Dogs that appear on our Web Site today, may, or may not
be, available by the time the process is completed and you are approved to adopt. 



1. Where will dog spend most of the day?

2.  If Indoors:

3.  If Outdoors:

4.  How many hours will the dog be alone each day:               

5. List your hobbies and activities that you will be including your dog in (i.e., running, boating, biking, walking, hiking, etc):


6.  Is someone home at all times or will the dog need to be alone for a portion of the day: 

7. Where will dog sleep:               

8.  If indoors, where:

9.  If outdoors, where:



1.  How would you exercise your dog:

     Fenced area attached to home-please explain:

     Walks on leash-please explain:

     Other-please explain:

BAR's contract requires that all dogs 1 year old and under attend obedience training.  Other dogs may also require mandatory
training if specified in the adoption contract.

2. Have you ever obedience trained a dog?               

3. Are you willing to attend Professional Obedience Classes with your new dog if required?               

4. Would you like a referral for an Obedience Trainer?

5. Have you ever house trained a dog before?               

     If yes, please describe your method used to housetrain:

6.  What is your definition of disciplining a dog:

7.  How would you handle a dog's destructive behavior? For example, dog gets into garbage, chews on shoe, etc.




1.  How much do you think it would cost to feed the dog a month:

2.  What brand of dog food would you use and how much:

3.  What costs are involved in routine veterinary care for a dog:

4.  What other expenses would you expect to pay:



1.  What would you do if you could not keep the dog:

2.  What kinds of behavior or for what reasons would you get rid of a dog:

3. Are you currently working with any other Boxer Rescues?

    If yes, please provide the name, phone number, and e-mail address so that we may collaborate our efforts:

4. Would you be interested in fostering a Boxer prior to adopting it?

5. Why do you feel that a Rescue Boxer would be a right choice for you? 


6. Further comments or additional information that you feel might help us find the right Boxer for your home:

7. Please let us know how you heard of our organization?



When you click on the submut button below, you are stating that you agree to the following conditions of our application process:

1. Do you agree to have dog neutered/spayed within 30 days of adoption if not already done?

2. Do you agree to keep current license and ID tags on dog at all times?

3. Do you agree to provide timely health care for dog?

4. Do you agree to return dog to Boxer Rescue if you can no longer keep or care for dog?

5. Do you agree to allow a Boxer Rescue agent to visit your home prior to adoption?

6.  Do you agree that this application is a valid and legal substitution for your written signature?

7.  Are you financially and physically able to care for a dog? 

8.  Do you agree to release Boxer Angels Rescue and it representatives from any legal action should you or any member of your family
be bitten or harmed in any way while visiting any of our rescue dogs in a foster home, owner surrender home, on a transport or any other
environment before an adoption takes place? 

9.  Is the information contained herein true, and if found to be false, your application can be refused or a dog that you adopted
can be reclaimed by BAR without a refund of monies paid?  

Please enable your computer to receive emails from:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We suggest that at this point you print out a copy of this entire application in case you experience any problem
submitting it.  If you do not receive a confirmation form, please hit the "back" button and try to submit the application once again.


Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and anyone filling out an application who is living with their parents MUST gain parental permission to apply.

BAR Operates in NY, NJ, CT, Eastern PA, MD, DE, VT, CT, RI, MA, NH

It takes an average of three weeks to process every application.

Applicants are not matched with dogs on a first-come first-served basis.

If you have previously adopted from BAR, please use the abridged application.

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