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Adopting A Boxer

Adopting a Boxer can be rewarding. One look into those brown eyes, and you know you have a friend for life. If you have previously owned a boxer, then you know what the breed is like - energetic, loyal, and not a little bit goofy sometimes.

But if you haven't had a boxer before, you might have a lot of questions. The information in the pages below may help you to learn more about boxers, as well as the adoption process.

  1. Before You Adopt: Get some valuable information and answers to your questions.
  2. The BAR Adoption Process: An overview of what to expect from the BAR process.
  3. The Foster to Adopt Program: Foster your dog first and then when you're ready, adopt him!.
  4. After You Adopt: Some helpful information for after you have adopted your Boxer.

When you are ready, complete the Adoption Application and submit it to BAR. Someone will contact you once it has been reviewed.

After your adoption is complete, keep us up to date with your dog's progress! We love to hear how the dogs we've helped are doing!

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