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Adopted 6/4/03

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10/27/11 - We adopted Tyson (#37) on 6/4/03 from BAR and unfortunately have some
sad news as an update. He is now an estimated 11 years old and we
have had the joy of having him in our lives for over 8 years. He has
been a wonderful addition to our family and we love him just as if he
is one of our (short, hairy) children. Tyson has been with us while
we got married, moved into our home (with a fenced in yard!), and the
birth of our two children. Maybe a couple of years ago, we learned of
his first malignant mast cell tumor which we had surgically removed.
We estimated it as a Stage II tumor with good margins. Several months
later, we found a couple more which were also removed with good
margins, also Stage II. Given boxer's tendencies to grown skin
tumors, Tyson grew many more lumps and bumps, all of which were either
removed, tested (most were lipomas or other benign tumors/cysts) or
deemed normal skin growths (moles, skin tags, etc.). A few months
ago, he started doing a cough/throat clearing noise once or twice a
day that soon grew to several times a day. Multiple trips to the vet
and several X-rays later, nothing was seen and he was given a clean
bill of health. Two weeks ago, Tyson started limping just slightly on
occasion, so back to the vent we went. During his exam, the doctor
noted an irregular heart rate and performed an EKG which showed many
irregular beats. Given his enlarged heart on X-ray and other
symptoms, he was diagnosed with boxer cardiomyopathy. We were told
that we might have 2-8 months while he was on his anti-arrythmic and
diuretic. He did have a little of bit of arthritis on his right side
as well (our original complaint!). We decided to just live each day
with Tyson as his last and appreciate whatever time with him we could
have. Yesterday, Tyson suddenly started limping and would not put
weight on his front right leg. We took him to the vet today only to
learn that he has a large bone tumor in that leg that caused a
fracture in the bone. According to the doctor, it will eventually
grow to cause his leg to break and he would be in agonizing pain
compared to the severe pain he was in today. Amputation would be the
standard course, followed by chemotherapy, but given his
cardiomyopathy, it would not be an option anyway. There is also a
questionable tumor growing near his heart, and his enlarged heart has
not changed in size. We have brought him home for the night on pain
killers and plan to send him to the rainbow bridge tomorrow where he
will no longer be in pain. We will always cherish our time with Tyson
and write this update with the heaviest of hearts. We thank BAR for
bringing Tyson into our lives for all of these years, what you do is a
wonderful thing and one that we will always appreciate...

Tyson's Family

4/18/11 - Somehow throught the magic of the internet Tyson's original web apge was lost, so we thought we'd start him another one with an update from his family.

7/20/04 - Bar recieved a monetary gift from Tyson's adopting family in recognition of their boy, Tyson's first year living with them.  They thanked BAR so much for bring this angel into their lives.

6/4/03 - Tyson has been adopted