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BUSTER 5/11/04


Buster's Foster Journey - Adopted 6/22/04 - Rainbow Bridge 2/6/12

Post Adoption

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Pertinent Information
18 month old  Flashy Fawn Male
 60 lb. Owner Surrender
Natural  Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered near Middletown, NY
Adoption Donation $250


2/6/12 - We regret to inform you that our first boxer rescued Buster #326 (I think this is the #) has passed away early this morning. Bailey and all of our family is going to miss him so much!!! Buster has been a pure love and a real pleasure to us! Thank you for allowing us to adopt him and allowing us to love Buster! Bailey I am sure going to hold her closer than ever! and hope Buster's pasting isn't too hard on her.
Chris & Patti
7/15/10 - Hi there from Canada!!!!It's me Buster!! Hi Tina!! It's been a long time since we wrote to BAR and 
wanted to let you know how I am doing. I still live near Lakefield, Ontario, Canada with my owners Chris & 
Patti and thier two boys and love living here with them! Sadly my mate Cleo went over the rainbow at the age 
of 14 and I am very sad, as I am abit lonely without her. But other than that I am doing well just a bit of thyroid 
problem and taking meds for it. I am happy here and very well loved, thank you BAR for letting Chris & Patti 
adopt me!,A note from my MoM; Buster is still a wonder to us and we love him very much, lately we had 
noticed that he seemed withdrawn and slowed down abit and thought he might be suffering from depression 
since we lost Cleo our other boxer, but since that was last fall, we thought he should be his old self and wasnt 
so off he went back to the vet and had thorough blood work done and it turned out to be his thyroid is low, 
since he is now on meds he is really starting to come around being his old self! He is abit arthrtic but still enjoys 
his walks and sun bathing!! We have been seriously thinking of adopting from BAR again and we think maybe 
an older/senior boxer so that they would complement each other and us! We still can't believe our luck with 
Buster he is the perfect boxer for us and still so grateful to BAR for him!! 
1/24/05 - Buster is doing incredibly well with us! We're enjoying every minute with him and so grateful he 
is with us. He gets along famously with everyone including his female friend boxer named Cleo. I am 
still having a hard time believing that Boxer Angels Rescue gave us Buster because he is so 
perfect in every way, and we feel truly blessed with him! His health is good, no problems once so ever 
since the pillow incident. (once ripped up a body pillow white fluff everywhere! haha) Loves his 
walks and has such a happy personality, always a wagging tail, and loves to give hugs! Again thank 
you BAR for a perfect dog!! We really love him so much!
Patti Corner
9/25/04 - Hi there, long time since we emailed you! Computer crashed and we had to reformat everything,
 but is now on! Buster has been doing so incredibly well! He is a big boy, went up to almost 85lbs but now 
on a lighter diet and he thinks he is a lap dog! whoosh got to catch your breath! but we don't discourage it 
because we are loving his hugs! No messes in the home since the big body pillow incident! we now can leave 
him in the home all day without a problem! Oh what a voice this guy has and I don't mean barking the talk 
of this guy is so incredibly funny! His energy level is fantastic! loves to run and play. We are still finding 
it hard someone would give up this guy he is so perfect in everyway! Thank again you have given us the
 perfect dog! and the long drive was very worth it! I just cant believe our luck getting the perfect guy in 
Buster! He is so laid back the picture shows it eh? he sticks close and comes when you call him. Loves 
car rides! and loves to dig in the sand like a kid! Again thanks a million for Buster!! Chris & Patti 
7/21/04 - Buster is doing fantastic in our home! He has only had one incident since his arrival here at his 
permanent home! We went out to a auction one evening and came home to a cloud in our living room! 
What a hoot that was, he loves to rip up stuffed toys and what he had done was ripped up a huge 
body pillow and the white stuff was everywhere! Other than that he is a very charming fellow! We 
don't even use a leash with Buster he stays right at your side when we go for our walks! If we do use 
a leash there is always a slack in it, gosh what a perfect fellow he is! He gets along well with 
all of us both other dog, cat and pet fallow deer! The deer and Buster play together quite a bit! 
they chase each other around the yard and even box together! Faline our pet deer is so careful not 
to use her hooves and it is a hoot to watch! Buster is recovering quite well from his bout of heart 
worms and I bet he has gained another ten pounds! He has a slight heart murmur, but the vet says 
with his laid back and quiet personality it should never be a problem. Thanks again BAR for 
allowing us to adopt a wonderful Boxer!

6/22/04 - Buster arrived at our home yesterday! He has been settling down wonderfully! Met our cat and gave him some licks and met our fallow deer and these two were hard to separate! They are in love with each other! following each other up and down the fence, poking their heads through the fence and giving each other face washes! Unbelievable and quite a hoot!! Buster met Cleo (she is our 9yr boxer) and they get along great! Only one incident where Buster jumped up on her and she growled at him but next thing you know they were backing being good friends and slept
together last nite. Buster is an unbelievable wonderful 19 month old boxer, excellent with a leash, great car rider and a fantastic personality! We could not have possibly adopt a better boxer!!! Thank you Boxer Angels Rescue for allowing us to adopt the perfect love! It's been only day two and he has exceeded our expectations!!!!!! Looking forwards to giving more updates!


5/28/04 - Buster was taken in for his heartworm test and unfortunately it has come back positive. He will be going in on the first to have his first treatment.
Buster has a wonderful family in Canada just waiting for him to be all better and go home.
He is a super dog and is the only foster I have ever had that is allowed free roam of the home with my guys when I am not here and all night long.
He is such a silly boy and is really beginning to like the indoor life that he never had.
I come home from work and he is all wiggles and kisses just like all the others and he has gotten now that he gets so excited that he starts crying and talking to me as I pet him hello. He really is a wonderful dog.
It will be about a month before he is allowed to go home but he is well worth the wait.

5/19/04 - Buster is pending adoption

5/8/04 - The Guardian Angel Boxer Haven has taken in a new guest...His name is Buster and he seems like a very sweet boy from what I can tell so far.
Buster is getting along well with the other dogs in the home but has yet to be tested with the cats.
He doesn't care for the crate too much and needs a good shove to go in, then cries a bit and then he settles down for the night.
He is not an exuberant boxer baby but more on the quiet side. He is new to my home so we want to give him some time to settle in and show his true spirit