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Runner's Foster Journey - Adopted 5/7/05

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Pertinent Information
7 - 8 yr. old  Male Boxer
Shelter Surrender
Natural  Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered near Boston, MA
Adoption Donation $150

4/9/07 - I am sorry to report that Gumbie went to the bridge this afternoon. He brought great joy to our home and we loved him very much. He will be forever missed. He had degenerative myelopathy and a lg. tumor in his spleen. He wasn't able to get around, despite many efforts. He was a happy dog, and was very brave to go through all that he did. We'll always have him in our hearts and love him.

3/31/07 - Gumbie is not doing so well. We believe he has Degenerative Myelopathy. At this point, he is unable to walk, despite our efforts with a harness and wheels. His rear legs do not function and he is having problems voiding. His front legs are tired. Please pray for him as we feel its only a matter of time before he goes to the bridge. He doesn't have a quality of life any more and it is breaking our hearts to see him this way. We'll update later.

7/31/06 - Gumbie is doing just fine. He has found his spot in our pack. He still is a challenge when the door bell rings, however we accept that as part of him. He has been diagnosed with Senile Dementia. We noticed that he sometimes looks lost in the house and is wetting during the day and at night.  He sometimes forgets that I'm home with him and gets all excited to see me. He does not realize that he is incontinent. The doc said this is the start of dementia. He is lucky because I am home with him all day and I reassure him that everything is ok. We started him on low doses of Proin, after urine test were neg., and that helps alot.  We're taking things one day at a time with him, we love him dearly. I recently found out that one of my sons friends has adopted through BAR and we are so proud to be a small part of a great organization. I tell everyone to do this. No more breeders for us, this is the way to really make a difference in a dogs life. Thank You BAR!!

10/20/05 - It's time for an update on Gumbie! He is doing so well here and seems so happy. He is such a gentle dog and loves to be petted. He put on some weight and is doing fine on Reglan. He loves his goodies and walks in the park. He even is showing interest in soft chewy treats and dental bones. His previous dental procedure helped him greatly. However, greeting people at our front door has been a real challenge, as he wants to charge them and tries to act tough. We are working hard to change this behavior and there's been some improvement. He follows me around all day and lets me know when he wants to go to bed. Its funny because he'll just stare at you till you go upstairs and then he wants me to lay with him. We have a special bond and I am so lucky to have him. Adopting a senior has been a wonderful experience. I will do this again. Thanks BAR!

5/20/05 - Gumbie had his dental surgery yesterday and is doing really well. He continues to thrive here and appears to be happier now. Hopefully he'll be able to chew better with the 2 new teeth that have been exposed. Unfortunately, he lost all 4 front teeth during his biopsy. They were just too loose and fell out.  He is so brave to have gone through all he's been through. We'll reward him with love and a good home.

5/14/05 - Runner arrived with Ed and was so timid at first. He wouldn't eat or leave my side. I could tell he was confused and insecure, but as the days went by , he's emerged as a more confident and secure dog. He needs some dental work and will have that done on Thurs. 5/19/05, as well as a biopsy of a lump in his jaw. We will keep up to date on his condition. He is on antibiotics and seems to be feeling a lot better. He's eating , playing and exercising everyday with mom and loves to walk around the neighborhood with my son. He's getting better on the leach. He is such a joy and more than I could have ever hoped for. He is thriving and will do good here. Thanks to all!! Special thanks to Melanie, Amy and Ed!!

5/7/05 - Runner has been adopted!
From Amy: 
Well, after a rocky start getting lost in the rain and some discussion with Runner about whether I could enter the house or not, we got the silky soft, handsome boy in the car and on our way. He was a perfect gentleman in the car and rode quietly. He wasn't sure about jumping down from my wagon, so I lifted him down. Ed had a great spot set up for him, complete with a ramp and a thick soft mattress to lay on. Runner climbed in nicely and they were off.  Ed drove all the way into Sturbridge, MA, to meet me. He has wings already, but I think his halo got extra gold in it on this day.
From Ed:  What a great guy ! We had a very nice ride down with out any problems and he was just good as gold ! I kind of hated to leave him :o)  Once we arrived...he seemed to settle right in with Colleen and Chris and was out running around the yard with this happy expression on his face. They had everything ready for feeding station...beds...he's gonna have a good life !!  I'd say this was a very successful placement ! A Big thanks to everyone...they were very appreciative of everyone's help in getting Runner to them !

4/28/05 - Runner is pending adoption.

4/1/05 - Runner is a very happy dog. He continues to put on weight and is almost where he should be. He was neutered this past Tuesday, and he didn't even seem to mind. He came home from the vet as happy as ever ! The vet said he is very healthy even though he is a senior dog, and he gets lots of exercise running around with my two boxer girls all day long. I call him a flirt! The three of them cuddle up together on the sofa and go to sleep, which is what they are doing right now. By the way, while my two chase my cats every time they see them (because they want to play with them) Runner doesn't seem to want to bother with the cats. So if he goes to a home with cats it shouldn't be a problem.

3/10/05 - Runner is very happy. He eats very well and continues to put on weight. He has bad dreams and whimpers like he is very upset sometimes when he is sleeping, but I wake him up so he will realize that he is now safe and will never be unwanted again. He is sitting next to me right now with his head resting on my thigh! He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up with Sandy and BooBoo (my two boxers) on the sofa. I think he will be happy with or without other animals, as long as he knows he is wanted and loved.

3/6/05 - I have had Runner since yesterday afternoon, and he is doing great  He is eating a lot- he ate eggs yesterday, but today I mixed dry food with warm gravy (made with  meat-flavored doggie vitamin powder) and he really enjoyed it. Then he started chewing on Sandy's pig ear. He seemed a little afraid of humans yesterday but liked my 2 boxers. Today he is a
whole different dog. This morning when he saw us he started doing the boxer wiggle and his tail was wagging away. He went outside with Sandy and they ran around together (BooBoo did not join them because she has no right back paw). My son is already crazy about him, and he is very well behaved around kids (my son's friend was here before and wanted to know if he could have him!). He is such a good dog that I can not imagine why anyone would abuse him and throw him away.

3/5/05 - Thanks to Runner's Transporters
The second leg of Runner's journey was also completed successfully. Although he seemed sad to leave Michele and Doug, he jumped into the back of our SUV (with a little help) and slept for most of the journey up to Sturbridge, MA. While waiting for Rod in Sturbridge we gave Runner some water. He seemed alert and inquisitive wondering what was coming next. Runner was happy to make Rod's acquaintance and appears to be comfortable going for rides! I'm sure Runner will make a wonderful companion to some lucky folks. We wish the best for Runner and want to thank BAR for giving another boxer a new leash on life! Felix
The 1st leg of Runner's transport was completed successfully. He is a wonderful senior boy. A very lovable personality and a great disposition. I sat in the back seat to keep him company (he was in the way back of our station wagon. And he kept leaning over to me and wanting to rest his chin on my shoulder - what a SWEET boy!! We haven't been able to do a transport in quite a while, and boy forgot how wonderful they are. It's great to play a role in helping out a fur-kid get on his/her way to their new life!! And it's so much fun to meet other volunteers. We only met Felix and his wife for a few minutes, but it was so much fun!! Good luck Runner with the rest of your journey - may it be filled with so much love, which you deserve so much!!! Michele & Doug

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