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ZEUS 4/6/05


Zeus's Foster Journey - Adopted 6/8/05 - Rainbow Bridge 7/22/10

Post Adoption

Nothing like a good belly rub!

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Pertinent Information
6 yr. old  Brindle Male Boxer (with perhaps a little Great Dane?)
  110 lb. Shelter Surrender
Natural  Ears and Docked  Tail
Neutered & UTD
No cats
Being Fostered near Boston, MA
Adoption Donation $250

7/25/10 - It is with a broken heart that I must inform you that our Zeus died on July 22, 2010.  Zeus had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and lung cancer.  His condition had worsened in the past week.  He had stopped eatting, lost his eye sight and could no longer walk or stand.  I guess his cancer was more advanced than the doctor's thought.  It was a difficult decision to make but we could no longer let our Zeus suffer.  It breaks my heart knowing he is no longer with us but it was the right decision to make.  I know we'll meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you BAR for all that you do.  If it wasn't for you guys, Zeus would have never been our lives and for that I thank you.

6/7/06 - Today is Zeus's one year anniversary with us.  We've also made today his birthday as we don't know when it officially is.  Zeus has been such a pleasure to have in our family.  He really has become the dog we always wanted.  He is still a very spoiled dog.  We feel he needs all the loving we can give him as we don't know much about what his life was like before.  He's become so much more relaxed.  Most people can now get through the door with no problem.  We tell him everyone comes to visit him, not us.  He still has issues with squirrels and some dogs, but it's manageable.  We went away on vacation and had to kennel him for five days.  We started to bring him to doggie day care before we left on vacation so he would get used to the people and the place and all the other dogs.  The handlers said he was very well behaved and had no problem adjusting to the place.  They said he was just like the house dogs that live there.  I must say, he did sleep very well when we got him home and  he could hardly bark at all.  I thought he might be mad at us for leaving him there, but that was not the case.  He has also now taken over the love seat in the living room.  We started to let him lie on the ottoman which he really enjoyed.  Then one day when Quince got off the love seat, Zeus very quietly decided to relocate himself onto the love seat.  We didn't much mind.  It's the only furniture he goes on.  That's exactly where you will find Zeus if you ever come to visit.  Resting comfortably on the love seat.   Our summer house is again open for the season.  Zeus has been getting hours of play time down on the beach.  He is very good off his leash provided there are no other animals around.  He comes back immediately when called.  I've attached updated pics (top 2 on the right) of our boy for anyone who actually checks up on Zeus.  Thanks for reading.

11/24/05 - Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Zeus here, and boy do I have a lot to be thankful for.  First I want to thank the Boxer Angels Rescue for getting me out of the shelter.  And I also have to thank everyone who helped transport me to my foster home in Boston where Sandy took great care of me until I found my forever home.  And most of all to my Mommy and Daddy who just take great care of me and love me to death.  I have three separate beds to choose from.  There's one in the bedroom with my Mommy and Daddy.  There's one in my crate which I really don't use too much.  Then there's one in the living room.  That's the one I love the most.  I get sooo much attention here.  They love me a whole lot.  I have an entire shelf in the pantry all to myself.  That's where all of my snacks are.  Mommy likes to buy me lots of toys, but I normally destroy them very quickly.  Except for the Kongs, they're pretty tough .  I also have many leashes and collars in different colors.  I'm wearing my red one now for the holidays.  My Daddy always saves me something from his dinner plate and shares with me.  The only thing I decided I don't like is Frank's Hot Sauce.  I get lots of carrots all day long as a snack.  Daddy says they're healthy for me.  I don't mind.  Food is food.  I pretty much like it all.  I get taken out for many walks to do my business.   Daddy runs me everyday.  I've lost 15 pounds already.  Mommy likes to take me for long walks.  No running with her.  She enjoys her quality time with me.  I'm thankful they decided to keep an older boxer like me and give me a chance.  Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I need to go into the kitchen now and help supervise Daddy while he cook's this big turkey.  Maybe I can mooch some more food.  Bye.

11/7/05 - Time is going by so quickly.  Summer has come and gone and we have closed down the summer house for the winter.  Zeus was finally cut loose from his leash one day while we walking down the beach.  After Labor Day most people close up their houses, the kids go back to school.  It really is the best time out there.  We figured with less distractions he would be fine and he was.  Zeus would never wander more than 10 feet ahead of us and was always turning around to check on us.  When called, he came right over.  We would stay down the beach for hours at a time.  When it was time to leave, the poor guy was so exhausted he couldn't even jump into the back of our truck.  He still loves to dig for rocks and has no problem submerging his head in the water to get to a rock. 

Zeus has also lost more weight.  He is now down to 102 pounds and is looking good.  Some people in our neighborhood can't even believe that it's the same dog.  He has lost a total of 15 pounds since we adopted him in early June.   Zeus stills goes running every morning with Quince.  And he still has issues with squirrels.  I think this is something that we're just going to have to live with.  We're going to try to maintain his weight now.  I don't want my boy getting to skinny. 

I recently bought Zeus a red rain coat.  We had eight straight days of raining before it finally stopped. I wasn't sure if Zeus would like wearing any type of clothing, but what a good boy.  He had no problem wearing it at all.  Although Quince has resorted to calling him Zeus the WonderDog because it looks as though Zeus is wearing a red cape.  I even purchased some real nice sweaters for Zeus for the winter.  I don't want my boy getting cold this winter.  Unfortunately, the sweaters needed to be returned.  Zeus didn't have a problem wearing them, they were just too small for him.  Too bad they don't come in a XXL.  So instead he has a shearling coat.  Until our next write up, take care.

9/6/05 - I figured I would send you some new pictures of Zeus.  I don't think the current pictures do him any justice.  He is a much better looking dog in person.
Zeus is really coming around.  We recently had a BBQ out at the summer house.  We had quite a few people over and Zeus was soooo good.  He didn't give us a problem at all with people coming and going.  Everyone made such a fuss about him.  I think he really enjoyed all the attention he was getting and the treats he was getting probably didn't hurt either.  At first when people met Zeus I think they get a little intimidated by his size.  But once they get past that, they love him.  He really is a sweet dog.  He still has issues with squirrels and some dogs but we're working on that.
Quince recently built some gates for the deck.  Now we can let him out without having to tie him up.  He has more room to play and he doesn't get tangled up anymore.  We bought a new toy for him called a "Teaser Ball".  It has a small ball inside of a larger plastic ball about the size of a basketball.  He loves to chase and push this ball around.  He barks at it, pounces on it, barks at it some more.  It's the only toy he likes to play with on a steady basis.  Don't get me wrong, he still likes his Kong (especially with peanut butter) but this is hysterical to watch.  Just stay out of his way and you'll be fine.
Quince and I are so happy with the way things turned out.  He really is a good dog.  Every time I come home from shopping Zeus is checking out all of my bags.  He thinks I only go shopping for him.  I must admit, there normally is something in one of the bags for him.  He really is quite spoiled.  I know now he is in his forever home.  I just hope he is a happier dog now and I hope he is having a better life now than what he had before.  I'm not quite sure what his prior life was like.  I just hope he's happier now.  I know we are!

8/30/05 - I can't even begin to tell you how happy Quince and I are to have Zeus in our lives.  What a difference three months have made.  The beginning was rocky, but with time and patience everything is working out just great.  I'm glad we took Gary's advice.  He is getting easier to walk now.  Still has major issues with squirrels.  We ran into a cat during our afternoon walk today and Zeus didn't get crazy.  I was able to get Zeus to continue our walk and he lost interest in the cat.  My finger is now healed and I've been able to walk him unescorted by Quince.  I really do enjoy our walks together.  I carry a little bag of training snacks on my hip and when we pass other animals and he behaves....he gets a treat.  This has been working very well.
Friends of ours had to go to Alabama recently to pick up their kids.  Their children had been staying with family for the summer.  They have a boxer pup only six months old named Sugar Ray.  They were going to put him in a shelter for the week while they were gone.  I volunteered to pup-sit for them.  We had Zeus met with Sugar Ray the week before they were leaving to see if they would get along.  They met us out at the summer house and they got along great!  I don't know if it was because he knew it was a pup or if Zeus knew Sugar Ray was a boxer and knew his own kind.  Either way, I didn't really care.  I was just soooo happy to see Zeus play with another dog.  When the pup got to be too much, Zeus just put Sugar Ray in his place and then a few minutes later they were all over each other.  They were licking each other, kissing each other.  It was really cute.  I figured this was going to me easy.  Then the day came when they dropped off Sugar Ray at the house in the city.
Things didn't go as well as they had the week before.  I think Zeus felt threatened because this was home turf.  We had to separate the two.  The pup stayed upstairs and Zeus had the first floor.  I can honestly say now, I'm glad we didn't go with a puppy.  Sugar Ray is as cute as can be and listens and is such a good dog.  But pups are a lot of work.  I don't think I'll be volunteering to puppy sit any time soon.  I guess getting a second dog would be out of the question.  I was considering another boxer but I think Zeus loves getting all the attention and we're content with giving it to him.

7/19/05 - It's been about four and half weeks now that we've had Zeus. He seems to be adjusting very well. I few minor bumps in the road but that's too be expected.
He is walking a little better with the Gentle Leader that I use when I walk him. Quince still uses the harness now and again but he is a lot stronger than I am and can control him a lot better. Some dogs he has met and he's been fine. Other dogs, not so well. I kind of think Zeus is a racist because he really doesn't like little white dogs.
We've had a few mishaps. Out at the summer house July 4th weekend I had him tied out to a tree. I was laying down on the hammock when I saw him go into the crouch/attack position as I call it. Two women were walking by with two little white dogs. Zeus charged, the women began to scream. I was yelling that he was tied up and couldn't reach the road which is where they were. He got at the end of the tie up and went ballistic. Barking and trying with all his might to get at them. One woman picked up her dog the other one wouldn't stop carrying on. I got Zeus back over to the hammock where I wanted to look at his neck. He had charged with such force he almost hurt himself. While I was looking at his neck I noticed the D-ring on his collar which the tie out was anchored to, had broken and now was now a straight piece of metal. Thank God Zeus didn't realize this. If he would've gotten to those two little dogs, I think it would have been ugly. So of course another trip to PetCo for a new collar with a stronger D-ring.
He loves to walk the beach. Quince gets him down first thing in the morning before the sun bathers are there. He loves digging up big rocks and carrying them around in his mouth. He also found a crab which was alive when he found it. He decided he should carry that around in his mouth. Crab is now DOA. He only dropped the crab when he saw a squirrel. That's another issue. He also loves digging holes. I'm not sure what he's looking for but he sure has a good time doing it. He doesn't seem to keen on the water. He'll stick his feet in it but that about it. It's very calm water being that it's Long Island Sound and not the ocean.
Zeus is great with children. When Quince was bringing him home after his nightly walk on the beach he was walking back up the hill. About ten kids charged Quince and Zeus and wanted to know if they could pet the dog. Before Quince could even answer all the kids were petting and touching him and Zeus didn't seem to mind. The first time Zeus met my two nephews he was a total gentlemen. He must know that kids are little adults and is very gentle with them. Grown men he seems a little bit apprehensive about. My mother can now walk right in the front door with no problem. When he meets people outside the house he's fine. But don't try walking in the front door. We've been having Quince walk the dog when friends and family come over. This way by the time he gets back from his walk, the guests are already in the house and sitting down. This seems to be working better.
Zeus also went back for his second visit to the Vet. He got his second Lyme shot and a Lepto shot. Zeus now weights in at 110 lbs. He lost 7 lbs in about four weeks. Quince takes him running every morning up at the park. Quince has also lost 7lbs. Maybe I should take Zeus running.
My finger is healing nicely. I now take Zeus for his short little walks in between Quince's marathon walks. I only take him for long walks if Quince is with me. Like I said before, he's getting better. I'm not quite sure why he goes nuts sometimes with dogs and other times he just doesn't care. He's also gone nuts over large dogs so I know he's not being a bully with just little dogs. Who knows!
Zeus actually lies down now in the car. When we go to the summer house we take his bed with us. I think its a combination of his bed in the car and we normally leave at night. Darkness works best for car rides. If it's daytime he likes looking at everything. Zeus doesn't like traffic but who does. He seems to do a lot more bouncing around and crying in traffic.
I'm glad things are working out much better now. Zeus is now a part of this family and he's not going anywhere. We love him and I'm sure he loves us. I'm sure in time he'll only get better.

6/14/05 - This is our first update since bringing Zeus home. He seemed to enjoy the car ride from Boston to New York, but decided to stand the whole ride home. That's a three and half hour car ride. When we brought him in the house he found his new crate right away and went right in it. I had to coax him out. I wanted him to get used to his new home. I showed him his new bed which is at the foot of our bed. He didn't want much to do with it. I kind of think that Zeus thought it wasn't his. I had to lay on the floor with him and let him know it was okay for him to use his own bed. Now every night when I go to bed I tell Zeus its bedtime, and he goes right to his bed and goes to sleep. I don't even close the bedroom door when we sleep at night and he stays there all night long with us. He knows all his basic commands and listens in the house. He is such a great dog in the house. I'm just having some difficulty walking him outside. He is such a big strong boy that a collar doesn't seem to work. Quince and I recently bought a harness which seems to be working much better. Zeus doesn't seem to mind other people out on the street but if he sees another dog or squirrel...that's another story. I lost control of him yesterday morning when I was walking him. I didn't use the harness, just the collar which turned out to be a mistake. I normally don't see anyone else at 5:30 in the morning and thought the collar would be enough. Well as luck would have it, someone else was out there walking their dog and Zeus got the better of me and took me off my feet and down to the ground and started to drag me towards the poodle. I couldn't control him and verbal commands weren't working either. I had to let go of the leash. He didn't bite the other dog, he just seemed to chase him around in circles. I finally got a hold of him and got him away from this poor little poodle. Zeus was fine, the other dog was fine, but I was shaken up and had a few minor bruises.  I found out that I broke my finger and now it's in a splint. I'm unable to write and am currently unable to walk Zeus. We need to figure out how to walk him without losing control. Putting up a fence in our yard wouldn't be that big of a deal. But we have a summer house out on Long Island and there are 100 houses on the property. Everyone owns their own house but all the shareholders own the land equally and putting up fences is strictly prohibited. So we need to get this walking thing under control. Gary stopped by the house on Saturday to meet with Zeus and to help us figure out how to walk him without losing control. Gary used the choker on Zeus which seemed to help. But poor Zeus's neck got raw. I'm not using the choker anymore. I can't do that to my boy. We are now taking Zeus to private dog training sessions in Manhattan. David, the trainer, suggested we use the Gentle Leader. That seems to be working better than the harness and better than the choker. Zeus still seems to be working out his issues with squirrels. Hopefully we can resolve this.
We gave Zeus his first bath the day after we got him. We washed him good, cleaned his feet and even cleaned his ears. He didn't seem to mind or ever care. Afterwards I gave him a Kong with peanut butter which he seemed to enjoy. What a pleasure it was to bath him. My husband was in our tenant's apartment installing a rail in the bathtub. Zeus went downstairs to investigate and jumped right into the tub. I guess Zeus wanted another bath.
Zeus is such a great dog in all other aspects. He doesn't jump on us or the furniture and he doesn't counter surf. Someone down the line has trained him very well. Zeus loves to be in what ever room Quince and I happen to be in. He loves to be petted and touched constantly. I find myself laying on the floor with him just to be closer to him. He loves to rest his head on my chest and then fall asleep (and then snoore). He also burps and farts. LOL .
Zeus seems to be adjusting well. If we can just get this walking thing under control. I'll keep you posted.

6/8/05 - Zeus has been adopted
Zeus just left with Quince and Sue who came all the way from the Bronx to Boston to pick up their new "baby." All went very well! They said he was beautiful and Quince got a tiny ear nuzzle - already! They had a new collar and leash with his name and address on a tag. After we were done with paperwork and all, Zeus was so excited to get into their vehicle, he didn't even wait for the hatch to be all the way up before jumping in! There was a nice fluffy comforter for a bed and a small kong for him to chew on (empty, he IS on a diet). As they pulled away, Zeus looked at me out the back window and I waved at him. He looked very happy, which actually made it easier to let him go. I really liked Quince and Sue, and I look forward to seeing their updates.

6/4/05 - Zeus is pending adoption

5/24/05 - I don’t know how many more ways I can say how greatZeus is! (But you know I’m going to try, anyway!)
He’s always been easygoing and well behaved (excepting for kitties, but lots of doggies don’t like them, right? :o), but even so, I can see a change in him. The first couple of weeks, he was a bit nervous, which is to be expected, regardless of anything else. He loved being touched if he saw it happening, but if you touched him anywhere that he didn’t see it coming, he would whip his head around and you could see the touch of fear in his eyes, even though he would never get aggressive with you about it. One time, early on, as I was putting my arm in my jacket sleeve while standing next to his head, he actually dropped to the floor! And any loud noise would startle him. I felt so badly for him! Such a beautiful, regal boy, to be so fearful. Well, Zeus being the quick learner that he is, soon realized that any touching he received here was all good, and he doesn’t have any more jitters about things like arms waving in the air, either. Now you can touch him any where, any time, whether he sees you or not, and he’s very happy about it. I usually give him a bunch of rubbing around his neck and back while he’s eating, and he just continues eating and wagging his nubbin. And it’s the rare noise that can startle him now (like he’s not happy with the strong winds we’ve been having, blowing things around outside his window), which just makes him curl up in a tight ball at the back of his crate – wish I knew what to do about that. I did give him a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy in his mouth before leaving for work, and I hope it works like “they” say. Not that Zeus gets nutty about the noises, I just don’t like to see him so sad.

He eats fast, but I think it’s because he just likes his food; he’s certainly not aggressive about it. And a really good thing about him is – he doesn’t seem to have “gas”!! He might give a teensy burp after eating, but I sure don’t have any problem with that!! :o)

He’s recently gotten started play bowing – with my adult son and the girls. Zeus thinks it’s such great fun! He’s even getting into face wrestling and that thing where they mouth each others’ legs (the girls do this constantly – I don’t know what to call it) with Harley. It’s a little difficult for him to do with SoBe, seeing as she is less than half his size and weight. Zeus’ tail wags constantly! And he does the
most wonderful bean dance, you just have to laugh! He gets a lot of attention here, there’s almost always someone in the computer room with him, but he so deserves to have his own person/family. He’s been getting “free” time in the house when we’re home, and
he doesn’t counter surf or even attempt to get on the furniture, even if the girls are on it right in front of him. He’s gotten another bath, and this time I just had to say “in” and into the bathtub he went! And he was just as marvelous the second time as the first! He sure likes being dried off with a big, fluffy towel!

He can hold a lot of “water.” I sometimes think he’d rather burst than have an accident in the house or his crate!! I really find it quite amazing. There are set times they all go out (with additional “breaks” if asked for by the girls), so I don’t know how he would ask to go out (I'm sure he would find a way, tho!), but after any length of time - first thing in the morning (after 10 hours or so), at lunch or when we get home from work, Zeus does know how to do the “peepee” dance! He’ll get the to door before me (no surprise there!) and do this little “marching” dance with his front paws, kind of like a kid who needs to go REAL bad (mothers of little skin kids will know what I mean!). It might not be funny to him, but I sure have to chuckle about it.

I’ve been wanting to take him for a walk off our block, but we have been having such horrible weather here in MA! Cold and rainy all but 2-3 days this month. Today we’re even having a northeaster, and it’s almost June!! Not good walking weather at all. He doesn’t seem to mind rain or cold, but I sure do!! I do take him out front on a leash, as I’ve said, and he’s certainly not uncontrollable, but I’d like to see how he does in a longer walking situation. He doesn’t actually heel – his steps are too big, but he’s not constantly pulling on the leash, either. However, it’s usually just in the evening, so we have yet to see a squirrel (I think they got the word from my kitties not to show up when he’s out there!).

I just know there’s the perfect home out there for my big boy. A more affectionate Boxer you won’t find! He doesn’t give many kisses – maybe a couple small ones a week, and they seem to all go to my son, but he is still a very loving baby in many ways. He will look right at your face when you have “conversations” with him, and it’s like he understands what you’re saying! I even get a little sigh out of him now and then. My four kitties won’t be sad to see Zeus go so they can have the run of the house again, but I sure will be! Seeing him grow out of being jittery and wary to a constantly happy boy just by being with people who love him all the time makes me so happy about having agreed to foster him. He didn’t have any bad habits that he needed to break, but he was emotionally hungry, and now I think he is almost “full”! Once he’s with his own family, he will be complete, as they will be, also.

5/12/05 - Ahhhh, there is almost nothing like a good belly rub! (See new picture at left.)
Zeus is such a sweetheart to foster! He is so full of Boxer wiggles and nubbin wags, he seems so much to want to please, and he is such a moosh!! He lets me (and anyone, really) squish his wonderful face, play with his ears, hug him vigorously around the neck or body, scratch/rub/massage him anywhere (sometimes I am concentrating on the computer so not paying attention directly to him, but that is okay with him, as long as my hand is on him when I'm not using it to type). We have just found out he is crazy about kongs with peanut butter and tiny dog treats hidden in the pb. He does not need anything to calm him when he is crated, day or night (although he has toys in there, of course), so I use the kong more as a treat, not an everyday necessity (although I know he would not mind).
He seems to know “stay” – self-imposed and as a command. If he happens to be loose at the time, on his own, he has sat quietly and waited about 10 feet away while I made dinner (even though the girls stand closer to me). He does this all the time when he is behind the gate while I prepare meals, not getting all dance-y until I am actually in his room with the bowl over his head, but I did not really expect it from him outside the “restraint” of the gated room. We have also “stayed” him in his room without putting up the baby gate, and he stayed. One day, as a "test," I said “stay” just before I put down his bowl; he did have a bit of a problem keeping his butt totally touching the floor, as he so loves his food, but he did not come out of it all the way. (However, I am guessing if there is a kitty, squirrel or the like in his view, all “stay” bets would be off – we are looking to find out – hopefully with a squirrel high in a tree and not one of my kitties on the loose in the house! :o) He also knows the “usual” stuff – sit, come, stop, easy, no, paw (either one), and we practice heel, which I think he knows, but his stride is so long, it is hard for him to take small enough steps to stay at heel. I do not know that he is a leisurely walk-type guy, as we do not do walks, per se - with where my home is located and our yard, they have not been necessary. Besides he sniffs way more than any dog I have known (except maybe my Great Dane, now at the bridge), so it would be a very long walk, time wise, indeed, and it would not be fair to him to not let him sniff all he wants, as it seems to be a fave pastime of his, and he does not ask for much.
He has not attempted to jump on any us or anyone, no matter how excited he has gotten to see us, although he will “up” (and immediately down) on the shingles next to the door if he gets there before you to go in (if???). Oh, almost forgot! Zeus loves his car/van rides, and behaves very well when on one!! Every time we go out front with him, he heads right for the vehicles (at least once a day, as we do not put him in the back yard after dark for his last tour of “duty” because of skunks – Zeus is a breeze to bathe, but no matter what we have used, the skunk smell has always been difficult to get rid of).
He is energetic about taking cookie treats, too, but whether I tell him “easy” (which he does), or let him be energetic about it, he puts no power behind the taking. More than once, my fingers have gone all in with a cookie (because of his excitement while taking it), and just come away wet, without even a HINT of a hard bite-down. I have even taken a much-wanted rawhide bone end (among other things) out of his mouth with no problem. Zeus is really such a happy-go-lucky love bug!! He seems content to, over and over, sniff every blade of grass outside or every corner of the house when he is given a break from his room. He gets excited about going out, but also about coming in. He will go out in the cold, windy, rain to potty (our two Boxer girls balk at that quite a bit). He is very good with the girls, and he does not get manic about the male Chow mix next door (even when he barks his fool head off, which is most of the time), so he is probably okay with males, as well (still have to get over to see my in-laws male Lab, but as always, introductions to new fur kids should be done under controlled conditions, no matter who they formerly got along with). This boy loves people, and we people love him back, but he so deserves a “real” mom, dad, and/or family – with or without another canine (from what I have seen, he does not NEED a 4‑legged playmate to be happy) - who will love and enjoy him and his antics for many years to come.

5/2/05 - I gave Zeus a much needed bath Saturday, and he was just a dream to do!!! I put his front feet into the tub to let him know it was okay to get in, and the rest of him just followed. He stood absolutely still while I did everything (we have one of those add-on hand-held shower thingys that we use to give the girls their baths), and he didn’t even shake the water off – a major bath-time good point with a guy his size (the girls do this continually throughout their baths)! He also let me clean his ears with a wet cloth afterwards. Maybe it’s the “hands-on” thing I mentioned before – he loves being petted, stroked, scratched – dried with a big fluffy towel! And what difference it made – his coat is so soft and shiny! Moreso than I thought it would be; a nice surprise.
Yesterday, vacuuming was being done about 2 feet away from him, and not a move. He doesn’t seem put out by the sound, and he didn’t seem to want to go after it (our girls are notorious about that – want to eat the nozzle!).
One day last week, they unexpectedly had to be left alone for almost 8 hours, and Zeus was no different than after “only” 4 hours or so. No accidents, no signs of distress in his crate. However, from the start, he has slept through the night with no problems, sometimes as long as 8:30 pm to 6:30 am.
Zeus got to meet a friend’s female non-Boxer Saturday, and he was all excited. She, being about SoBe’s size (the smallest one in the group pic), was overwhelmed!! He didn’t know what to do (reminded me of his reaction meeting our two, except he was in a crate; here he was just leashed), but he didn’t get aggressive or nasty (we didn’t think he would). I’m going to try to get over to meet bro-in-law’s male Lab this week to see if he’s okay with them, too.
There’s a couple other little stories, but I’ll save them (I AM trying to be shorter-winded – hard to do when it’s Zeus). He’s SUCH a happy boy and he’s such a people person; he loves to see you, even if it’s only been 5 minutes – you get wiggles and spins and dancing! And he’s SO sweet - I don’t think a lot of people expect that of the bigger guys/gals, unless they’ve had one of any breed. Thank goodness he hasn't tried to climb into my lap, tho! He seems content to put just his head there now and then while I'm using the computer. I hope there’s someone or a family out there right now looking for their perfect boy (except for kitties – the only drawback I can find) - it could just be Zeus!

4/21/05 - Zeus is such a good boy! He so deserves a home without kitties that will allow him to have more freedom than he has here, like being able to sleep in a bedroom with a family member. I feel so badly that he is crated so much, but circumstances here don’t allow it to be otherwise (we have four cats). There is usually someone in the computer room with him constantly from after work until bedtime, during which time he is not in the crate, and he is getting outside playtime (lots more of that on weekends than weeknights), but then having to tell him to go back into the crate and leave him to sleep all alone is heartbreaking. He goes in so well, no matter when it is. While he’s in his gated room uncrated in the morning, I’ll peek around the upstairs railing while I’m getting ready for work, and he’s just sitting behind the gate, patiently waiting for us to go back downstairs, and getting all excited when we do, even tho he knows, by now, he’s going in the crate.

We finally heard Zeus bark, if it can be called that. It took a week or so, but he was outside at the same time as the chow mix next door, a very bark-y dog. We have a stockade fence, so they couldn’t see each other, but there’s the chow, making all kinds of noise (as usual, whether anyone is outside or not) and Zeus let out two soft “woofs,” not a lot for a guy his size, and not angry-sounding at all, just woofs. They’ve been outside several times since, and Zeus did give two more woofs during one of those times, but that’s about it. He is not vocal at all. SoBe has given him ‘what for’ a couple times, and he did yammer back for a few seconds the first time, but still no attempt to try to hurt her or go after he when she does it. It was like he told her once he’s not interested in ‘arguing’ and that’s that. Even when the girls get super bark-y to let us know someone is coming to the front door, he doesn’t join in.

He does love balls, any size!! I bought a couple inexpensive basketballs last weekend, one for Zeus and one for Harley, who is an amazing ‘soccer’ player. Well, Zeus just wants to chew on his, and 5 minutes later, it was deflated and he was chewing away (I’m getting a solid ball next time), but it was his, so that’s okay. When we went outside to let Harley play with hers, all he wanted to do was lay on it and make it his own, although not in a bad way, at all - he didn’t get aggressive about it. So, to protect Harley’s ball, I pulled him off of it (not easy, we’re about the same weight) so she could get it back. The positions we were in (my basically straddling his back with him sitting, him leaning dead-weight forward and me leaning back) could have made for bad news, yet he never made the slightest move to go after Harley (who was right in front of his face, waiting for her ball) or my hands or legs (which were preventing him from getting the ball). By then, I wouldn’t have expected him to, or I wouldn’t have pulled him away in the first place, but it was so good to see that even as much as he wanted that ball (and he WANTED that ball!), he didn’t go after me or Harley. I have also taken a rawhide bone (compressed type, which he LOVES), and nothing – he just looks at me with that wonderful face and big sad eyes as if to say, “gosh, mom, would you give it back, please?” It seems as if you show this boy love, you’ll get love in return, even when you do something that he doesn’t understand the “why” of.

My son came home later than usual the other night, and Zeus woke up from a dead sleep to run to the baby gate to see him, and in his extreme excitement of seeing my son, a few drops of pee hit the floor. Zeus immediately stopped his dancing and wiggles, sniffed at what he had done, tucked his nubbin under, and went into his crate!! Neither of us had said anything at all to him about it, and we both wondered what was done to him to reduce him from the happiest boy in the world one moment, to slinking away to hide for what he had done, which was not anything we would have scolded him for, although since it was the first time, he didn’t know that. We actually had to coax him out to let him know it was okay.

Zeus is truly a sweetie, accepting all the loving that goes his way, and giving much back. He reminds me a lot of my Great Dane (who went to the bridge 5 years ago) – with his laid-back personality, great attitude, and many of the things he does (however, my Dane was good with cats, since she had been raised with them). He is now even doing the Boxer bean dance, and if you want to see something funny, it’s a boy his size doing that!!

4/8/05 - My first foster, Zeus, arrived 2 days ago. I waited to post him because I wanted to be able to give some information on him – and boy, do I have some (okay, a lot)! First of all, he is a BIG mush!! He loves his chest and belly rubs, and ear scratches and back massages, and basically anything that has to do with the laying of hands on his body! Zeus gets along great with our two Boxer girls. Even Sobe, my petite diva (half Zeus’ size and weight), who tried at first to tell him she was the boss, is okay now with the fact that he just doesn’t care. The three of them play really well together, and their antics out in the yard are quite something to watch! Zeus can run fast – that’s a site in itself - just not for as long at any one time as the girls! He loves to rub his back on the ground, and it’s funny to see him like that with his legs in the air! And he can stay like that for a good while for one his size and nothing to brace against.

During yesterday’s outside playtime, he found an 8-inch, skinny stick from a tree and decided plop down to chew on it, and Harley (my son’s bigger-than-SoBe-but-smaller-than-Zeus fawn girl, and the laid-back one of the two) LOVES sticks, so she just stuck her head down next to his and bit down on the stick with him, and all he did was stand up and turn circles in place, playing keep-away. They all drank from the water bowl at the same time. They sat in a tight row for a few small steak scraps after dinner (that’s a sight!), and all these things occurred with no food/water/attention aggression from any of them, at all. SO nice!

His crate is in the computer room, and he’ll lie on the hardwood floor beside me (or whomever is in the chair) instead of on his fluffy comforter in his crate 2 feet behind the chair, just so you can have easy access to his belly! He knows basic words – sit, (lie) down, no (which we’ve only had to use outside when he started to eat some old leaves). I expect he may know more, but we just haven’t gotten to them. He hasn’t even tried to jump up at all - on you or kitchen counters, thank goodness! He’s not a big kisser, yet, although my (very tall) adult son has gotten a couple single licks when he bent down to kiss Zeus goodnight the past two nights. He goes into his crate when you tell him to and doesn’t make any fuss after he’s closed in. The second night, after having some playtime outside, he went into bed himself and was very softly snoring in minutes, and I was still in the room with him. He did the same thing last night, so it looks like just a little bit of running and exercise time is enough for him, although I’m willing to bet “no exercise” wouldn’t make much of a difference; you would just need to ask him to go to bed. We shall know for sure the next rainy day, when they can’t stay out long (well, they could, but the girls don’t like to)!

Zeus doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety. I stayed home with him Wednesday to ease his transition into his new surroundings (which turned out not to be necessary; I just wanted to do that for him, and it let me get to know him a bit), but yesterday, he was in his crate for 4-5 hours two times (which will be the norm on weekdays), and all was just fine when my son went home around noon to let them all outside (he does this every weekday with our two) and when we got home at 4:30 – no shredded comforter, no accidents in the crate, no appearance of any distress. He hasn’t had any accidents in “his” room,” when he’s been out of the crate but baby-gated in, where he and the girls can still “get together” on their sides of the gate (his head may be totally above the top of the gate, but he seems to respect it and doesn’t try to push it down; I was surprised at first, but seeing, now, how he is overall, I’m not surprised any more), and no accidents in the house when we let him loose for a bit at a time when we’re home. They go out a minimum of three times (morn, noon, nite) and once before bed, and that seems to be working for Zeus. Maybe he can “hold it” even longer during the day, but there’s been no need to.

He’s constantly sniffing things (although his room is almost “sniffed out” by now), but he shows no interest in “taking” anything from its place. So far, he’s slept through the night without any problem – 9:30 pm to after 6 am. Zeus is super excited to see us (or our girls) at any time – major nubbin wagging and butt wiggles – even if you were out of sight in the other room for just a few minutes. There wasn’t any of that the first night, but I guess it didn’t take him long to realize he is now in a happy place.

Other than Zeus should not go to a home with cats or other small furry residents (he is too fascinated by them), this boy would make anyone or any family a great companion! He appears to love all humans, male, female, tall, not-so-tall. He’s met a few other adults besides we three since getting here, but no one of the “his-height” variety, although, with what I know about him at this time, I would have had him around my two children when they were small (many MANY moons ago – we always had big dogs), but that’s something that would need to be decided between the potential adopter and BAR. Zeus IS extremely gentle, but he IS big.

I really have gone on, here, but there’s just so much to say about this beautiful boy after knowing him for just 2 days, that I wanted to share as much as possible of it with everyone. Future updates won’t be this long, I’m sure (well, almost sure!). :o) I haven’t seen any indication that they will be any less glowing, either. So, if you have an affinity for big Boxers, maybe you’ll consider this boy?

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