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DINKY DO 2/18/06


Pertinent Information - Adopted 5/8/06 - Rainbow Bridge 6/14/07

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Age & Sex: 1 - 1 1/2 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  62 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: White, brown eye patch
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: Eastern Long Island, NY

Adoption Donation $300

6/14/07 - Our sweet Dinky Do went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday about noon. He had a wonderful weekend at
 the cottage last weekend. He started to act like he didn't feel wel Mon. He slept a lot. Then by Wed. he perked up. He still had his great comical personality. We played frisbie and then I sat down in the lawn chair to read the paper. He just went stiff, let out one final breath and his heart quit. It was very quick and painless. I was holding him in my arms. It was the way I wanted him to go. He was very sweet and we will miss him very much. He had a wonderful year with us.

6/13/07 - Just an update on our dashing Dinky Do. Unfortunately my prediction that summer would be the end of his medical problems was not to be. Our sweet boy had 2 episodes of passing out and 1 of bleeding from his nose. He was referred to a specialist who scoped his nasal cavities. Unfortunately, Dinky Do has chondrosarcoma in his right nostril. It is a form of cancer that attacks the bone and cartilage. His right nostril was completely blocked. After the procedure, he sneezed out some of the cancerous polyps and is now able to breathe more easily. Right now he is doing relatively well.
We have decided to keep him comfortable and let him run, play and have fun. We could have discussed chemo or radiation, but I don't feel it would give him that much. I would rather let him enjoy the time he has left. He is going out to the cottage every weekend and playing with Snuggles and his Sheltie buddy, Brooke. I wish it could be better news, but right now he still has his great personality. I will keep you posted on his condition.

5/4/07 - It is hard to believe we have had Dinky Do for a whole year. He is such a funny boy. Everyone seems drawn to him. He has those funny eyes (too small for his head ). He is very tall and lanky and his head comes to a point. He definitely has the world's greatest personality. He is very loving and very expressive. He has had a very rough year medically' but hopefully now he is back to his usual self. He didn't do well being boarded, but I think we didn't have them feed him enough. We were so cautions after his bloat that he wasn't getting enough to eat. I hope that is the case, because our son has a new home in Florida and they want to keep it pet free. Dinky and Snuggles got along great.  They are thrilled with the nice weather. They do very well outside and stay in the yard unless someone comes by and wants to pet them. I don't let them out unless we are with them. We don't use the invisible fence at least right now, because it seems to scare them. A simple reminder to stay in the yard works. We will be opening the cottage next weekend and they will have a ball.
We are glad Dinky is feeling better and "the fast tongue" is back. That's what our vet calls him, because he licks Snuggles all over. Hopefully it will be a great summer with no medical issues. Dinky is already assisting outside. Unfortunately today his help consisted of chewing off the top of a tree I planted last fall that I had been raising for 4 yrs. Hopefully it will survive. Mr. Dinky thought it was great fun. He is sure a clown, but it's impossible to get too mad at him. He just
looks at you with that funny face and you have to laugh.

2/28/07 - Dinky Do has definitely kept things from getting boring around here. About 6 wks ago we had some
dominance issues with Dinky. It seems he felt I was his mate. We had spoiled both Dinky and Snuggles and Dinky with his dominant nature took advantage of the situation. He decided he didn't was to walk with my husband and when Arden tried to force him, he snapped at him. Thanks to recommendations from Kim Whittle and Gary Berg, we have retrained both dogs and ourselves. Mr. Dinky is much calmer and better behaved. No repeat of his previous behavior. Both dogs got upper respiratory and ear infections during that cold snap. They were both treated and seemed fine. A couple of days after the vet recheck, Dinky was sick and in the emergency room. He had a severe upper respiratory and sinus infection. He is still receiving medication. We were unable to walk them when it was so cold and
Dinky was sick. Just going out to the bathroom made his sinuses bleed. He is much better now and I walked them today. He is back to playing with his toys and playing with Snuggles. He is such a character. He has this thing about licking Snuggles all over. She loves it. Our vet calls him The Fast Tongue. We did have to board both dogs recently due to the death of Arden's mother in North Dakota.
Our regular kennel was booked due to President's week, so I had to use a kennel I had never used before. I was really worried because Dinky was just getting over the sinus infection, but they took good care of them. We are looking forward to warm weather. Dinky definitely doesn't like the cold. We think it bothers his sinuses. In addition to the abnormal digestive system, I think his respiratory system wasn't formed quite normally either. That's ok. We love him anyway.

1/3/07 - Dinky Do is doing very well now that we have his digestive issues under control. He did well on our trip to Florida. He loves to travel.      We had to watch him a little around young children as he could be a bit nippy.  I think part of the problem was that he was hungry and looking to me for more food. He was on a limited diet post bloat surgery. His food intake has now been increased and he is gaining weight and is much happier. He is on a mixture of moist and dry Hill's ID dog food. He also takes a metoclopramide tablet 1/2 hr before each meal. He eats twice a day. We are glad he has recovered so well. He and Snuggles remain the best of buddies.

10/7/06 - Mr. Dinky Do has had a very eventful summer and fall, some good and some not so good. First the good. Dinky had a wonderful summer at the cottage. He fit right in and everyone loves him. He , Snuggles and his Sheltie friend, Brooke had a great time playing on the island. One day in August he had a little too much fun. We were at the outlet mall and my friend was watching them. Dinky and Brooke went in the woods and found a nest of ground bees. Ann gave him benadryl and called us. I guess he was covered. The end result was a trip to the emergency vet. The benadryl saved him from severe shock so they gave him IV steroids and pain meds and sent him home. We will have to shut the dogs in the house in Aug. when we leave, since that's when the ground bees swarm. We had a church potluck here a couple of weekends ago and everybody loved him, except one lady who is afraid of dogs. We had to put Dinky and Snuggles in the garage and then everyone was going out there to see them. Now for Dinky's big adventure. He got bloat this last Saturday night and almost didn't make it. It occurred after dinner. Thank goodness we were home and I knew what it was. We rushed him to the emergency vet and he had surgery at 1: am Sunday. It was quite a scare but he is recovering well. I picked him up Mon. am and took him to our vet where he spent the day on more IV antibiotics. He came home last night and had to go back today for removal of the IV. He is now on a special diet of Hills i/d canned food and some dry food of the same brand will be slowly added. He is also getting a pill like Prilosek before each meal to aid in digestion  .He will be going back next Wed. for removal of the staples. We will be leaving on vacation for Florida the next morning. My vet felt it would not be a problem unless he has complications. Right now he looks really good. The girls at the vet all loved him. I will update again in Dec. when we get back.  Hopefully all will remain calm. We have had enough excitement for a good long time. Keep Dinky in your thoughts.

8/8/06 - We now have the new and improved Dashing Dinky Do. At the recommendation of our vet, Dr. Prussner,
Dinky had upper and lower eyelid surgery 2 wks ago. Because he was born with congenitally small eyes, his eyelids turned inward and his lashes were abrading his corneas. Over a period of years this could cause him to loose his eyes so we felt it was necessary. His lower eyelids no longer sag so he looks more attractive too. He was not thrilled with the cone but managed pretty well despite his visual deficits. He is very clever and managed to remove one of the stitches despite the cone. He came up to the corner of a couch or chair and rubbed his face on it. No harm done though. He got the stitches out yesterday and is doing great. He is a very happy boy. He loves riding in the car and going to the cottage. He and Snuggles continue to be very close. You  couldn't hope to find
a better pair. It's hard to believe we have only had him 3 mo. He is a great guy and we love him very much.

7/5/06 - We have had our beautiful Dinky Do for 2 months now. He is a wonderful boy. He likes everyone
and everything. We have had guests for dinner and a small farewell party for my brother and
sister-in-law. He was very friendly and a big hit. He is very active. He goes quickly from one thing to the
next. My sister-in-law calls him "busy". He and Snuggles are great buddies. She copies what he
does. Both dogs had a great time at the cottage this weekend to celebrate the 4th. We had a lot of
friends out and he loved them all. He is also very taken with our cottage neighbor's little
Sheltie. She has a soft soccer ball and he went down and stole it. Brooke chased him and they played
ball. We call him World Cup Dinkey. Their other dog, an older Beagle is jealous so we have to watch
him. Both Dinky and Snuggles usually only go down to their house when one of us goes. Neither dog
seemed bothered by the fireworks. They have a big display on Sodus Bay that you can watch from our
front porch. Diky appeared to see the fireworks but was much more interested in barking at the
people around the island in boats that were watching the display. Mr. Dinky Do functions very well
with his vision. Snuggles on the other had, who has normal vision, got so excited when a friend
arrived that she accidentally walked off the side of the dock. The water was only a couple of inches
deep but she couldn't figure out how to get back to shore. I had to go in after her.  The previous
Boxer we had didn't do well in water either. Dinky has waded a couple of times but doesn't seem too
interested. We are very pleased with Dinky and love him very much. We will keep you updated if he
joins the World Cup soccer team.

6/5/06 - Mr. Dinky Do has been with us a month. He is an absolutely wonderful dog. He and Snuggles became
immediate friends. They compliment each other because she is shy and he is more outgoing. He took
his first trip to our cottage when he had been with us 5 days. He did well on the boat ride (our
cottage is on an island in Sodus Bay). He immediately checked out all the rooms in the cottage
including upstairs without any help. Our neighbor came down with her dogs and he looked so sad we
decided to take him off the leash. He was very good. He and Snuggles stay within the three houses at
our end of the island. You can tell his vision isn't normal but he functions fine indoors and out.
He comes when you call him, except when our cottage neighbor's Sheltie is outside. He loves her but
is calming down about spending every waking moment with her. She likes him but is a little
uncertain since she is about 8 lbs. The dogs play outside at the cottage and then come home when they get
tired. Dinky even participated in a college graduation party for our neighbor's son. Dink was the
only sober one there. He loves his walks with Arden and Snuggles in the morning. We are able to
take both dogs out to the bathroom without using leashes as long as we stay with them. We haven't
been able to use the invisible fence yet. Arden is putting in a drainage system in the yard and the
gravel truck broke the wire. We will have to wait until this project is complete. Dinky is a super
dog and everyone that meets him is shocked that we have had him such a short time. He acts like he
has been with us forever.

5/11/06 - We drove to Long Island last Sunday to pick up Dinky Do. He is beautiful. It was love at first
sight. Snuggles liked him immediately and the rode home side by side. Dinky came into our house on a
leash and immediately went from room to room. Within 5 min. he was running around free. He does
have some visual limitations but is abe to function totally independently in our home. He sees
people walking by outside and objects around the house. He appears to have some spots of low vision but
in discussing the situation with my vet and Gary we decided not to put him through cataract
surgery now. He has a great quality of life and his sight is functional for his needs. We will watch to
make sure things don't change. Our vet was totally taken by him. He felt he was a wonderful dog.
He felt he had been born with the small eyes and low vision and had learned to compensate. He spent
1/2 hr with him to examine him and start his lyme shots and another 1/2 hour on the phone with me
later regarding the decision not to do surgery. Dinky has been responding well to basic obedience
training. Initially, he tried to pull off his collar when you tried to walk him. We put on a choke
collar and hardly had to use it. Just a gentle tug accompanied by heel does it. He needs constant
reminders but he is just an energetic teenager. Arden walks Dinky and Snuggles about 2 1/2 miles
almost every day. He is a truly wonderer boy and we are fortunate to have him. We would like to
thank Deb and her sons for taking such wonderful care of him and keeping him an extra month while
we were on vacation. We felt it would be too confusing to him to go along right after being
adopted. I got some cute picture of Dinky and Snuggles side by side on the couch. I'll have Arden try to
send them in to add to their updates. We will be opening our cottage this weekend so more
excitement. I also forgot to mention Dinky likes the cat, Squirt and has been fine with the birds.

5/8/06  - DinkyDo has been adopted.
His new family took Dinky to the vet today and his opinion as well as the family's is that they feel he has enough sight and do not want to put him thru the surgery at this point in time.  We wish them many years together.

4/29/06 - Hello everyone, I am sorry this has been so long in the coming. I know people love to follow our babies on their journeys after having been found by BAR. DinkyDo is going to be adopted, we are just waiting for his Forever Family to arrive home from their vacation. The beginning of May DinkyDo will be meeting his new Forever Mom, Dad and sister. His Mom sent us pictures of his sister and I have been showing them to him and filling him in on who she is. DinkyDo is a lucky boy indeed. Everyone is excited to begin their Forever life together.
DinkyDo had his retina procedure done last week. He was a trooper. Thankfully, his retinas have been stimulated by light so it makes him a good candidate to go the next step. The Specialist that he saw here feels that removal of the cataracts in both his eyes will allow him to gain more sight than he currently has.  BAR is in the process right now of trying to find a specialist that will be hopefully, near Dinky's new family so they can be with him when it is performed. Let's keep those good thoughts and prayers that all is successful.
We are going to miss this beautiful boy when he goes, but, my heart will always smile when I hear D I N K Y D O !!! He has been that much of a pleasure to have!  Just remember for those of you looking...the one that is truly meant to be somewhere here, maybe even waiting yet, to be found by The Angels. Keep looking and get your application in. Thanx for peeking at DinkyDo aka Cornball :o)

3/27/06 - DinkyDo is being adopted by one of our families who adopted another Boxer from us and now wants a companion for her.  He is one lucky boy!!

3/26/06 - Well, folks, DinkyDo continues to do VERY well at Mama Lady's Boxer Retreat. I am thinking tho', that he thinks he is ours, he has become so comfortable here. He truly is a sweet soul. NO problems whatsoever with this big lug. Well, unless you consider drool when he gets excited as a problem...we don't, we just duck  :o)
DinkyDo went to the Eye Specialist on Tues. 3/21. Dr. Sapienza said that Dinky has cataracts on both eyes. He also said that Dinky's eyes grew too small at birth. That is why his eyelids are the shape that they are. They are "rolling in" as there is not enough eye to support the lids.
Dr. Sapienza wants to do another test to see if Dinky's retinas are healthy. If the retinas are healthy than surgery to remove his cataracts can be performed. If Dinky has had the cataracts since birth then the likelihood that his retinas were never stimulated by light is pretty strong. If his retinas were never stimulated by light, then cataract surgery won't do him any good. So cross all those fingers and paws and say a prayer for Mr. Dinky, he certainly is a soul that deserves nothing but good things.
Even with all of this going on in his life, Dinky's nub wagging and outpouring of love toward us never ends. He is the happiest guy I have ever encountered. He loves to play, play play  but he likes to cuddle with you even more! And, as I said in other updates, honestly, DinkyDo doesn't even know he has a handicap. He gets around here as if he has all of his sight. Even taking the stairs down into the basement without any problems.
So keep the prayers coming for a good outcome with the next test. And get those applications in! I would hate to see someone miss out on the best companion there ever was created! And that DEFINITELY would be Mr. DinkyDo!!

3/17/06 - Hey Everyone, sorry it has been a few days since our last update, I got my computer service switched and I have been trying to get that all squared away.  DinkyDo is doing VERY wonderful here at Mama Lady's Boxer Retreat. He is definitely one of the easiest Foster babies that has come to stay with us.  Honestly, there are no issues  with this boy. He is a charm. He gets along with EVERYONE! All he wants to do is play....with you!I have left him loose in the house while I went to work, alone for 7 hours, and not a thing out of place! Dinky listens very well and only seems to want to please his humans. And, really, I cannot say enough...........WHAT A GOOFBALL! You cannot help but smile and laugh when he looks at you! What a face!! He was certainly smiled upon when he was created, you can't help but melt with pure pleasure looking at that cornball face of his. His expressions sometimes, could certainly melt a "face of stone".
Dinky has certainly come out of his "shell", he just wants to get near EVERYONE and be loved by them. Maybe a bit much, at times (he really is a love-bug and just wants to get some lovin' back from any human) but, he listens very well when told  "ous", go lay down. He knows when I point my finger and say "ous", I want him to go lay down and he does! Smart boy!
DinkyDo needs a lil' extra TLC when it comes time for feeding, his food must be watered down and made mushy. He seems to choke on it otherwise. And, for now...and it has gotten much better since his first 2 weeks with times, he needs you to be in the room with him when he is eating, to be sure that he eats it all. His appetite is getting better, but because it was really so poor in the beginning, I have sat with him while he eats. He seems to eat more when he knows that you are there with him. Even this has changed a lot, as he is eating by himself more & more.
It is so hard to express in words what a wonderful baby DinkyDo is really something that must be experienced. Get your applications in because this is one baby, that should not be passed on. Love & only love is what he is offering! Thanx for peeking at Dinky....he looks forward to the day he meets his Forever Family!

3/9/06 - DinkyDo continues to amaze me with  the beautiful personality that he has. He is one of the easiest Foster's I have ever had in my house. He is very unassuming (probably due to his age) but he has no "beef" with ANYONE. He just wants to be loved and he wants to know where you are always. He "searches" the house until he knows where everyone is.I admire his "abilities" and the fact that he is really.....unaware...that he has a disability.
There is obviously, something wrong with his sight/seeing ability. We are not sure just what it is at this point. DinkyDo has an appointment on the 21st of March with a Ophthalmology specialist. It is quite obvious that he cannot see "straight on" but, I am here to tell you !! This boy has found the ability  with his other senses, to make up for this lil' loss. And, really....there is no loss, for Dinky. He gets along just like a regular seeing dog. You just have to allow for his inabilities in his sight. He doesn't seem to see straight on, so you have to approach him, softly, from the side. And, since it seems that he was abused in his former life, when you approach him from the side, he needs to know that it is only with love.
Reassurance to this lil' boy has been a key factor. He has become a very different boy from when he first came here. DinkyDo now knows, only love is in his days.  Dinky Do is SO good with other dog/fur-friends, he just kinda hangs out, waiting to see what my other dogs are doing. He LOVES to play, but he really would rather play with me, he doesn't engage  with the other dogs......yet. I believe DinkyDo never had the opportunity before.I just have to say  again....what a absolute love this boy is....even with all he experienced in his former life! One could not ask for a sweeter boy!And smart too, he obviously was worked with before in his life. He knows SO many commands and he
is obedient. But, he also learned my command for "out of the room" when I am cooking dinner or we are eating, in the first week that he was with us. That alone, tells me what a smart lil' man he is.
You will never find a sweeter boy than DinkyDo, even with the "disabilities" that he was given in this would NEVER know the difference!
Hopefully, your application is already in, as, this Lil' sweetheart has already been asked about
by many.
Thank you for peeking at this Lil' love bug!

2/27/06 - DinkyDo is doing wonderfully here.  Dinky knows A LOT of commands and he shows me more of them each day. Dinky has had no accidents in the house and he hasn't attempted to go thru any garbage cans. He does stick his nose up to the table or counter when he smells something yummy, but he has never attempted to jump up and investigate.
DinkyDo lets you know when he has to go outside to do his business. He sleeps all thru the night. You don't even know that he is there at night.
Dinky likes to play!! And he is so funny when he wants you to play with him. He bows his front feet, snorts a few times and starts to "whoo whoo whoo" at you. When you ask him if he wants to tell you something, he dances sideways, snorts some more and starts to whoo whoo at you again. It is SOOOOOO adorable!
Dinky got a good report from his Vet check. His cough has also cleared up very nicely. The redness in his eyes has subsided quite a bit.  Dinky does seem to have something "not right" with his eyes. BAR is currently working on him seeing a specialist to find out just what it may be. We will keep everyone posted as we find out.
This is a love bug and a very good companion who is funny, obedient, loving and VERY easy to love. Even after all that he went through before he came to BAR, he is full of love and devotion. Don't miss out on finding this baby devoting his love to you and your family. Get your application in...Dinky's waiting for his Forever Family!

2/21/06 - Dinky Do continues to do well here at Mama Lady's. He is a very friendly dog to all humans and dogs also. His fear of men seems to have abated some, he is actually walking forward to meet men whereas before he was backing away from them, trembling.
Dinky Do knows quite a few commands. He knows sit, lie down, heel. We are working on come and also with the heel. His ability to stay in the command needs work. He will do fine, as he is eager to please. Dinky has little trouble settling when he goes in the crate, was at first whining and then escalating into barking Now, I can tell him NO DINKY and he stops. I then tell him to lay down and he does.  He doesn't really care for the crate at first, but I do throw a kong with peanut butter & treats in it and he settles down quickly. Overall, he is a nice boy. I would recommend that he have obedience training to help him learn his commands completely. He needs someone that will lead him.
Dinky is hysterical when he plays  and he LOVES to play with toys. He shares very well with his humans and it is a panic to watch him play. He does this thing with his leash, wrestling with it, while it is on him!! Too funny to watch!
Dinky Do went for his Vet check-up today and we are just waiting on some results to come in.
Keep peeking on this boy as he is a real looker!

2/18/06 - Please welcome our newest Foster Dinky Do. He is a very nervous boy, understandably so, the shelter he was in was filled to capacity and the volume was deafening at times.  Dinky Do is eating o.k., he needs much more weight on his big frame, Dinky is a tall boxer. Nice looking. There is some concern with his eyes but next week he will be visiting the Vet to have a once over. He has met and seen repeatedly both of my dogs, no issues whatsoever. I am keeping everyone very separated as I believe Mr. Dinky is in the beginning stages of kennel cough. A lot of coughing and  gook coming up. Dinky is also on eye ointment for a discharge in both eyes. He needs some rest, he needs some encouragement and tenderness shown and a lot of food and a whole lotta lovin'! Dinky will get all he needs now. We will let you know how things go with this fella.




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