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GINGER 2/10/06

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Pertinent Information - Adopted 4/23/06 - Rainbow Bridge 6/9/08

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Age & Sex:  8 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  45 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes    Cats: Yes
Color: Light Brindle
Children: Under 5:  Unknown  
Ears: Natural
Over 5:  Unknown
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required:  No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender to Shelter
Location: Conklin, NY

Adoption Donation $150

6/11/08 - Ginger passed away Monday evening. For the past month, she started to slow down noticeably, rejecting her regular food and at times not wanting to get up from her bed. We knew in our hearts that she was telling us that her time was near, but were hoping that she would rebound. On Monday, after a weekend of keeping mostly to her bed, we took her to the that point, he told us our options, but he and we felt that the most compassionate option for her was to put her to sleep. We stayed with her, praying with her in her last moments.

We have spent the past few days reminiscing on the time we had together, though it was very short. One of my favorite memories is of vacationing with her in Acadia in Maine. We have a beautiful picturing of her trotting along the hills over looking the water below.  We are very thankful she came into our lives. Thank you and BAR for your care of her.

4/24/06 - Ginger was adopted yesterday!!!    She was my first foster and I couldn't have asked for a better dog.  
I miss her already -  especially not seeing her come running into the house, ears flying -  but I'm very happy 
she will have a home and family all her own.  She had a rather stressful day yesterday since we took her to training 
day and she wasn't ready to handle all the other dogs and people.  Ginger was somewhat nervous when Adrian 
and Raffe( Adrian's and Alison's 10 year old son) arrived after training to pick her up but she walked with Raffe 
without any problems.  They seemed like the perfect family for Ginger - quiet but ready to give her lots of attention.  
Raffe - I apologize if I have spelled your name wrong - I hope you and Ginger will be great friends.

4/10/06 - Ginger is pending adoption

3/29/06 - Ginger has returned from her first road trip to Florida.  I'm sure she thought it rather strange to spend all day riding in the car but she handled it very well.  She whimpered for about the first 10 minutes - both ways - but then settled down and slept the rest of the way.  Seems she associates car rides with changes to her life and being left someplace new.  Once we got to Florida, she quickly became comfortable.  We were able to leave her alone in my parents' house for a couple hours with no problems or destruction.  Not that she has ever been destructive.  So far her only bad habit is getting into the garbage can if it is left out. We have been allowing her more freedom outside off the leash and even in Florida she stayed right around.  She really enjoyed playing outside in the nice weather. I've included some new pictures of her playing and enjoying the sunshine. 
I have found that Ginger walks much better using a harness.    The collar tends to choke her and start her coughing when she pulls on the leash but the harness does not. Ginger is a great dog who is probably about 8 yrs old.  She is very gentle and loving and will make someone a wonderful companion.

3/13/06 - Ginger continues to do well and there is not much new to report.  She is a really sweet girl who loves to cuddle. We were outside most of the weekend and Ginger was with us - off her leash - and she stayed right around.  All we had to do was call and she'd come.  She has started to bark when people come to the house but she settles down once they come in and she has a chance to inspect them.  She is very good about not jumping up on people.  We may have a chance to she how she is with children since next week we are visiting my parents in Florida where there are kids next door.  Ginger will be going with us - unless she is adopted this week.  She is waiting for her forever home but it will be hard to let her go.  Don't overlook this wonderful girl.

3/2/06 - Just a quick update.  Ginger has been with us for almost 3 weeks.  Today was the first time I have taken her outside, not on a leash and she was wonderful.  She stayed right around me while I filled the birdfeeders and came promptly when called.  She also had a lot of fun playing in the snow.  The more I get to know Ginger the more impressed I am with how well trained she is.

2/28/06 - Ginger is a wonderful dog and who can resist those "flying nun" ears of hers?  I would love to adopt her but my husband says (and I have to agree) that we are a one dog family.  She has a lot of energy - every time I go to put the dogs outside I have to coax my 7 year old Ellie to get up and come - but Ginger is at the door at the first mention of "out"  - wiggling and bouncing to go out.  Anyone watching would think Ginger was 5 rather than 8 years old.    Her bark is not as hoarse since she finished the antibiotic.  She was really great about taking those great big pills - just a little peanut butter and down they went. She is very gentle when taking her treats and pills from
my hands. Ginger is housebroken and has not has any accidents since arriving.  Also she is very quick about doing her business outside.  She and Ellie are getting along most of the time now and she has always been good with my cats.  I have not had an opportunity to see how she is with kids but she has such an easy-going, gentle nature that I think she would be fine with them.  She probably would enjoy a more active household since my house is pretty quiet. As a senior boxer, Ginger is calm, gentle, undemanding and mature but still has a lot of energy and is very playful. All she needs is a wonderful forever home.

2/21/06 - Ginger went to the vet today for her wellness check-up and she  behaved very well.  Everything checked out OK except for a hoarse bark when she pulls against her leash.  The vet said the glands in her neck were slightly enlarged so he gave her an antibiotic.  Ginger has also gained about 5 lb so she is looking much better. The vet found it hard to believe she was 10 years old and placed her age closer to 8.
At the house she continues to be a real sweet girl.  She is fantastic with my cats and gets along with Ellie most of the time.  However, I think she would prefer a home where she is the only dog and gets all the attention.  She is a very easy dog to have around - asking for little more than food, treats, a lap once in a while and a soft place to sleep.  She is willing to play or sleep depending on what we ask her to do.  If you are looking for a dog who only asks for your love and a little attention, Ginger is the dog for you.

2/17/06 - Ginger has been here almost a week and has proved to be a wonderful dog.  She is very sweet and loves to cuddle especially on my husband's lap in the evening.  She is very good when left alone in the house and gets along with Ellie and my cats and so there is no need to use the crate.  She has gotten into the garbage can so that has been relocated and so have her treats.  If food is within her reach she tends to be very interested - but that is her only bad habit.  We have been walking - taking advantage of the warmer weather - and she can heel (for short periods of time) and is getting better about not pulling on her leash.     When she is outside, she is curious about everything and would love to chase the squirrels and birds.  She will be a wonderful addition to a lucky family.  She is anxiously waiting her forever home.

2/11/06 - Ginger arrived here Friday and has adjusted quite well to our household.  She is a sweet, shy, small, light brindle boxer who is very energetic for her age. If it weren't for a little bit of gray around her muzzle she could pass for 10 month old. She likes to play with her rawhide bone - tossing it up in the air and pouncing on it when it falls.  Initial introductions with my boxer, Ellie, and my two indoor cats, Pepper and Missky, went well.  She has not met my outdoor cat, Monkey, yet.   Ginger has mostly ignored the cats except for occasionally nosing them. She and Ellie have had a few issues - growling and barking - mostly over bones, food and beds - but no major fights.  Ginger appears to be crate trained and had no problem sleeping in the crate last night.  She knows most of the basic commands but is not real good with "off".   She tends to pull when on the leash and does not seem to know how to heel. Ginger loves attention and is not much of a jumper.  She would really love to be a lap dog as she tried to crawl up on my lap several times last evening.




3/29/06 After 6 weeks
on vacation in Florida

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