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BERT 2/26/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 5/12/07 - Rainbow Bridge 1/4/09

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Age & Sex:  8 yr old male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  66 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes  Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: Vernon, NJ

Adoption Donation $150

If you have rescued a dog from BAR in the past, we are offering to let you adopt a senior dog and to waive the adoption fee and to reimburse you for the cost of a regular vet visit during the first year. 

1/4/09 - Our little guy passed away today in my arms. I think he had a heart attack. He was the best boxer I ever had. I loved him dearly.  Thank you BAR for having given me the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful senior dog. 

1/27/07 - Bert is doing great! He is so happy to be here and loves being part of our family.  His health has
 been good, he continues to take his cardiac meds, and everything is just fine. We will be going for
 a check up soon and he'll probably have another EKG done. His meds may need to be adjusted, as he
 has gained a lot of weight since this happened.  Bert really likes his toys and loves to fetch his
 ball. We have to be careful not to get him too excited but its hard when all he wants to do is
 play.  He is affectionate and wants to be petted often.  He does not act like a senior would act.  He's so
 full of energy.  I know he would still be taking long walks everyday if we took him.. At the most he
 gets 1 walk a day and that's with careful assessment of him during the walk.  His symptoms usually
 are shortness of breath and restlessness. He likes to snuggle up with me and get under the
 blankets. He can never be too warm, he sits by the fireplace and is so content, he will fall asleep. Bert
 is just a happy dog. I don't know his history but someone must have loved this dog because he
 doesn't seem to have any other issues. He responds to anyone that pays him attention to him. He
 listens, never growls, he is just a good dog. We would like to adopt another senior at this time however
 we feel that this might jeopardize Bert's health. It's hard to keep him calm all the time and I
 think a dog companion would be awesome for him however he would not be able to rest as often as he
 does and he would want to play all the time. Oh well.. As long as we have our Bert alive and well
 that's all one could wish for in this circumstance. One thing I forgot to mention is that his tumor
 on his hind leg is growing back and some of his other tumors are getting bigger. They don't seem
 to bother him when touched. We are keeping an eye on them and will keep him comfortable.

9/16/07 - Bert continues to do well. He had one night of arrythmia and converted back on his own. The meds are really working for him. He absolutely loves his doggie diaper. He wants to wear it all the time. It's the funniest thing. He shows interest in his toys and has a favorite one. He is such a joy, I'm so happy to have him. We go on little walks daily, as he has put on some weight. I am watching closely that he doesn't put any more on and hopefully the little bit of activity will help as well. He put on this weight due to limited exercise but I now am letting him have a quality of life. It's important to get him out and about. I'll keep everyone posted next month.

8/3/07 - Bert is doing great! You would never know he has a heart problem,(Ventricular Tachycardia) since
 being put on Mexilitine and Atenolol. He had a follow up EKG and is in a normal rythum. We had to make a few adjustments in his life like limiting his time outdoors and his walks. He misses the walks most of all but we don't want him to collapse again. The vet and I really did not expect him to pull through this, beings he had heart failure 3x in one week- he went down in a blink of an eye! There were no precipitating factors, it was shocking to see this. Bert is a fighter! We are so happy to have him in our lives, he's brought so much joy to our home. He has a laid back disposition, and likes almost everyone he meets. He really likes all the attention he gets here and seems very happy. We will continue to follow up with EKG's and keep a watchful eye on his condition. He is lucky to have an owner that is an RN and knows how to listen for abnormal heart sounds. I worked at the Univ. of Penn in the cardio-thoracic unit for some time. I have extensive training in problems like this. It all seems like it was meant to be that he came here. Another dog saved!! Love these Seniors!!

7/26/07 - Our sweet Bert is doing GREAT!! His heart is still in a good rhythm. He gets meds 5x's a day and
 they seem to have him stable. We feel this is almost a miracle. The vet didn't expect him to pull out of this so well. We are cautious but optimistic. Bert is a really special dog , he embodies all the good traits of a boxer. He seems to really, really enjoy his life with us. We rarely leave him alone and take it one day at a time with him. We know the reality of his condition but don't focus on the negative. There's always a life lesson with each boxer we have had and with Bert the lesson is contentment. He is so happy and content and nothing seems to bother him. He was so brave at 2 different animal hospitals, he let them perform their tests without any objections. He's so easy going.  If only us humans could be so content in the light of despair. We wanted to get him a furry friend for company but he is not allowed to get excited or do anything that makes your heart beat fast. Unfortunately, the vet advised us that his daily walks had to stop. He misses them.  However, I sit out side with him and he likes to watch the kids play and the passersby's. Senior dogs are the best  !If anyone out there is considering adopting a dog I strongly recommend that you consider a senior. You will get so much more from these dogs than you give.  They are so thankful for everything you do for them, its almost like they know you saved them. More updates to follow.  Thanks for the prayers we know someone has been praying for him because we have had our little "miracle".

7/2/07 - Bert's heart condition is stabile at the moment. He is under the care of a good cardiologist. He will need frequent monitoring, scans, and meds. Its hard because the prognosis is poor. V Tach is a lethal arrrythmia, sudden death is the result. Bert went down 3 x's and came back on his own. He's a fighter! We're taking things one day at a time, and are enjoying all our time together now.
The docs don't know when but said this will eventually get him.-SOON. He was in the hospital for Lidocaine infusion, had to stay in CCU. He goes to my vet for the tests and monitoring.  Prayers gladly accepted! Bert brings so much with him, he is gentle, obedient, and full of kisses. Happy to be alive. We will focus on that.  Updates will follow.

5/12/07 - Bert made it safely to his new home this afternoon. He is going to be just fine with his new family. It was a long ride but well worth it to see Bert in his new surroundings. Colleen and her husband were just thrilled to meet him. They had two beds for him, lots of food, toys, treats, a new leash and collar and even a name tag with his name on it-just waiting for him . He now has a big fenced backyard and a large home. He had no problem with her stairs as was her concern. He seemed happy, they are happy, I am happy for everyone!  What a feeling to have helped Mr. Bert go from farm stray to the life he has today.    Yea BAR!!!!

5/8/07 - Bert is pending adoption with a BAR family who recently lost their adopted boy, Gumbie.  They want to give Bert the kind of forever home he deserves.  What a lucky boy!

5/4/07 - Bert is enjoying his stay with my family. He is just a wonderful old boy. He is loving and devoted to anyone who will give a minute of their time. Very easy going from day one with us. A real family dog that thrives on your love and attention.  He will sit and give you his paw for a treat. He sleeps on his dog bed, blanket or a misplaced throw pillow (no matter how small!) but never on furniture. His favorite spot is sunning on the deck. He loves to watch the neighbors and hang out with my female. He really demands nothing from you but love. You have to see him in the morning when the family first wakes...the joy!  He is always just sooo happy to see you.  If you are looking for a true companion, Bert is it. He is loyal and gives all he's got.

4/25/07 - Trying to be timely with my updates on Bert, so you can really get to know this guy.  I'm very surprised that he is still with us. I will send some new pictures in shortly so you can see how good he is looking. Some of the pictures on the site are from before he came to us and he has filled in nicely. His coat looks great and he looks much happier. I gave him a bath this past week, trimmed his nails, cleaned his ears etc. He was good as usual. He doesn't particularly "like" getting in the tub but I just pick him up and put him in and he is fine. After the bath though he'll jump right out and enjoys playing with the towel. Then of course he loves the extra attention he gets of being all clean and "fluffy" (?).
We've been taking longer walks with the nicer weather. He does have a fondness for both cats and birds. Not in an aggressive way but he would def. like to play with them!  With a quick correction on leash he is refocused. He does follow very nicely on the leash as my nine year old daughter enjoys walking with him.
His health is fine, he has no issues at all. Great with my kids. We love him. - you will too.

4/17/07 - Just a quick update on Mr. Bert. I am finding that Bert does not like stairs. It does not seem to be a physical issue because I have about 10 stairs up to my front door which he does with no problem at all. In the house however, we have a flight of stairs up to the kids rooms which he has just never shown interest in going up. Not once did he ever sit at the bottom or act as if he wanted to go up but couldnít.  Then for the first time the other day, we came in through the basement but he would not go up the stairs. Just dug his heals in and would not budge. As I said, he does the steps outside without question and I have never noticed him having any difficulties.  This is not an issue for me since the dogs donít normally go in the kids rooms and the rest of my living area is on the first floor but it is something to consider if you have a lot of stairs.  Other than that, all remains the same with Bert. He's a big loveable boy! 

4/10/07 - If you are thinking of an older dog, one that is already housetrained, well mannered and sociable, Bert is the dog for you. If you would like a dog that asks only for your love and companionship, Bert is the dog for you. Bert is the epitome of gentle, of love, of sweetness.  He is a wonderful companion that thrives on the family life. He enjoys the company of another dog but it is not necessary because his world will revolve around you. He is an older boy but has no significant health concerns or issues. He is walked 4-5 times a day but has waited longer when Ive been out. He is a pleasure to walk on leash. He has not been around cats but I doubt he would be phased by it, he's a "been there, done that" kind of guy.  As much as he is always welcome in my family, if you need someone like Bert in your life..he has much to offer.

3/31/07 - Mr. Bert is loving the warmer weather! He enjoys spending time out on the deck watching the neighborhood kids play in the street. I gave he and Ty each a cows hoof while they were out there, they chewed on them a bit but thought it more fun to qtoss them up in the air. Until accidentally they got mixed up and Bert had hers. Ty would not play with his, so she just stood there watching him with a very sad face. I went to Bert who's body starts wagging at any glance, and took it right from his mouth and gave him back his original. Not a bit disturbed by this, they continued to play. I had mentioned in the past that Bert is not an extremely active boy, he loves walks and gentle play with anyone in the family but he is not a big runner. However this is not to say he cant... the other day he clearly out ran me. Out of nowhere he goes from a nice little trot to a full out sprint that took me by surprise and probably gave my neighbors a chuckle, because he was leashed and I was not keeping up!  I don't know where that burst of energy came from but it was nice to see!  Now that the ground is drying up, Ill be able to take him to the nearby field and let him sprint if he feels inclined to do so.  He is such a pleasure to have in our home.

3/22/07 - Bert is a total family dog. He is so mild mannered and wants only to be around his family. I cant tell you how much we are enjoying his company. He is looking pretty good these days as his weight is built up and his coat is anew. As he shed out his old dull coat, a new shinier, lighter coat (in color) has emerged. It's amazing to see.
He is not extremley active but he is playful and fun to watch as he bats around a toy with those long legs of his. He enjoys his time outside when it's mild and will play on the deck with my female boxer and the kids. He just has a great personality and has been a joy!

3/10/07 - Bert continues to do well. He has filled in and is looking good. He has made himself right at home and he is just so very lovable. He is still very laid back though he will not pass up an opportunity for a little playtime. He loves going out for walks and I'm sure he'll be building up muscle once the warmer weather arrives and the walks can be more extensive. 

3/9/07 - Great news about Bert!
We had x rays of Bert's chest taken, and the results are that his lungs are CLEAR!! There is no evidence of cancer, which made the vet very pleased.
You see, there was a good Samaritan on long island he found Bert wandering around, with a 6 lb tumor dangling from his abdomen area. She has it removed, but funds were very short, so it was not biopsied. He has a few other fatty lumps and bumps too. When we took him into rescue and into our vets, the vet felt the best way to get a sense for what was going on was to take a chest x ray. He said a very high percentage of cancers will metastasize in the lungs, so the news was really great that the lungs are clear.

2/21/07 - We had Mr. Bert to the vet this past weekend. He did great, very easy going with the whole experience. Everything checked out just fine. He's got some gingivitis though his teeth are in great shape. The vet believes it to be one of the effects of malnutrition. He says as he continues to "build up" that will clear. He has gained 4-5lbs since being with us. He needs to fill out more, right now he is all legs!     He continues to do very well around the house and with my boxer girl. They are extremely respectful of each other.  I'll be sending in a few more picts because I've got a real cute will melt your heart.

2/14/07 - It's been a few weeks now and Bert continues to do well. He really is a wonderful boy. He continues to get along well with everyone he meets. He will bark at people outside when the dogs are on the deck but he is very good when we pass people on the street. When people come to the house he does not jump up, he will wiggle a bit and then its business as usual. I've said it before but his manners are outstanding. For my first foster, I sure got a good boy.  He loves going out for walks and I do take him out pretty often so I think he would do best with a family that has someone home during the day for walks.  He is a pleasure to walk though!!  We have recently found out that he has a passion for squeaky type toys, so he has acquired quite a few lately. I love to see him happy and playing. I am very fond of this guy..he is a big furry mush!

2/2/07 - We have had Bert now for 5 days and he is doing wonderful. He gets along well with my female boxer, Ty.  He walks perfectly on the leash, no pulling at all, even if there are other dogs or people around. I am able to walk the two dogs together already with no problem. I think my girl has been even more well behaved since his arrival!  He is  great with my children who are 9 & 2 years.  He is just a happy old boy who thrives on attention. We have a crate for him but he has had free roam of the house when we are home and prefers to sleep in a dog bed.  He is completely housebroken and sits by the door staring at you when he needs to go out.  His name is new to him but he is starting to get used to it. I am happy that he is starting to play with the dog toys now and plays very nicely with Ty.  We will be taking him for a check up soon, he is underweight and has some lumps to be checked. He eats great though so I expect him to fill in nicely.  This is a sweet dog to say the very least.

1/30/07 - Bert is a great senior dog.  He gets along fine with my Boxer girl and the kids. He is very calm but just loves attention. All I have to do is smile and his tail starts wagging. He hasn't "played" yet but he is still adjusting. I don't think it will be long though. He is very happy to be here and I am thrilled to have him here.

Great news about Bert!
We had x rays of Bert's chest taken, and the results are that his lungs are CLEAR!! There is no evidence of cancer, which made the vet very pleased.


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