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BUSTER SR. 4/1/08


Pertinent Information - Adopted 5/8/08

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Age & Sex: 11 yr. old Male Boxer
UTD: Yes
Weight:  50 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes    Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Rochester, NY

Adoption Donation $150


6/16/09 - Buster is pending adoption with his foster mom.

10/25/08 - Buster is really settling into things here.  His personality continues to come out more everyday.  He seems to be enjoying laying about at home and at work, but still plays 'guard dog' if the doorbell rings at home!
The separation anxiety thing is still a work in progress, he won't even let me go out into the garage without bringing him with me.  We still try not to leave him home alone too much, in fact,  today he is going over to Jackie Nobles' house for a few hours to play with Frankie and Major.
I'm trying out a new rescue remedy called "Pet Remedy" from Lori's Natural Foods.  It's a specific formula for "Home Alone and Lonliness".  We'll see how that works for him.
He still goes to work with me everyday, and just loves his job greeting clients as they walk in.  People are now coming in expecting to see him, and even say "hi" to him before me!
I think he's becoming more comfortable as the days pass, and hopefully the separation thing will pass, too.
I'll keep you up-to-date as things progress.

9/28/08 - Buster continues to do well; he has gained a few pounds' and never refuses a treat!  His favorite pastime is that he loves to put his head in just about everyone's' lap!  He goes into work with me everyday, and greets everyone that comes in the door. He even loves the mailgirl and the UPS man!

9/6/08 - Buster is at his new foster home this afternoon, with a full belly and a tired body!  We met Jeff in Geneva around 2pm and headed back up to Rochester.  He got out of the car, took a tour of the house, met my neighbors, pooped.  Then he went back in the house and ate a full tub of Beneful (a gift from the neighbors) and about two full cups of dry Iams little bites.  He is awfully skinny, and drinks a lot of water.  Very calm, very good with people. I'll be bringing him to work on Monday, so he'll meet up with about a dozen or more!  Thanks to everyone for helping out on his very long trip from NYC!  I will keep everyone posted!

7/20/08 - Well Buster got to take a ferry ride over from Connecticut to Long Island on a beautiful sunny, hot, breezy day.  What a great old guy!  He was so content just to relax in the sun and let the world go by.  He was not bothered at all by the kids around or adults.  Some people opted to pet him and we was thrilled to have it.  Our 3 year old female, Molly, was along for the ride, and they instantly hit it off.  They sniffed around and decided to sprawl out on the ferry floor together.  Since we have been home Buster has truly been a pleasure.  He fit in so well, it is like we've always had him!  He and Molly can eat their meals around each other, do tricks for treats together, and usually end up taking their naps together.  Buster is such a sweet old man who just wants companionship and a comfy place to rest.  He is GREAT on a lead and even does jumping twirls like I've never seen before when he sees it!  He loves the car and  is extremely well behaved in other peoples homes (we've been to several) and in public walking around.  My brother and his family stopped by for several hours the other day and their 8 month old and 4 year old had a great time with Buster.  He was fine with being pet and chased a bit and was very gentle.  This sweet, loving, happy, super relaxed dog would be a great fit in any home, and especially for someone looking for a new, loyal friend.  Pictures coming soon!

7/12/08 - Buster has been returned to rescue.  The activity level in his new home did not match his level of preferred activity.  If you are looking for a wonderful companion who will give you nothing but love and in return just wants a nice quiet place to call home without a lot of commotion, this is the guy for you.

Hi Everyone! Buster has arrived after our ferry ride - exhausted!   He and Molly had a good time on the ferry, hot, a little excited, but very 'chilled out'.  We took them for a bit of a walk, then they came in, Buster sniffed around a bit, and they both crashed for about 45 minutes.  They are up and around now, checking each other out - all is well and we'll see how they adjust!

5/08 - Buster, Sr. has been adopted

5/7/08 - Buster is pending adoption by this FTA family.

4/9/08 - Buster is going to an FTA family!

4/1/08 - This is Buster. For the first five years of his life, he lived with his original owner. When his owner moved, the owner's sister took him and he had a great life, living in a house with dogs and kids...and a lot of room outside to run. But his owner's sister moved, so Buster needs a new home.

Even though he is an older gentleman, Buster is in great shape. His doctor says that he is like a four-year-old dog. He has lived with big and little dogs, and gets along fine with everyone. He's lived
with cats, too, and shows no interest in them. He can be mellow, but he does like to play.

Buster has been around infants, toddlers, and kids of all ages and he is wonderful with them.