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BRUNO 12/6/08


Pertinent Information - Adopted 5/21/09 - Rainbow Bridge 1/27/10

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Age & Sex: 8 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  56 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: ?  Over 5: ?
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter Surrender
Location: Unionville, PA

Adoption Donation $150


1/27/10 - It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to report that Bruno has gone to the bridge. Bruno has been fighting DM and Cardiomyopathy for a while now. As we watched Bruno struggle with these two conditions, we quickly realized that they were working against each other and his time with us would be very limited.
Bruno's quality of life quickly deteriorated as him DM progressed. He lost an incredible amount of weight and muscle in his back legs. His mobility became very limited, from his bed to the couch, and he would slip and slide every time he tried to walk.
Throw on top of that a heart condition and his situation got even worse. His appetite was gone and he stopped eating. Because of his enlarged heart, his lungs started to fill with fluid and his breathing became very labored. Every time Bruno stood up, he began to cough uncontrollably. And to make it worse, the days he decided he would try to walk, his heart just wouldn't let him exert that much energy and effort.

Bruno was an incredibly dog and we were incredibly lucky to have him in our lives. His time was us was far too short, approximately 8 months, but he truly touched our lives, and we hope he knows just how much we loved him and how much we gave him for those 8 months. He was the most loving and caring dog and he is going to be missed greatly. Bruno will always have a special place in my heart, as he was my first BAR adoptee.

I love you buddy! You will always be with me and never forgotten. You are always apart of our live and family. Now all of your conditions are gone and you can now run free with all of your friends.

We love you Bruno, Matt and Lindsay

5/21/09 - Bruno has been adopted

5/11/09 - Bruno is pending adoption

3/15/09 - It has been a while since Bruno’s last update, but that is because he is such a great guy!  Not much has changed with him.  He continues to be friendly with everyone, eats well, and loves to just hang out.  We did start walking a lot more, since it is getting warmer.  Most of the foster homes have named themselves—if we did ours would be “Senior Central”—so we don’t have to walk to get rid of energy, we just like to walk for fun.  We live in a very rural area and could walk for days, so Bruno has been allowed to walk without a leash on.  He has been great!  He listens well, comes quickly when called, and even checks in frequently when he is running ahead of his people.  Even when he is asked to walk on a leash he only requires a flat nylon collar.  No restraints necessary for this guy.  He has had the opportunity to meet some more small dogs and does very well with them.  He seems to know that they are more fragile then him, so he just gives them a good sniff and moves on.  Dolly, our female, has been extra playful, which he enjoys, but will politely let her know when he has had enough.  In his comfort here, he has become a little more vocal.  Bruno will bark at the door when someone pulls up, or walks by when he is out, but will silence himself when asked.  If you a looking for a “guard dog” he will make enough noise to fit the bill.  Though he always welcomes everyone without complaint.  He makes just enough noise to be threatening to those you don’t want around.
Finally, Bruno is on the schedule to make a trip back up North to get neutered and have his mouth surgery.  I am always amazed at how little he is bothered by the damaged teeth in his mouth.  He eats hard treats and has no trouble eating his meals.  I do soften his food with a little water, but I do that with all my dry food meals.  So, I don’t see him struggling with the adjustment of his surgery.  I will let everyone know how he makes out!  Wish him luck!
Keep this guy in mind as a great addition to your family!  He is a total gem!

1/19/09 - Bruno continues to be the perfect houseguest.  All of the dogs in the house are now the best of friends.  Bruno even welcomes new dogs into the house like a gentleman.  We frequently have friends visit with their dogs and he plays the part of the perfect host.  He allows them to help themselves to the toy basket, water bowl, other people’s affections and plays with them nicely.  He has even been allowed to stay out with the other dogs for an hour or so while we are away.  During this time nothing was disturbed, not even the resident dogs.  Bruno eats well with the other dogs and never gets upset if one of them sticks their nose in his bowl while he is eating or if I stick my hand in, pick up his bowl, or pet him.  He has already gained a noticeable amount of weight and looks just about perfect.  His coat is so shiny and smooth.  His pictures do not do him justice.  We got some snow today and the three kids had a great time running about outside.  Bruno will get cold if he is out for more then just a potty break, so we do have to keep a coat on him when he is out to play or going for a walk.  Which is why he frequently comes inside to lay in front of the fire.  So, I believe Bruno would like a forever home with a fireplace, if he were being picky.  But any home with a loving new family would do!!  I honestly can not tell if Bruno comes when he is called or if it is coincidence, as it appears as though he can not hear as well as he could, sometimes it just looks like he was already on his way around the house when I ask him to come inside.  But small quirks aside Bruno continues to surprise us everyday with his sweetness and gentle tendencies.  Everyone who meets him tells us to keep him, but we have decided that we can’t keep all of the best dogs for ourselves!! 

12/29/08 - Bruno has come well out of his shell since our last post.  He continues to be pretty much perfect, however.  He is now best friends with both of our dogs and cuddles with both of them on a regular basis.  Bruno loves to be petted for long periods, but does not cuddle with us humans.  He is eating well and has nearly reached his goal weight.  He is not food aggressive and never gets upset if one of the other dogs walks up to him while he is eating.

 We had a family dinner here last night, which totaled ten people.  He welcomed everyone into the house without a peep, simply walked up to say "hi" and went on his merry way to the next guest to get some more lovin'.  Everyone said over and over again how great he is.  He voluntarily went to lie in the corner as we ate dinner and stayed in his own space as we sat on the floor to open gifts.  He did not beg as people ate away from the table and stole nothing from the lower tables.  We will go visit some cats in the near future.  But something tells me that he will treat them with same relaxed attitude that he uses in every other aspect of his life.

 Bruno is an absolute gem.  He is waiting patiently for his forever family to come for him!!  Please consider adding this amazing gentleman to your family…

12/16/08 - Bruno continues to be a good boy.  He is still eating well and is steadily gaining weight.  I was very surprised that he weighed in at 56 pounds… he is so thin.  He should be about 65 pounds when he reaches a more healthy weight.  He has taken a couple of baths, since we are having a hard time kicking the shelter smell, and he is perfect in the tub.  I did have to start putting a muzzle on him to effectively do his ears.  They need so much work and they hurt him so badly that I don’t blame him for being a little miserable about it.  Bruno does not have a mean bone in his body, even though he is hurting or upset his little nub NEVER stops going.  I swear it even wiggles in his sleep.  His ears are already starting to look better. 
As you can see by some of the pictures, Bruno was able to talk Jack into cuddling with him.  I am convinced that he would do well with almost any dog.  He has met some small dogs as well and does not seem to have any issue with them either.  He stays quiet in his crate while we are away and never barks at the front door.  There is frequently activity on the property that we are not involved in.  He simply sits at the front door and watches what is going on.  Bruno has been sleeping in our bedroom at night on his own bed.  He whines to let me know if he has to go out early and has continued to have no accidents in the house.  Bruno does get on the furniture, but gets off politely when asked.  He does not jump up on anyone, and accepts guests into the house graciously.  He has also learned to go to his bed after he is done with his meals, to wait until the other dogs are finished.  It takes several repetitions for him to learn things like this, but he is a quick study and learns things after only one such session, usually.
Overall, Bruno has been a delightful houseguest.  He would like to live in a house where he can hang out on a pillow, with or without other dogs.  He is very low-key. He likes to play with the others when the mood strikes and could walk for an hour everyday or not.  He is just one happy little guy. 

12/10/08 - Bruno has been with us for almost a week.  He has done well with our two dogs, a fairly dominant male and a submissive female.  He is interesting because he shows almost no interest in the female, but insists on attempting to snuggle and play with the male who usually just asks him to go away.  He would be great with any type of dog I am sure.  He does try to mount the male, but not in an aggressive or really dominant way.  I think it is just because he is not neutered yet.  He just walks away to go to his bed when one the dogs tell him to go away.

He has eaten well since he arrived.  He enjoys vanilla yogurt mixed in with his meals.  And goes in his crate without a complaint.  Until yesterday he would bark for about 10 minutes before settling down and chewing on his peanut butter kong.  But I guess he figured out that didn’t get him anywhere and he gave up.  He has not had any accidents in the house, even though he is not neutered.  He does not ask to go out, but the dogs go out fairly regularly around here.  He also walks great on a leash with just a flat collar.  That’s all he needs.

We went to the vet on Monday and she confirmed how bad his teeth and ears have gotten.  It is my guess that Bruno has been on his own for a while, or in a very bad situation.  Several of his teeth will have to be pulled and he needs to have his ears treated heavily for several weeks.  After he has this work done he will be completely fine.  I do wonder from time to time if the bacteria has damaged his ears.  Sometimes I think he can’t hear me.  But it might just be selective hearing.

Overall, Bruno is a great dog.  I think he would do well in a lot of situations.  Stay tuned for more updates…

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