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TONY 1/10/04


Tony's Foster Journey - Adopted 2/1/04 - Rainbow Bridge 3/28/06

Pertinent Information
15 month old Red Fawn Male Boxer
60  lb.  Owner Surrender
Natural Ears and Docked Tail 
Soon to be Neutered, but  UTD
Good with other dogs and cats
Being Fostered Near Middletown, NY
Adoption Donation $250

4/16/06 - I am deeply saddened to inform you that Tony tragically died in the early morning of March 28, 2006. He had a grand mal seizure which lead to respiratory and cardiac arrest.  He was only three and a half.
I first met him on January 10, 2004.  I had volunteered to do a leg of a transport and he was the dog.  When I went to pick him up, it was love at first sight.  Three weeks later, I drove from New Hampshire to Tina's in New York, from that day on he was my boy.  I brought him home to a
boxer sister Sugar and two human sisters.   He just loved life.  Sugar would fight with him, if she became anxious, and although he was much larger, he would roll on his back and take it.  Those occasions got to be very rare, and they were always together. 
He was truly a Momma's boy.  He had to be closest to me all the time, he was our giant-sized baby.  Everyday he found himself in some sort of mischief, jumping on the counters, eating trash, eating his own poop. Many of his habits were disgusting, but he never seemed to think he was doing anything wrong.  He also had no concept of his size.  Very often he would climb onto my lap, or play with much smaller dogs who would be terrified of him, because  he was so big.  He was lovable to a fault.  He loved to lie in the sun, or in a dirt hole.  He was afraid of thunder and lightning and rain.
My house is quiet and empty without him. Everything he did made noise.   He consumed so much attention, affection and energy.  I miss him more than I can say, and am very grateful that I have Sugar.  He was too young to leave us, but he had a wonderful life here.

9/26/04 - Tony has been doing well. He goes to a dog play group once a week and just loves to run and meet 
all the dogs and humans. He had a seizure at the end of August and recovered quickly. He keeps his boxer 
sister Sugar busy by trying to play with her when she would much rather be napping. He continues to counter 
surf and somehow even managed to open a jar of peanut butter for himself. He just cannot get enough love and 
affection and loves to be close to people. Which is good because the people like him close by. He and Sugar 
have a good life and make our house a happy if not hectic home.
7/8/04 - Tony had a cluster of seizures one morning at the end of May.  He spent the day and night at the 
vets and did not have any more, his medication was increased and he has been fine.  He is very 
lovable, but when he wants to get up and out in the morning, no matter how early it is he doesn't take 
no for an answer.  He has been to an outdoor dog play group and all the other dogs and humans 
loved him.  His boxer sister Sugar has shown more aggression to him the past few months, but he seems 
to be able to take care of himself.  He just wants to play and be loved.  He loves getting his 
stomach rubbed and purrs like a cat.

4/28/04 - Tony has been to obedience school with his boxer sister Sugar and they both graduated.  He still has a long way to go to actually be obedient, but he does try very hard at times.  At other times he is surfing the counters looking for things he shouldn't have or digging a hole in the backyard.  He has not had another seizure.  He is very cute and lovable.

3/1/04 - What a month Tony has had. He gets along very well with his boxer sister Sugar and his human sisters and mother just cannot get enough of him. But so far he has had a urinary tract infection, and he had a seizure on February 21st. He was in the hospital for one night is is now on phenobarbital, so we are hoping for the best. He was out of it for about a day and quickly went back to his goofy, lovable self. He started obedience class tonight and did very well, when he wasn't trying to take a nap.

2/1/04 - Tony has been adopted.  He is joining one of our other BAR dogs, Sugar in a new home.

1/26/04 - Tony is pending adoption.

1/19/04 - Tony just went in for his check up with the doc and did very well. The suggestion is that Tony be monitored for a few more weeks and if he is only having a seizure every 6 weeks or so he MAY not need to go on meds. 
Our vet also says that sometime neutering will help to stop the seizures or make them less frequent. 
Tony will be going in tomorrow for his neuter....we will monitor him for a bit more and then send him on his way if all is good. 
The family that adopts him will have to be willing to deal with the fact that he may have seizures the rest of his life. They could get worse or they could lessen up and stop all together...really no way of telling. 
Tony continues to do well with the other dogs in the home and is very playful and active. His is getting use to the walked past him this morning and he was fine. So far it seems Tony will be a great dog in most homes.

1/11/04 - Guardian Angel Boxer Haven has a new guest to announce...Tony! Tony is a super duper boy of 15 months. This boy is having seizures approx every 6 weeks and will need evaluation and medication to control this. His family had to surrender him as their daughter is coming home from college and she is allergic to him. Tony has met my guys and is great with all of them...very submissive. He is quiet in the crate and ate all of his food. I will be doing evaluations on this boy and getting him in to the vet for testing and neutering. We are not sure how long it will be before he is ready to go but keep an eye on his story.