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COSMA (SPIRIT) 4/19/03


Adopted 5/11/03 - Rainbow Bridge 11/05

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11/20/05 - When we rode up to Mass. to pick him up a couple of years ago we were excited and and anxious to meet our new friend, known as "Spirit" at that time. At first he was reluctant to come out of the car and greet us but I could tell by the kind look in his eye we'd hit it off great. I was wrong....Cosmo (AKA-Spirit) joined our family like he was meant to be here and had been from the start.  Even those who visited and were not "dog people" soon realized he was much more than a dog. He was "Cosmo".   A dear friend and companion who stayed by my side every day (literally- I work from home) and followed me from room to room not wanting to miss an opportunity to grab and show some affection. (Or take a handout from a snack.) Well, the past two years flew by and we got closer each day.  In the beginning of the summer Cosmo developed a swelling on his neck which turned out to be lymphoma. Initially he responded very well to treatment and then one day (it seemed that fast) he took a turn for the worse. Three weeks ago Cosmo became a real angel watching over us still to make sure we're alright. I still feel him here and look for him around the corner forgetting he's waiting somewhere else for us. Keeping a look out always for a small pat on his head knowing he'd make us the lucky ones for having known and loved him. Thanks buddy we still miss ya!!  Love- Lou, Ingrid, Gabriella & Francesca!

8/5/04 -We can't believe its been over a year since Cosmo joined our family as "Spirit". From the first moment we met him in Massachusetts last year we knew he was going to be a happy member of our family. And we were absolutely right!
Its amazing how quickly he settled in and showed us his charming playful ways. Always ready to romp with anyone one the move...chasing a ball, frisbe or anything else in motion. This is a great release for him as he stays constantly but my side (I'm lucky enough to work out of my home office) keeping an eye out for signs of a work break knowing he'll get a chance for a quick rub or run in the yard.
My daughters (ages 9 & 4) have their own personal relationships with Cosmo and he with them. My eldest loves to place ball and the "catch me" game with the tireless Cosmo. Its always even odds who'll crash first. The little one was very cautious when Cosmo first came home. It is now she who gets his attention always ready to stand between her and I when we play a bit too rough. Its funny how the youngest one who was timid with her new companion has shown her abilities to keep his attention and put him through his obedience trials as well or better than the rest of us.
When Cosmo (Sprit" came to us he was quite reserved and leery of strangers. Choosing to lay in a quiet out of the way place instead of joining the party. He still shows some signs of his seemingly less than loving past when new guests visit but this dissipates more quickly each day as he gives each guest the honor of patting his head or a scratching behind his ear (he REALLY likes that!).
I have many dogs over the years as my brother and I dragged any stray we could could find roaming the streets home to my mother's standard "Not a chance!". I truly have to say that Cosmo ranks among the top (I don't want to say "Best" in fear of hurting anyone's feelings) in his intelligence, willingness, stability and charm. He is everything I look for in a companion and he passes the days with me like none other. We were/are very lucky and happy to have crossed paths and look forward to getting to know and love each other for years to come.

5/11/03 - Spirit has been adopted.