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ZEUS 4/27/03



Zeus's Foster Journey - Adopted 5/10/03 - Rainbow Bridge 12/29/11


Pertinent Information
11 Month Old, 51 lbs
Fawn Male
Docked Tail/Cropped Ears
Good with all children, cats and dogs
Owner Surrender
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered Near Binghamton, NY
Adoption Donation $200

1/2/12 - I am very sad to tell you that our handsome boxer boy, Zeus, passed away on Dec. 29, 2011.
He had been ill a very short time with a cancer diagnosis just a week prior.  We had adopted him in May 2003--one of the best decisions of our life--to be a companion to our GSP, Lucy. They never formed a close bond but respected each other. Sadly, Lucy died this past August 4th from a heart condition. (Some of you may remember her in the BAR calendar with her always present orange ball.)
Thank you for allowing Zeus to be a much loved member of our family.

5/8/04 - Wow, it has been a year!!!  Time does fly.  Zeus continues to be a perfect addition to our family. 
He is  a handsome dude that lives to catch a flying squirrel [ A canvas frisbee type toy]  He and Lucy, our 3yo German Shorthaired Pointer, have finally come to an understanding in regards to who is boss--in some areas its Zeus and in others it's Lucy. But, when he wants her to play--he shows no mercy, he will pull on her feet or ears  until she gives in.
I enjoy coming home from work---I'll open the door and call the pups to come outside. Zeus is always first, running as fast as he can while wiggling his butt,  ears are back and I swear--he's smiling.  To get such a greeting is such a joy.  He is truly a people dog, always with us.  If laying down with us--[yes, he does sleep in our bed] he has to touch us.
Usually his head rests on my legs.  If sitting down while watching TV, he prefers to sit on us, not encouraged, but will lie next to us, real close!!!He has nice manners--doesn't bark [only at Lucy when she won't play]. Listens well, but could use work on his sit/stay. Something to work on with the warm weather coming.
We have been married 35 years and have owned many dogs.  I wish we had a boxer sooner--Zeus has
been such a great pup. He has the greatest boxer personality, we love him.


7/13/03 - We've had Zeus with us for 2 months now. He continues to do very well with all the changes he has had to make. He is attending obedience training and has some issues but we will work them out even if we have to stay in the beginners class for 6 months. Zeus is such a love and gives the best boxer kisses!!! As I said previously--thanks for allowing us to adopt Zeus, we love him.   Joann

6/8/03 - We adopted Zeus 1 month ago--where has the time gone!!! He is certainly a much loved member of the family--even loved by Lucy, who he continues to chew upon when running in the yard!! Our granddaughter said Lucy looks happy now that she has a playmate!! He is well behaved--and starts obedience in 1 week. He has such an eager personality that I'm sure he'll enjoy the activity while learning the basics and beyond. We had an invisible fence installed 1 week after the adoption and he has absolutely no problem with it. Two corrections was all it took, 1 training and 1 accidental. He is so smart. (It is such a pleasure not to worry about the dogs running out of the yard.) He is very affectionate. It is hard to believe that he hasn't always been with us! The whole family loves him. Thanks for giving him to us. Joann and Jim

5/19/03 - Everyday is getting better and better.  Zeus is really a love.  Real mushey and craves attention but not obsessively.  He and Lucy do great in the house.  It's outside that becomes a problem.  Zeus jumps on Lucy and either grabs her neck or runs along side of her and gets her ankles.  Of course he is corrected with a NO and a tug on the leash to pull him away from her.  If Lucy would stick up for herself I'm sure this activity would calm down. Right now she is still feeling sorry for herself. We watch carefully and don't leave them alone when

 I took Zeus to  my vet yesterday--he pronounced him beautiful and a keeper!!  He needs to put some weight on.  Weighed in at 50lbs.  He really didn't eat well at 1st but is now doing much better.  He's eating 4+ cups of Eukanuba a day--he wouldn't eat the Science Diet Puppy I had picked up for him.  I have no problem with feeding the 2 dogs at the same time.  I have to guard Lucy's bowl as she has medication added to her food but so far everything is working out.
Went to Target and picked up a child's small basketball and football this evening.  Between the 2 of them the Bball is just about history.. It is flat and Zeus is having a ball with it. 
 The Invisible Fence was installed today--the "trainer" loved Zeus and he loved him right back.  He believes Zeus will do very well with it.  Esp. since he's never been allowed to run free on the property.
 I am amazed about how well Zeus listens--sits--briefly/ stay--I think he knows what it means/come--definitely.  He sleeps in our room on a dog bed by the foot of our bed.  He comes over to us-gets a good nite petting and hug then we tell him to go to bed--and he does!!!!  Amazing.
 Thank you for our new pup--he is such a love.  Jim and Joann

5/10/03 - Zeus has been adopted.

5/9/03 - Zeus is pending adoption.

5/8/03- Zeus here with another update. My foster mom and dad are quickly realizing what a good boy I am. The last 2 nights I haven't even whimpered when they put me in my crate. They give me a bone and in I go! The other night we had a thunder and lightning storm. I wasn't sure what to think of that so I just cowered down in the driveway. Dad came over and sat with me and we watched the storm together. I was fine once I felt loving arms around me. I'm getting pretty good about sneaking into people's laps and beds. I'm so quiet and discreet. One paw at a time and before you know it, there I am! Last night one of the fur balls was on the bed (that annoying kitten, Mee Mee) and I just couldn't help myself! I had to put my face on the bed and give him a hard time. Well, can you believe that the little brat slapped me!? It made a really strange noise. That was all it took for me to walk away. Who does he think he is anyway!? Someone needs to tell him he's a cat. Mischief and I play all the time. I even like to cuddle with her in her bed. We played for a couple hours yesterday and all the sudden Mischief was limping (attention hog.) So, mom made her lay down in her bed for a time out so she could rest. (Rest!? She needs to exercise! Has anyone told her she's sporting major rolls?) She was fine this morning so I think she was playing possum. Mom told me this morning that my Forever Home has found me. I just knew they would. Their names are Joann and James. I will even have a fur sibling, Lucy. She sounds great. We're going to have so much fun. I will miss my foster parents though as I have grown quite attached to them. Maybe my Forever Home will allow me to write to them occasionally and send pictures. I hope so. I just don't know where I would be without BAR. Thank you for giving me the chance I deserved. Love, Zeus

5/5/03 - Oh boy, oh boy! It's Zeus and am I having a blast here at the Come & Go Boxer Bungalow! I just love Mischief! We play all the time. I've met lots of new people and I love them all. Everyone comments on what a nice dog I am. They don't understand how someone could let me go. I spent most of the weekend outside playing so when I come in at night, I crash hard! I am one pooped out pup! I found a nice place to dig yesterday (it was only a little hole!) so I have dirt shoved up my nose. Foster mom said something about a bath. Not sure what that is. Mom and Dad tried leaving me out of the crate Friday night but I was having too much fun chasing the resident fur ball and I woke up the baby with a playful bark. They said they would try leaving me out again tonight. I like licking the baby's toes. It makes him laugh. They mowed the yard on Saturday and I didn't mind the loud noise at all. I really am the perfect dog. My appetite has returned full force so I am getting about 4 cups of food a day to try and gain weight. I even got a hot dog yesterday (ssshh - don't tell anyone!). I'm patiently waiting for my Forever Family. Won't you call soon? Love, Zeus

5/2/03- Hi all! It's Zeus again. As I mentioned earlier, I had a "vet" visit yesterday. I thought it was going to be a fun trip with my foster mom but that was hardly the case! Everyone at the office just loved me and said how cute I was. I should have known something was up when my foster mom said good bye to me. Did I whine something fierce. I missed my mommy! The next day she came back to get me and I am a changed man (literally!) I am now neutered and up to date on all my vaccinations. My heartworm and fecal tests came back negative so I am healthy guy. After my foster mom came to rescue me, we stopped at my foster dad's store to pay a visit. There was a guy there that I absolutely fell in love with. I buried my head in his chest and leaned on his legs. It was instant love for both of us. He said that he has a "hot dog" at home who would absolutely love me. I didn't want to leave his side but we had to return home. Foster mom washed our dog beds and put them in the dining room. I settled right in. I'm such a good boy. I can't wait to meet my forever home so I can begin the rest of my life with them. Please call soon. I'm waiting for you.

4/30/03 - Hi again. It's Zeus back with another update. So much happened last night! First, I found a bin that had lots of things in it called, "toys." Wow! Did I have fun. I found out which one Mischief loves the most (a yellow duck) and I ran like the wind with it. When she would get close enough to take it, I would turn my head and run. She finally got mad and walked away. So, I decided to be a nice guy and give it to her. I also showed my foster parents what a strong boy I am. When I am outside on the cable, my foster mom is always looking out the window checking on me. She says her greatest fear would be for a foster dog to get loose and run away. Well, Mischief and I were having lots of fun in the yard. Mom looked out the window and there was the cable but I wasn't attached to the end of it. She ran out and was yelling my name. Boy, she looked really upset! She found me up on the deck with my nose on the sliding glass doors and I was barking to come in! Needless to say, I broke my collar and I lost my BAR ID tag so I will have to get a new one. As soon as I heard her yelling for me, I ran right to her. I'm such a good boy. Don't wait! Get your applications in now!

4/29/03 - Greetings from Zeus! I have been with my foster family for about 2 days now and I am loving life! The first night I was unhappy as I just didn't understand what was happening. Mischief and I are the best of friends and we play by the hour. I love being outside. Last night we went for a walk. We even included the baby. We walked out back to a place called a "construction company" to visit with family and friends. There was one man there that was quite a burly guy. Well, that didn't scare me! I walked right up to him and buried my face in his belly. That got a chuckle from everyone. I love to cuddle with people, even strangers. I am doing much better in my crate. I get a bone each time I go in the crate so I don't think it's a form of punishment. Every now and then I will whimper a little but I quickly fall asleep. My foster Mom says that I am good on the leash but obedience would help me. My foster Daddy really likes me and we play a lot. I'm trying to learn not to jump when I get excited but I'm still a pup! I'm a quick learner though so I'm sure I will have it down in no time flat! I know that my forever home is out there and I can't wait to meet them. I am going to be the perfect dog - I promise!

4/28/03 - The Come & Go Boxer Bungalow welcomed a new guest yesterday. His name is Zeus and he is an owner surrender. Zeus's parents were in the process of a divorce and could not keep him. He is a young dog who is wonderful with babies, children, dogs, and cats. He is un-neutered but has an appointment to see the vet on Thursday. He is on the thin side so we will work on fattening him up a little. He does great on the cable run outside, eating, and loving any human near him! Zeus will crawl onto your lap and bury his head in your belly. He's a wonderful dog. We've only had one small accident and that's because he isn't neutered yet. Who can blame the guy? Zeus doesn't care too much for his crate since he would rather be by your side every minute of the day. He tends to whimper for about 10 minutes and then goes to sleep. We're trying to use positive reinforcement by giving him a bone in his crate. I'm sure that he will do well once he has more time to become accustomed to the crate. Zeus and the resident boxer took to one another immediately and have become the bestest of buddies. When Zeus encountered the cat, he gently gave her a nudge. When she hissed, Zeus put his nose next to hers as if to say, "Hey!? What's your problem?" Better get your application in now! This sweet young boy won't be around long. Be sure to check back for an update from Zeus.

4/27/03-Zeus has arrived at the Come & Go Boxer Bungalow.  Many thanks to Mary Cleet delivering Zeus to our doorstep!  Zeus is approximately 11 months old and is an un-neutered fawn male with a docked tail and cropped ears.  He's a real cutie.  He and Mischief met and became instant buddies.  He seems to care less about the cats and likes being around the baby.  I will call the vet tomorrow and get him scheduled for neutering and UTD.

The boy is a little thin so we will work on fattening him up a little.  He ran right over and ate Mischief's dinner so that's a good sign.