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MUGGS (DYLAN) 1/13/03


Dylan's Foster Journey - Adopted 1/24/03 - Rainbow Bridge7/1/05


Pertinent Information
2-3 year old Fawn Male
55lb. Shelter Surrender
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered Near Utica, NY
Adoption Donation $200


7/1/05 - Unfortunately Muggs passed away from cancer this past week.  He was loved very much and will be sorely missed.

4/20/04 - This is Muggs' pal and mom Connie  we are just fine!!  We are excited too finally got into an obedience class which starts in May . He really is such a good guy.  Don't know if he could be much better.  Loves everyone .. other animals not so much.  He was 50 lbs when we got him  but last vet check was

87.5  so he has settled in  real good,  but I don't want him much heavier.  He is ok now,  his build isn't super big  so he is ok now.   He just gives the wiggles and kisses boxers are known for and we give them back

1/31/03 - I am 1week in my new home.  My folks think I am great I think I am great, too. Everyone who comes to visit says the same. I am being nosey but don't get into a thing that isn't mine.  I like to sink right down in the deep snow,  then bound right back up.  On days like today above zero I like to stay out longer so my new folks fixed me up a longer rope so I could get some energy runs.  I do have a ball in the house but how far can we run in the house, right?  I eat very well quite neat really.  There is always fresh water and those awfully good treats. I sit well stay pretty good better and better. Mom says we are going to school soon so I can reinstall all those good behaviores I used to know. Muggs is a good  name I am recognizing it as mine 

He is just the best , love him as much as I can.Connie

1/26/03 - This gramma couldn't be more proud. Patty was excellent to work with and very helpful. In reading your other notes via e-mail everyone seems to have "it" together.  Back to Muggs... greeted the neighbors with wiggles and kisses and showed he could sit nice for a pet down his silk coat. His description from the web site is right on the money. The ride home, a good hour,  was uneventful. He rode like all boxers until it got boring then he laid down to sleep and let me do the driving.  When the truck stopped, of course he wanted to be the first one out. After a quick relief  we got him to check out his new home.  Snoopy  but sharp.  If it wasn't his thing he just trotted to another spot.  A new dog pillow was introduced and a rawhide chew.   He plopped on the pillow "it was his"!  He brought the rawhide to show me several times.  The night went well.  He went out for a trip for business then trotted back into the crate  All was quiet til grammpa had to go to work at 6. Out for another business trip then back in the crate til 9.  He likes the crate  I don't even shut the door.  So that's the story so far.   The house seems complete, something about a pet right? Thanks for letting me be a boxer pal.   Connie

1/24/03 - Dylan has been adopted.
Just said good-bye to Dylan (renamed Muggs by his new Mom). Ya know I'm gonna miss him. He loved his Mom, gave lots and lots of kisses, and enthusiastically jumped into the back seat of her truck. He'll be the only dog for this nice retired couple and he'll get lots of visits from the grandkids, especially their 9 yr. old grandson who lives nearby. Great match Tina!
I'm really sad to see him go.

1/20/03 - Dylan is pending adoption.

1/16/03 - Dylan has chosen his favorite toy...a small rubber football...and he's in hog-heaven. He keeps us in stitches as he chases it, drops it and waits for it to move, brings it to someone to throw or kick so he can chase it again. But the funniest thing is that he seems to know the words "back up". Dylan will give me (or my son, the official ball-player) the football, then we tell him "back up" and he takes a couple steps back, tell him again and he takes a couple more steps back...and then we throw the ball and Dylan catches it in mid-air. Fun, huh? Well, Dylan thinks it is and will do this for hours if you can last that long. But he's also content to rest in his crate or at your feet for long periods of puppy hyperactivity here. The one thing Dylan doesn't do so well yet is share with other dogs...he's still learning that there will always be plenty of food, water, and toys to go around. But he'll share anything at all with his people. And I think he knows (and obeys) more commands than my own dogs. At first, we thought leash walking might be a bit of a challenge the way he was pulling his transporters around...but it turns out he's really not that bad when he knows he's going further than the car or the front door. He settles right down and with just a bit of leash correction, understands what you want from him. What a smart boy! Dylan will be going to see the doc on Friday to have his rabies shot and heartworm test. That's all he needs to be ready for his forever home and I know he'd love to be watching the Superbowl with his very own family. Hurry!

1/14/03 - Our newest guest at the Heaven Sent Boxer Lodge comes to us from NJ via the scenic route. Seems he was trying to find himself on the Jersey streets and landed himself in a shelter. Fortunately, BAR volunteers arranged for his stay here at the lodge, provided a guided tour to his destination and he now begins a new life. We call this boy Dylan and every single person who's met him has been impressed, and I must say, we here at the lodge are pleased too! First off, Dylan has a beautiful boxer head with an adorable face and when he looks at you with eyes of anticipation...for food, a toy, or just a will absolutely melt. And when you feel that soft, mahogany, fawn coat for the first time...well, it's like silk. Someone in Dylan's past obviously spent some time with him. He knows sit, stay, down, paw, and "drop it" (as in drop the toy so I can throw it again...this Boxer's a retriever). Of course he's wonderfully housebroken and is a perfect gentleman in the crate...walking right in when asked, nesting with his blankies, and curling up into a ball for a nap. His first night at the lodge couldn't have been better...first nights here call for soft music, dim lights and some nice treats on the pillow. But Dylan really didn't need all that...he was out cold in a matter of seconds and I woke him up at sunrise when the rest of the guests had to be up and about. Dylan is enjoying the recreation here, limited as it is during these bitter cold days. A short walk between tall snowbanks, a game of fetch with the rope toy, and gazing out at the frozen rural landscape are keeping him happy. He's met all the other residents and mostly enjoys their company...but really lights up when one of the two-legged kids comes in the room. Dylan sure loves kids... really people in general...and show it with generous kisses and kidney bean dances. This boy is very special, and his ideal family is out there waiting...don't wait too long.