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JADA 2/15/03



Jada's Foster Journey

Post Adoption

Pertinent Information
1 1/2 year old White Female
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Shelter Surrender
Spayed and UTD
Being Fostered Near Cortland, NY
Adoption Donation $200

6/19/2014: Jada went to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday 6/17. She had a good, long life and I am thankful for BAR for bringing her into our lives.

3/1/04 - WOW!! 1 year ago today we extended our family by driving over 6 1/2 hours to pick up our Jada girl. And I have to tell you, she was well worth every minute of that trip. Jada has always fit right in here from day one. She has become very well socialized with dogs coming and going in her house all the time with fostering. She loves meeting all these new dogs, but her favorite time is

still when she has a little alone time with us and her brother Duncan.

Just a couple weeks ago we updated all her shots and got her 3 year rabies shot. The vet said she looks wonderful. She was very good and even met the vet's dog, Goofy, while she was there. In this past year we have taken Jada with us to meet & greets for BAR, and even shown her off at our kids' soccer games. We still have the occasional fool who swears that she is a pitbull not a Boxer, but we take it all in stride. Jada knows what she is and that's all that counts.

The only problem with Jada is her hips. They seems to really bother her sometimes. Being so young you would think she wouldn't have those problems, but she does. We may have to start checking into some sort of medicine to help loosen up her joints.

She also still wants to chase the cats. She doesn't want to hurt them, she just wants them to run. She thinks it's fun. She is getting better with them though. Kitty chasing is her only real quirk and that is fine. Even when she catches up with them she doesn't do anything.

Basically, Jada is an all around great dog. She is wonderful with us, the kids, and the other dogs. We thank BAR everyday for our Jada, by giving back as much as we can. Thank you BAR!!!!!!!!!!

9/1/03 - OMG, I can't believe it has already 6 months. Jada immediately fit into our family as if she has always been here. She has been great with all the other dogs we have had come through here, between my sister's two Boxers, my mother's Shepherd puppy, and the fosters we have had, she has done great. At first she was trying to play dominant, but she quickly learned how much fun it was having these new dogs come here, and she settled down quickly.
Jada was a great help in the beginings of raising our now 1 year old Boxer Duncan. She has taught him how to be more of a dog and in turn he has helped her remember to be a puppy. They are great together. At this point we could never seperate these two. I swear they are attached at the hip. They are never apart. If one has to go somewhere (like the vet) without the other, the one home sulks the whole time, and then when the other arruves home, it's as if they were gone for a month. They are too funny. After we got Jada and realized how much her and Duncan attached themselves to each other, we even got them an extra large crate to share when we go out. They love it. They wouldn't have it any other way. They each have their beds in there and Jada still has her special blanket that came with her from her foster home that lays across both beds in the crate. We even leave the crate open for them during the day and they will go in there at times just to relax and take a snooze.
Jada is a funny girl. Just before we got Duncan last October, we lost our Shepherd mix to cancer. We had her for 11 1/2 years. She was one of our children and we thought there was never going to be another dog that could even hold a candle to her. Well, when she passed, we got Duncan to help fill the void in our hearts. We knew he couldn't replace her, bt we also knew that we needed a dog. So, we got Duncan as a puppy. As much as we loved Duncan and were happy to have him around, there was still something missing in our lives. So, when Duncan was 6 months old, we decided to get him a playmate. We never knew what this playmate would do to our lives. The first moment we saw Jada we knew she was meant to be with us, and you don't know how right we were. Within the first week after adopting Jada, we started to see what she really meant to us. Some time during that first week Jada was stretching out and made this yawning sound that our Shepherd mix used to make all the time. She sounded so much like Chelsea that both Mark and I stopped and turned to look. Jada has continued on in these same type of instances. She does certain things and makes certain noises that sound exactly like our Chelsea. We are now convinced that our Chelsea sent Jada to us with a little part of herself. Jada is all white with one brown ear. Now, we used to call Chelsea, "Bubba". So, now we say that Jada's brown ear is her "Bubba ear". 
Anyway, Jada is our God sent dog. And, we would once again like to thank, Andrea & her family, Tina, Nancy, & the rest of the BAR crew for helping bring Jada into our lives. Our family is now complete!! Thank you BAR!!!

6/1/03 - Jada continues to do very well in our house. She impressed us a couple of weeks ago when we brought her to the Boxer Expo in Watchung, NJ. Up until then every time she saw another dog she would go nuts. Always barking and lunging wanting to play. Well, I think I only heard her bark twice while we were there and that was only because those two dogs were too far away for her to get to them. Every dog we introduced her to she just sniffed and wiggled at. She is also adjusting well to the world of fostering. She has become our Attitude Adjustment Coordinator here at M & M Boxer Bunker. She has already straightened out one foster and hopes to move onto another soon. Her work is done with this one. She continues to act with puppy-like behavior, but that is one of the things that makes her who she is. She was the missing link in our life and has now filled our void. Thanks again BAR!!

5/3/03-Hi everyone. Sorry our update is a couple days late. We have my sister's two Boxers here so it has been a little chaotic. Jada has been great. We haven't had any problems with her at home at all. She still tends to pull a lot on the leash and gets over excited when she sees another dog. She is not trying to be aggressive toward the other dog, but really wants to play with them. We are holding off a little on bringing her to obedience classes until we feel that she will be a little quieter. I would hate for them to kick us out the first day. The only other difficulty with her is trying to teach her and Duncan not to dig. HaHa!! It's more Duncan now than Jada, but she does her fair share. Jada has also now bonded very well with my sister's Boxers. They are a 5 yr old male and a 3 yr old female. It took a couple extra minutes for her to warm up to the female, but after that initial meeting period, they just played non stop. I even caught Falon (the 3 yr old) laying on Jada last night. As soon as I get the pictures up on my computer I will send the in to be put up on Jada's page. Anyway, thanks again to everyone for bringing Jada into our lives. She really is a great dog. We'll update again soon.

4/1/03 - Well, Jada has been with us for a whole month now. We can't believe that it has only been a month. It seems like she has been a part of our family forever. The week after we got her we took her to our own vet just to establish her records with them. At that time she was 51.9 pounds. The vet said she could use to put on a pound or two but really no more. He said she looks happy and healthy. We will be getting her weighed again this week. We did have a little problem with one of our neighbors in the beginning. Our neighbor was convinced that Jada was a pitbull or at least a pit mix (because of her longer nose and she's white), and she wouldn't allow her kids over to play with our kids for a couple of days. I'm happy to say that after showing her some research and pictures of other white Boxers, and letting her really get to meet Jada, she now has no problem with her. The only other problems we've had is trying to convince Jada and our 7 1/2 month old fawn male, Duncan, that our back yard does not need a hole dug every two feet or so. And that midnight is NOT the time to play all over our bed. We have had to adjust our sleeping arrangements a little so Mark and I don't fall off the bed. Jada and Duncan certainly somehow wound up with a larger portion of the bed than we did. Somehow we lost on that one. But they do keep us quite warm on the colder nights. The first two weeks that we had Jada, she refused to go to bed until I did. She still does it a little, but not as much. Mark would stand there calling her and she wouldn't budge until I got up and went into bed. She even knew that it wasn't until I got done in the bathroom that it was really time for bed. And then, in the morning when Mark gets up for work, she has just started coming to him to go out with Duncan. It had nothing to do with her not wanting to go with him or be with Duncan, it was the fact that I was still in bed. This week however, she has started going out with them at that time. But of course she comes right back to bed with me when she's done outside. Since I am home with her all day she has really attached herself to me. As for her getting along with Duncan, I think they were seperated at birth. They are attached at the hip. We even went out and bought them a super large cage that they both fit in. So now when we go out they get to stay in their cage on their beds together. They love it. We are working on getting Jada a little bit better walking on a leash and trying to get her not to be so vocal when she see's other animals before we start her obedience classes. We have been making alot of progress. Although we haven't had a chance yet to get her together with any other dogs for play dates, we are hoping to do that this week. We do have a little Beagle mix that lives right next door to us that Jada was intent on barking at every time she saw her for the first two weeks. She has now stopped that and only barks when the other dog barks. She seems to just be barking because she wants to play with her. Her little stubby tail is always wagging while she's barking. Basically to sum it all up, Jada has fit right in with us. You know how some animals take at least two weeks or so to adjust, well with Jada it took her no more than about two hours. If that long. It really is like she was meant to be with us. I think she now understands that she is really truelly in her "FOREVER" home.

3/10/03 - Mark called me today to give me the one week update on sweet little Jada.
She is fitting in well. She and their pup Duncan have been playing non stop. He said there has been no accidents in the house and she has been great with the kids. No incidents with the cats of the house either. It sounds as though she fits in really well. She has done well in her crate too. All in all, Mark says she fits in as if she has been there all her life. There are times when she looks as though she is thinking where is she going next, but they let her know she is in her forever home. He will be sending me some more pictures of her as well. When I get them I will be sure to email the group with them.
And with a final note, the Boxer Buddy Retreat is waiting for a new guest (Rudy needs another playmate..and big old Angel needs a rest from Rudy's energy). Just let me know when you have one Nancy, we will be waiting to hear! -- Andrea (Rudy's forever mom)

2/17/03 - Jada is pending adoption.

2/17/03 - Jada is doing great. There has been one accident in the house. She does go outside without any problems. She does tend to tug on the leash, so we can work on that. I can not express how well she does with the kids. She has not jumped up on them, and does not mind them laying down next to her. She is an attention getter. Her beautiful eyes just melted my heart. I know I will miss her, but finding her a forever home will make it all worth it!

2/17/03 - Jada is doing so well. She follows me everywhere, unless Rudy is walking around, then they are inseparable! She is excellent with my dogs. They tend to rough play and have to be calmed down as one ends up yipping. They do calm easy though. She even loves the kitties. My black cat is the one the dogs fear, and she knows to stay away. As for the other, she will sniff him and keeps right on walking. She has done the boxer bark once at him to get him to play. It almost worked until Rudy came running to play. There
have been no accidents in the house either. She slept well in the crate, just cried and barked a little the first few minutes she was in there but then quieted down. (I think this had to do with Rudy and her making little conversations). So adorable, that's the only way I can explain her. She will make some family so very happy. Introductions were all made, and all went well (hurray!). She is such a sweetie! I will let you know more as time progresses!