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MACK 5/29/05


Mack's Foster Journey

Pertinent Information
DOB: 11/3/02 - 2 1/2  yr. old
55 lb. Neutered, UTD Fawn Male
Natural ears and docked tail
Good with other dogs and children, not cat tested
Being Fostered Near Cortland, NY
Adoption Donation $300

7/6/2013: Mack was such a wonderful boy! What a dancer he was! He did the greatest Mack-a-roni dance… I miss how wiggly butt! He was my baby… and what a mush he was. He could make me smile at the drop of a hat, and he made me do just that. He went with us camping one last time over the Fourth of July weekend in 2013. He died on July 6, 2013 while we were at the Watkins Glen KOA! My boy, forever in my heart! Run free Mack, momma will meet you again one day! Take care of Angel and play like the pup I know you always were, we love you !

4/4/11 - My lil dancer keeps a dancing!  He is so very playful!  He loves to cuddle and is a very big lap dog!!  He is doing so much better with Ceus, and has even himself just walked away when he thinks there might be an issue!  He is a definite sweetheart!  We love him very much... yes he is stubborn at times, and very strong!  But he is a very big part of our lives!!

12/28/10 - Mack is still my little dancer.  Even after all these years, he still does his "Macaroni" dance, wiggling and bending!  He was brought in as my baby, and remains so today.  I call him my lil old man.  His mask has greyed, but his spirit has not.  He is quite a bit calmer and more layed back than ever before, but he is still my baby boy.  He does get a little aggitated with some of the other dogs, but he does not try to fight like he did a few months ago.  He mostly got upset over Ceus in the past, but he seems to have grown used to him being here.  A little jealousy, and a little bit of thinking he was losing his place in the family... but that could never occur!  Mack is my sweet heart.  He likes to get "all up in my grill" (I always tell him he is all up in my grill when he gets nose to nose with me).  I used to say all up in my cookies... but that caused a stampede to the kitchen looking for cookies!  He loved Christmas, and his peanut butter filled Kong toy he received!  Boy that was difficult with 7 dogs, but interesting and fun!,

12/31/09 - It has been almost 7 years since Mack came into our lives.  He is my sweet little boy!  I can also say he is my personal heater as when we cuddle I stay nice and cozy!  We are saddened by the idea that he could possibly be in pain, and are hoping he does not have a tumor.  We are hoping it is just him getting old and cranky.  We had many close calls of losing him throughout our lives together due to circumstances that arose and are fortunate to have been able to keep him in our lives.  I will always love this boy, and thank God for every day that he has been in our lives. 

5/28/08 - Mack has been with us 5 wonderful years.  He is my big baby boy and loves to sit on my lap in the recliner.  Luckily he grew out of his bed wetting problem.  He is still very active, and he can be the wild child... but he is WONDERFUL!  He is my boy and I am so thankful that I have been ale to keep him in my life.  I look forward to everyday I have with him.  He is my special baby, he loves to cuddle yet still finds time to be a puppy at heart!  Thank you BAR for bringing this boy into my life.  I love my MACK-A-Roni (U should see him dance).

1/3/06 - Mack is doing wonderfully.  Almost 3 years he has been a part of our family.  There have been too many close calls with losing him.  I really couldn't imagine it here without him.  He is my baby, my sweet little boy.  He does have a problem with wetting the bed and not realizing it, but that's ok as long as it does not affect his health.  The vet says he is a healthy boy.  And he also got a lot of toys for Christmas.  Truly spoiled, but well worth it!!!  He is my wonderful boy forever!!

7/24/05 - I have decided that nothing is more important than my little boy. I will attempt working and college and if I am unable to spend enough time with him, arrangements will have to be made as to dropping classes or dropping to part time. I couldn't put a price tag on what my baby was worth to me. Was he worth the increase of pay, or the future possibilities after college. Not in a heartbeat. He is a wonderful boy, that occasionally gets into things he shouldn't, but I do not know a boy that doesn't (two or four legged). He has his time outs then comes out with a look, that pouty little look that kinda says he is sorry, but on the other hand he is saying was I wrong or something. He is absolutely adorable when he does his macaroni dance. He does that when he thinks it is time for attention. He loves to run and play with Rudy and Angel. He has been able to get out with my husband a bit more recently as well. I have been able to spend all day with him today as I took a vacation day. Tomorrow I will also be able to spend more time with him as well as through the weekend. I thank BAR for all their understanding. I can never tell how wonderful they are in words. There are not enough words and there is no way to say it. I am so happy to be apart of such a wonderful organization.

5/30/05 - It is hard to believe that I have to say goodbye to my baby. I love him so much and feel as though a part of me is going away with him. He is so wonderful. I must move south and with the new area, new jobs, and my husbands health I am sad to say that I must give my boy up for adoption. He is a wonderful boy. Full of so much love and energy. He needs to be with a family who is home more than not. He still needs a bit more training, but he is crate trained and for the most part housebroken. I say for the most part because he has had a couple accidents but it was like he did not even realize he was going. He even wet while he was asleep on the floor. My vet said he is healthy and he is still a puppy and will need to grow out of it. I can not say enough that it is in no way his fault he must return. It is us as humans, lawnakers and the way my life has turned. Sadly I cry as I write this. Knowing I must say goodbye to my baby. I want him in a loving family where he will get the time and attention he deserves. He needs someone to be there for him as he is there for them. If you think you can be a wonderful loving family for my wonderful boy, apply and go through the process. I know BAR will find my boy a good home. They are strict and know what to look for in a good home. I will never stop loving my boy, and don't be sad for me, be happy that Mack has a chance at a great life with another family. He is good with kids, good with other dogs and good with cats (though he does like to play even when they don't). Thank you BAR for bringing him into my life and at the point I must say goodbye, I thank you for helping me there. It is not easy by any means, but it is right for him. It will be best for him, though it may not be for me. I must do what is best for my baby boy, and finding him the perfect home is just that. I love you Mack and will never forget you!

5/29/05 - I have pondered and cried and finally came to the realization that Mack must be placed back with rescue. We have to move, and we need to find a good home for him. A home with someone to love him giving lots of love and attention, and allow him to go for walks where he could mingle with other dogs. It breaks my heart. The way my job is and my husbands health, he does not get the full attention he deserves. We will foster to foster him until he is adopted. I will greatly miss him. He is UTD. Rabies expires 4/2007 and DHLLP expires 3/2006. I will start him on heartworm on June 1.Thank you for your help and understanding.

4/4/04 - Mack continues to grow. He has been the perfect companion for all of us. After everything we have been through, we are back in our own home and he is back with his oversized yard. With Spring here, he is beginning to get back outdoors and running. He still loves his showers, and once in he does not get out until the water is turned off. Even then he pouts and hopes you will turn it back on. He loves his cookies and will do his little tricks, as long as cookies are in hand. He still does the mack-a-roni dance, and is one tough cookie! He and Rudy are inseparable. They get along so well together. He is definitely a handsome boy. We wouldn't know what to do without him!!

11/4/03 - Mack's new family just couldn't stand the idea of giving him up for adoption, so they have talked to their new landlord, and he said that Mack can stay!  Yea!!

10/30/03 - Mack has truly been a good boy. He has been outside most of the day enjoying the beautiful weather. He loves to run and play and would be great with a home with a fenced in yard with room for him to run. He loves his "cookies" and will sit, down, speak and shake for them. He comes when called (most of the time, but no one is perfect). He has had an accident or two since the last update, but I don't think he really realized he had to go!! He gets so involved that he loses track, but does settle when told to. He may need an occasional reminder, but like I said no one is perfect. He does OK on a leash unless other animals are around or someone new, but with a little more training, and some good love and attention, he can become the perfect young gentleman! Maybe he can fill your heart with the love he has done with us? Maybe he is just the boy you are looking for? If you think so, act quick cause I am sure he won't be available for long!!

10/29/03 - Due to unforeseen changes in their family situation, Mack's family is forced to return him to rescue.  As you can see from their updates, it has nothing to do with Mack.  He is a very playful 1 yr. old Boxer puppy.  He will be staying with them (they were his foster family before they adopted him) until he finds a new home.  Could he be the young boy you're looking for?

10/28/03 - This update is a bit late. Mack is a wonderful and highly active pup. He is almost 1 year old now (on Nov 3). He still loves showers, and loves to stay active. As any pup he needs his chewys and needs to be watched for chewing stuff that is not his. He is crate trained, and stays in it well when you leave, however, when you are home he will bark if he is in the crate. He needs a lot of love and attention. He also needs a playmate. He knows sit, down, come, speak and a few more things. He does need to get the puppy out and be playful. He has the cutest saggy lips and wrinkly head. What a cutie!

8/13/03 - Mack has been here for 6 months (well in a couple weeks anyway). Anyways, he is a great addition. He is the perfect companion with all of us. He is full of boxer wiggles and kisses. He continues to love his showers. He loves the large running area outside. The kids love to play with him everyday. He is a smart boy who learns more and more daily. We enjoy having him with us and are extremely happy to have him with us.

8/3/03 - Mack is doing very well. A few accidents in the house, but 99% of the time he does what he is supposed to. He still sleeps in his crate at night, but he is still in the chewing phase of puppyhood. No biggy though, not like we have new furniture. He loves to run and play with Rudy and the kids. We are truly happy to have him with us. Our older dog just loves him too. And he has completed phase one of training. We may be having him go more later, but for right now he is great!

7/16/03 - Well my update is a bit late, sorry! Mack is doing great! He is a very funny young man who can't seem to miss the daily showers! Every time hubby and I take showers, Mack is right there, and if by any chance he is in his crate he will cry till he gets to come in! What's also even funnier, is that he does not like baths! He has been really good with house training. Only a couple little trails heading to the door! And what a dancer! He definitely has the Mack-arana down! He loves to run and play. He has been very good with our kids and has calmed down quite a bit. He is a very healthy young man too and is getting so big! Rudy loves him to pieces, and so does my oldest dog Angel! He is being very good around her right now as she has stiches in her side and is not feeling very well. He loves going camping too! We took him to my husband's fathers campsite and he just had a ball! What a wonderful boy he is. He has done remarkably well in training and will be going back for more. He is such a smart puppy! He sleeps great in his crate and goes in without any fuss! He is good with our cats too, even when they tend to be having a bad day! We are so happy to have him with us. He is one handsome and loveable boxer boy!

5/26/03 - Mack is growing very fast. He is starting to take time just for cuddling, without the puppy nips. He has not had an accident in the house recently and has done well with puppy school. He is such a smart, loveable, sweet and playful pup. He is a great addition to our family, and Rudy (our other adopted boxer) just loves him. They play alot, and are really good to each other. Our oldest dog Angel also loves him, and all three play ball together well.

3/29/03 - Mack has been adopted by his foster family.

3/23/03 - Mack is pending adoption.

3/20/03 - Mack (formerly Tyson) is doing great. He is a an active and playful pup. He has had accidents, but we are working on it. He will be neutered next week, so will have to keep him calm for a bit after that. He is definitely a cutie!

3/18/03 - Mack (Baby Mack) is a sweet little pup who is just that, a pup. He is a funny little boy. I will be making an appointment with the vet tomorrow to see if they will be ready to neuter the boy. I will also see what shots he needs.

He rides great in the truck. He sat next to me the whole way with his head on my lap. He is trying to be the dominant one over Rudy and Bella, but they will not let him succeed. He is very playful, and even the cats have accepted him in already. (Of course he is about the same size as them so its not so bad). He sleeps well in his crate. When he is on the leash he does tend to pull, but he is a pup and will need to learn. However, my husband and I have taken him off lead and he stays next to us or comes when we call. He is doing good at house training. So far 2 accidents have occurred, but he seems to be picking it up. He will take time, and patience.

He is a very smart little guy, and I think he will be easy to train. He is also energetic (so he fits in the crowd really well). Stay tuned, the updates will be coming in on Baby Mack. Pictures too if the computer and camera would learn to work together.