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TRIXY (NIKA) 3/12/05


Nika's Foster Journey - Adopted 3/25/05

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Pertinent Information
5 month old  Female Boxer
  Flashy Fawn Owner  Surrender
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Obedience Training Required
Spayed and UTD
Being Fostered  near Monroe, NY
Adoption Donation $ 350

12/31/13: Trixy died on December 14, 2013. We put her to sleep because she was suffering from a brain tumor. She was loved very much and will be truly missed. She was a great dog and a wonderful part of our family. We had nine wonderful years with her, but was not nearly enough.

1/21/07 - We have had Trixy for almost 2 years now.  She is a great dog. She loves to walk the girls to school every morning.  She hangs out on the corner with the crossing guard, who brings her treats every morning.  She also goes on the school bus after the kids go into school to visit the bus driver.  She is so friendly and cute.  I enjoy her greetings when I come home and love cuddling with her at night when I watch TV.  She is very loving. She still barks at us when she wants attention, which is often.  She can't understand that she can't have our undivided attention all day long.  But you can't blame a girl for trying.  She is adorable and we love having her.

3/29/06 - Well we have Trixy a year now.  I can't believe how fast it went.  She is doing great and we love having her. She is still as playful and loving as ever.  I am so glad we found her, she really help us recover from the loss of our Mugsy.  I really enjoy her cuddles and bean dances.

10/28/05 - What can I say except we LOVE having Trixy.  She is full of energy and loves to cuddle.  She helps me walk my daughters to school and she has a fan club.  I get in trouble from one of the bus drivers if I don't bring her. She is just so cute and lovable. She is not trying to escape over the fence anymore thank goodness.  I guess she figured out that she is finally at her forever home.  She has been accident free for three months now, which is nice.  She is getting better about the
barking at me to play with her.  She has learned just to bring me over the toy and I will play.  Right now she is upstairs sleeping with my daughters and they just love that. Time to go, she will be down soon to cuddle with me on the couch.

8/14/05 - She is doing great! She is 99 percent house broken, which is really nice. She loves to play all the time and cuddle at night. I am really enjoying having a shadow again. It is nice having her around.

7/14/05 -Trixy is a cutie pie!! She has lots of energy and always wants to play. She loves to get her toys stuck under the fridge, the recliner, the couch or anything she can and then try and get them over and over again. She is doing better with the potty training, although can be spiteful at times. She loves to bark at us and jump back and forth in front of us if she wants us to play with her. She does not give up. We are trying to show her how to do this with out all the barking and jumping, eventually she will get it. I love having her around, she really makes our home a happier place.

6/6/05 -Trixy is doing great!! We love having her in our family. She loves to play and run around the house and the yard. She walks my daughters to school every morning and doesn't understand why she can't go in with them. She loves to cuddle, when my husband is home and is relaxing in the recliner she won't come down of his lap. At night if she is not cuddling in bed with Casey or Melissa, she is on my lap while I watch TV. She is doing better with the potty training, still a few accidents, but she's only 8 months. She has not been trying to climb the fence lately, which is a relief. She has helped fill the void in our house after losing our 9 year old boxer, Mugsy. We love having her, she is adorable!

4/29/05 - Trixy is doing great! She is a terrific addition to our family. My girls just adore her. When I put my daughters to sleep at night she snuggles up with one of them and is out cold in less than a minute. She of course is very active during the day, I need to find her a playmate. I am having a problem with her getting out of my backyard. First she climbed over the fence in the corner with the help of a vine, so we blocked that part. Then she figured out how to get under the fence door, so we lowered that. Now yesterday we were in front of the house so she ran and jumped over the fence to be with us. She still has some accidents in the house, but we're getting there. It is great to have a boxer again. She loves to get her belly rubbed and she is so cute when she greets you, she can hardly walk straight because her whole body wags. We love having her.

3/25/05 - Nika left for her forever home today.  It was sad to see her go but she is off to a wonderful family with two little girls who will love her to pieces.   She is a great dog!

3/18/05 - She is really a great dog. She loves to play and cuddle. We are continuing to work on the housetraining. She can hold it for short periods of time so she should go out right after eating, drinking or playing. Even 5 minutes can be too long. She is not destructive. She loves to run with my Dakota. She is going to the vet next week for her physical and spay.

3/14/05 - She is improving with her leash walking but will definitely need work. She can make it through the night without any accidents but does have several throughout the day. We are starting to work on sit but she is still young. She is very social and greets everyone with kisses and wiggles.

3/13/05 - Nika has settled in nicely. She is getting along well with Dakota and the people who have come into the house. We are surrounded by three dogs and she has not shown any interest in them. She goes to the bathroom almost every time you take her out but she is still a puppy and will have some accidents in the house. She needs a little encouragement to go into her crate but once there she will settle down quickly. We are trying to introduce to some toys but she seems more interested in engaging in boxer play with my 11 month old puppy. If they are not playing they are usually sleeping. She likes the recliner so I hope that her forever family will let her on the furniture. I just think that she will make a great addition to any family.

3/12/05 - Nika is pending adoption

3/12/05 - Nika arrived safety at her foster home. She rode beautifully in the car. She was introduced to the resident boxer, 11 month old Dakota and they have been off and running ever since. She is a real lover. Kisses and wiggles all over the place. She ate a hearty meal and so far she has not had any accidents. She leaps onto my husband's lap while he is resting in the recliner. It is as if she has lived here her entire life. She will go to the vets this week to be spayed and have a few skin irritations looked at. In a short time she will be off to her new forever home.

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