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ACE 2/16/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 3/07

Ace & Kelli

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Age & Sex: 1 yr. old Male Boxer
UTD: Yes
Weight:  ? lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  ?   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Owner Surrender
Location: Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Adoption Donation $300

3/07 - Ace has been adopted

3/16/07 - Ace has been here for a month now and hes a happy boy!  He is doing great with his training so far.  He does better than Kelli his fur sis sometimes.  He is a total snuggler although when he sits with us watching TV we hear his constant snoring so loud and cant help but crack up.  Theres no stopping his snore!  He loves his toys and Ace and Kelli play keep away with each other.  They can be very entertaining.  Sometimes they get too wound up but stop as soon as I say to.  He is still having diarrhea issues.  This has been ongoing for a month now.  Weve been to the vet 2x and tried several things to no avail.  Im waiting on a call from them to see what well do next to help him.  Otherwise he is healthy.  Very active and playful.  I love this sweetie!  He really has a great personality.  Ive sent some new pics of him, some of them with Kelli too.  He gets lots of love and hes enjoying every minute of it!

This boy was turned in at a kill shelter by the previous owner.  He is such an amazing dog and I am so grateful to BAR for bringing him to us.  I could not imagine him being put down with so much love to give and a whole life ahead of him.  Thanks again Bar for helping to save this love bug!

3/7/07 - Ace is pending adoption

2/26/07 - Ace has been here over a week now and is doing great! He loves it here.  He is listening better and learning not to jump on people.  Hes getting sit too.  Hes put on some weight and is looking a lot healthier.  We went to the vet this weekend and he was so good for him.  Hes on some meds for his intestines because of his loose stools so hopefully that will improve.  He has a skin infection also but the vet thinks it may clear up on its own now that hes eating better.  If not hell treat it on the follow up visit.  Other than that he checked out healthy. 
Ace and Kelli are getting along good too.  Ace is a toy hog though!  Kelli lets him get away with it too.  I try to make sure he doesnt hog them too much.  He loves his toys!  Ace is such a sweetheart.  He snores quite loudly and is a deep sleeper.  If I try to wake him to go in his crate he is so lazy.  I practically pick him up to get him moving.  What a sleepyhead! 
Im working with a trainer to get the dogs well trained (especially on the leash).  We worked on heel today and it went well.  My goal is to be able to walk them together without them thinking theyre in a pulling contest.  Ill keep updates as to how hes doing. 

2/19/07 - Ace has been here now for three days and hes settling in just great.  I was told he was about 1 year old but he seems that he may be a little younger.  Hes still a baby!!  He seems to be housebroken although we are being on the safe side and using the crate for training.  The first day there were some accidents (he is confined to the kitchen for now) but I think it was from the stress of moving and his upset stomach.  Since then, he lets me know when he needs to go out.  He is doing great with his crate.  He goes right in when I tell him and throw a treat in for him.  He whines a little when you leave the room but settles down quickly. 
He is really a sweetheart.  He responds to his name and did sit for me twice today.  He doesnt really know his commands yet but seems eager to learn.  He walks good on his leash.  There are many dogs on our street and they all bark as we walk by but he doesnt get to distracted by this which is good.  Ace and Kelli (my 2 yr old female) are becoming good buddies.  They are getting along great.  They love to play together inside and out and play nice with toys too.  He gets so excited to see us in the morning and the kids too.  He jumps up to say hello but we tell him no jumping and he listens well.
To sum it up he is a great boy!  Hes a total sweetie.  He is just a young one and does need his training.  I think hell do well and be a great dog when he grows up.  Although do boxers ever grow up??  They always act like pupsJ

2/17/07 - We decided to name our new Foster-to-Adopt Ace.  He is doing GREAT!  First I want to say thank you for your great advice, it worked wonderfully.  We put him in the crate and introduced Kelli.  They were happy to see each other, showed no aggression at all, and just wanted to play.  After they settled we walked them together.  They did great.  Then they played in the yard just fine.  Kelli is showing her dominance a bit but I tell her no and she listens. (she puts her paws over him)  He seems like a different dog since he got here.  He's much more relaxed as the day went on.  Ace and Kelli hung around in the kitchen together fine.  They check each other out and lay down.  They're both calm.  He also ate well (his whole bowl of rice and dog food) and the bloody stools have stopped for now.  We are keeping the leashes on for now.  He's done well with the kids.  He gets really excited to see them.  He jumped on them to play but when told no he stopped right away.  He doesn't seem to know commands but we'll work on that soon.  Thank you again for all you help and in bringing  this beautiful boy to us!!  He's too cute!!