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BLUE 3/7/07


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Age & Sex: 11 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: Just right!
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  ?   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender to Shelter

Adoption Donation $150

12/24/07 - It is with great sadness that Blue has gone to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. 
We adopted Blue exactly 9 months ago.  He was an 11 year old dog who's master died.  Family was not in a position to care for him, turning to rescue to find him a home.  He was in great shape, besides the gray coat giving away his age, you would never know he was 11.  He was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 2 weeks ago.  He lost weight rapidly and started having difficulty breathing.
We made the painful decision to put him down this morning.  So, in reverse fashion, Blue's original master was waiting at the bridge and today, they crossed it together.  The short time with a dog is the most difficult part of adopting seniors, but it has so many rewards.  Every dog's situation is unique and our role as rescuers has a different meaning for each dog.
Blue's picture is one of the January sides in the 2008 calendar, take a peek.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dawn, Sean, Mia, and Mazey

4/19/07 - Blue certainly is a great dog.  I cannot believe it is almost a month that we have had him.  He gets along great with Mazey and my daughter.  When he first came here, he barked whenever he wanted something (for a treat, attention, go outside/inside, begging at the table).  He is a great dog, but had some bad "manners."  With some work, he has improved so much.  With a little more time, he will be a polite, well behaved boy. 
 Blue has a small growth (1/8") on his upper eyelid, near his tear duct.  We noticed a little bleeding from it.  It does not seem to bother him, but we are calling the vet today to have it checked out.  Otherwise, we are thrilled to have him in our family.  I will keep you posted...

3/25/07 - Blue has been adopted

3/22/07 - Blue is pending adoption.

3/20/07 - Blue is doing extremely well,   he has settled right in with the others.   He wants to be a part of the family.    He does not play much,  but he will play growl and carry on with me if you rough him up a bit.    He does not care about much at all,  his only concerns are when will he get another beggin strip,   when is dinner, and when do we get to go for a walk?     lol      He  will wait patiently in the kitchen if I am out there,   just hoping I will drop something.   He loves his table scraps and people food  he has no diarrhea issues with them either.    He is used to getting them from his previous owners.    You can't walk him enough,  he just loves to go,  he loves to go for rides in the truck too.      He is content to sleep downstairs on the couch at night,  I think because it is warmer.      He slept  with me and the boys 1 night,  but he got up and left, and went to his couch.   I think he would be really happy with a nice soft dog bed on the floor.   He acted like he wanted to play with the boys yesterday,  however,  they are so large and obnoxious,  he decided for his own safety,  not to.     He loves kids,  and is very excited to see them come home from school.    He also knows that they walk him   :)    always a bonus.

We have an outdoor kitty who terrorizes the dogs,    e is ok with the kitty,  but he will at times pounce it.    He got his nose scratched,  and that seemed to end the problem.   I cant think of enough good things to say about him,   he  is 100%  house broken,  not even 1 accident!    He has no issues with going all day without getting out,  and he can go all night too.   That's a big deal at our house,  my boys wake me up at 2 am to go out every night.   Blue won't even get up!    He thinks we are crazy.       He is not on any kind of meds,  anyone looking for a senior with a lot of energy and zest for life,  blue is the boy!     He settles real easy,  with none of the normal nervous settling in period.   He just makes himself at home.    He is great to anyone who comes in,  you never have to be afraid of what he will do,  no matter what size the person is.  He does not jump.    He has started barking at the door when people come  to it,  but then just goes back to his business.    I could go all day praising him,  but I will end it here.   Any one looking for the perfect old man to fill in a gap in their family,   Blue is the perfect one!

3/11/07 - Blue has moved to his foster home:  We got home with Blue,   we had no problems at all.   Introductions went extremely well and quick.   Blue just does not care about the other boys at all.   They quickly settled down and were sharing cheese in no time.    He ate a real good dinner,  and seems to be making himself right at home.  We have a single size mattress on the floor for the dogs to sleep on,  and he is making good use of it,  pillow and all.   He likes to be outside quite a bit,  he definitely lets you know when he wants to go out.  He is very vocal,  he growls and barks about everything,  although he is very harmless.   He is very sweet!    He is going to make someone a very nice quiet companion.   Seems he would be great alone or with others,  he does not even mind the cat,  it immediately started rubbing against him. 

3/10/07 - Hello to everyone that is following Blue's journey. I just wanted to give another quick update before he gets transported tomorrow. He's doing quite well and his stress level has dropped quite a bit since I integrated him into the pack. Normally if I have a "quickie" pit stop baby, I don't put them and my guys thru the whole stress of the whole introduction. It can be a lot to manage on your own. But Blue expressed such a desire, I thought I would give it a try. Wow! I was so surprised at my dogs behavior. They were sooo good (of course, I took baby steps) but by early evening we were all a pack watching the evening news! Blue appears to be a fella with no agenda and I think my dogs picked up on that energy. He came upstairs with us all for the night. (including the cat)!! He has a lot of stamina for a nice long walk and has some frisk going on. Just too cute! He is a great senior who has the energy of a younger dog and just wants to be included in the pack. I'm very proud of him and think he would blend in very easily in a household that would accept a senior that still has some "umph". He will need some time for adjustment, as any new dog would. But considering what has transpired in my home these last few days, he's a piece of cake. A gem!!!

3/8/07 - Blue was picked up from the shelter Wed. evening. With help from another BAR volunteer, Stephanie, we "sprung" him! He is safe, warm and loved in my home until he is transported to his Foster home. Blue is such a sweet boy! We were both amazed at what good shape he is in for 11 years old. He jumped right in the back of the SUV unassisted. Doesn't appear to have serious signs of arthritis. And...he has kept his physique. He's got quite the tummy tuck going on! He's been here 24 hours and has been somewhat anxious. Can't blame him one bit. He was just surrendered to the shelter at the beginning of the week from the only family that he's known all these years. He did a lot of whining, and a soft mournful howl last night, but it didn't last long. He slept peacefully in the crate thru the night. He's starting to feel more comfortable. It was posted that he likes bacon strips (I think they meant "Beggin' Strips"), which I promptly bought for him this morning. Well, they don't call them Beggin' Strips for nothing! He went bananas! I don't get those kind of treats for my dogs (yuk), but wanted to give him something familiar...I'll be sending them off with him!

    He picked at his dinner and breakfast, which was expected, but ate a good meal tonight. He "loves" being walked, but is fine in the back yard to do his business, although, I think he really enjoys the exercise of the walk and being out and about. His stress seemed to subside after being walked.

    Blue is a great dog and has expressed interest in meeting my dogs thru the gate with no aggression. He also got a good sniff of the kitty, no big deal. He has shown no food aggression. I think he would thrive in an environment with moderate activity, time for walks, interaction and give him back the sense of family that he has lost. Just one look in his soft, questioning brown eyes will melt your heart.

    Thanks for your interest in Blue, and please follow his journey. He has had a good life, but the "tail end" stories are heart breaking at times. He's so deserving of being in a permanent home once again, after all, that's all he's ever known.

3/3/07 - His name is Blue, he will be 11 yrs old on 3/18/07, his Dad passed away 2 years ago, and his Mom and grand daughter have been taking care of Blue.  But now they  had to move to an apartment where they cannot take him so the grand daughter took him to a shelter on long island, hoping that a Boxer Rescue like BAR would find him a new home.
Well, Blue was a VERY well cared for dog. He is neutered, UTD and a wonderful dog. The shelter, trying to avoid additional stress on him, have been keeping him in the front office with them. He has been there a few days now. They say he is a total love, VERY attentive to all the people in the front office, prances when he walks, and basically ignores the other dogs in the office.
Clearly Blue deserved better then this. If anyone can help him, please email me ASAP. Even if for a short period, it will be an improvement for him. And wont that be just the best B-day present for this gentleman.
Please email me if you think you are that angel. The rescue will provide you with EVERYTHING you need, crate, food, toys, bowls, bedding, vet care...everything at no cost to you, you just provide the warm house and the love.
His pic in on our home page, he was listed as 12, but the shelter went thru his extensive file that his dad
meticulously kept on his loving boy, including a full medical history, and they called to tell me Blue just
got 1 yr younger :o))

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