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 HARLEY (BOO) 11/5/06


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Age & Sex:  2 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 63 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  Yes   Over 5:  No
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required:  No
Neutered: No
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Munnsville, NY

Adoption Donation $300

1/07 - Harley has been adopted

12/3/06 - Boo is pending adoption by her foster-to-adopt family

11/25/06 - Hi everyone! Hope everyoneís Thanksgiving was great! Harley had a ball enjoying all of our family members and they thought he was great too!
We have found a great way to get some energy burned off. We have been putting the dogs in our fenced in pool area and they are having a ball. I donít know why we didnít think of this before! I guess because when we got Sazi the pool was uncovered and now with the safety cover on the pool I donít have to worry about them going in or tearing the liner! We are in there with them, and they love the playtime they have together. Its funny they know just how far or close to the edge they can run so they donít get wet when the water comes through the cover, they are so funny to watch.
We forgot how much energy a 2 yr old dog can have. Our dog that past away was 14 yrs old and didnít have to much energy the last few years of his life. So when Harley came it was a surprise and has been an adjustment and with the help of Gail and Kim, things are going much better. He hasnít tried to mark anything in the last few days, and should get better if not hopefully stop after he is neutered. We are working with him more outside lately and the exercise has done a world of good! He is much calmer, and we are also taking time letting him out of his crate instead of bolting out like he was before. This was Kimís suggestion and it has been working great!
Harley is really starting to fit in our home! Thanks for everyoneís help, more updates to come!

11/14/06 - Took Boo (Harley) to the vet today for his 1st physical exam. He did very well in the car, put did get a little sick on the way home. Just nervous probably. Vet said everything looked good. Thought he might have some trouble with his right ear, but just needed to be cleaned. Took some blood for a heartworm test and everything was good. We have scheduled his surgery for 3 weeks from now. They are booked up due to the Thanksgiving week so we have to wait, sure he wonít mind!!. He is still a little on the skinny side, he weighted in at 63lbs at the vets, vet said he needs to fill out some more and should probably be in the 70lb range. He also estimated he is around 2 yrs of age.
Everyone is getting along well. He has some interested in our 1 cat, but more like wanted to play with her, and the other wonít even come near him.
We have been calling him "Harley", he never really came to the name "Boo" the kids started calling him that and funny thing is he responds to it.
He has had a few accidents in the house, but hopefully after he is neutered or has been here a while, he will stop. I think also he just needs to be re-trained on where he needs to go. So right now we are just keeping an eye on him to see when he needs to go out etcÖ
He has been a good boy and loves lots of attention and wants to be with you. He is sitting at my feet as I am typing. He also loves to be around my husband, must be the male bonding thing going on! More on Boo or (Harley) to come!!

11/7/06 - Boo arrived here late Sunday night. Thank you to everyone who help in bringing him up to central New York, I know it was a long haul! He was a good boy all the way home. Never heard a peep out of him. Did a few introductions from a distance with our Sazi, things are going slow introducing them yesterday and today. We want to make sure they are introduced slowly and plan on taking it slow on the introductions over the next few days.

We walked them both today, and they did very well together. Never really looking at each other, just walking one in front of the other and then side by side.

My kids love to walk with him outside and we are teaching him a few simple commands that he needs to work on.

He has his 1st vet visit coming up next week, hope he does well. Then we will schedule him neutering after that.

More on Boo in the next few days!

11/5/06 - We got home with Boo about an hour ago.  He was quiet all the way home, never heard a peep out of him.  He was excited to see Sazi from a distance, hopefully all will go okay when we introduce them without the cage and space between them in a few days.  Just letting them smell each other from a distance right now.  Boo did get excited when he saw Sazi and decided to lift him leg in the cage and pee on the floor just outside. He did it about 2-3 times and stopped after a few corrections.  He is not spayed yet and hopefully is just doing this to mark his territory and it will stop soon.   Thanks for everyone who helped get Boo up here to upstate New York!


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