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CLOU 11/8/06


Pertinent Information - Adopted 1/15/07

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Age & Sex:  9 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 60 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Flashy Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required:  No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: NJ

Adoption Donation $150


1/15/07 - Clou has been adopted

11/29/06 - Clou is pending adoption

11/13/06 - Clou is doing pretty good.  He is a very loving and sweet boy.  He doesn't know many commands but he is starting to learn some.  When we go out walking he does walk by my side and is not distracted by outside stimulus. He does love walking on the fallen leaves and then rolling in them. I don't think he was taken on long walks very often because when I started taking him on our hikes he would start out at a good pace and slow down very quickly.  It took about a week but he is now keeping up a pretty good pace for a good period of time.  I found that taking Champ along on the hikes helped..
He went to the vet on Wednesday and checked out OK.
The shelter had listed his weight at 75lbs, but at the vet he only weighed 60.4 lbs.  The vet, Dr. Leary, thinks that the shelter listed the wrong weight and I shouldn't worry, that I should just watch his weight and what he eats.
His sugar count was high at the shelter but when Dr. Leary checked his blood, his sugar was at a normal count.  He feels that he was probably stressed out at the shelter and that will effect a lot of things.
The one thing he did find was that Clou has a minor heart murmur,  He does not feel that it will interfere with anything right now but that we should keep on eye on it. 
His stool checked out parasite free.
Friday he started sneezing and a dry cough.  Dianne & I took him to the vet on Saturday and he has kennel cough.  He is on Doxycycline tablets (100mg), 3 tablets every 24 hours for 10 days and Hydrocodone Bitartrate (5mg) 1 or 2 pills (depending on cough) every 8-12 hours.  He is starting to sound better but still has a lot of mucus coming up.   

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