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COCO 1/27/07


Pertinent Information - Foster-to-Adopt - Adopted 3/4/07

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Age & Sex: 1 yr old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight: 50 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: White
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Owner Surrender
Location: Campton, NH

Adoption Donation $300

3/19/07 - Two weeks and Coco has really settled into our lives and routine!  Since the weather has let up, we've been going on walks everyday and she is doing much better on the leash.  We gave her a bath this weekend and she liked it, the kids loved to help!  My son has a basketball game that hooks onto a door so when he plays, Coco plays too!  She does like to sleep on our bed, but if we tell her off she'll go sleep downstairs on the couch.  She loves to run around the back yard and explore all of what's out there, but she's just as content to come inside and snuggle with us! 

3/5/07 - Hi!  We brought Coco to her new forever home yesterday--what a great car ride, she was so good!  We bonded with her over the 8 1/2 hours. Once we got home she really liked the kids and had us all under her spell!  We took her for a quick walk since it was very cold and windy here.  She really liked going all around the house exploring the new smells and sounds.  After some playing, she settled down on the couch with all of us to relax and watch some TV.  Since she jumped over the baby gate we had up in the kitchen, she decided she would sleep upstairs with us!  That was fine, she did well all night.  Not one accident yet in the house, knock on wood.  Probably won't have any,
she's very good at letting us know when she needs to go out.  We just wanted to say how much we appreciate all that you guys have done to get Coco to join our family--everyone who played a part, no matter how small, deserves a huge thank you!  You have filled a void in this family and we are so grateful.  Thanks too to the foster family for taking such good care of her! 

3/4/07 - Coco has been adopted

3/1/07 - Coco is pending adoption

2/9/07 - Coco is doing well she has fit into the family very well, it is like she has always been with us.  She loves to run and play with Ali, who we adopted in 12/06 from BAR as well.  The two of them together are just too funny. She is very good with the kids, she likes to follow them to make sure they are okay.  We are very much considering adopting her just want to see how another week goes as she really settles in.

1/30/07 - Coco has settled in well in the few short days she has been with us she is so sweet. She loves to give kisses and when she is happy to see you her whole body wiggles!  I will update again in a few days with some pictures of this little angel.

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