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HARLEY II  11/18/06

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Pertinent Information - Adopted 1/27/07

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Age & Sex:  3 1/2 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 75 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required:  No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Troy, NY

Adoption Donation $300


1/27/07 - Well, my main man Harley's time here is over. He is now at his forever home. I know they will love him as much as we did. His new Mom is a very strong leader and he is going to do great. My son cried for nearly half an hour which he never does and said that Harley was the best foster we had. He wanted me to put his pictures in the filing cabinet so he could find them whenever he wanted to see his face. I told him we could put his picture in a frame for his room :) We are going to take a break from fostering as we are back in the search for a new home and are in the middle of some remodels.

1/23/07 - Harley is pending adoption

1/17/07 - Where does the time go. I have come to the realization that I have been so bad at keeping my boy updated. I know I said it before but man..... Harley continues to do well here. He has gotten better at walking but has recently started misbehaving in his crate during the day. Now my husband and I are on opposite shifts so one of us is always home the only time we are not home is when we go to pick our daughter up at school. This is literally a 15 minute process. He goes into the crate just fine quietly lays down and then as soon as I leave he starts barking and charging the door of the crate till he can bust out. We know this because my husband is upstairs trying to sleep. He is perfect in the crate at night goes right in and goes to sleep. I am really stumped at one this new found dislike is during the day.

I also feel like I need to clarify Harley with kids. He is excellent with my kids ages 8 and 4 1/2 he loves to sit with them. My daughter can hang on him and love him up. In typical boxer fashion it is when they get crazy he feels the need to join in not unlike the 2 resident boxers. Where Marco will jump and chase Harley tends to chase and nip at their elbows. He has NO intention of harming them and it is never hard and of course it is a behavior that we are working on correcting it just really seems to be the way he plays. Just as an example my resident female who will be 8 still attacks my feet. She only does this to me and I will clearly take the blame because I never stopped her when she was a puppy. I know bad mommy bad pack leader.

Harley clearly has things that need work but don't we all. What he lacks in some departments he makes up for ten fold in others. It is nice on these cold winter days to have a nice big boxer boy to snuggle with. The other day I came home from work and Harley was on the couch with my sister but got up to great me and she called him back because he was keeping her warm. We can have people come and go and he is great about it. He was by far the best behaved out of the 3 when the contracter was here putting on new doors. Oh a side note to that when the new front door was being put on we didn't have the storm door on and Harley got out but he came right back in. he is great about answering to his name. He does know sit and stay really well.

We will continue to feel blessed having Harley in our home but he really deserves a home of his own. Anyone who passes on him because he has a few things that need to be worked on is obviously not the right family for him but these things are minor compared to some of the fosters I have had and a lot of others who I've seen come through.

12/28/08 - Happy Holidays! So the new year is almost upon us and my Harley man is still searching for his perfect forever home. The longer he is here the more we learn and his ideal home has changed in the process. For Harley we will be looking for a home with a companion dog but we think he would do better with a submissive dog male or female that doesn't matter. We also think a home with older kids might be better as well. Although he has lived with all age groups we find him to be a little hyper. He will also jump in a nervous way when you come up to him when he is sleeping. Harley is getting better everyday but I will still not take him into large crowds this is going to be a slow process and who ever adopts him needs to understand this. It will take time. In the same respect Harley is an awesome house dog. He is great with our kids and our dogs. He is fabulous when company comes over. He is house trained and crate trained and is just such a good boy. I love when he just comes over and plops his big head in my lap and then he waits for you to tell him it's ok to come up on the couch and he snuggles in as close as he can.

Please take the time to consider Harley he really is a good boy he just needs some time to adjust to the busy outside world. You are not going to be able to bring him home and just throw him into going to pet smart or any other busy place.

12/9/06 - OMG I am such a bad foster Mommy. I am usually so good at keep my fosters updated. Harley is such an easy dog to have here I think I just forget he is not one of mine. I forget he is not a foster who is looking for his own home. Harley continues to get along great with my dogs and my kids and he is OK with the cat. He has met up with her a couple of times and he has no intention of harming her just curious. Our Marco plays really loud lots of growling, whining, barking and sometimes Harley will too but it is funny because he is so big he has this whiney little voice for such a big dog. Harley tries really hard to get Maddie our female in on the action but she doesn't always like to play.

I am happy to report that Harley did great with my husband walking him. My husband said there was slack in the leash the whole time. He walked him down to the corner store during rush hour to see how he would react and he said he did great. A little pulling when he say all the people but nothing horrible. The trip to the school yard to pick up my son was a little a different story while he did much better with my husband walking him it still proved to be a bit to much for him. He will need to be introduced to larger crowds slowly and carefully. It is clearly not his fault but the lack of previous socialization skills. He will get the hang of it I am sure because he is way to good of a dog. Harley is a really good dog in the house he will bark when someone comes to the door but as soon as he realizes who it is he stops or in most cases if he knows who it is he wont bark at all. He will let anyone into the house even if he hasn't met them before. It's his outside skills that will need to be worked on and as long as he is here we will continue to do our part in helping him with that. Who ever is lucky enough to adopt my big boy needs to know he needs help in that department.

11/25/06 - Harley continues to do very well here. After three days of having to be physically helped into the crate he know goes to it and waits for me to close the door and give him his treat. He does bark when he is put in the crate during the day when we go out but he is perfectly quiet at night. He was quiet at night even when he had to be helped in though so I am just assuming he realizes night time is a quiet time. He has the routine of the house down and has not had any accidents and has not gotten into anything that doesn't belong to him.

We are going to keep working with Harley on his leash skills as well as his socialization skills outside the home. He is a little nervous when we are out and he can be hard to walk. He is very strong. He does well with correction and we will continue to work on it.

The good news is Harley went to the vet and is all up to date so when we feel as if he is ready for his forever home he will be all set to go. Harley will be a hard foster to give up. He truly has just melded into our family and our life. I don't care that it has only been a week. I didn't care that as soon as he came in he felt at home some dogs are just like that. I also know we have some work to do with him but we will get it done. Keep an eye on the big man. He is a good boy.

11/20/06 - Harley came to us on 11/18 we were actually supposed to be fostering his brother but ended up with Harley instead. I am really glad we did! Harley has fit into our family and our life style like he has been one of us for the last 3 years of his life. Harley is calm enough for our old lady and just playful enough for our 2 year old. He only barks when someone comes to the door other then that he is very quiet. He is a little reluctant to go in the crate but once you manage to get his short stubby self into the crate he doesn't make a peep. Harley is a little to interested in the cat so I would say no cats for him but other dogs and kids I would definitely give him a thumbs up. In his prior home he was with a newborn and my kids are 4 and 8 so he has been with them all. If I was in the market for another dog I would have no problem adding Harley to part of our pack. He needs some work on the leash but does pretty good till he sees something of interest then he starts pulling. He is house broken and just so loving. Harley thinks he is a lap dog at 75 pounds he is a lot on the lap but I just love his snuggles.

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