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Age & Sex:  9 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 79 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes  Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required:  No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Frenchtown, NJ

Adoption Donation $150

Perfect Home - calm, quiet,daily walks,daily playtime,older children

7/7/10 - Hercules has been adopted by his foster home.

6/24/10 - Hercules is pending adoption with his foster family.

3/18/10 - Herc has been with me for 2 months now and he is a lover. He is well behaved and knows his commands. He is mostly a quiet guy but always ready to play with his toys. He'll fetch for you but won't give it up. This is one of the things we're working on. The other thing is his pulling on leash, he is one strong boy. I'm using a Martingale collar but going to try a head collar. He doesn't care for his ear meds so we sort of tease him into them because he loves to have his ears rubbed. He came with a muzzle but I find it just as hard to get on him as give him the meds. All in all he is a good boy, loves attention and gives little very wet kisses. To me he acts younger than 8 or 9 years and well past the chewing stage. Herc would do well in a home with or without other dogs so please consider him if you are looking for a senior. They are the best!!!

2/11/10 - Hercules needs to be in a home with a strong, sturdy pack leader. Hercules' favorite things are walks, car rides, someone he can respect and hang out with, having his rear legs and joints rubbed and SQUEAKY TOYS!!! Hercules will play FETCH until he gets bored; but he won't play if there are any dogs around. And if a toy slips under the couch or somewhere he doesn't forgot and will keep whining and looking and poking until we 'get it', then out it comes, covered in cobwebs, ready to be rinsed, barked at and tossed around again.  Our grand nieces and nephews treat him respectfully and he is obviously happy to see them and be with them.

At first we had to win his trust to touch him more than on his head-he as would jump up and trot away from us. He's much better now. Sometimes he is in pain probably from his arthritis. The veterinarian at Cornell prescribed Vetprofen as needed.  Not too costly.  Herc does like to be petted and will go for a walk with you.  He will always let you know when he has to go out and if he is by himself he is no trouble.

We love Herc and his enthusiasm for getting outside and patrolling his invisible fence! He definitely thinks he is guarding the yard for us. He is a big boxer with a handsome chest and just a little gray under his chin. We think he is a dominant dog, with a stable thyroid condition and weak back legs due to arthritis and a lack of exercise. However, by limiting his food intake to 2 cups a day with a few biscuits (he loves the peanut butter ones) he has lost 15-20lb. and it is noticeably easier for him to walk and run. He needs regular exercise to keep all this going.

Hercís present mom has had a stroke and has vision as well as cognitive challenges and is just not able to handle the present situation although they love him dearly.

2/2/10 - One of the other dogs in Hercs home is not getting along with him at all.  So BAR is looking for a nice quiet home with perhaps only 1 other dog for a hew home for him.   He just needs a calm quiet place to call his own where he can just hang out and retire, do his own thing, and be happy.
Here is a video of Hercules:

3/3/07 - Hercules has a little arthritis in his hips. We noticed that when he tried running he did more of a "bunny-hop" with both hind legs. The x-rays show that he probably has 1 or 2 years before he will need pain management, etc. For now we plan to give him daily brisk 1 to 2 mile walks. I hope he can build up some muscle in his thighs- they are quite atrophied. So far he has walked pretty well on a leash. 
I just told Hercules to 'sit' in Spanish and was thrilled when he plunked himself right down. I've been sick but soon I hope to use my Spanish dictionary to find out what he REALLY knows!
I definitely plan to take him to dog class because we both need it. For now, it looks like spring is coming and we are glad the house isn't going to be so lonely this summer! Thanks for all your help Sandy, Gail and Gary.
I forgot to mention that the new vet tested his levels and lowered his thyroid meds down to 2 pills a day. And we started him on Glucosamine Condroitin as recommended by his vet. And of course all the staff, who all happen to be women, were really turning on the charm to try to talk us into keeping him!

2/11/07 - Hercules has been adopted

2/7/07 - Hercules is pending adoption

1/2/07 - Hercules went back to the vet for his check up and blood test to see if the dose was correct for his thyroid. He weighed in at a whopping 87.6 pounds and looks great. He is just the right weight for his size.  The results are that he needs to take two pills a day and that should do it. The vet will re-check him in another two weeks.  His fur has filled in wonderfully.  He has a new favorite toy that quacks and he is on his third one. He is still friendly to everyone who comes to visit. He makes friends every trip to the vet too. The vet assistant is keeping her eye on him. She is even considering applying to adopt him.  No stuffed animal is safe from him though. He thinks they are all his toys to play with. So we have to keep the grandchildren's toys up away from his reach or he will snatch it up and run. He has more energy now that he is feeling so much better and is enjoying the cool weather. He loves it outside and runs around and around.  That's it for this update. If you are looking for a snuggle bug and best friend he is all you could want and then some.

11/21/06 - Not much has changed. Herc is doing good and taking his little pill every day. He has a bit more energy and is having a great time running around outside in the yard. He and Tony are best buds always washing each other. Just last night Herc had his head resting on Tony's butt. He has a great time with the toys. He has several favorites. He is a giant big ole baby. He has quite the snore on him sometimes too. That's all for today hope you all like his new pictures.

11/13/06 - Herc is doing very well. The vet did find his thyroid low. He is now on medication and will be for the rest of his life. It is only about $15.00 a month. He will go back in about three weeks to retest to make sure his dosage is correct.  As I have said in the past Hercules is by far the easiest foster I have had and a gentleman. For his being so large he is very gentle. He got along great with my 3 year old granddaughter so he must have been around children. She played tug o war with him and all he did was hold it in his mouth and did not pull at all with her. He followed her around and was as she put it sliming her. He is super.

11/4/06 - Herc is doing very well.  He is one of the easiest foster I have had up to date. His only negative feature would be that you have to put a muzzle on him to put the medicine in his ears.  The vet is doing a blood test to see if there is a thyroid problem because he has some thinning of his hair.  He comes right to you for to put his head right in the muzzle and you talk sweet to him while doing his ears. He is off the wash now and on only the ear medicine. My granddaughter will be arriving today for the week and I will know how he is with small children. He was a hit at the vets today also, a few wished they could adopt him. That's it for now.

11/1/06 - Hercules is doing well. He can be so quiet you don't even know he is here. Of course if he is sleeping you will hear the snoring.  He loves running around in the yard. Sometimes he goes in his crate to take a nap but of course prefers the furniture.  He's finally starting to slow down on his eating and doesn't require as much food.  He will follow you around the house and once you are sitting for a while he settles down to sleep and doesn't even know you have left the room. He sleeps pretty soundly. Not a watch dog. He hasn't had any interaction with small children yet. Maybe next weekend. I would bet there are a lot of apps. in on him.

10/21/06 - Hercules (Herc for short) is having a grand time. He pulls out the toys from the box and plays with them alternating them. The more the squeak the better he likes them and barks at them. He is pretty funny watching him with the squeaky ones. He lays curled up next to Tony. He is always washing Tony's face like a big mama.  He is a pretty quiet boy and doesn't bark at company. He likes everyone that comes in. Not much to say other than he's a keeper.

10/16/06 - The vet trip went well. Hercules wanted to make friends with everyone in there including the cute little beagle pup.  He has ear infection and is going on meds for that. His upper respiratory infection is all but gone. He got his rabies shot today and he was such a good boy.  He likes everyone that enters the house. With any encouragement he is right there to be pet and gives out all the kisses anyone can take. For such a big boy, weighing in at 76lbs and not at his full weight yet, he is very gentle. He takes his treats like a gentleman. Hercules has been running around in the yard and has inspected every corner by now. He will need training in the leash/walking. I am working with him on that and hopefully I know what I am doing. So he hasn't had any accidents in the house, he is well behaved, not a barker, has a timid whine but corrects quickly and easily, loves to play with his toys and can occupy himself quite nicely.  He rode well in the car, he's not a jumper, he doesn't get into the garbage or anything that might be laying around, he has gotten along with Tony from day one and oh he is funny with his toys because he likes to growl at them and sometimes bark at them while he is biting on them. That's all the new so far.

10/12/06 - The NY city boy has arrived. He is on the large side. I decided that Hercules would be a good name for him. He currently has a respiratory infection and is on medication. He will be going to the vet on Monday for a checkup and rabies shot. Hercules is pretty laid back. He has absolutely no
problems with Tony. He is hesitant going into the crate but once in is fine in there. He even goes in on his own with the door open. He prefers like most to be around us two leggeds. He loves toys. The more they squeak the better he likes them. He chews on them, they squeak and he barks all at the
same time. Its pretty comical. He will bring the toys to you and rub them on you if you ignore him.
He can keep himself occupied for quite some time.  He goes outside without a problem.  He seems to absolutely love men. He likes women too but you can tell he loves men. He sits and shakes hands. He comes over to you and gives you a paw if he wants water or to go out. All in all so far he is a very well behaved boy. I do crate him while I am not home so far but I am sure that won't last long. He seems to be used to being on couches. It took him a whole 5 hours before he was brave enough to help himself to the couch. He may need some training, he doesn't seem to lay down when you ask him, he just gives you his paw. I am sure with some work and as he gets more comfortable he will do fine. He will also need some work on his leash/walking. He doesn't lean into you when you try to get him to walk by your side. Will update again after the vet visit. He is not going to be here very long because he is such a good boy and I would bet he is great with kids. He is not overbearing or pushy.

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