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KING 12/2/06


Pertinent Information

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Age & Sex:  3 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 65 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Flashy Fawn
Cats: ?
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: ?   Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner  Surrender
Location: Honesdale, PA

Adoption Donation $300


3/29/07 - King has been adopted

12/19/06 - ding a ling is now all ready to go to his forever home. He was neutered and brought up to date on vaccinations last week and, of course, everyone at the vet loved him. They thought he was such a sweetheart and he absolutely is. King weighed in at 65lbs, but could easily stand to gain another 5 or so since he was a bit underweight when he came into rescue.
Houdini has been doing remarkably well in the crate. Although he has earned this new nickname. King is in an extra large crate and for good reason. He's entirely too tall for anything smaller. This weekend we had my father in law stop in to check on him and before he could say stop, King was out the door!! The problem with this is that he was crated when we left!! Evidently, he broke the gate on his crate and darted out the door when my father in law opened it. He came right back, even though he visited the neighbors. At least he came right home. So, we now have things rigged up with a bungee cord, simply because he cannot be trusted not to urinate in the house when we are gone. Otherwise, he would be fine. He is going in the crate with a little finger tap on the hind end and yesterday went in for my five year old without any coaxing.
We are so pleased with Kings progress in the various areas he needed some work on. He still pulls on the leash, but it is improved over when he arrived. He is a very strong dog and needs an even stronger leader. He listens when he's checked and waits for command. He sits to get the leash on and off which is a big thing in this house. Far too many times I've been whacked in the mouth by a dancing boxer! So, I'm very happy with his progress in this area. He was also a big time countersurfer. Now, even though his nose is high enough to sniff the counter he makes no effort to jump or grab for anything, although we still keep an eye on him and keep temptation out of his way. He gets a bit rambunctious and has removed a christmas bulb or two from the tree, so we just have to make sure we get him plenty of excercise or he'll be taking the tree down, next!!
King and my girl have had a couple of exchanges. It is over rather quickly and they go back to being old pals. King is very forgiving, as I think my girl tends to be a bit of a queen.
Overall, I'm very, very pleased with Kings developments. He's such a funny dog, very goofy, very loving and just a real happy pup. I know he won't make it to his forver home for the holidays, but maybe he'll be cozy and warm with his new family for the New Year. King needs a strong leader and a family that has time to spend with him to get him proper and ample excercise. He's a real peach and just a big baby. King's second birthday is on the 22nd, so please think of boxer baby King and wish him Happy Birthday.

12/7/06 - King has been with us since Saturday and I am so pleased with what I've seen from him thus far. He is a real pleasant boy. He gets along wonderfully with my girl. In fact, sometimes they sound more like elephants!! He is also terrific with my kids. No matter what the history on a foster, we are always careful with a foster and our children. King was no exception, however he is amazing with them.
King had an accident in the house yesterday morning. He had been out at 4am and my husband didn't walk him again at 6 when we got up. King let us know that he really should be going out each time he comes out of the crate.
Speaking of the crate, he has been doing great. It is getting much easier to coax him into the crate and there is minimal whining once he's inside. With that being said, last night proved to be the toughest yet. He whimpered and whined for 1 1/2 hours. My husband finally took him out for a walk, but he resumed that action once back in the crate. So, 20min before the alarm is due to go off, I suggest to cover him and then..... silence. So much silence, we all overslept!!! So, the crate is a work in progress, but King is doing a wonderful job of making a smooth transition.
We will continue to update on his progress, as he is improving his manners daily. He has already done so well and I expect that to continue. King is a big boy that is very easy to fall for. He is a big goof ball and I can't help but smile at him.

12/3/06 - Saturday marked the first day of Kings new journey. He arrived home with us Saturday afternoon and has been  a real pistol since then. King is a very tall boy and towers over our portly princess. He is eager to engage in play with her and get down to "boxing". We're not used to  having such a big guy in the house. His nose is level with our table and it doesn't take much for him to snoot at the counter either. We'll have to be careful of that!! King is in need of some training. It doesn't appear as though he has had proper training on the leash and he has a few undesirable manners we're going to work on. He is a very happy boy overall. He likes nothing more than to be at your feet and get all those big squeezes we can give him. King has even had a bath already. He came here a bit stinky and we thought he should get a freshen up. He's the easiest one I've had to bathe yet. I didn't even have to lift him in the tub! He stepped over the side all by himself. King is quite young. We're just shy of his second birthday. So, he's really got a lot of energy. I think my girl is going to enjoy that since our last foster wasn't too interested in playing with her very often. We expect great things from King. He's such a sweet boy and just melts my heart.