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MAX 1/6/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 3/07

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Age & Sex: 6 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  60 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Brindle
Cats: Yes dog friendly ones
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  ?   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Owner Surrender
Location: Johnsonville, NY

Adoption Donation $250


3/07 - Max has been adopted

3/4/07 - Max is pending adoption

2/5/07 - Max is doing great,  he is extremely friendly and well behaved in the house.   He is not destructive and is 100% house trained.    He can be left alone all day safely with no accidents.    He plays rough,  but calms down when reminded,  but he does quickly destuff any toy given to him.    He loves everyone he meets.    He is good on a leash,  but you must pay attention to him,  if you accidentally drop the leash or if he gets excited and pulls away from you,  he takes off and does not come when called.     He does come back within a couple of minutes,  but only when he is ready.     In the house he is great,  he listens to everything you say,  and does what he is told.   He knows all his basic commands.   He does not counter surf,  or get into the garbage.   He is safe with dog friendly cats,  ours don't run from him,  they snuggle with him.   He is good with older kids,  I don't have little ones to test him with.   He gets along with other dogs,  with no issues.    He is a lot smaller than my boys,  but seems to have no issues with them at all.     I really feel he would be great for any situation,  and I think given the chance he would be fine with little kids.      He is a sweetheart,  anyone would be lucky to have him.

1/15/07 - Max is feeling a lot better,  he had a yucky nose and cough when he came to me, that has cleared up,  and the papers from the shelter give him a clean bill of health and he is up to date on everything,  he has also been treated with frontline.   He weighs 60 lbs,  he does not seem, or look under or over weight.  He also has a good appetite and eats his dry food without hesitation.     He is turning out to be a perfect boy,   he is 100% house broken, no accidents, and  is perfect in his kennel,   he shows absolutely no aggression of any kind towards people or friendly cats,   even   at his food bowl.   I don't know how he would act with cats who are afraid dogs.    He pulls a little on the leash,  but after he calms down he is fine,   he is high energy,  but will calm right down and snuggle.     He listens to correction well,   he however can not be let off a leash unless he is in a fenced in area,   he will not come when called and he does not listen to his name.   He does listen to me if I baby talk him and call him Maxie.    He does play very rough and needs to be reminded of his manners when playing,  he will nip a bit.    He is very quick to do his business when outside,  he wastes no time.    He will pee every time you take him out,  does not matter if it has been 5 hours or 5 minutes,   he will go.   He loves everyone,  however I do not have real little kids,   my youngest is 10,  he is great with them,  just a little rough when playing,  we are working on that,  he does know to calm down when reminded.  He has not touched anything wrong,  we have left him out of his kennel alone for several hours,  and he just sleeps on the couch,   he does not bother with the garbage or counters.    He does destroy stuffed animals rather quickly,   once the stuffing is out of them he just keeps shaking them like crazy.    He is a clown.     Everyone loves him to death.   He really deserves a forever home with his own family to love him.  

Intake Information - Max- 6 years old, already neutered.  Owner surrender because of a new baby.  Owner said hes housebroken, gets along great with children of all ages and loves other dogs.  He also likes to eat cheese.

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