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ROXY 7/22/06



Pertinent Information  - Foster-to-Adopt Program - Adopted 3/07

Roxy & Shelby

Age & Sex:  5 yr old Female
UTD: Yes
Other Dogs: Yes   Cats: Unknown
Color: Fawn
Children under 5: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Mandatory Professional Training:  No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location:  Doylestown, PA

Adoption Donation $250

2/14/08 - Well, in case anyone out there thought Roxy dropped off the face of the earth, I am here to tell you she didn't....we have just been so busy with the family business, the little guy and a new baby on the way that I haven't had the chance to sit down and write, but today I am changing that. Roxy is doing wonderfully in our Home. She is such a good dog, so much love for everyone she meets. She is such a delight to be around, she greets you with the most exciting wiggle when you get home and she likes to be by your side at all times. She is so good with our 2 year old son and I am sure she will be an angel! I promise to write again soon- just felt so bad about not writing up until now, I had to post something.

3/07 - Roxy has been adopted

1/11/07 - Roxy is pending adoption with her FTA family.  Her sister, Shelby is being adopted by her new foster family.

12/3/06 - Well, Roxy and Shelby are in discovery mode in their new foster home.  They are both pretty excited.  Sniffing around everywhere as expected.  Lori and I are taking them for a nice walk after a long car ride. 

Thank you all for assisting in the transport for these two girls today.  We really appreciate it.  We will snap some pictures and post on the site in the next day or two as they get settled in.

Thank you all once again for your dedication to the rescue.

10/17/06 - Roxy is so funny and loving. She keeps us in stitches!! She loves nothing more than to be pet and
give lots of kisses. She also loves to play fetch and go for walks. She is a dream on the lead and watching her and Shelby play is just unbelievable humorous !!! We love them both very much and we will be VERY sad when they go. The only issue that Roxy has is that she does check out the garbage and if you leave something (food) unattended then well she considers it free game. Anyone who adopts these cuties will be getting alot of laughs and LOVE !!

8/29/06 - I thought I should share some of Roxys wonderful traits with everyone....Roxy is extremely
affectionate. She loves to give and receive lovins. She knows to sit , down , stay she walks GREAT on a lead with a choker.  Her favorite game is playing fetch with a tennis ball or playing chase in the yard with my boxer boy and Shelby. She gets along perfect with other dogs both male and female and I will be taking her to meet a couple cats tonight and I believe that all will go great because that is just Roxy's nature. She is playful loving and can go from playing full force to laying at your feet . She wants only to please her owners. This girl will win your heart from the moment that you meet her. 
We took Roxy to see some kittens at my mothers home and she loved them.  She is officially the perfect dog !!! Whoever gets this beautiful girl is very lucky !!

8/24/06 - I am sooo sorry it has been so long since my last update. You tend to loose track of time with such a wonderful foster. Roxy is so lovable and friendly. When we go for walks everyone wants to pet her and love on her. She walks on the lead like a champ and LOVES giving A LOT of kisses and wiggles. This has got to be hands down the easiest dog I have ever had in my home. The only thing that Roxy needs to work on is counter surfing ,,,,,that's it !!! I don't think it will be long that Roxy is here. She is such a love . She will be very missed when she is gone.

8/19/06 - Roxy and her constant companion, Shelby, were in the foster-to-adopt program, but due to circumstances beyond the families control they are not able to adopt these two girls at this time.  So we would like to find these two a nice new family.  Roxy is a 5 yr old female Boxer and is great with other dogs and children.  Please let us know if you would be interested in this wonderful pair.

8/8/06 - Just wanted to give everyone an update on my two girls. Shelby had her bandages and stitches removed last Friday....she is still hobbling on 3 legs but from time to time you will see her put pressure on the leg.
The vet feels that it will take about 12 weeks to completely heal. But we give her PT daily and she is able to go on short walks now so when she gets tired from walking with Petey and Roxy she goes in the stroller. Roxy is doing great!!! She is very lovable and just really enjoys being in her new home!! Petey loves his new girls...he loves to
be in a pack so he's in his glory !!!I will post some new pics too.

7/25/06 - Roxy is in an FTA home right now and is not available for adoption.  She is a pair with Shelby.