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SAINT 1/21/07


Pertinent Information - Adopted 3/3/07

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Age & Sex: 5 or 6 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  55 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter Surrender
Location: Meriden, CT

Adoption Donation $250


4/7/07 - Saint continues to show us what a great boy he is. Everywhere we take him, people can't help but come over to comment on him and pat him, and he just eats it up. Well, today he made it into our small, local paper. We took him and his fur sister, Sarah, to an Easter egg hunt and dog parade. The entries for the dog parade had to be in costume. Sarah, an 11 pound Chihuahua mix, was an Easter egg in a basket, and Saint was, of course, the Easter Bunny, complete with a fluffy white cottontail over his nub! Saint won third place for funniest costume. You couldn't help but laugh. And I have to say, he tolerated the humiliation we put him through very well! With all those other dogs milling around, he needed only minor corrections to keep him in line, and only because he really wanted to play. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I can't attach any photos. As far as our day to day life goes, Saint has adjusted extremely well to our family. He has settled into our routine quickly. We take him with us whenever we can, and he loves to ride. The only "quirk" we have discovered about him is that he will get into anything resembling food if it is left within his reach and your back is turned. Now, with two kids who don't always eat at the table, it has taken some training on our parts to make sure they clean up after themselves all the time. As a mom, I've been trying to get them to do that for a while! This way, they are more inclined to remember to do it, so I don't have to nag all the time! Other than that, for the most part, he's pretty perfect. We are thankful every day that he is a part of our lives.

3/9/07 - Saint has settled in really well.  He is just the most fantastic boy!  We never crate him when we're home anymore (which has been almost the whole time he's been here!)  We crated him once when Tim went to a doctor appointment and I was at work.  He's been very respectful when we eat, once we followed your recommendation.  We have jokingly nicknamed him "Hoover," because with two kids there is always stuff falling on the floor, and he sucks up the crumbs as soon as we leave the table.
The cat wants absolutely nothing to do with him, although she doesn't run away anymore.  I think he just really wants to play with her.
He goes outside off leash, and sticks right by our side.  He thinks that kids sliding on the snow were made for his entertainment.  He can't stay out too long, though, because he gets cold really quickly.  This morning it was 20 below zero, and he looked at me like I was insane for wanting him to go out and pee.  I had to stand on the doorstep for the 30 seconds it took for him to do his business.  After all, it's only fair that if he has to go out, so do I, right?!!!
Even though we had the best intentions to follow all of the BAR recommendations for post-adoption, I have to say it's been very easy to forget the "Do's and Don'ts."  We hug him all the time, and kiss him on that adorable smooshy nose.  He sleeps in bed with us, and cuddles on the couch (you didn't mention the snoring!!!)  He is extremely gentle with the boys.  He wrestles with Tim, and whacks me with his stuffed toys when he wants to play, though I have to say I discourage that little trick, because I don't care for the vast quantity of slime that accompanies it!  He has already killed a couple of squeaky toys.  He took a ride to meet a friend of ours, and totally charmed her.  He went next door to Tim's parent's house, and met a huge flock of wild turkeys that he was VERY interested in, but he listened well and sat there by us until the turkeys left.  He met the llamas, and was not phased by them in the least.
We just love him to pieces.  We couldn't be happier.  Thanks for everything.

3/3/07 - Saint has been adopted

3/1/07 - Saint is pending adoption

2/26/07 - What more can we say about this fantastic boy Saint?  Whoever adopts him will be so lucky to have such a wonderful boxer.  Lately we have been taking Saint with his foster brothers and sister to the park so they can run around and enjoy some freedom.  To be honest Saint is not a big fan of the cold/snow.  He would much rather be snuggled up with someone by the fireplace.  When we send him out it is a quick trip to do his business and then right back in through the doggie door.  However, when things were a bit warmer Saint enjoyed his time outside and explored the yard.  Over the weekend our nieces (ages 7 and 8) came to visit the Bronson house.  And true to Saint’s form he was wonderful with them.  Anytime Saint is told to sit he goes right down.  He played with his rope and a few of his chew toys… but for the most part he simply wanted to be loved on.  He thoroughly enjoys a good belly or ear rub.  The only negative part of the visit was when we were prepping for a walk around the block (our mistake).  The younger niece was holding his leash.  As the door opened Saint shot outside and took her for a short drag off the porch.  After which we brought Saint back inside the door to work on his behavior when the door opens.  We simply got all four of the dogs too excited and they were having fun.  Saint also met the neighbors three year old and their cats.  Things could not have gone better with both situations.  The three year old hugged him and Saint sucked it all in.  He lives for the attention.  When meeting the cats he was very interested and walked towards them quickly but when instructed to sit, his butt hit the floor.  After a minute or two his focus turned to the new surroundings of the neighbor’s house.   This morning Saint helped me shovel the driveway for a little… he spent most of his time in the garage.  But when I called him down to the bottom of the drive he would spring to life and bounce all the way down trying to get me to play with him.  This wonderful boy is going to make one lucky family very very happy!

2/20/07 - Hey everyone, Saint here!  I have really settled in here at the Bronson foster home.  My foster parents say I am a wonderful boxer boy.  I love to play with them!  Running and jumping and I have recently learned how to fetch a stick.  We go to the park or ball field often and I get to play with the Bronson dogs.  They like to chase basketballs around the fields and I like to hop around and chase them.  My foster parents rave about how wonderful I am when I walk on the leash.  They say that I walk on a leash better than any other dog they have walked before.  I simply love to hang around with my foster parents and look forward to seeing them when they get home each day.  They unlock the crate and I spring forward with all the joy I have, and race down the stair and begin my bouncing ritual at the bottom of the stairs where I wait for them.  Anytime I get the chance I love to snuggle up by their feet.  I have one very funny habit of falling asleep while I am standing up.  My foster daddy caught me sleeping on my feet for over twenty minutes one afternoon.  My foster parents tell me that whoever adopts me and provides me with a forever home will be very, very lucky!

2/1/07 - Saint had his well visit check up at the vet today.  Everything checked out great!  He is very healthy and the vet said he would guess that Saint was probably 5 or 6 years old.  The vet also said Saint would make someone a wonderful pet (but we already new that!) He behaved wonderfully in the office.  He sat when asked and met other dogs without a problem.  After his visit to the vet, we took him over to the practice fields at the school where Eric works and let him and all the resident dogs run around.  We brought our two soccer balls and found some good sticks to fetch.  Saint doesn't seem to know how to play with the soccer balls (we'll have to try tennis balls), but he definitely enjoyed chasing and running with the other dogs.  When you throw a stick, Saint will run over, pick it up, and then drop it and come running back to you without the stick.  He's a fast learner...he'll figure it out!  And he always comes when called while we are playing off leash.  Even without a leash, he walks right beside you.  One thing he still needs some work on is his pushy behaviors trying to get attention.  He likes to try to lean on you or squeeze in, under or arms or legs while you are trying to do other things.  He is responding well to corrections and will soon learn that he gets affection on our terms and not his.  This boxer is so much fun and has been a real delight to foster.  I can only imagine what a great pet he will make someone.

1/27/07 - Saint Albert has been here a week and he is doing fantastic!  He has settled in to the routine and seems very comfortable.  He continues to walk well on a lead.  And he also comes running back when called while playing off leash.  We crate him during the day while we are at work and he does great. He slept in his crate until two nights ago.  The night before last we gave him a dog bed in our bedroom where all the resident dogs sleep.  He cuddled up and spent the whole night right there on the floor. Saint is a wonderfully sweet boy with a little boxer spunk. He loves to play and is always trying to please.  Saint has also proven to be a quick learner.  His "stay" has improved and we are working on "down."  I still can't believe that he is 8 years old.  He doesn't look or behave like an older dog.  He has a well visit check up with the vet on Thursday.  We are anxious to hear how old the vet thinks he is.  Saint is a a very sweet and affectionate boy.  He does not like to be away from the humans in the house.  Whoever provides Saint with a forever home will be very lucky to have found this wonderful boy.

1/24/07 - We picked up Saint (We are calling him Saint Albert) on Sunday.  All he wants to do is play with people.  Give this gorgeous boy a quick look and he gets down in the ready-to-play-position!  We had a good car ride home and then had a wonderful walk around the neighborhood.  When we got Saint home it was obvious he needed some down time to relax and adjust to his foster home.  So he spent a couple hours in his crate which helped.  We kept the dogs separated the first two days but since they have been getting along great.  Saint is a born walker!  We have never seen a dog that is better on a leash.  We have already walked several miles, all of which Saint stayed directly by our side.  When we would pause Saint would sit and simply check out his surroundings.  Saint does have a little bit of a tendency to want to dominate... therefore what ever family is lucky enough to adopt this wonderful Boxer will need to make sure they are good pack leaders.

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