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SEAMUS 11/06


Pertinent Information - Adopted 2/07

Seamus' Angels

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Seamus After Surgery



Age & Sex: 4 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  ? lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Flashy  Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5:  Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: New York

Adoption Donation $250

Background Information - Seamus came into rescue with another Boxer, Harley.  We were told that he had colitis, which we though flared up because of the stress of leaving his home and coming into rescue.  His foster family worked with different kinds of food and tried to get the colitis under control. But it soon became apparent that he was losing weight and not doing well at all so he was taken to a great veterinary practice.  Both of the vets have Boxers and started care immediately.  We are pleased to announce that Seamus is doing very well and is improving daily in his foster home.  And thanks to your generous donations we went over our goal of  $2000 and raised $2028 for his medical bills.  Thank you to everyone who donated.   Watch for updates!

2/07 - Seamus has  been adopted

1/27/07 - I just met with Kris and she told me that they want to officially adopt Seamus!  We just had a playgroup with my Sammy, Seamus and her was so cold today they could only play about 15 minutes, but it was wonderful to see Seamus running and jumping...he is so happy and looks healthy.  He's gained a few more pounds and needs about 5 more to be perfect.  He will always be a special needs boy, but they have completely bonded and they love him unconditionally.  I couldn't be happier for everyone.  It just so happens that his brother Harley was adopted today also by another wonderful family. So it's a very good day for two very deserving boys.

1/9/07 - The biopsy results came back and it's good news for our boy!  The ear biopsy was a Grade 1 Mast Cell and the leg biopsy was benign.  So all in all he's on his way to a great life.  His stool remains the same, but the frequency for having to go out has improved greatly and he is able to sleep through the night most of the time without waking up to go out. He had the most wonderful holiday, with lots of people around to take him on walks and car rides with his foster sister and even special cookies for treats.    We're waiting for a call from the vet so that we can discuss how long they are expecting him to be on the Batryl Therapy, Met and Hills ID, but after his sutures are removed this week, we are hopeful he will be released from the vet's care.  He has bonded with his foster family and they with him.   They have seen him through hard times and are very seriously considering adopting him.  We just need to be able to make a determination of what his projected medical expenses will be on a monthly basis to see if the family will be able to afford to make him a permanent member of their family. 

12/29/06 - Well, Seamus has another "bump in the road" on his journey to recovery.  His foster mom had noticed a lump on his ear when he first came into rescue and had mentioned it to the vets on his first visit and they advised that she keep watch to see if it changed in size.  After Seamus came back from his 10 days in the hospital, she noticed that it was larger so when he went back for his suture removal last week, they did a needle biopsy and it came back that it was Mast Cell, so they removed the lump yesterday.  She also noticed a suspicious lump on his leg and the vet agreed that it should come off also.  Biopsies on both tumors have been sent to the lab but because they were caught in time, he was not disfigured and still has his ear. We will update again when the biopsies come back.

12/21/06 - Seamus went for his suture removal on Wednesday and everyone is amazed at his recovery. He's still not out of the woods yet but he has made great progress.  When he was walking into the exam room, another dog (a dachund) was walking by him and bit him on the stomach!  It scared him so much, he ran into the exam room and had an accident, which was actually really good because the vet had a chance to see the consistency of his fecal matter and said that it was substantially better than when he left there on Friday.   His rectum is healed nicely and he no longer is obsessed with licking that area. He now has a little bruise where the dog bit him, but he is fine and it did not break the skin.  SEAMUS HAS GAINED 4.5 LBS!!!

12/19/06 - I know everyone has been anxious to hear about Seamus' first weekend in his foster home since he was released from the hospital on Friday.  We went to pick him up on Friday afternoon and he was bouncy and happy to see us, as usual.  After instructions and a armful of special food and meds, off he went. When he got home, he ran through the house, greeting everyone like a long lost brother...Once he knew where everyone was and received lots of hugs and kisses, he settled down on his pillow and went fast to sleep.  It was like he had been waiting for this for days!      
They've basically been taking him out every two hours and he's doing pretty well with that.  He really tries to hold it and asks to go out.  But there has been one or two incidents every day where they see that he just doesn't know that he's pooping. They put him in the crate about 11:00 p.m. and one of the boys get up when he starts barking to go out around 2:00-3:00 a.m. then he's good til about 6 or 6:30 a.m.  He is so happy to be at home though. He loves being part of a family! His little nub wiggles almost all of the time and he's been relaxing on his big pillow in the family room.  Before he would curl in a little Boxer ball when he slept, but now he's laying stretched out most of the time. He's on Baytril and Met. and Hills ID food and Benefiber. Last week he had gained 1 lb from the 10 that he lost, but hasn't gained any since then.  Kris is bringing him back on Wed. for the removal of his sutures and will have him weighed again.    
Sunday , Kris took Sienna and Seamus to the local walking trail and they had a nice walk.  Sienna was off lead and Seamus was on lead.  When they were walking back to the car, two couples with 5 boxers came out of the woods off lead.  All five of the boxers came running over to them.  Kris was a little nervous (I would have been more than a little nervous!) but the boxers were great...very friendly, and Sienna went off in the field running and playing with them.  Seamus really wanted to play also but , of course,  Kris kept him with her on lead.  Then the boxers and their families came over and introduced themselves to Seamus and he was so happy to meet everyone, skin and fur and the people invited Kris, Sienna and Seamus to join them for their regular playdate at the park once Seamus is feeling better!   The only thing is that Kris said that during the entire walk, Seamus kept trying to poop every couple of minutes.  She felt bad for him, but he really seemed to enjoy being out in the fresh air.  He walks awesome on lead.  
They truly love this dog, but his incontinence and frequency of having to be let out is taking its toll with them.   If they just had a doggie door and fenced in yard, it would be so much easier, but they're taking one day at a time.  I went over yesterday afternoon to let him out because Kris was not able to come home right after school.  I walked into the house and went into the room where Seamus' crate is...he was standing there, wiggling like crazy.  He had heard me coming but no barking at all, just wiggling.  Such a good boy! Dr. Bart called today just to touch base.  He's thinking it will be another 6 weeks before we will know what Seamus' long term prognosis will be, but everyone is thrilled with his progress so far!   Kris called me last night just to let me know that she was relaxing in her bed with two boxers, just snuggling and enjoying each other's company!  Please keep Seamus and the foster family in your prayers and thoughts.

12/15/06 - To everyone who has prayed and sent donations for Seamus! THANK YOU!  We still do not know what his medical bills will total, so every dollar donated for his fund is so much appreciated.   I talked with Kris tonight and she visited with Seamus and Dr. Bart and we have the best news!  When she and Stefan walked into the visiting room, Seamus ran up to Stefan and boxed with him and was so happy to see them...she told Dr. Bart it was time for Seamus to come home!!!   They are picking him up tomorrow afternoon. I'll meet them to see how they hot pack his rectum to make him comfortable.  It appears to be the only time he seems to be uncooperative, so it will take proper technic to accomplish this procedure.   I'll try to go a couple of times a day to let him out when Kris is at work next week then she will be home from Dec 22 through after the New Year!   We're still taking one day at a time, but a big Kudos needs to be given to his foster home!! Dr. Bart, Dr. Singer and Dr. Moak have also been wonderful...Dr. Bart told Kris that if it became too much for her to handle over the weekend, to just call him and she could bring Seamus back to the hospital and he would meet her there.  I'll take pics tomorrow when he comes home!!  Also, just wanted to share that a vet tech who works at the clinic where Seamus is staying has sent in an adoption application to BAR. She is so impressed with the level of commitment that BAR has invested, both emotionally and financially, to our Boxers, that she wants to be a part of this wonder group.  Thank you again!   Gail

12/11/06 - We just got home from visiting Seamus and he was perkier than Saturday, although his stool is bloody today.  We stayed about one half hour and we took him out twice during that time and both times he had bloody diarrhea.  His rectum is very red and raw although they are trying to keep it clean and medicated.  He has gained 1lb since Saturday which brings him up to 50 lbs.  They have called the Hills dog food company to get suggestions on what type of food to feed him and they are trying the Hills ID diet food, with Beneful powder mixed in to try to get some density to the stool.  We left feeling very sad about what his life has become. The biopsy came back that it is Boxer colitis and not cancer which is a good thing.  The vet is still surprised on how well he is doing, but he is still in grave danger of not  being able to overcome this horrible disease.  But all you have to do is look into this sweet boy's eyes and you know that he is so worthy of being given every chance possible to have the happy, pain free life that he so deserves.  His personality is so outgoing, but in a quiet submissive way.  It makes you just want to scoop him up in your arms and make all of his pain go away.  Oh, another thing, although the vet staff tries to let him out of the crate as much as possible, he spends most of his day in there and has rubbed his nose raw from rubbing it on the crate bars.  All he wants is to be free to sleep on a fluffy pillow.  We feel that when he is well enough to leave the hospital, the best possible situation for him would be to have a home with a doggie door and a fenced in yard so he could let himself out.  That is what he had in his former home.  He is so good about asking to go out, but unfortunately his current foster home does not have a fenced in yard or a doggie door, so we don't think he will be able to stay there for his recovery because the foster mom works and he cannot be left unattended for 5 or 6 hours at a time.  If there is someone out there who would be interested in being Seamus's foster home, please contact us.  Hopefully he will be ready to go home by the weekend.

12/10/06 - Here's Sunday's update.  Dr. Bart called Kris to report that Seamus was about the same today, although his rectum area was inflamed, probably because of leakage is irritating it and also he licks that area.  They are putting some salve on it to reduce the irritation and hopefully it is just the outside area that is affected.  We'll be visiting tomorrow and will update then.

12/9/06 - We visited Seamus this AM and he was happy to see us.  We didn't see a wiggle butt on Thursday, but we did today.  He is even thinner, but he's been eating 3 cans of food a day and enjoys it.  We were there for about 1/2 hour and he had some dripping from his rectum.  They said that he does have control of most of it during the day and will ask to go out, but at nights he has had accidents every night.  They are still saying that it's too early to tell what will be "normal" for him.  They are encouraged by his desire for attention and his mental attitude and are amazed with his progress so far...we are not out of the woods yet but every day that he improves is encouraging.  We met with Dr. Bart this morning and he, too, is very compassionate.  He will call Kris tomorrow with an update, but said that we should talk on Monday about plans for his release next week.  He would like him to stay the full 10 days (which they feel is the most crucial timeframe).  I think that will bring it to Friday, but he said Monday is soon enough to start talking about that. They expect the biopsy to be back Monday or Tuesday, which will show if it is colitis or cancer, or?

12/8/06 - I just came back from errands and Kris called.  She just talked with Dr. Singer  and they said that he is doing quite well today.  He's been up and walking around quite a bit and he ate ravenously last night.  He had an accident in the crate last night, but they are not concerned about that and had a bowel movement today...kind of like a "cow flop".  He's being very social and is getting a lot of attention from the staff.  They were monitoring his pain meds, but said that he has not needed any today at all.  He cries when he needs to go out (such a good boy).  Because he seems to be doing better today and he's getting lots of hugs and kisses there, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to go to visit him.  I'll let you know how he is tomorrow. I know we have to take one day at a time, but today is a good day.

12/7/06 - I just came back from visiting Seamus.  He's up and walking slowly.  What a sweet soul this boy has...Dr. Singer came in and talked to Kris, Stefan and me.  She is very guarded on his prognosis and was truthful about what could happen.  She said that he is in extreme danger of infection and it will be probably 10 days before we can breathe more easily...If everything goes well, he may be able to come home on Monday, but she didn't even want to talk about that at this point.  She said that once he starts going into distress or the incision starts to breakdown, there will be no hope for him.  Please keep your prayers going for him

12/7/06 Vet Update - This morning at about 10:15 I spoke to Dr. Singer about Seamus.  She was very surprised at his recovery so far.  He is standing up to urinate.  He is on heavy doses of antibiotics and pain management, as well as IV fluids.  If his condition remains stable, they will try and introduce some food this evening.  Dr. Singer again reminded about post-surgical complications.  Peritonitis as well as problems with the sutures connecting the small intestine to the rectum can occur.  Dr. Singer wanted to know who would make the decision of Seamus' care if he starts to really deteriorate.  She said if he deteriorates we may have to consider euthanasia.  I told her that all medical decisions must be made by the directors of BAR, but she can keep the foster family updated on his condition.  I will be calling later this afternoon and will update with any new information.

12/6/06 Vet Update - I spoke with the vet late this afternoon regarding the surgery done on Seamus.  The vet was truly heartbroken when he saw the condition of the large intestine.  There was so much scar tissue, that saving the large intestine was not possible.  Seamus was left with his small intestine and a small area leading to the rectum. 
After surgical complications, are peritonitis, which is an inflammation in the peritoneal cavity which is found in the internal surface of the abdominal cavity. This can occur because of all the e-coli found in the large intestine.  This is why Seamus' condition was listed as guarded.
He will be given IV antibiotic therapy as well as IV fluids and pain management.
Looking into the future, Seamus' stool will never be of normal consistency.  He will have to be on a special diet as well. 
I will be speaking with the vet daily, and will keep you informed. 
Let's say a special prayer tonight for Seamus, as he needs them.

12/6/06 PM - Kris just called me...she just got off the phone with Dr. is not good news...Seamus is in guarded condition.  The intestine was much more diseased than he anticipated.  If he makes it through the night, we'll go over to visit him tomorrow.  When he first came into rescue and jumped out of the car he had bloody gross stools and it never got too much better...sometimes it wasn't quite as bloody, but it was always at least 10  times a day. He was such a good boy...he tried so hard not to have accidents in the house, but he just couldn't help it sometimes...His foster family is so upset...they love him.

12/6/06  AM - Please pray and keep nothing but good thoughts for Seamus today.  He's being operated on for an obstruction in his intestine.  Dr. Moak took an ultrasound last night and we were able to see the obstruction.  This poor boy has lost 10 lbs. in two weeks and is rail thin....  I went to the vet visit with Kris last night and Seamus is such a trooper. He was so good with all of the prodding and examining.  I held him during the exam and he just rested his head on my shoulder, but I am very worried about him.  He has become so weak.  


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