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SPENCER 2/18/07

Spencer's Angels
Grandma Jean


Pertinent Information - Adopted 3/15/07

Nina Schnell

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Age & Sex: 1 1/2 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  62 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Brindle
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: No  Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Tivoli, PA

Adoption Donation $300

3/15/07 - Spencer has been adopted.   Well today is our lucky day!! Spencer if officially ours. He seems happy to be here and I know that  we are more than happy to have him.
We have had a few issues surface like barking at everything and peeing on the floor once a day. We are working on those issues and he is getting better. Think he just needed to be reminded who is in charge....NOT him!
Spencer and Mina play, nap, eat and get into trouble together. The only time they are apart is at night, Mina sleeps in the boys room and Spencer sleeps in ours. He starts off on the bed and then he gets down and goes into his own bed. Boy can that boy snore!! He is so silly, he blows out when he snores and his lips flap in the breeze. It's quite funny to hear.
Summer is coming so he'll get his first taste of camping, he'll love it I'm sure.
That's if for now, I'll keep posting updates.

3/2/07 - Hello all! Just thought I'd let you know how Spencer is doing. He's adjusting so well, it's hard to believe he hasn't lived here his entire life. We love him so much and Mina thinks he just the greatest toy she's ever gotten.

I took him to meet our vet last weekend and she was very impressed with how well he behaved and how attached he was since we'd only had him 6 days at that time. He got a clean bill of health (which we figured since his Brooklyn Mommy's took very good care of him). He tipped the scales at 63.5 pounds.

Spencer is very attached to my boys, he seems to think he needs to get on the school bus too, he cries when they leave...he's such a big baby! He goes totally nuts when they come home, however, when my husband comes home he gets so excited he piddles on the floor. I've started opening the door so he can greet my husband outside and piddle there instead of on my floor.

I'll keep you posted on Spencer. He sends big sloppy kisses to all of his friends at BAR and his Brooklyn Mommies!

2/25/07 - Spencer is pending adoption

2/21/07 - Well Spencer is transitioning quite nicely. We've got him eating AND sleeping in his own bed!! Hurray for our side! Spencer and Mina are engaging in more and more play, which I'm not sure is always a good thing since my house gets pretty trashed. This morning they were playing tug-of-war with a stuffed toy, but since Spencer is so much stronger than Mina she just gave up by laying on the floor with the toy in her mouth. So Spencer decided that wasn't a big deal and proceeded to drag her around the living room. It was so funny, she was laying there totally limp with her numb going like crazy and Spencer was dragging her around. We were laughing so hard at the two of them. Guess she refused to give up and let him win so she was determined to make him work for it. The two of them are hysterical together. Soon it will be nap time, which I must admit is my favorite part of their day!! They can wear a person out!!

2/20/07 - Here are a few pictures of Spencer and Mina and my boys this morning outside at a nature preserve playing in the snow. He was having a blast!!

2/19/07 - Well the first night went very well. Only one teeny little problem with bed time. He seems to think that his bed is also the one my husband and I sleep in! He started at the bottom and then the next thing I know he's nose to nose with me! I'm going to try and get him to sleep in his own bed tonight. According to his mom's he always slept in his bed at night....guess he didn't get the memo!


He still hasn't eaten, but does have an appetite. I offered him a small piece of pizza crust last night and he was more than willing to eat it. I can't seem to get him to settle down long enough to eat his food. I will try through out the day. I figure he'll eat when he's ready. No more accidents in the house, I find as long as I keep an eye on him and take him out he does just fine.

2/15/07 - Spencer will be moving to a foster-to-adopt home this weekend.

2/13/07 - Spencer today weighs 62 lbs. he is loving and very comical,  He gets along with our female boxer who will be 4 in Aug.  They play and sleep together.  We have a cat who is 12 and he goes up to Spencer and smacks him in the face.  The silly boy will sit there and look down at the cat (Tiger) and you can see his thoughts (are you finished yet with smacking me) then looks at Diane and myself as if saying can I please chase him.  He is just one big lovable playful fellow.  Spencer does not like going out in the backyard when it is raining so we put the leash on him and walk him around the block.  Diane takes the two to the doggie run once a week for about two hours and he loves when she throws the ball and he will bring it back lay down and let it go. Spencer loves to go for long walks.  We crated Spencer when we first got him only when we went to work unfortunately he is not good with the crate. He gets very agitated and hyper I do not recommend crating.  Spencer is very good if someone is home with him unfortunately when you leave we feel he suffers from separation anxiety.  He is very good in the car and listening to commands such as sit, stay, no.  He is good on the leash, loves his toys but is a little possessive but is not nasty will hold it in his mouth and walk around with it - will share with Casey when he is ready and then they play tug of war.  Spencer goes out in the back yard to do his business and will have a toy in his mouth, when he comes in and does not have the toy in his mouth I say to him "where is your toy" he then turns around and gets it.  Spencer will put a smile on your face and in your heart as he has for us.  We feel he needs more than we can give him and trust me it is breaking our heart.



Jeanine Schnell

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