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ANGEL 12/4/08


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Age & Sex: 8 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  65 lbs.
Other Dogs: Only submissive males
Color:  White
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 8:Probably  Over 8: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Poughquag, NY

Adoption Donation $175


9/7/09 - Our beloved dog Angel has passed on.

She had passed on in the middle of the night and was found resting peacefully this morning.


5/31/09 - Angel is doing great. She is a joy. She is having a lot of fun with my son. She loves, loves ,loves all the attention. Now that Spring is here she is really enjoying herself. She enjoys laying around in the grass all day. She spends a lot of her weekends playing catch, she enjoys any ball and I mean any ball. She has a whole box of footballs, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, beach, field hockey?doesn?t matter to her as long as it is semi round and has air in it. I don?t think my son owns one ball anymore that doesn?t have teeth marks in them, and she believes they are all hers.  My son is playing baseball now and every day after school he attempts to practice hitting however most of the time he has to stand on the picnic table because Angel is so impatient that she can not wait to  catch the ball, so she stands right in front of him. He moves and she follows until eventually he ends up on the table to avoid hitting her.  She is funny.  She goes to a lot of his practices and games.  She has a hard time just sitting down and watching, she wants to be out running with the kids and catching all the balls. She is getting better at learning what is expected of her at the ball field.  She sleeps on my sons bed when we are not home but at night she chooses to sleep next to his bed on her bed. She did not like the dog bed I bought her or the second one. She finally settled on a Memory Foam Bed topper. That she loves. I guess because she doesn't have to step up on it. Her arthritis is still an issue. She has only taken two of her pills though. When she is outside you would never know she has an issue she plays so hard. She acts like she is a puppy. But she still sits funny and puts a lot of weight on her front feet.  She never complains though and doesn't appear to be in pain. I think it hurts me more than her. It is just a normal way of walking and sitting to her. She never moans, groans or whines. She is VERY and I mean VERY protective.  When in the yard she barks and growls at all the neighbors. I put slats in the fence so that she can not see them which has stopped her from growling at them when they are in their yards.  I have an 80 year old neighbor that just loves Angel. He comes over to the fence at least once a day and gives her treats. She will growl at him when he comes to the fence. Then she wags her tail and takes the treat. Then goes right back to growling at him. It seems so weird to me, but I guess on the up side if anyone ever tried to break in by giving her food it would not work.  Maybe she was trained this way when she was little. She will not let anyone in the gate but is fine once we let them in. This can be the same person daily. She knows them but she still will not let them come in without us present. Once in she is all boxer wiggles and wants to be petted. She learned how to open the gate in about 2 weeks flat so we had to reconfigure it so her nose is not so efficient. She is a very smart dog. She is also very protective in the car and on the leash.  She will not let strangers approach her.  She really does not like other dogs. She is doing better on her walks and does not try to charge them anymore but she still is very interested in them. The hair on her back goes straight up. She has not mastered avoidance yet.  I think she likes her new life. She loves all the attention she gets and will let you pet her for hours. (and would prefer it). She never gets annoyed. My son will hug her for 5 minutes straight and she will just sit there and give him a kiss when he is done. She eats well and doesn?t beg for food. Although she won?t turn down anything you want to give her when you are done. I think she likes that the best about kids. They are always willing to share their snacks (and they accidentally drop a lot too). I followed the instructions that came with her and attempted to use the drummel on her nails. It smelled really bad and was taking forever since her nails are so long. So I switched to normal nail clippers and she is fine with that. She doesn't complain nor does she need any snacks to keep her preoccupied. She is actually kind of funny. She will put her head under my chin and snuggle and kiss me. And give me these sad eyes that seem to say "please don't hurt me". She has brought a lot of joy to our lives and I cant imagine being without her.For all of those people that don't want to adopt a senior dog here is my story.  I was looking for a dog between 3-6 years old.  I found a 3 year old dog that I just fell in love with but I could not have her due to her background and my young child. My son really wanted Angel after watching her video. This being his first dog I explained to him that she was 8 and may not be around long. After many discussions he decided he didn?t care how long he had with her he wanted her. A month after we adopted Angel I was on the website reading and found out that the 3 year old dog that I originally wanted had gone over to the other side. So you just never know when their time will be up. Adopt the senior dogs, They are very appreciative and will bring immense joy to your life


3/13/09 - 24 HOUR UPDATE: Angel was rightly named, she is the most perfect dog. After I picked Angel up we had a 3 hour drive home. She rode like she has done it every day of her life. She never whined, paced or panted. She just looked out of the window with her chin propped on the window and took small naps. We got home she took a tour of the house and ate all of her dinner. She met my 3 parakeets and at first barked when they flew around but by the next morning she was already use to them and pays them no attention.  She slept through the night on her new bed with no issues. The next day I left Angel alone for 6 hours without being caged. The only thing that was moved was her ball. She was fast asleep when I came home and she greeted me with the famed boxer wiggle. I took her for a 15 minute pack walk and she did great. I put her collar way up by her ears like the Dog Whisperer recommends. The first half a block she pulled by my side but after that she was perfect. After that she finally met my son. They have been inseparable ever since.  Whenever my son stops petting Angel she paws at him. He got his first boxer kiss which from her paperwork is only given once it is earned.  They played ball in the yard and he fed her dinner.  After dinner we went for another walk. My son took the leash and made it about a half a block before Angel caught a scent and pulled him into the grass. They ran in the park for a few minutes and on the way back he wanted to try and walk her again. This time he made it all 5 blocks with Angel by his side the whole way. He even passed 2 barking dogs behind a fence  and when Angel looked at them my son pulled to the right and Angel kept on walking. That is truly amazing for a 9 yr old boy that has never owned a dog and has very limited experience. Angel is just the best dog ever. We could not ask for a better fit for our family. Her arthritis is doing well. She was a little stiff this morning but it went away quickly. I am slowly switching her over to a food made specifically for dogs with arthritis so hopefully we will see a nice improvement with that and the walks. I will keep you updated.  Thank you so much BAR for finding Angel her Forever Home and for giving my son the best friend he has been wanting for so long.


3/12/09 - Angel has left us to go home with her forever family.  I was expecting to be devastated by this but... Angel was so excited and happy when they got here.  When Renee put the leash on her Angel was ready to go and that's just what she did.  She was bouncey and happy and she never looked back.  Good for her....we will miss her very much and we wish her the happiest most love filled life ever.  Thank you BAR for bringing such a fabulous creature into our lives, it was a pleasure to have known and cared for her. 

I would once again like to thank Boxer Angels Rescue for being an amazing organization.  Jean, Gary and Gail are always available anytime I have a question or concern.  My husband and I would highly recommend BAR to anyone considering adopting, fostering or volunteering in any other way!

3/9/09 - Angel is pending adoption

2/20/09 - WANTED:  Friendly family with lots of love to give and toys to share for the rest of my days.  I am Angel.  In return for sharing your home and life with me I promise to give you the following:  ALL OF MY LOVE, to be a good girl while you are gone from me, and to give you a joyous greeting when you return home to me, I promise to tell you when I need to go out and to trust you enough to trim my nails and give me a bath,  I promise to eat my meals without complaint and to sleep quietly through the night.  If you have children I promise to love them and play with them and to always want to be with them wherever they are.  I promise to protect them if needed and to protect your home while you are at work.  Hello?  Are you out there somewhere?   Do you hear me?  My name is, Angel.

2/10/09 - Slide Show of Angel

01/30/09 - Angel saw the vet today for a routine Heartworm test and physical exam.  Angel was a very good girl and even gave the doctor a kiss when she was all done.  After her exam Angel spent the rest of the day at work with me.  We greeted all visitors together and she was polite and friendly.  Everyone she met commented on what a happy and friendly girl she is.  Angel never jumps on visitors, but she does request that they toss her ball even if it's just once.  And even in this different place where there are frequently many other dogs (although none today) Angel, knows her manners.  She "asks" to go out when she needs to and she would go and settle on her bed when I told her to.  We had a very nice day together.  This sweet girl is a fantastic companion just waiting patiently for her forever family to find her.

1/29/09 - Angel is a beautiful female boxer.  She is sweet, loving, easy to care for, totally house trained, and she loves people.   Please consider adopting this happy and playful girl.

1/21/09 - Link to videos of Angel on Youtube:

1/18/09 - Just a quick update.  We started Angel on a glucosamine supplement her first day with us and it seems to be helping her alot.  She is less stiff in the morning and has more get up and go than before.  Angel is a very happy girl...check out the picture of her "grinning" in the snow to the right!

1/13/09 - We continue to enjoy Angel.  She is so sweet and loving.  Angel enjoys playing out in the snow.  She plays with her ball by throwing it herself so it gets buried and then flips it back out of the snow with her nose.  She is such a playful and happy girl, I am sure she has not idea that she is considered a senior citizen.  I am sending a fun picture of Angel and our daughter.  The kids were doing something with this 6' long branch and every time they put it down Angel came by and tried to steal it away.  Sometimes she actually got it and she would play keep away from them with this humongous stick in her mouth.  In this photo our daughter is laying on the branch to try and keep Angel from getting it.  It was quite a game for them all.  This wonderful boxer will steal your heart as soon as you meet her.

1/5/09 - Angel is a people dog.  She is very sweet and enjoys being massaged and pet.   Angel loves toys and will entertain herself if needed.  
She gets along ok with our dogs.   She does not like another dog near her food dish, but has no issues with people and her dish.   She enjoys being outside and runs alot and plays alittle with our dogs.  She gets defensive very quickly with other dogs.  She really does only like other dogs that are mellow and leave her alone.  
Angel is a good watch dog and will alert when someone comes to the door.  She growls if someone comes in un-announced, but then stops as soon as we tell her it's ok.  If we invite her to greet someone at the door with us she is fine and greets the new human happily with no growling.
The arthritis in her hind limbs (esp. her left hind) has made her weak behind and she is stiff in the morning or after sleeping for any length of time.   She tends to put most of her weight on her front end when standing and has trouble sitting when asked (although she wants to).  In spite of this Angel is happy and runs and plays without much difficulty. 
Angel is housetrained, playful, sweet and easy to care for.  She is a wonderful girl looking for a family to love her.

12/21/08 - Angelís first night here with us was perfect. She chose to sleep on a doggie pillow, on the floor, at the head of our daughterís bed. She stayed there all night, and went outside with the rest of the crew this morning. She is eating fine and has no food issues. Her favorite thing seems to be a tennis ball, when she plays with it she "sings" to it. The noise is a low, whale song type noise, very funny and cute. She took the ball out in the snow, buried it and then dug it out and threw it in the snow again. She is very good at entertaining herself. She has had no issues with our dogs, our children or us. This afternoon she took a couch nap with Hermann. Angel is very easy to like and so far she is the ultimate house guest.

12/20/08 - We met Ruth in Scranton today and picked up Angel. Angel is very sweet and BEAUTIFUL! At home introductions to our dogs went quickly due to road weary travelers, cranky kids and too much snow and cold.
Lucky for us she is easy going and after a few noisy but harmless doggie discussions everything seems fine with our pack.
Will get pictures and such in ASAP so she can get started on her journey to a forever home.
A great big THANK YOU to everyone that made it possible for her to be with us for the holidays. We are so happy and lucky to have joined BAR. Everyone is so kind, helpful, available and easy to communicate with.

12/4/08 - Angel has been living in the same home since she was a puppy, but her owner is being transferred for work, so Angel needs a new home. Angel is white, but NOT deaf.

Angel is a smart, affectionate, and calm older dog who just wants to spend time with her people, lounge around, and take a walk once in a while. Kind of what we'd all like to do as a senior!

She has a "football knee" so she walks a little more slowly than the average dog.  She does NOT like other dogs who are excitable but she does like mellow dogs and she also likes cats. Angel is good with older kids, but is used to a quiet household, so an active home with younger kids is probably not the best fit for her. Can anyone give this special Christmas "Angel" a home?

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