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BAMBI 7/18/04


Bambi's Foster Journey - Adopted 9/24/04 - Rainbow Bridge 5/10

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Pertinent Information
5 yr. old  Female
 66 lb. Owner Surrender
Natural  Ears and  Docked Tail
Spayed and UTD
Being Fostered near
Cobleskill, NY
Adoption Donation $175

5/10 - With very heavy and saddened hearts we have to report that Bambi has passed. We can't express our grieve. She was our child. She brought us great joy. We wouldn't change that for the world. She had been diagnoses with an enlarged heart with fluid around it 2 weeks ago tomorrow. We were giving her some medication and hoping for impovement, but she just turned 11 and it was just a matter of time. The day before she died, we thought she was improving, but on Wed May 5th she fell asleep and didn't wake up. To try to put into words what Bambi brought to our lives is impossible. We loved her so much and she loved us. We will miss her so much...beyond words.

9/24/05 - Today, we have had Bambi for 1 full year!!  My how time flies. We are all doing well together. Bambi is an absolutely perfect fit to our life.  Since we have moved to a house with more land, she has become a whole new dog!!! She is more confident and independent. She roams the land, chasing rabbits and squirrels. She loves to go on hikes
through the woods with us. She is very content and so are we.  She does need to have some gum surgery done. And have a mole on her backside removed next week.   Hopefully the gum surgery will help with the bad breath!!!!
We have been babysitting a Lab over the last 2 weeks and Bambi has done very  well with that. We took the lab home this morning and Bambi seems depressed. We have been thinking about adopting another boxer.....we will see.
Thank you BAR for allowing us the pleasure of such a wonderful dog. She is a very important part of our lives.
Dan, Dawne and Bambi

3/24/05 -Bambi has been with us for 6 months today!!! We are thrilled. Instead of hearing it from us again...I thought you'd enjoying hearing it from the dog's mouth.
I have been with my forever parents for 6 months. I love it with them. They spend so much time with me. I do get sad every day when they leave for work, but I sit on the back of my couch in the big window and wait until they come home. We just moved to a new house. It's big and I have to go from room to room looking for them, but I'm getting used to it. I LOVE the BIG yard I now have. A lot of people come to visit and I'm getting so much better at not letting them scare me. I'm actually starting to bark more to let my parents know if someone is around. I have met several other dogs and I have done well with that too. I still get a bit shaky in the car, but I calm down after a bit. I don't drool at all!!! I've been on meds for my seizures and haven't had one since I first got here. I am able to go out to do my business alone and come right back for my treat. My favorite part is when Mom and Dad come home from work. I get to dance and jump, and we do a group hug!! I love them very much. And I know they love me. They are always petting me and loving me. Thank you BAR!!!
Bambi and my parents!

12/27/04 - As of Dec 24th, Bambi has been with us for 3 months. She is a wonderful dog. She fits in perfectly with our lifestyle. She is the center of our lives.
She had a couple seizures in early November, which scared us to death, but we got her to the vet and he put her on Phenobarbitol. She hasn't had a seizure since.
She is definitely a counter surfer!! We have to be very careful of what is left out, because it really doesn't matter to her what it is...she feels if it's's hers!!!
My 2 year old niece absolutely adores her and tries to ride Bambi like a horsey. Bambi is very patient. Even when my niece is chasing her around with a bone and trying to shove it in Bambi's mouth...Bambi is so calm.
She is still skittish. But we are in the process of closing on a new home that has 5 1/2 acres of land. She is going to love the privacy and the room to run.
She just gets SOOOO excited when we come home. We pick on her because it doesn't matter if we've been gone 5 mins or 5 hours, she is just as excited either way!!! We love the way she dances for us.
She is just the perfect dog for us. She is so loving. We honestly don't know what we did without her. She has just totally completed our family!! Thank you BAR!

10/24/04 - Hi Everyone, Bambi has been with us 1 full month today!!!! She is the love of our lives. She is the center of everything we do. We just adore her.
She is still skittish at times. For example, today we had a brunch at our house with my family, and as soon as my brother and his wife came in she was shaking like a leaf. By the time everyone (all 12 of them) showed up and she realized she was going to get ALL the attention, she was fine. I think she's worried that when people come to visit, she may have to go with them. She shakes a lot when we take her in the car too. It takes about 15 minutes before she gets comfortable.
Yesterday, we had my 2 yr old neice over for the first time since getting Bambi and Bambi scared her. Bambi dances and jumps so much when we get home, and my niece is as tall as Bambi and Bambi just overpowered Tobe. Tobe screamed and screamed. I got Bambi settled and made slower intros. It was more my fault, as I know how Bambi is when we get home...she overpowers me sometimes with her excitement!! After a short while...Bambi and Tobe were good friends. Bambi was very patient with all the hugging and riding Tobe wanted to do. Today, when Tobe came over, there were absolutely no problems. Bambi did try to mount Tobe yesterday when she was playing on the floor and she tried to mount me last weekend when I was cleaning the kitchen on my hands and knees. When you tell her "no" though she stops immediately.
She has stolen Dan's heart. They have competitions on who can run from the back yard to the porch the fastest. Bambi finally won today for the first time. (Dan also cheats by calling her back, then taking off on her...she finally didn't fall for it!!!)
She has definitely become our kid!!! What did we do without her before???? What would we do without her now??!! Thank you BAR, Dan and Dawne

9/25/04 - Hi all. We picked Bambi up from her wonderful foster home yesterday. They were wonderful to us (Carrie--thank you for the absolutely delicious apple pie!!). Bambi was a bit shy when we first met her. She was shaking and nervous. She could sense what was going on. But once we were in her foster home, she warmed up and was begging for attention. Saying good-bye was hard for her foster parents. They really loved her. And we can tell she was well taken care of there.
She's a beauty. She didn't really want to get in the car, so we helped her in. Once in though she laid right down
for the ride. She was nervous for the first 1 1/2 hours. We made a pit stop to stretch her legs. She jumped right in the car no problem and slept for the next 2 hrs.
Once here, she sniffed everything, went for a walk, then we just all sat together and gave her a lot of love. Everytime I stopped petting her she would put her paw on my hand begging for more. She slept well last night in our bedroom on the floor next to the bed. She did try to get in bed this morning, but we told her to get down and she did with no problems.
She seems skittish today. Every little sound makes her nervous. She'll just need some time to adjust. We'll update again soon. Dan, Dawne and Bambi

9/24/04 - Hi everyone. Bambi left today at 3:00. The family that adopted her are great and she warmed up to them really quickly. She didn't want to get in their car so she was helped in but I know in my heart she will be fine.  My little girl cried and told them "no my Bambi" and of course I cried. Bambi turned out to be a really great dog with lots of personality and I will miss her. I made them promise not to forget the updates and as an added bonus to make sure they don't forget I presented them with one of my famous apple pies. Carrie

9/22/04 - Bambi is pending adoption.

9/15/04 - Bambi is a sweet girl and I love her to death. If someone would have told me 5 years ago when I bought my house that I would be fostering dogs I would have searched for a bigger yard. I honestly would keep Bambi but I would like to continue with my foster efforts. I cant even imagine the thought of her leaving us it hurts to think of it because she really has turned out to be a loving member of the family. Which brings me to one of her not so good points. She loves one member of my family a little to much as she is still trying to dominate my 6 year old. He just yells at her to get off and she does. This is something we are working to correct.
Bambi and Maddie are truly acting like sisters now instead of just co-existing. Bambi still has to be first at everything but she is willing to accept there is enough attention to go around. The other night she actually went to Maddie woke her up and was egging her to come outside. They had a short romp in the yard and then came in for their treats.
Bambi can be totally trusted with free run of the house. She has had absolutely no destructive behavior. I think she does have the tendency to become a counter surfer she is starting to sit at the counter and put her feet in the air like she is going to get up there but we have caught her each time. If you leave food out on the table un attended she will get on the table to steal the food another behavior we are working on.
These are Bambi's 2 negatives - giving to much unacceptable love to my son and stealing food that is unattended. Her positives so out weigh these 2 minor (in my humble opinion) negatives. Her positives totally housebroken, totally yard trained you can leave the gate open or let her out front with no leash and she will stay put, awesome with the resident kitty (who wants to thank BAR for sending us one that leaves her alone) great with the kids (beside that one glitch that happens every so often) and all around just a completely loving dog. Bambi has a big place in my heart and I would truly never forget her but she deserves a home to call her own. With her very own family that she doesn't have to share.
One last note on Wednesday when I walked my son to school I brought Bambi which I have done with all of my fosters and she was a nervous wreck. She was shaking like a leaf and I promised never to do that to her again.


9/9/04 - I decided to write about our lovely labor day. Let me start by saying we hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend. My family and I ventured to one upstate NY beautiful state parks for the day. I along with my husband packed up the 2 kids and 2 dogs and spent the day there. Bambi loved it she enjoyed all the people and hiking trails and just being part of the family. She was excellent in the car her and Maddie shared the back of the subaru wagon. As soon as I pulled out the leashes they both got really excited. Bambi has been a great house guest her only bad habit is scrounging around for food after we are done eating she was obviously used to being fed human food and that is something we just don't do at our house. Bambi has stinky breath but she does let me brush them.
Whomever adopts her might want to consider taking her in for a real thorough cleaning. I can't believe she has been with us almost a month. Please consider Bambi has your permanent guest she really is a great girl.

9/3/04 - Well it's official we are over the 2 week hump with Bambi. Bambi was in her previous foster home for 2 weeks and in her adoptive home for 2 weeks before her incident with the male dog in the house. Things are going really well here. Bambi continues to be a great house guest not bothering anything. She is very excited to see us when we get home and is fine being left alone for the day. Bambi has free run of our house along with Maddie. Bambi is a very good girl I want to be very clear about that I totally trust her and love her to death. Bambi and Maddie get along really well and I would honestly keep her if I could but if I kept her I wouldn't be able to foster anymore and that would kind of defeat my purpose of trying to help as many of these babies as I can. Bambi is excellent with my 2 children and excellent with the cat. She doesn't bark much. She really is a super girl. She did sneak into bed with me the other night which I found amusing because I didn't even know she was there. My daughter was sick the night before so I was up a lot well the next night I must of been sleeping like a log and there she was when I woke up. Please consider Bambi for your very own. She doesn't play but she loves to take walks and she is very low key. She loves to just hang out. If your looking for a big lap dog and a sweet girl to take long walks with this is your girl. Oh I almost forgot Bambi let me brush her teeth last night I don't think it was something she was used to but she is so willing to please that she let me do it. I am going to try and make it a regular thing because she has stinky breath.  Please think about making Bambi a new addition to your home.

8/31/04 - I just did an update on my Bambi girl but thought I would do another just to drive home the point that she is such a good girl, so sweet and loveable. Bambi will have been with us 2 weeks tomorrow and this seems to be the time she makes it to without any problems so I am keeping my fingers crossed that all continues to go as well as it has been. As I write this Bambi and Maddie are sleeping on the loveseat together. They do everything in unison now. Go outside, eat, get up to bark at the mailman (ups man, fed ex guy) anyone of the delivery profession. It still is just a co-existence but it is nice. Bambi still doesn't play with Maddie in fact she really doesn't play she is happy just being with us humans large and small. I really wanted to write and tell you all that she is really good about staying in the yard. We have left our back gate open when we had some things to do in the driveway and she would come to the gate we would simply say stay in the yard and she did. Yesterday when we got home we let both dogs greet us in the front yard again we told Bambi to stay in the yard and she did. We decided to stay out front and she simply plopped herself down on the front porch and stayed there until we told her it was time to go in. She is such a good girl. Please consider Bambi as your permanent (only) boxer baby.

8/27/04 - Just wanted to send everyone a quick note on our Bambi. What a sweet girl she is doing really well in our home. She and her resident fur sister get along great after a couple grumbles for affection (no altercations) and a brief tiff outside things are great. I would like to explain the small tiff no one was hurt. Maddie our resident boxer was running around the yard like a nut and she bumped into Bambi who was just standing around and Bambi went to get on top of Maddie and Maddie turned around growled at Bambi and showed her teeth and now they have a new found respect for each other. I'm not nervous with the two of them together. I still think (unless you can clone Maddie exactly) that Bambi should be the only dog in the house. I think that is the kind of life she is used to and at 5 it is probably best to keep it that way. She is getting a lot better when we come home she sits and waits for us to pay attention to her. She is not a big barker and only barks when someone comes to the door. Bambi is not trying to get in bed with me at night she goes right to her ottoman or just plops down on the floor. She sleeps all night and doesn't wake me up in the morning like my last foster lol. All in all Bambi is a really sweet girl she is happy just hanging out. She is not an outside dog she is perfectly content to stay inside. She has proven herself to be a very
trustworthy dog. She has taken food if the kids leave it laying around and she was in her glory this week with my 19 month old niece here she was getting fed all sorts of stuff (Cassidy lives with a dalmation and black lab who eat everything) so she is used to throwing them whatever she doesn't feel like finishing. Bambi is a great dog I have no doubts she will make someone's life more complete. I love having her here she is very low maintenance. Just wants lots of love and she deserves that. Consider Bambi as your permanent guest she really is a great dog.

8/22/04 - Beautiful golden girl, big brown eyes, full of love in search of a human companion. My ideal match would be someone that would want me as their only canine companion. I love children and the resident kitty her so I don't mind if you come with a couple of those. Someone who likes to go for long walks and likes to cuddle(both in bed and on the couch). Just looking for someone to love!
If Bambi could take out a personal I believe that is how it would read. Bambi is a sweet girl with lots of love to give. Bambi is a typical female and even though we females don't like to admit it we all have a jealous streak some of us are just worse then others hers happens to be worse. Bambi is not jealous of humans you can give each other affection it just seems to be other dogs.
Yesterday my resident boxer Maddie was trying to chase my slippers something we have always done and Bambi starting growling at her and continued to grumble at her through out the day whenever I tried to pay attention to the both of them. They have been co-existing very nicely together sharing the same couch and everything. There were no incidents because I was right on top of both of them and they even went back to sleeping on the couch together but it is very clear that Bambi needs to be the only dog in the house. When we are out walking she doesn't even take interest in other dogs she doesn't care to meet them and she doesn't even seem curious. I cant get Bambi to play with anything, it's like she is a lap dog trapped in a big dog body. Bambi would be content to take a nice long walk in the evening then hang out with you on the couch all night. The resident kitty trusts her and I found them sleeping on the other couch when I came back from the bathroom. Bambi is a really sweet girl I can't say that enough and she is ready for her forever home. If Bambi sounds like the right girl for you get in those apps. I can personally say if I did not have a dog I would love to have Bambi and I know her previous adoptive family would probably say the same. She is very well behaved and fully trained and has all the great boxer personality right down to her kidney bean dance she just needs to be the only dog in the house.

8/19/04 - Bambi unfortunately had to come back to BAR. It seems she wasn't getting along with the male dog in the
house and he was there first so here she is. Bambi arrived at my home yesterday and has settled in nicely so far.
Intro's went very well and she has already made herself at home sharing the love seat with her new boxer sister
(leashes and all) I truly believe they must have good karma because they share the same birthday (April Fools Day)
and are the same age. Bambi spends most of her time following me around whenever I get up she follows. Bambi does
all her business outside and even leaves our resident kitty alone (big bonus for the kitty none of our previous guests
let her have any peace )Last night when it was time for bed I was all set to crate her but she was used to sleeping with
her humans (which she tried to do) I ended up moving this big ottoman that is at the end of our bed to the side and
that is where she slept so it wasn't exactly on the bed but she was close enough so she was happy. This morning I
woke to this beautiful (heavy) girl jump on the bed and lay right on top of me. When she was done with that she
hopped off and did the greatest kidney bean dance where all four paws come off the ground and she twists her behind
it's really cute. Both dogs went right out to do their business and came back in for breakfast. Bambi has been great with my 2 children 6&2. We will keep an eye on her. Look for further updates on this sweetie.

8/18/04 - Bambi is in her new foster home near Troy, NY.  Update coming soon.

8/17/04 - Bambi was adopted out to a family that just loved her to death, but she did not like their existing dog one bit - a yellow lab, that she just could not get along with, so Bambi has been returned to BAR.

7/28/04 - Bambi is doing great! She actually picked up a bone today and ran into the kitchen with it! But, lost interest in it. It was exciting to see. She is getting along great with the other dogs. Last night my 4 year old nephew was over and she didn't seem to mind him. She's such a wonderful dog. She will make her new parents very happy!

7/25/04 - Bambi is coming along wonderfully. She shows more and more excitement when we come home every day, and is still such a delight to have around. Again, she just can't seem to get enough affection. She's starting to play a little more with the other dogs and she could care less about the cats. Unfortunately, my sister has been very busy and has not been able to bring my 4 year old nephew over, but I foresee Bambi not having a problem with children because of her laid back attitude. She has not had any accidents in the house, so she is fully housetrained. She shows nointerest in any toys, and has not gotten into anything in the house or has chewed anything up.

7/21/04 - Wow! I just gave Bambi a toe nail trim, she was absolutely wonderful with it- gave me no problem 
what-so-ever. And to top it off... when I was done, she got up and pranced around and everything. She was so excited.

7/20/04 - Day #3 Bambi is doing great. She knows to "give paw" and knows to "sit" and to "come". She is fully housebroken, is great with the other dogs, but I think she might like to be the center of attention. She has no interest in treats, bones or toys. Has no problem with me taking her food dish away, walks very well on her leash, with the exception of a couple of slight pulls here and there. Overall, things are going very well.

7/19/04 - Day #2 with Bambi... I think she is just wonderful. She has warmed up to us so quickly. Not interested in 
treats or toys yet. If she catches you laying on the couch... prepared to be slurped! 
She's a real love and loves to get attention. She hasn't really barked. She is fully housetrained and even wines to 
go outside. I feel she should have no problem finding her forever home, and I know when she does, I will miss her so.

7/18/04 - Bambi's first day with me has gone pretty well. She has really seemed to cling to myself and my boyfriend. She is very loveable, does not mind to be kissed or hugged or pet. Introductions to my four have gone mostly well with the exception of my dog Jake, who does not like anyone near me- but he will just have to adjust. She is a real pleasure to have hear with us, and there should be no problem (that I have seen so far) in finding her a home. She also could care less about the cats!