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SAMPSON 6/13/04



Sampson's Foster Journey - Adopted 7/25/04 - Rainbow Bridge 12/28/09





Pertinent Information
4 - 5 yr. old  Fawn Male
57 lb. Shelter Surrender 
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Neutered and UTD
Being Fostered near Schenectady, NY
Adoption Donation $175

12/29/08 - Just writing to let everyone know that last night about 6:30 my beautiful boy Sampson passed over to rainbow bridge.  I rescued Sammy from BAR in July 2004.  He was the best boxer boy I could have ever asked for.  He was around 6 or 7 when we rescued him.  He has been my shadow for the past 4 years and we all will miss him.  In April of this year he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Sam put up great fight.  With his age we decided to just let nature take its course.  He had his good days with a few bad here and there.  However, Saturday after Christmas he stop eating and was growing weak.  I could tell by the look in his eye he had enough.  Sam passed with me holding his beautiful head in my arms and his two skin sister and his fur sister by his side.  We loved Sam so much and will miss him like crazy.  Thank you BAR for letting me adopt the best boxer ever.

10/29/04 - Hi! It's me Sam. My mom is busy putting my little skin sister down for a nap, so I'm going to do my own update. First, I love my new family. Second, I also love my new boxer sister, even though I would love to know how my old sister is making out with her new family. (Its never been update). Third I no longer wet the bed at night. I mom has never even yelled at me. She just said let go to the vet again. My doctor told mom that I have a weak bladder. Every morning my mom give me some lunch meat with a pill in it. I pretend I don't know it is there, but she can't fool me. My bed has been dry for three weeks now. I even get to sleep with mom again. I once had a accident in her bed, so I was only allowed on the dog bed, but no more. I want to thank all BAR member who saved me and gave me a second chance. I love being here. I'll keep in touch, Sammy

10/7/04 - So sorry this is a little late. Sam the man, is doing good. I wish I could say great, but he has had a few little medical issues. We hope to be all better now. Sam has been a great addition to the family. At first I though he was to old to keep up with his little boxer sister, but boy was I wrong. Every morning they start off the day by play fighting for about an hour or so. Then it is time for a good game of tag-a-war (with whatever they can find). Next they head outside for a few laps around the yard. After all that, they each get cozy on the couch. We all love Sammy and we are proud to be his new parents. We will keep going to the vet once a week if we have to. He is worth it to us. He is a big soft gentle 65 pound lap dog.

8/24/04 - Well, it has been about 6 weeks since Sam first came to live with us. So much as changed! He is starting to give little kisses and I mean little. We have discovered that Sam is best NOT crated when we go out. When he is crated he will pee in the crate. If we leave him with free run of the house, he is a prefect boy. He loves to play with stuffed animals or should I say destroy stuffed animals. Sam and his fur sister Princess (boxer) love tug of war and to run like crazy around the yard. Sam will fetch a ball but it is not his favorite game. Sam is also wonderful with the skin kids (5 & 3). He has learned that the little one will share whatever she is eating. One lick of ice cream for Kylie and one lick for Sammy and so on. He is very gentle with everyone. Sam has no faults that we can see, unless you count that he believes he is a lap dog. Sam goes to the vet on Thursday. He has one eye that is a little cloudy, so we will have it checked out. He also recovered nicely from the surgery to remove his lumps and teeth cleaning. The teeth cleaning and polishing has really help with his breath (thank you BAR). We all believe Sammy was the prefect choice for are family. We love him very much. Sam will never again have to worry about be left or mistreated. Thank you BAR for letting us have the best rescue dog.

8/2/04 - It's official? Sammy is one spoiled, loved puppy!!! It still amazes me how much can change for these guys in so short a time. Just 2 1/2 months ago, he and Delilah were found tied to a tree, abandoned, and now he is sleeping on the couch with his little boxer sister and has two adorable skin sisters to give him all the hugs and kisses he can possibly want. Debbie gave me the cutest photos that I'll try to scan so everyone can see his transformation. Congratulations to the entire Welcome family!!

7/25/04 - Sampson has been adopted

7/20/04 - Sampson is pending adoption.

7/6/04 - Sammy has been here three weeks and he has settled in so nicely. He is definitely a mommy's boy. He follows me everywhere, although he seeks affection from everyone. He is very quiet and greets everyone with wiggles. I took all three fur kids out for ice cream tonight and Sammy was so cute. He just sat their patiently, waiting for his turn to lick the cone. Everyone who walked by, commented how well behaved he was. He still is not fond of being alone, but is getting much better. He sometimes barks in his crate when left, but quiets after a couple of minutes and goes to sleep. When he first came, he had accidents frequently when left alone, but that is an infrequent occurrence now. He is so excited to see us when we return. He was frightened that he was going to be abandoned again but I think he is starting to trust that he is safe. He still continues to be so good when out in the house. He does not touch anything that he shouldn't or doesn't counter surf.
If you're looking for a companion that is content to just sit at your feet during the day and cuddle with you at night and perhaps an occasional ride in the car for ice cream, Samson is the boy for you.

6/19/04 - Well, our Samson has finally discovered the comforts of being a couch potato. Until today, he hasn't even attempted it. He had a wonderful day, lounging with my terrier. They have become quite the duo, which is surprising because my old guy usually just tolerates the comings and going of our other two fosters. Samson, like his mother Delilah, has had some separation anxiety issues (peeing when left alone) because they are afraid that they will be abandoned again, but I feel it is understandable seeing that they have only been separated from each other for 4 days. Yesterday, when I fed him his breakfast I left the baby gate off in his room, he took a couple of bites, then ran back to the kitchen to see where I was, then back to his food for a few more bites, then back to me. He looked so cute, because he had yogurt all over his face because he was eating so fast so he get back to me. I felt so bad for him because he was scared that I wouldn't be there when he finished eating. Since then, I sit next to him so he can eat in peace. Today, when I had to put Sammy "in his room" for a few minutes, I left one of my guys in the room with him (they get extra treats for this) and he has been much better. I think he will need a fur brother or sister in his forever home. Except for a few minutes here and there when he was in his room (our den), he has had the run of the entire main floor of the house and has not had one accident. He has seen my cats outside and is still interested, but has had no contact with them. Oh, by the way, he walks beautifully on the leash (always on the left) and never pulls. Sammy is just the sweetest boy. He gets along with everyone he meets. His former foster home has small children and he was great with them. Even though he needs to be within sight of us whenever possible, he really does not require a lot of attention. He is content to just lay on the floor near us. We have been spoiling him with a lot of attention and praise, so he keeps getting up to soak up "all the loving".

6/16/04 - Well, after much discussion and consideration, it was decided to separate Samson and Delilah to see if they could thrive without each other. So, Sammy, being the man of the family decided to move to another foster home and let his mom stay where she was. Sammy came home with me last night and has been a total sweetheart. So far, he doesn't seem to miss his mom very much. As with any new foster baby, they are a little confused for a couple of days, but he seems to be handling life on his own wonderfully. He has met his fur foster brothers this morning and seems to be adjusting to that very well. He is very interested in the cats, so that will have to be monitored very closely. Last night my sons had several friends over last night (college is out and they haven't seen each other for several months) so there was a lot of rowdy teenagers clowning around. Sammy took it all in stride and considering he only walked into the house himself an hour before, he was amazing. His little nubbin wiggled so fast, you could hardly see it. It made everyone laugh, which made him wiggle even more. Look for further updates to read how this little one emerges from the shadow of his mother to his own personality.

6/14/04 - Sampson - Where to start. Sampson came to us yesterday and it was such a surprise. I was supposed to be getting  Delilah and surprise surprise I came home with both of them. Sampson very close to Delilah and will not do anything without her. He is such a sweet boy. He thinks he is a lap dog which is funny because he is pretty big and if he grows into his feet he will be a good size boxer. I don't know how someone could leave them tied to a tree. Sampson has been good in the house but, last night when I put them to bed I gated them into their own room and someone had gone to the bathroom on the floor. I'm not sure who it was Sam or Delilah and I'm not sure if they did it just because they are not happy being locked up. Sam has been great with the kids and he really likes our resident boxer Maddie. The people from the shelter said he was not fond of the male dogs there and had to be removed from the play yard a few times. He hasn't met the male dog that lives across the street yet. I suppose since I have two of these to do I should move on to his Mom.

6/13/04 - Hi everyone Sampson and Delilah are here. So far so good. Intro's to the skin kids and the resident fur kid have gone really well. They are extremely interested in the cat who by the way is not interested in them. They were awesome in the car and you could tell why they can't be apart. I don't know to much else yet. I will write often to keep everyone posted.