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TRIXIE 8/20/04


Trixie's Foster Journey - Adopted 9/20/04 - Rainbow Bridge 6/19/06

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Pertinent Information
8 yr. old  Flashy Fawn Female Boxer
50  lb. Owner  Surrender
Cropped Ears and Docked Tail
Spayed and UTD
Being Fostered near New London, CT
Adoption Donation $100

6/19/06 -  We had our sweet little Trixie for almost 2 yrs.  She came to us with thyroid cancer and we did not expect to have the pleasure of company for as long as we did.  Rest in peace

9/20/04 - Trixie is a very lucky little girl, she has been adopted by her foster family. Good luck to them all.

9/15/04 - Trixie continues to become more and more at home with us. She does little dances and plays with our 3 year old boxer, Rocket. She is very funny, both in her expressions and her movements. Trixie is not a "Prima Dona," but a goofball. Trixie barks at newcomers approaching the house, but is always friendly when we have visitors, especially children. Kids seem to really like Trixie too.
Even though Trixie loves to eat, she is not a "counter surfer." She doesn't raid the trash or get into other mischief. Trixie is a good girl who just loves to be with you.

9/6/04 - Trixie continues to blend into our family. She is good with all dogs, but does not like cats ( she thinks they're play toys) Trixie love to lay on your lap, and just wants affection. She is very good with kids of all ages and seems to miss kids,(she had them in her old home) so she is very happy when our grand children are here.
We have walked her on crowded streets and have had all ages of people walk up to her without any problem. She is a great dog with no bad habits and she is a good watch dog who pays attention to her surroundings, but is not aggressive.
Trixie was a city girl and we had to introduce her to the beach. (we have been staying at our cottage) She wouldn't "go" on the sand. but wanted to "go" on the pavement. She soon learned, if our other dogs "went" on the sand it was OK.

8/24/04 - Trixie is easy to live with , she gets along with our other 2 dogs. (a boxer age 3 (male ,fixed) and a mix 13 year old male( fixed)  Trixie does think that cats are self propelled playthings and need to be chased.  She is good with kids (4 yr old granddaughter) She will walk with our boxer (Rocket) with out any problem. She has a howl that we have never heard form a boxer, kind of a wolf howl only more plaintive.
She sleeps by my feet in the evening, beside my desk during the day and beside the bed at night. If she would just leave the cat alone she would be the perfect companion!(:>) Mark

8/20/04 - Trixie's family found themselves having to move to a place where they could not have Trixie and they are heartbroken.   They want everyone to know that Trixie was loved very much and they hated to have to give her up.  She was in a kennel for 6 weeks until BAR became aware of her and one of our retired foster homes stepped up and offered to foster her.  She is a petite little girl who is a little confused at the moment. 
Thank you Nancy for driving Trixie to Stamford and to Pat Ferman for transporting this gal all the way from Stamford to East Lyme, CT. 
Her previous owners report that she is good with other dogs and cats.  She has been raised with 3 children and is good with children of all ages.  She is used to sleeping on a couch and would try to climb into bed with the kids.  She was let lose in the house and does not chew, destroy things, or make a mess.  She is described as "quiet."  Her favorite pass time is to play with kids and likes any toys that are thrown. 
Trixie has a fatty mass hanging from her forearm that we will be checking out with our vet.  She is spayed and up-to-date on all of her vaccinations.  Look for updates soon.