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Pertinent Information - Adopted 7/30/05

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Age & Sex: 3 1/2 month old male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 20 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children under 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: No
Neutered: No
Microchipped: No
Surrender: Owner Surrender
Location: Albany,   NY

Adoption Donation $350 + $50 Neuter Deposit

8/19/206: I adopted Beaugie - aka “Newport” in July of 2005. Yesterday he crossed the bridge after a battle of cancer, diagnosed with a tumor on his spleen in 11/2015 which spread to his brain taking his life. He gave us the most loving 11+ years, so much fun and such a good friend. He will be missed.

Beaugie was very unique – he brought us such joy and LAUGHS. He and I were very attached – I work at home full time and he was always by my side. He was a tough nugget who hung in there to the very end. My heart aches and the house is way TOO quiet. Time will heal, I will recover by all the fond memories he brought to my family and I. My son put together a video of photos throughout the recent years. Knowing boxers and their crazy antics – you will get a kick out of this – however, the end always brings tears to my eyes. Beaugie had an obsession with boxes – all front door deliveries had to be handed to me as many deliveries were found strewn across my front yard. This delivery was his of food and toys – I let him open this – probably bad on my part.

9-27-05 - I have some picture's I'd like to share with you all.  These were taken last month - and he has since grown! 

He's already 6 months and will be off to the vets soon for his final signoff on a good bill of health, shots, etc.  A few weeks ago he weighed in as 34 lbs.  I'm sure he's gained a few since then!
I have him trained now with the canine/invisible fencing so he knows his boundaries and can now run free on our property staying within his limits.  I wanted to wait until he's was feeling up to par and totally comfortable with our property.  It only took 1 week!. 
We have taught him the basic commands and he amazes me how quickly he has caught on.  He's now trailing with me daily on my walks and has been relatively well behaved not going after other dogs to play that pass us by. 
Looking into obedience classes as he needs to learn not to jump, heel, etc.  Still needs some work in this area.  As a quick learner I'm sure he will be a good student.  :-).!
I think he is happy as us having him as a new addition to our family!!!  He's doing great!

8/16/05 - Our pup is doing just great! He has certainly filled the void in this household. My son is home from Boston - college semester break. With my son, my daughter and POPS's and me - he has certainly had the house filled with action and total devotion and love. Hence, his time in the crate has been minimal. I finally broke everyone away this past Saturday so we had to put him back in the crate. Kong filled with frozen peanut butter, a few other toys, and still a very anxious dog when we returned after 2 hours. I realize we must get out more often at small intervals. That is upcoming in the next few weeks after all are back to school and at a normal schedule. But
for now it's hard as I have many tenants (kids and my Dad) someone is home all the time, including me.

But all in all. He's doing well. Went to the vet yesterday, pneumonia stills exists, but looking better on the xrays, blood count is still elevated, but an improvement, and urinary tract infection still exists. Truthfully, I have seen an extreme improvement. Could be he's settled in, keeping somewhat calm, in a comfort zone (learning the ropes) and non stop attention. Young adolescents give more attention than one can imagine. They just love him to pieces. But I think it is a good thing for all he's been through. And in my heart of all hearts - he deserves all the love, cuddling and kisses to make up for lost time.

Plan to enroll him into Puppy Kindergarten, but he has to be clear of the pneumonia by 9/27, otherwise I have to wait and enroll him in the next level. He does need it when it comes to the leash and commands, the typical stubborn Boxer as we all know. He does need work in this area and I have to be trained as well to figure this one out. He is a piece of work! That face kills me!

Night time, he lays by my bed on his doggy pillow and does not move till I get up. Not use to this as my other boxer use to wake me up with his big paws telling me it is time to eat. I have truly lost my alarm clock and have been late for work the two days of the week I go in! Time to get the clock out!

Bottom line, he's been a great pup. He's doing very well, and growing like a WEED! Getting leggy and long and his neck is starting to fill out. Ribs still show but with all this growing he can't keep up. He's now 26.2 lbs, a big growth spurt in almost three weeks we had him. It's all a part of the growing process. I can no longer lift and carry him around like a pup anymore. (Sad :-(). But we are grateful we had this small timeframe to be able to do so.

Just a matter of time and his health be be normal. I'm so positive as I see great strides. He's happy and playful and bouncing around. Although I must say he's getting used to new noises, i.e., garage doors opening, tractors mowing grass and my son who plays an instrument - the drums! But we keep him clear of the surroundings so it doesn't hurt his ears - he stays distant but cocks his head as he sits several levels up. But no longer afraid, just wondering what the heck is going on. Distance is good! But maybe in time he will sing a tune like my last boxer did! (For those that know some boxers do sing!).

He's a joy of a boy. And how I keep saying I will learn this new fangled camera my daughter has and hook it up so i can send you pictures. Perhaps I need a lesson in that - and soon as I do - I will post pictures. For Carry and those that know him - you wouldn't believe how much he has grown in the few weeks we have had him! ~ Stay tuned - for someone that is in the technology field - I will soon learn this digital technology - Trust!

Kisses and waggles (and we are start doing the kidney bean dance) - Puppy Newport....

8/4/05 - Newport has really made a home and settled in. Today was the first day I left him for a couple of hours. I put him in his crate and he did really well and didn't seem to mind it.
This past Monday we went to the vet for x-rays and blood work to see how his pneumonia was. His lungs are pretty congested and his white blood cell count was elevated. We were prescribed Rithromax and he's been on it for four days. I see improvement but still a bit to go. Today I dropped off a stool and urine sample. Stool sample was negative which was a good thing. Urine showed a urinary track infection which I suspected as we were going outside almost every 15 minutes. The Rithromax should clear up this infection as well. He weighed in at 21.5 lbs on Monday. I swear he has grown just in the week we have had him!
He is just the cutest puppy - he makes me laugh all the time. I found my daughter reading to him yesterday - it was so cute - he was curled up next to her and she was reading her book out loud to him....too cute. He really follows her around the house and tries to leave with her when she gets ready to go out. He really thinks car rides are fun. He is so behaved he just sits in the back seat and stares at us up front. He has no clue where he's going but just wants to go.
Obedience training classes are going to be held starting in the early fall and I'd like to enroll him providing his pneumonia has cleared up. He's a smart dog and I'm sure he'll do well. I hope all these infections clear up so he can feel like a normal pup should. He's to good and cute to deserve this!

7/31/05 - Newport has settled in his new home. It's so nice to hear the pitter patter of feet again - now my house is a home again. We have had many visitors and all have fallen in love with him! My Dad laughs every time Newport goes to him for attention. That is good as he's been grouchy since we lost Kramer - so it's a good thing. My daughter has taken him for lots of rides and he does very well in the car. My son comes home from summer college next week and is anxious to meet him.
He's actually the one who found him on the website for me. He's doing very well going outside to the bathroom, don't anticipate any problems in that area. He sleeps on his doggie bed next to me throughout the night. It's funny, the past two nights he has gone up to bed earlier than I. He walks to the stairs and looks at me like to say "Good Night" and heads up to bed. He wakes me up around 6:00 to go outside, but I'm an early bird too.
I do think he's missing Marco too. I introduced him to a dog in the neighborhood and he was bouncing to play with him. So he had some playtime with another one of his own. But I really think he's missing Marco big time.
We go to the vet Tuesday for blood work and shots providing his pneumonia has cleared up. His cough really makes me sad, I hope he will be okay. The past two nights I put him in a steamed bathroom and that has seem to help. I hope in time it will clear. I'm concerned for the poor pup.
All in a nutshell he is doing very well and we all adore him. He gets lots of hugs and he gives lots of kisses. He is truly a real sweet pea and I am very fortunate to have him!

7/31/05 - Newport left yesterday with his new Mom Sue. I believe it was love at first sight for both of them. We enjoyed having Newport with us and I am sure he is going to make a fabulous companion. Sorry I didn't write yesterday things have been crazy around here. I think Marco is missing his little playmate as he chewed up a video tape when we were out and Marco has never chewed anything not belonging to him. I wish Newport and his new family the best of luck

.7/24/05 - Newport is pending adoption

7/20/05 - Hi everyone Newport went to the vet the other day and was a very good boy for the Dr. He met a huge yellow lab that he wanted to have a go with which was very amusing considering the size difference. I would guess this lab weighed a good 90 pounds Newport weighs 20. Don't take this the wrong way Newport does not have a mean bone in his body he is just ready to go go go with whomever is available at the time. I didn't think I would ever meet another dog who loves to play as much as Marco but Newport comes close. Modes of play are different though Newport is a rough and tumble kind of guy he rather wrestle and chase. He rarely picks up toys to play.
We have also come to find out that he is a digger. He has dug several holes in the yard one trying to get at a stick and another hole by the swing set that he made bigger. I went to investigate why he was digging in that spot and he was chasing a bug. He is such a funny little guy. We have also come to find out that Newport is smart and very willing to learn but he is also stubborn. I contribute that to living with my husband :)
Newport may be a bit much for children under 5 even though he is a puppy and is learning he does a lot of puppy things that young children might not understand. He likes to grab onto my daughters blanket when she is walking around with it and pull. He will also steal the hair things right out of her hair if she is laying on the ground he will just grab on to a pig tail and start yanking. Most of the time Delaney finds this amusing he is obviously immediately corrected and given appropriate things to chew on. She is not over sensitive about when the dogs do things and we are not hyper about it either. After all they are dogs and Newport especially is all puppy.
Newport continues to keep his crate dry and is starting to ask to go out by going to the back door you have to watch him but he is learning. He is pretty good the majority of the time not going in the house.
All in all Newport is a good pup loves to play especially with his good buddy Marco. When we were at the vet a lady heard me say he was a foster dog and she said to me OMG how does a pure breed dog who is so young and handsome end up in rescue. Of course I go into our story and how unfortunately but most of the time by the grace of god that these guys end up getting a second chance. Though most of our dogs don't have horror stories most are sad. I am thankful for the vet tech who took Newport in and got him well and for the chance to foster another great dog.

7/14/05 - Hi again everyone! For those of you keeping a watch full eye on this pup which I am sure there are a ton of you out there just waiting to get your hands on him he is doing great. He is such a cute dog and I wish my picture did him better justice because he is just to cute for words. Newport loves romping around with Marco and they get along well Marco doesn't challenge Newport for that alpha position. Newport is ready for anything even the cat he goes over to her to try and investigate and she will let him get close enough to give her a sniff but if he comes at her a little to fast she turns to swat him. Not with her claws out but when she does that or hisses at him he will turn and go in the other direction. Newport likes riding in the car and wants to be able to stand up and stick his whole top half out the window. He is good with the kids and allows them to climb all over him. He his good an the leash too. We walk him with a harness and as long as you hold the leash a little higher and tighter so he cant grab it he does very well. We know a lot of people in the neighborhood and everyone always stops us to talk about the dogs well as soon as you stop to chat he lays down. Newport continues to keep his crate dry at night and is doing well with house training. He is still a young guy but he is doing really well. Newport is going to be a fabulous companion he is ready for anything. He is not overly hyper, actually when he is not playing with Marco he is very calm. No begging at the table either it's funny though if you are eating elsewhere he will try to get into your lap for a nibble on something but off with a slight push to get him off as he doesn't know that yet does the trick. Keep your eyes on Newport he will be going to the vet next week for another round of puppy shots. Till next time.

7/11/05 - Newport continues to do well he is such a cute little guy and just full of it. GO GO GO that's Newports motto of course he has Marco to GO GO GO with him. They will stop to take a drink and then they are right back at it.
I was pleasantly surprised tonight at dinner that he did not beg from the table he actually laid down in the other room the whole time.
He is an assertive little guy and does not back down from a challenge expect with the females if Maddie or Junie B turn and growl at him he backs off however he will not back down from Marco. He also like to mount Junie B and she allows him to stay there for a minute but then she gets mad at him. He saw the cat again today and he went to go for her to find out exactly what she was but he had no ill will towards her just curious. I do believe if a cat where to lend chase to him he would be happy oblige. He has stayed dry in his crate at night and has been good in the house couple of pee accidents in the kitchen today probably because it is hot and they are drinking non stop. We have a convenient lay out to our house and yard the yard is fenced with no possible escape routes and the dogs can push open the back door so they come and go as they please. This is nice in the summer which makes house training a lot easier.
Newport is your typical boxer puppy very playful and into everything. He already knows sit and will be a fast learner of other things I'm sure. OH Newport loves water we had the hose out today and he loved being sprayed down and was chasing the water as it was coming out of the hose. The kids of course were very amused. He is going to grow up to be a very loving and handsome boy. He is already so well behaved for such a young fellow.

7/10/05 - Newport arrived yesterday thank you to Mary and Bonnie who split the leg that didn't get filled so he could get here and thank you to my sister Ericka who met Bonnie and brought him the rest of the way.
It's funny having another puppy in the house after having Marco it's a little weird how personalities can be so different. Newport is a rough and tumble kind of guy he has no problems challenging Marco and somehow even managed to pin him down. They have been non stop playing. However Newport will not challenge Maddie. If Maddie goes to play with him he backs right off. I think he is a smart little guy and knows she is the queen of the house. He is pretty vocal when playing to lots of growling and grumbling. He is also nippy with the kids which Marco never did. He has no intention of hurting them he is just a typical puppy. Another typical puppy thing he steals shoes. Now for me this is all new even though we had Marco he never did any of those things.
Newport is very smart though and will learn quick with consistent training. he has not had any accidents in the house yet and he kept his crate dry all night. I was surprised by this but also very happy. Of course we have a fenced in yard and the dogs just come and go out of the back door as they please makes it very convienient for potty training. Newport was also silent in his crate not one peep from him all night which I also thought was great. I really thought there would be a lot of whining and crying from both him and Junie B seeing as they are somewhere new. This was not the case with either of them. Newport saw the cat and was very interested in what she was but Tasha is
way to quick for him to get I will see how this progresses but he is a pup so I am sure if he is raised with cats he should be OK but who knows. I promise to keep everyone posted on this guy he is very cute and loves romping around with the big dogs. Marco,Junie B and Newport just keep coming in and out of the house just following each other around and Queen Maddie is perched high upon her thrown saying finally I am being left alone :)

7/9/05 - Newport is here. He is a great little dog so cute I have already taken a bunch of pictures and will get them up because the 2 that are up there do him no justice. Junie B is also here for a few days and as I write this she and Newport are sleeping on a large dog bed together. I cant believe how well everyone gets along it is amazing all their personalities just blend together. Of course Marco was the last dog to lie down. He loves Newport and the 2 of them have been playing non stop. Newport seems assertive already which seems funny for such a young pup he goes after Marco and even had him pinned down at one point all in play but when Maddie tried to instigate some play with him he wouldn't play with her. I will write again tomorrow.

From Newport's Transporter Angels:
What a cutie is he!!!! I met Mary at the Lookout on the parkway and I just gave him to Erika who will take him to Carrie.  He is a doll and so handsome.   He will go quickly I am sure.

7/7/05 - Newport will be coming into rescue this weekend, but we wanted to put him up on the web site for everyone to see.  What a cute little guy.  These pictures are about 2 weeks old, so he is a little bigger now.  He is partially housetrained and very exuberant.
A little background information on this Newport:  He was "rescued" by a lovely person who is a vet tec for a vet in Brooklyn. She saw this dog in someone's yard....he was skin and bones, and had a bad, bad cough...which BTW, turned out to be pneumonia...had giardia and hook worm....all at 10 weeks of age.
She convinced them to sign the dog over to her, she immediately got him into the vet she works for, and now the pneumonia is almost clear, fecal is negative and has had 2 set of x rays done to confirm he is getting better.
She did not want to keep him, just wanted to get him away from these dirt bags, who surely would have killed him if they kept him any longer.
Lauren, thank you for getting involved, and know in your heart that you have saved this boys life, and assured him a lifetime of love and happiness with a BAR family :o))




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