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SNUGGLES 7/24/05


Pertinent Information - Adopted 8/28/05

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Age & Sex: 4 yr. old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight: 65 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: White w/fawn &  black patches
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children under 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location:  Waverly, NY

Adoption Donation $250

10/28/13: It is with great sadness I have to report that Snuggles went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She was a wonderful girl and live to a ripe old age of 12. We had recently had 1 eye removed which turned out to be melanoma. She was doing better and then started to fail. She wasnt eating and was short of breath. She got very clingy. Yesterday chest x-rays revealed she had tumors in her lungs which had spread. Her passing was very peaceful. We will miss her but I couldn't stand to see her suffer.

6/18/12 - It is hard to believe that Miss Snuggie is 11. She sure doesn't act it. Except for occasional skin allergies and colds she isin great health. She enjoys going to our cottage every weekend. Sadly he beloved Macho went to the Rainbow Bridge 6-11-12. She appears to really miss him. Our other male, Teddy, was just diagnosed with a high grade lymphoma so she is losing all her "men". We are adopting Cain this week. Hopefully that will make the transition easier.

7/22/08 - Our sweet Snuggles has been with us for 3 yrs. It is hard to believe she has been with us that long. She is doing great. She adores Macho. Macho and Snuggie got an unexpected 5 wk Florida Vacation in Jan.-Feb. We were called down for a medical emergency with our daughter's fiancée and the dogs and I stayed to help. Snuggie still has her allergies, but they remain controlled most of the time with benadryl. We are now spending weekends at our cottage which both dogs love. They also like to take walks with Arden. We are thrilled to have such a sweet girl.

10/10/07 - Our sweet, shy Snuggles has had quite the year. Like the rest of us, some good and some bad. She
 lost her little brother Dinky Do this spring. He had cancer of his nasal cavity. She became very
 depressed after he died. Now on to the good. July 29 we adopted Macho. He was owned by the couple
 that fostered Snuggie, so the had lived together for a month. I don't know if she remembered him or
 not, but it was love at first sight. Actually a little too much love. Macho was very turned on by
 her. We discovered it was her urine that was causing his amorous behavior. Snuggles was having
 some old lady urine leakage. She is now on medication and the behavior stopped completely. She has
 also been a little reluctant to walk with Arden and Macho so we started her on glucosamine. It
 seems to make a difference just within a week. Her allergies are under control and she had a wonderful
 summer out at the cottage with Macho and all her doggie buddies. We will be going to Florida to
 visit our kids for Thanksgiving and both dogs will be coming along. Snuggles is an absolute doll
 and not quite so shy now that she has Macho.

7/30/07 - Miss Snuggie has had quite the spring and summer. In May she lost her buddy and housemate Dinky Do
 to cancer of his nasal passage. She has been very lonely. Our neighbor at the cottage has her lab mix there so  Snuggie has a good time at the cottage. Her allergies have been kept under control with benadryl and occasional topical items. Yesterday she got a new brother. We adopted Macho. He belonged to the couple who fostered Snuggles. She lived with him for a month.  They are moving to Florida and will be living in a community that limits the number and size of dogs. They picked us to adopt him with BAR's approval. He is 7 but very lively. Snuggles has livened up already. She is very sweet and shy and needs the stimulation of another dog. She is a very sweet girl.

9/6/06 - Snuggles has been with us for a year already. She has had a bit of a rough summer but I think everything is finally under control. She has had a terrible problem with skin allergies this summer. My vet put her on steroids with disastrous results. She had every side affect known including personality changes. She is off them now and they are out of her system. I had a parting of the ways with the vet. The new vet was very nice, We started Snuggles on 2 benedryl twice a day a week ago and her skin issues are almost gone. She will take this permanently unless there are side effects. She is now back to her healthy, happy self. She had a great summer at the cottage playing with Dinky Do and the neighbor's dogs. She is a very sweet dog and she and Dinky love each other. We love Snuggie and I'm very relieved that we have found a solution for her allergy problem. She is on a special diet but in the summer there are just too many molds & fungi. Keep your fingers crossed that benedryl continues to be effective.

5/9/06 - Miss Snuggles has had a very exciting month. First we took a trip to Florida to visit our kids. She got to play with 6 grandchildren ages 2 to 20. She was very good with our youngest grandson. She had a great time in our daughter's back yard on Easter. She is very good about staying in the yard if you tell her to. She got to meet our daughter's new kitten, Mr. Millie (originally thought to be a girl). She also had a great time at our son's. He has a fenced backyard. She enjoyed running around and playing football. She also got to see our son's cat Dolly again. We found her only fault. She decided to roll in poop at our daughters. I even got a cute picture before I knew what she was doing. On the way home, we stopped at our nephew and his wife's in Tenn. and she got to play with Elwood a 1 1/2 year old mixed breed dog. She liked him but let him know that after an hour of
jumping on her in play that she had enough. Now on to the big news. Sunday May 7 we went to Long Island to pick up Dinky Do. Snuggles went along and loved him immediately. They rode back side by side in the back seat. She did seem a little concerned that she would be forgotten but now realizes that isn't so. They sleep side by side on the couch and walk with Arden every morning. As if that were not enough excitement, we are opening our cottage this weekend.

3/29/06 - We have some exciting news to report. Snuggles doesn't know it yet but she is going to have a little brother. We have adopted Dinky Do. He has another eye exam scheduled for mid April and we are going on vacation to florida to visit our kids for Easter. His foster mother has graciously agreed to take him to the eye test to see if anything can be done to improve his vision. She will keep him until we return and we will pick him up May 7. I'm sure Snuggles will be thrilled. She can't quite figure out where Nikitta went. We think they will be a great pair and the names Dinky Do and
Snuggles are just too cute. My husband is trying to figure out how to call them without sounding like a fool. Will write more when he arrives.

3/12/06 - It's hard to believe we have had Snuggles six months already. She continues to be a wonderful dog and we love her very much. She is very social and loves people. She hosted a church potluck at our home in Feb. and everyone loved her. She will be taking another trip to Florida with us for Easter to visit our kids. We will also be opening our cottage again in May so she will have fun running free with her dog buddies. On a sad note, her companion Nikitta, our Siberian Husky, had to be put to sleep yesterday. She was 15 and suffering from an apparent pancreatic tumor. We will all miss her. Naturally I am already talking about another Boxer to keep Snuggles company. She loves to take walks. She stays in the yard if we watch her but we plan to put up an invisible fence soon.

1/5/06 - Snuggles is doing just great. We absolutely love her. Sorry I've been so bad about updating. We took a trip to Florida for Thanksgiving and she went with us. She had a great time playing with our grandchildren ages 20 to 2. She was great with all the kids. One of our 5 yr old granddaughter's friends even wanted to buy her a Christmas gift. She and her brother were previously afraid of dogs.
Our daughter also had a housewarming party with about 25 guests including children and she was a hit.  Aredn's mother had a stroke while we were gone so he flew to North Dakota shortly after we returned from Florida.  Snuggles and Nikitta kept me company over Christmas. We had a party New Years day with friends and neighbors and Snuggles had fun. She is turning into a regular party animal.
She does continue to have allergies affecting her skin. She is on special dog food and ear drops. She also has problems with molds in the grass even when it is covered with snow. If it gets bad we use benedryl oral or spray directly on her feet.  So far it hasn't required returning to the vet.

10/30/05 - I'ts hard to believe we have had Snuggles for 2 months already. She is absolutely wonderful and we love her very much. She had a wonderful time at our cottage and we were all sad when we closed for the season. She was able to run free since it is on an island. She quickly learned to stay within the area owned by us and our two neighbors. She loved playing with the neighbor's dog, Maggie and Nikitta supervised. She had her first experience at the kennel when we went to our church retreat at Lake George. She was in a kennel next to Nikitta so that helped. She did well but was very glad to see us. We are attempting to take her off the cortisone, hoping that the mold etc. is gone for the season. She enjoys walks with Arden and Nikitta. We plan to put our invisible fence back in as both dogs tend to wander out of the yard. They are ok with supervision but we can't leave them unsupervised. Don't know if we will get it done this fall. Our construction is done but a lot of work left to put things together and we already got snow. It didn't stay but Snuggles loved it. We will be going to Florida in 2 1/2 wks to visit our children and Snuggles will be coming with us so she will get some more new experiences. We will be back the beginning of Dec. so I'll try to update as soon as we get back. 

9/25/05 - Snuggles is doing just great.  She seems to be settling in and is enjoying all of the weird things we do.  After showing some apprehension the first trip to our summer cottage, she is now eager to get into the car to make the trip to Sodus Bay and seems to like the boat trip to the island. Once on the island she enjoys playing with the goofy lab puppy next door. 

The skin rashes are gone.  She is now off the antibiotics but the vet has decided to keep her on the cortisone until after we board her and Nikitta at a local kennel, in mid October, while we go on a weekend retreat at Silver Bay.

Its hard to believe that we've had her for a month. We love her dearly and she is certainly returning the affection.

9/5/05 - Snuggles is settling in well.  She started following both Arden and I around the house almost immediately.  We want to thank both foster family and BAR for providing us with such a well mannered sweet dog.  She and our Husky (Nikitta) were friends almost immediately.  This weekend we took her our summer home on Newark Island in Sodus Bay.  Many new experiences for her; with doggie life jackets and docks and boats she needed a lot coaxing especially to get into the boat.  After we got her into the boat she seemed to do ok with the ride.  We were hoping that the husky's enthusiasm for this would help.  We're not sure she was impressed quite yet. 

We have been having some problems with what appears to be skin rashes due to allergies.  We have maintained the diet she was on at her foster home and are trying to sort out what it may be.  We first thought that it may be something on the grass outside but it appeared to get better over the weekend then worse after getting home this afternoon.  We are now concerned that it may be caused by the new carpets in our house.  Benedryl helps and she also made a trip to the vet this afternoon who put her back on tetracycline.

8/27/05 - When something is very right...all goes smoothly, details fall into place, hearts rejoiced and families are made whole. That is exactly what has happened in our home this weekend as Snuggles was ADOPTED by her new family. Some would call it fate but I rather call it divine intervention. It was love at first sight, dreams come true for Snuggles and her new parents. This was a match made in heaven. Snuggles can look forward to a wonderful life..and you can look forward to updates from her new Mom. Snuggley-bug is a true treasure and our life enriched by the joy of having the opportunity to Foster and love her. Thanks again BAR for a wonderful experience. It was our
pleasure to take care of this delightful girl and help get her to her forever home.

8/20/05 - It's been a busy week here for Snuggles. She is feeling much more runny nose! Snuggles continues to open up and let us get to know her even better. In the last update I said that the kids had not been able to prompt her to play. She still isn't really into playing...but she did run in the yard and made a half effort to run after a ball and then stopped. She freely follows us through the house & yard and goes up & down the stairs on her own w/ out coaxing. When we say it's time for bed she comes right along. She has decided that she likes to sleep in our daughters room. I think it's the bear rug on the floor that she really likes. Daily walks have been very nice. Our male boxer has decided to slow down a bit and walk a pace closer to hers. "If you can't beat them ...join them." We haven't heard any growls in a long time...I think that she's comfortable now and knows that no one is going to hurt her. She has been great w/ all company. She takes her cues from our boxer and follows him to greet company. She really likes my Dad. He spends a lot of time petting her. She is a very sweet girl and we're getting quite attached to her. It would be very easy to make her a permanent member of our household....We have decided as a family that if this beautiful girl doesn't find her forever home soon. Then she can stop waiting... we will adopt her. We love her that much!!!! If you've been considering opening your heart & home to this wonderful "Snuggly Bug" please know that she is everything you'd ever want in an adult "lady" boxer and then some. Lots of love and a never ending supply of wiggles and kisses.

8/15/05 - Snuggles had her follow up visit w/ the Vet today. She is such a perfect girl to take any where.
She travels like one of the kids...she's happy to be in the back seat or on the floor near the kids or in the back area of our SUV. She just goes along where ever we put her. Snuggles made friends in the waiting room. There was one gentleman who pet her the entire time we waited...he just loved her. My children tell everyone about the rescue. This man said that she was a wonderful dog and that he would be interested in adopting her if he didn't already have two dogs of his own.
Snuggles had her RX changed today as she still has a runny nose and the Vet felt a different RX may be better for her.
Snuggles has really bonded with our 5 year old male boxer. She has been hanging out w/ him more everyday. She's been inching closer trying to lay down next to him as close as she can get. Yesterday I took the cutest pictures of them together. I will send them to BAR as soon as I can. After seeing them cuddled together it reminded me of the pictures that arrived w/ her (that I had forgotten about). There is an older male boxer in the photos. She has had an older male boxer companion before. I believe that he is 4 years older than she is. So she must have always had a big brother to hang out with. She has been good w/ our boy Macho since day one. So she would probably enjoy the company of another ADULT dog preferably male. She would not be blessed w/ the activity or energy of a young dog. My husband teases that she has one speed.....slow!!! Every thing that she does is at a very relaxed easy going pace. Even though I walk both dogs at once our Male is always a couple of steps ahead looking back as if to say "come on....put it in gear would you?"
Snuggles seems to have had obedience training she obeys all basic commands and when you drop the leash she stays until you pick up the leash and tell her it's okay to move. I call her "Snuggley-bug"....she is every bit that. Once this sweet girl touches your'll never be the same.

8/11/05 - Snuggles went to the Vet today to have the stitches removed from her spay. She will make another visit in 4 days for a follow up. Snuggles was wonderful in the car. She was great for the Vet. a very cooperative, sweet girl. Snuggles is going back on Cephalexin an antibiotic as prescribed on an previous visit. Snuggles follows us freely through the house. We've given her the choice of where she would like to sleep. She follows us upstairs and of course has chosen to sleep on the floor next to our bed.
Snuggles is a very sweet & laid back girl. She's goes out to do her "business" and goes to the gate to go back in. She does like to walk through the neighborhood. The children have not been able to prompt her to play. If you toss a toy...she looks at you like she's in trouble. We have to go pick it up and give her love & sweet words then she's fine. Snuggles is looking for a home where she can relax, not to much noise & commotion. She's a sweet, peaceful girl who would make a wonderful companion to someone who just wants love & kisses and of course you must love to be "leaned on". Snuggles also likes to be hugged & cuddled...she will bury her head into your chest or arm
like she's hugging you back showing her love & gratitude.

8/6/05 - I'm updating again today because I can officially say that Snuggles is feeling much better and is acting like herself. Snuggles is eating normally two meals a day plus her little peanut butter sandwiches w/ RX inside. She was full of wiggles and ready for her walk this a.m. She's been a little more adventurous and has followed us upstairs. She has free run of the house but chooses to be in the vicinity of where she can see me. She and our male Boxer are good pals. They lay together and walk together great. They share each others water bowls. They both love attention but do not compete for it. Snuggles thinks that this is her home so she does let us know when someone knocks or is in the yard. She will growl when some one comes in that she doesn't recognize and stops immediately when I tell her it's okay. Today my husband left w/ out house keys so he tried the handles on a couple different doors. (I was not home.) He said that he could hear her protective, ferocious "sounding" bark from outside. Once he spoke & she recognized his voice she stopped. I think that Snuggles is a great girl. She is so sweet & gentle that my 5 year old spends hours laying w/ her, reading stories & singing. My daughter (age 5) is able to walk her on a leash. Snuggles being so sweet is also a great "watch" dog and keeps an eye out for "her" family. She has the perfect Boxer girl personality. It's very easy to fall in love with this Snuggley girl.

8/5/05 - Snuggles is doing much better today. She greeted me w/ wiggles and happy tail-wags this morning. She's been following me through the house. She's eating again and taking her medicine fine now that it's sandwiched between bread & peanut butter. The vet told me that it has a very bitter taste that's why she kept spitting it out and picking it out of her food. Now that she's eating she seems more like herself. Snuggles definitely prefers a quiet and laid back atmosphere. She's happy to follow me through the house but if it gets noisy w/ company or kids in & out to much commotion Snuggles will leave and go back to her own room. She's a sweet and peaceful girl who would do well in a laid back environment. She'll return your affection w/ lots of love, Snuggles and big doey eyed looks of adoration.

8/4/05 - Snuggles was spayed on Monday and is on the road to recovery. She had a harder time than I had expected....taking a bit longer to start feeling like herself. She didn't feel like eating for several days and I'm still "pulling tricks out of a hat" to try to get some food and medicine in her. The Vet changed her RX to further treat her cough and some bronchial irritation. She is not coughing much now her runny nose is much better. After days of just laying around Snuggles is back on her feet and she greeted me w/ wiggles this morning. She's not ready to run any races yet today...but she is happy to follow me around the house and go back to "her" room when she wants to rest. She's very fond of bacon and bacon flavored treats. She does not care for the "greenies" that I like to give as treats. Like a kid she prefers the fun foods rather than the veggies... Snuggles is the nicest girl. She has kept a wonderful disposition through it all. She is sweet and I would sit and talk to her when she wasn't feeling good....she would put her paw on my leg or arm and just look up at me as if to say "Thank you for being there". I've been telling her how much we love her and promised to take care of her until her new family "who will love her forever" comes to get her. I've said it so many times before...Snuggles is one very special lady. She will be such a blessing to the family who will open their hearts & home to this wonderful girl.

7/29/05 - Snuggles is really starting to make herself at home. She's opening up and showing us a bit more of her sweet and wonderful personality. She follows me through the house more freely now. I don't have to look back as much and wonder which room she's waiting in. She won't follow me upstairs yet. She's comfortable being down stairs. She will wait for me @ the bottom of the stairs or return to "her" room the room where she sleeps. She's been good about taking her medication and she is eating better. Two meals a day w/ an afternoon chewy-snack. She still has a bit of a cough and a runny nose...she's so easy she even lets me wipe her nose w/ a tissue. I find her just staring at me w/ those big adoring doe eyes. Some times she puts her head on my lap and just looks up at me....she's a heart stealer...I could just melt!! She is a perfect lady as she does not get on any furniture. She does not jump. We did get to see her attentive nature yesterday. Someone knocked on the door and she let out one very soft WOOOOF!!! This afternoon she & I were in the office when my uncle caught us off guard neither of us heard him come in. As he approached our office & startled us she growled at him. She stopped immediately when I began talking to him and she saw that it was alright. Snuggles has many great qualities that make her a perfect family pet. She has much love to give. She needs a family who will be loving and patient. Who will give her the time she needs to trust and love & let her heart feel "home again".

7/27/05 - Snuggles greeted me @ the gate this morning and followed me to the door w/out any coaxing. She's getting comfortable and more trusting. She will roll on her back and let you rub her tummy now. Snuggles had a great visit @ the Vet's today. She needed a boost getting into the back of our SUV because she has not had a lot of car experience. Once in she laid down w/out a sound the entire trip. She was wonderful @ the Vet's office sitting calm just observing. She was happy to be pet by some other patrons. She didn't even move as other dogs & cats went in & out. Even a Great Dane didn't get a reaction. She was the same sweet & cooperative during her examination. Her test results are Negative for Heartworm & fecal. She was brought UTD on her vaccines. She was given a prescription for Cephalexin for a cough and slight fever. The Vet commented several times on her sweet disposition and lady like demeanor. He noted that she would make some family a "wonderful pet". He expects the cough & fever to be gone in a few days & will go ahead w/ her spay on Monday. Snuggles also had her nails trimmed by the vet. She really surprised me today since she had been so shy when she first came to us. She grunts a little if she wants attention or needs to go out. I have not heard her bark yet! Snuggles is a VERY SPECIAL girl who will steal your heart in her own shy, sweet way!!!!

7/26/05 - Snuggles is such a sweet girl. She is settling in nicely and getting used to our daily routine. She does not sleep in a crate instead we gate her in one room at night. Once she's been here longer we'll let her choose where she wants to sleep. She goes to sleep around 11 p.m. and we don't hear anything from her all night. She's happy to see us in the a.m. and ready for her morning walk. She is great on a leash she does not pull but sticks close by your side. She's a little shy meeting people on walks and likes to be very close...leaning on me if we stop to chat w/ some one. She comes back to breakfast which she's not used to as she was only fed once a day before. She likes her comfort zone...the room that she sleeps in. She has free run of the house but will not wander on her own yet. She does stay w/ me if I'm sitting but when I move from room to room & realize that I don't have a shadow I have to go back and tell her it's okay to leave that room & come w/ me. Right now we still have to tell her it's okay to follow us. My parents met her yesterday and think that she's beautiful & oh so sweet. They have 2 dogs already or this little girl wouldn't be waiting for a home. They loved her!!!! Snuggles is great w/ our Boxer and has met our cat as well as a few cats in the neighborhood. She doesn't mind the cats she doesn't give them the time of day. Snuggles doesn't seem to mind the noise of the kids and the activity of our busy house. She needs reassurance, gentle words and lots of love and she warms right up. She is a precious girl and is going to make a wonderful companion to someone who is looking for lots of love in a Snuggley package.

7/24/05 - "Snuggles" arrived in our Foster home today. She was named appropriately...the most adorable face and the snuggly-softest boxer fur!!! Snuggles came in a bit shy but has warmed up to all of us quickly. She's like a big teddy-bear. The children have been petting and hugging her and she has been returning their affection w/ BIG kisses. She seems like a happy girl..her little bit of a tail hasn't stopped wagging. She ate well..though she did not know what to make of the "raised" feeding dish. She wouldn't eat out of it at first. I had to put the dish on the floor to get her going..then I took it away from her and put it in the elevated holder where she gladly finished it. She showed NO aggression at all when I removed the dish and held it. Snuggles was happy to sit, shake & stay before going to her dish. Snuggles arrived today w/ some of her own toys, some baby pictures and some hand written notes informing of her sweet disposition, feeding schedule etc. She seems to have been well loved. Great time for me to be family just returned from the movies...Snuggles greeted them at the gate FULL OF WIGGLES!!!  She was so excited to see them return. That shyness didn't last!!!! Snuggles will go to the vet to get UTD on shots and be spayed ASAP. It will be a pleasure to keep you updated on this "Snuggley-Bug!!