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Pertinent Information - Adopted 9/3/05 - Rainbow Bridge 11/2/07

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Age & Sex: 6-7 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 50 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Cropped
Children under 5: Unknown
Tail: Docked
Children over 5: Unknown
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location:  Syracuse, NY

Adoption Donation $150

11/2/07 - My poor, precious Titan... On 11/2/07, Titan passed on quietly in my arms; he lost a hard fight against congestive heart failure and a severe case of arhythmia. It seems so unfair; he was such a soft souled gentleman and he didn't deserve to die that way. A few days ago, he started coughing so terribly, it was more like a wretch. He spent his last night at home awake, coughing. The next evening we took him to the emergency vet, since his normal vet could not see him. They did every blood test known to man and took several sets of x-rays. His lungs were cloudy and he had lost 5 pounds. We decided to leave him overnight so he could get treatment for what we thought was pneumonia. Naturally, we were up the rest of the night contemplating how he could have caught something like that and just plain worrying for him. In the morning, I had my vet call the emergency hospital to speak to the doctor who was treating him. My doctor called me shortly after and delivered the news. Apparently, murmurs and arhythmia come on very, very quickly and the diruetics they loaded him up on to remove some of the water from his heart and lungs was not working. We were told that even if he did see a cardiologist, there might be a tumor in his right lung that couldn't be seen behind the cloudiness and even with medication for the heart failure and arhythmia he probably wouldn't last another year. So, we had the choice of bringing him home on diuretics but dealing with the possibility that he could pass away at any moment from the arhythmia, sending him to the cardiologist or doing nothing and taking him home over the weeked, or, letting him pass on without having to suffer any more than he already had. The doctors were basically telling me that my best option for him was to let him pass on, but I decided that I could not make that decision without seeing him for myself, because I know him and his heart could speak to mine. As soon as they brought him to me, I knew. He could barely walk properly and was so weak. His breathing was wheazy and he had a hard time even doing that. He had lost another pound and absolutely refused food and water. The most devastating part was the he didn't even care that I was there. He came to me for a moment but then went and laid down on the floor for the rest.  What is so unfair is that he only had 2 short years with us. I had plans for him to take the therapy dog exam in a few days and now he's gone; it's all so sudden. He went through so much hardship before we got him and I thought that God would give him a break and let him spend a long time with us, peacefully, but God called him home. The pain is too much for me to handle right now, so I thought that writing this would help to ease some of that pain. Titan was such a gentle, gentle soul, who would never, ever hurt a fly, but he would give up his own life to save me, if I were ever in trouble. No dog deserves to pass on like Titan did, but I had hoped that when his time came, he would have a gentler time, instead of a free fall. I had JUST taken him a couple months ago for a senior blood work up, exam, urinalysis, cardiac check and exam and he had passes with flying colors, except for his hip problem, which we tried to ease with supplements. So, having this come on so suddenly was a huge shock. My regular vet said this happens so often with older Boxers and it is something that needs to be bred out of lines. I immediately took Kaylah in for a cardiac check and exam, because even thought I had just taken her 2 months ago, and like Titan, she passed with flying colors, these problems come on so quickly. And thank God, she is fine and will go back every few months for a check. Thank you God.  We just thought we would have more time with Titan. I can only hope that he knows how much we love him and did not want to see him suffer. I hope that he is in Heaven, with both Vicki's and Nana, romping around and playing, like he could never have imagined.   I want you to know, my brave, brave, gentle souled, little gentleman, that you were truly a one of a kind pup, who has touched my life more than I could have ever imagined. You had my heart in your paws the moment I saw you. You were so sick when you came home and that big old battle we went through just made us even more in love with you. I am so, so sorry that I could not save you again from these diseases; God knows you did not deserve them, so I am literally beside myself trying to understand why he did. Maybe he ran out of little guardian angels for other pups and decided you were the most deserving of a stay in Heaven. It's going to take a long time before my anger subsides, but I know that Nana is taking care of you and both the Vicki's are probably challening you to constant races and you're all binging out on cookies. The other dogs and the kitty all miss you very much, especially Kaylah...she was looking for you earlier, but we're just giving her some extra love, so she doesn't feel so lonely. Even though you loved to spend hours at a time sleeping, there really is a big hole here Titan. You're softness and sweetness is definitely missing here and you can feel it. It's hard right now to believe that it really is the quality of the time, rather than the quantity, but I'm sure as time goes on, I will feel that way. I really hope that you know how much I love you and how much I miss you. In a few days, we'll have your ashes back and you'll always be right in my room with me, forever and no matter where I go. You have such a special place in my heart and my mind and you will live on forever there. I hope that when my time comes and I see everyone, you will know that I am coming and you will be there, waiting for me to. I love you my sweet, sweet angel.
Please, get your boxers cardiac checked frequently, so they don't have to go through this. 

9/27/05 - Titan's doing great. He is totally housebroken now and he is definitely not drinking anywhere near as much as he used to. He has put on about 4-5 lbs since he's been here and is just a total sweetheart. I can never walk past him without giving him a few pats on the head or a hug. He'll just stare at you with those big eyes and soak up every ounce of love. He is doing great with the cat.  They play all the time and ever since he stopped chasing her around, she has accepted him as part of the family. He has even started giving me kisses and doing the boxer wiggle! The rest of my family has yet to get kisses, but I think it's just because I spend the most time with him. He gets up on the couch now and will get up on the bench at the end of my grandmas bed, but wont get on her bed at all, and he won't get on my bed at all until I put him there. We put him on the seat in the car and only once has he gone on the floor. Our dogs are welcome in every way at our house and I don't like them feeling like they have to sit or sleep on the floor. Kaylah and he are INSEPARABLE!!! They love each other to death. All this talking about him makes me want to go mash him with kisses!!

9/11/05 - Titan is doing wonderful! We were very concerned about his excessive drinking (8 cups in 5 minutes about 4x a day) so we took him to the vet on Tuesday and had him tested for diabetes and all that good stuff. Everything came back negative. He said that he is probably just very dehydrated and to give it a few days. Titan's protein is low and he is a bit anemic, but the dr. says that once he puts on some weight that he will be fine. He has stopped drinking as much as he was, but still needs to be put outside every hour. Titan weighed in at 55 lbs, but needs to be up around where Kaylah is (72ish). I think we have put at least 2 lbs on him since he has come here. His ribs are a bit less visible and his back legs look like they are gaining some muscle back. The surgery sight is looking wonderful.
He is still not really understanding that the doggie doors can be used at any time during the day, so he does have accidents sometimes, when we are gone for long periods, so we will have to crate him until he figures it out. Titan never goes on the carpet though, always on the marble floor in the kitchen, so that's a plus.
He was very inquisitive about my kitten, Alexa. Alex did not like Titan at all at first, even though she loves my other 3 dogs. But after a few days they got used to each other and play together now. We got Alex spayed on Friday and he was looking all around the house for her in the morning and evening before we picked her up.
Titan is a very smart boy, he learned his new name in about 1 day and responds to it all the time. He has learned sit and come and we are working on 'down'. When people come over, he barks, but never jumps on them and as soon as they pet him he stops barking. What a gentleman.
Titan and Kaylah are inseparable and they look so much alike. Now I have 2 Boxers pawing me for attention instead of just 1. My other 2 dogs also love Titan very much; my puppy shares her toys with him and my older dog shares her bed.
We love Titan very much and we know he is the perfect addition to our family. Kaylah says thank you for her new brother and so do my other dogs and kitten!!

9/3/05 - Tanner just got picked up by the Powell's. They were thrilled to meet & it was definitely love at first sight!  Kaylah was a BAR senior & adopted by the Powell's last fall & will be his new sister. He is going to be one really happy boy! Thanks BAR for another successful placement!

9/2/05 - Tanner is such a lucky boy, all his tests came back from the vet just fine and he was neutered.  He is also pending adoption to a family who adopted another sr. Boxer from us last year.  Good luck Tanner.

8/31/05 - Just had to send an update on Tanner. I stopped in at the pet store today & found some fun colorful stuffed squeaky toys for the dogs as well as some more treats. When I got home Tanner was very curious about what was in the bag. I thought he wanted the treats - but what he was really after was the new toys. I gave him the toy that was like a doughnut with a hole in the middle & boy did he spring to life! He had a blast; he play bowed with it, shook it back & forth, ran around the house & chased after it when I tossed it for him and just had a grand time squeaking the squeaker in it.  He played half the night with it before finally collapsing in his bed! I'll send pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded to show everyone how much he loves his new toy & how much fun he had!

8/28/05 - Tanner had a bath with Miss Daisy today. He was such a good boy, he just stood in the tub & patiently waited until I finished with Daisy for his turn. When we were done and I also gave Chloe & Duke a bath, Tanner stood outside the tub intently watching to make sure I did everything right. Later they all had there nails trimed & Tanner set such a good example that Chloe who usually runs and hides actually let me do hers too; see Tanner's good manners are starting to rub off on our dogs!!
He was very happy that the boys were home after they were away for a couple of days. I found him on the couch between the twins and two of our other dogs, (yes this is the good boy that doesn't get on the furniture!) I'm not sure if the boys coaxed him up there or if he was so happy to see them he just helped himself up. At any rate, it's not a habit & he was pretty adorable up there in the middle. He hasn't been back up since, guess he was just happy the boys were home!

8/27/05 - Tanner is absolutely delightful to have around & is a perfect gentlemen. Although it's not very likely, I'm hoping his good manners will rub off on our dogs. He's a good boy & doesn't need to be constantly on top of you (like some of our other dogs!) but is satisfied just laying in a spot on the floor or sitting nearby & will happily let you go about your business without getting in the way (of course he does keep intent watch of us with those big brown eyes!). He saw another bunny this morning when we were on a walk and was interested but didn't go on a mission to find it and was easily controllable; he just seemed to be interested in finding out what that little thing hopping around in our yard was. Tanner would be a wonderful addition to an older family as he requires little exercise & is so easy to handle on the leash.

8/15/05 - Just one more update before we go away for the week. Tanner will be staying right at home here with the pet sitter. He has been a great guy and is enjoying being with everyone after being in the shelter for a whole month! He's getting secure enough that he doesn't follow us room to room anymore & is just happy to find a place to stretch out & relax now.  After we return from our trip we will get him in to see the vet to have his pre-neuter tests & neuter completed. If no one puts in a claim for him soon I'm going to see if they have any open spots for training for the pet therapy program that we participate in with one of our other dogs. Although Tanner doesn't have a clue about most commands he is very happy to please & has the charm & personality that would make him a wonderful addition to our pet therapy program here.

8/14/05 - Tanner is our guardian protector from Grasshoppers. He found a grasshopper in the house & chased it all over until it went up into a light where he couldn't reach it. He has a very noble look about him and is always alert and looks even more so with his ears standing up. We had a couple of very severe storms, while he didn't show any fear, he did sit up & act very alert & inquisitive, almost like he wasn't quiet sure what all the racket was.

Tanner doesn't seem to know a single command, but behaves absolutely wonderful. On a leash he never pulls and he prances like he's so proud to be out & about with someone.

Tanner would be a perfect dog if you wanted to take one to work. He's inquisitive and very alert but doesn't get really worked up about much (okay there was the grasshopper! but he would have stopped if we wanted!) and he is one that wants to just sit or lay by your side and take in everything. He is an absolutely awesome guy.

8/8/05 - Tanner is doing wonderful. I wish our dogs behaved half as well as he does! He is such a gentlemen and just loves to be next to you. He doesn't get on the furniture & even when we take him for car rides, he prefers to sit on the floor & not in the seat! He does have a few boxer antics that always make us laugh - he absolutely loves to roll around on his back & bury his face in the doggy bed, on top of all that he makes all sorts of goofy noises & faces to go along with them! He has been absolutely wonderful with all of our dogs - no matter how obnoxious they seem to be and is willing to play with them if they initiate.

8/6/05 - Tanner has arrived. He is very handsome & has very soulful eyes and an expression that will absolutely melt your heart especially when he sits right in front of you & gives you "the look"! Unfortunately his picture does not do him justice here. We'll try to get some better ones.

So far Tanner has been a pretty mellow guy, although he did attempt to play with our other dogs this morning when they initiated play. He immediately figured out the doggie door once Kevin showed him how it worked.

While we don't know how he is with small children yet, he is such a loving & mellow guy I suspect that he would be absolutely wonderful with little ones.




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