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BOBBY 4/29/06


Pertinent Information - Adopted 9/9/06 - Rainbow Bridge 5/29/08

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Age & Sex:  4 yr old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight: 53 lbs. - now up to 70 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color: Fawn & White
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Cropped
Children: Under 5:  Yes   Over 5:  Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required:  No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: NJ

Adoption Donation $250

5/29/08 - I just wanted to let everyone know that Bobbie crossed over the rainbow bridge at 9 pm tonight.   His cancer suddenly became aggressive a month ago,  and there was very little that could be done,  he was happy and full of wiggles until yesterday,  today the vet was unsure if his normal meds would help him or not and at 9 pm we had no choice but to put him to sleep,  I feel a part of me is gone,  he was loved more than anyone could imagine,  and he will be missed terribly.    If I spent my whole life with him,  it still would not have been enough time,  but I am very thankful for the short time we were together.   Thank you Boxer angels for allowing me to have and love this very special dog.

10/10/06 - Just thought I would give a quick update on Bobbie, he continues to be the light of my life, he is such a wonderful dog. We have found that he does have a tendency to chew on things that are not his, if they are left out. As I had said in a previous update, he chewed my daughters new shoes for homecoming, and I replaced them, well... she left the new pair out, and guess what, he did it again, I just think he likes that style shoe. lol... I am hoping he has now trained my daughter to pick up her shoes! Bobbie got dressed up as an angel, with wings for Halloween, he was very excited to see all the kids out. I am so glad we were able to adopt him. I have truly decided it was meant to be, I received my boxer angels calendar, and was very pleased to find Bobbies picture on my birthday! I knew he was taken into rescue on April 29th, that is my birthday, I just never expected to see his handsome face there on my calendar! Thank you again for letting me adopt him, and thanks for the birthday surprise!

9/28/06 - Bobbie is doing great,  he has settled in perfectly.  I do believe I have adopted the perfect dog. 
He listens to everything I say to him, and he gets along with everyone he meets,  people and
animals included.   He is still verious curious about everything,  no matter what you have in your
hand,  he thinks its a toy for him.  He loves to ride in the truck everywhere I go.  He is very much a
love,  he is constantly giving kisses and just loving me.  If I ask for a kiss he will put his
lips on my face and push.   He sleeps with me at night,  and he just cant get close enough,  and if I
wake up during the night,  his face is right there on the pillow next to me.   He has had no more
accidents in the house,  and he has only touched 1 thing that was not his.  My daughter bought a
new pair of shoes for the homecoming dance,  and for some reason bobbie chewed the heel off the new
shoe the same day we bought them,  needless to say,  I had to get on line and order another pair
at twice the cost,  because of course they were the only pair left in the store!   That is the only
thing he has done.  He has full run of the whole house 24/7.   I very seldom have to use a leash, 
he walks by my side and never wonders from me,  he is full voice command.    He does have a bit of
anxiety when you open the door to go out.  He rushes is afraid he wont go with you.   I have been
teaching him to sit and stay when we open the door,   then we give him permission to go out,  if
we don't do this,  he rushes it so fast that I am afraid he will get hurt.  I could write all day
about him,  we just love him to death,  again thanks to BAR for letting me adopt him.

9/15/06 - Bobbie is doing great!  He has settled right in,  he went to the vet yesterday and met Dr. Jack,
and his assistant Maria.   He was great,  he has a couple of hot spots on his face and feet that he
keeps scratching,  and a little bit of an ear infection.   The vet gave us some antibiotics for
the ear and Betagen for his face and feet.  It is working really good,  he has not scratched since
we started putting it on.   I take bobbie everywhere with me in the truck, and he loves everyone he
meets and is such a good boy.  He gets nervous when we go to another house,  he will not leave me,
I think he just wants to be sure he is not going to be left behind.  He does not let me out of his
sight.  He is the same way when he is home,  he does not want to miss anything,  he is so curious
about everything.  He has had free roam of the full house 24/7, and has not touched anything
wrong,  and he has not had any more accidents since the first day.   He knows his full voice commands
and can be walked without a leash,  he heals, and does not chase anything,  he does everything he
is asked,  someone did an excellent job with him.  I have been looking into obedience training for
fun.  I really think he and I would enjoy it.  Bobbie has filled a huge gap in my life, and we
love him to death,  he is so loving, all he wants is for you hug him and kiss him.  When you ask him
for a kiss,  he puts his lips right to yours and pushes.  He is so sweet.  Thank you again for
letting me adopt him

9/10/06 - We arrived home about 1:30 yesterday afternoon 9/9/06.   Bobbie met my daughters boxer taz and
they are officially best friends.   They are sharing their food bowls and water bowls.   Bobbie has settled in terrific,  we love him,  we could not have picked a better boy.  We have been taking them to each others house so they can play.  He has had a couple accidents in the house,  but he is very excited,  and not used to having free run of everything all the time.  He slept in bed with me last night,  he was so funny,  he was not too sure it was ok at first,  but he quickly realized it was,  he picked a spot as close to me as possible, and never moved all night.  He has terrific manners in and out of the house,  and is great on the leash for walks.  I am considering obedience training  just for fun, and I thought it would be a good way for him and I to bond more, although he definitely looks to me for instruction.  He keeps constant close contact with me and listens to everything I say.  He has definitely accepted me as his mom, and leader.  We went to pet co. today and picked out some new toys and collar,  he loved it, and everyone made a big fuss of him,  but he kept looking at me for approval, even when he was offered a treat,  he is amazing.  He loves to go in the truck,  he has a new tennis ball and he likes to take it with him when we go. 
He is definitely here to stay,  I have never seen a dog settle in so quickly,  and his attachment to me is unbelievable.  I definitely have my forever friend!  I will update again in a few days.  Thanks again to BAR for letting me adopt him!

9/9/06 - Bobby has been adopted
These are pictures of Bobby on his way to his forever home. Debby and her daughter, Sam, came for him yesterday morning and they fell in love. And the feeling was likewise, I'm sure.
He jumped in their truck, he checked everything out, stuck his head out the window and off he went with not a backward glance.
Debby called last eve, the intros went great with their guy, Taz, and the kitties. They were both off leash already and playing nonstop. I could here their feet going on the floor over the phone.
This is so great. I couldn't ask for a better home for him. Thanks everybody for making this possible and giving me the opportunity to have this guy, if only for a short time. I'll take him back in a second.   Jane  

9/5/06 - Bobby is pending adoption.

7/26/06 - Sorry, long overdue update. Bobby is doing so well here. He just loves everyone he meets and is being a bit freer with his kisses. Number one favorite is the back of my grand daughters neck, right at lickable level, and her ponytails. She screams and then he does it all the more. He's a big tease. We had each other going yesterday when he started chasing and jumping on the pool brush handle. I had him running all over the yard. Guess who tired out first?
Bobby is such a happy boy, sometimes he can be a bit over exuberant but will settle down when all is quiet. I'm unable to leave his sight yet, but I think he's just curious, and has to see what I'm doing.
Please give this baby a chance at a forever home. I don't think you'll be sorry. He will more then 10 fold return your love. He likes nothing better then to have your arms around him, he will stand there forever resting his head on your arm.

6/21/06 - Bobby is having the time of his life. It seems to me he was kept in a kennel for a
good part of his life. He is forever checking things out. In the house he'll go from knick
knack to picture frame to whatever and stick his nose into it and smell. And outside, he'll
look up at the airplanes or birds flying over or smell a leaf or a bug. When he has a choice,
he'll pee and poop on the deck or cement, around the pool, rather then on the grass. But
he's getting better, for the most part I close off that area to them all and then he'll follow
the group to their side yard. And when I tell him to "go" he knows what to do. Only a
couple of accidents in the house. When I say "outside" he knows where to go to the door.
So we're looking good both physically and mentally. It seems he's  put on a few more
pounds. He's a tall lean guy and strong. Right now he's pushing his rope toy into my
side..."Let's play mom". He always has a toy in his mouth. A family with older kids would
be ideal for him, as he loves to play and run. He is a boxer, after all, and a young one too.
Come on get your apps. in, he is a beautiful boy and deserves a forever home.

5/30/06 - Bobby is coming along just fine. Did you notice he's up to 70 lbs. now, trim and
sleek with very long legs, maybe another 5 more lbs. He visited the vet today and had his
sutures removed, from his growth surgery. He also was put on some more medication, for
a week, as he is still swollen from his neuter. I try to keep him quiet, but he is not that kind
of guy. He loves to cuddle though and have his head held. He doesn't give many kisses
just a few quick flicks of his tongue. He gets along fine with all my guys, he wants to play
and run. Baby likes to put him in his place when he gets too "friendly" so I just do the
"Caesar Milan" and show them both whose boss. Not too sure about cats yet, he's very
curious and of course she runs and he tries to chase. But he tries so hard to please and
listen that I don't think cats would be an issue. I love this little boy to death. This short
term foster may turn into a keeper. New photos to be posted soon.

5/20/06 - The biopsy results on Bobby's tumor/growth is in. It came back mass cell tumor,
grade II.  We had hoped for better news, but many Boxers have lived long full lives after
having this kind of tumor removed. Dr Wallace feels as though he did go deep and wide on
the spot, but of course there are never guarantees. We have the lab results which we can
give to anyone interested in adopting Bobby. We usually recommend anyone to talk to
their vet to further discuss if they are interested in a dog with a mass cell diagnosis.

5/19/06 - Well Bobby is neutered and that horrible swinging growth has been removed. He's
a bit swollen "down there" but it's slowly going down. So he is taking it easy for the next 2
weeks, then he'll get his stitches out and be all set for his forever home. He is such a love. He
loves to play and pull out all his toys, now if he would learn to put them back. Maybe we
could work on it, he is a very smart guy. After all, he does like to bring up my newspaper from
down the driveway. He loves kids but is a little too playful with my 3 year granddaughter.
Probably if he was with her more often he would settle down but he likes to get in her face
and snort and then tries to box with her. A refresher obedience course is necessary, he tries
so hard to please. Still slowly gaining weight, once those ribs are covered he will be an all round beautiful guy. So get in that application he won't be around long.

5/9/06 - Bobby is a gem. He is such an alert, active and very curious guy. He acts like a pup.
He walks very well on a leash, but watch out for any birds or squirrels that he may see. He
listens, very well, when you tell him to walk nice. He has a beautiful walk, like prancing, ears
and tail are always up at attention. He loves to play with his toys and will play until you get
tired. Then he will carry it back to the house, so now there aren't any toys left in the yard. He
loves to run and he is such fun to watch. Introduction to Sammy, my 12 year old, went well.
Bobby showed some interest then went back to his toy. The toy Sam thinks is his and Sam
likes all of Bobby's feet on the ground, not on his back or in his face. Next intro will be with
Brandy, she's much more active and will give Bobby a good run. Bobby got a clean bill of
health from the vet. Heartworn and parasite neg., his cold has cleared up and he will be going
for his neuter and growth removal on Monday. So this guy is looking good. Get your app. in
ASAP, he won't be here long.

5/2/06 - Bobby arrived on Sunday. Thanks Carolyn and Dianne. He is a very exuberant boy
but knows his manners when reminded. He knows sit, down, stay and shake and walks very
nicely on short leash. He has a cold and a UTI and is on antibiotics. He also has a hanging,
golf ball size mass on the back of his right leg. Soon he will be off to the vet for a thorough
exam and neuter. So I haven't introduced him to my three yet, until he gets a clean bill of health.
He is up to date on his shots and he will have another fecal test done. But he is a love and a
typical boxer boy, who is just waiting to chase those birds and squirrels. With a little positive
training and about ten pounds this skinny boy will be a gem. More photos and updates to
come as I get to know him better. He's a beauty and won't be a foster for long.