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BRUCE 12/20/06



Pertinent Information - Adopted 3/15/07

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Age & Sex: 1 to 2 years
UTD: Yes
Weight:  50 lb.
Other Dogs: Yes   Cats: Yes
Color: Reverse Brindle
Children under 5: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children over 10: Yes
Tail: Docked
Mandatory Professional Training:  No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location:  Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA

Adoption Donation $300

6/3/07 - I knew from the moment I picked Brucy Bear up to bring him to my home as a foster, that he wasn't ever going to leave.  He is quite a ham and looks like he is constantly smiling.  He is talented too, as he sings to Johnny Cash====and Johnny Cash only.  When he came to me he was a nervous wreck.  He was a bit underweight and losing hair in patches.  Bruce is absolutely gorgeous now.  He is having a blast playing all day with his boxer siblings and he adores my children. I guess their right when they say that sometimes you can't find the right dog-=======the right dog finds you.
Believe me, I never intended Bruce to be a permanent fixture, but I could never let him go.

3/15/07 - Bruce has been adopted

1/5/07 - Bruce is doing great in our home.  He is such a love----full of kisses, wiggles and snuggles.  He
fits in so well with my family.  We love him to pieces and he shows us he loves us too.

12/27/06 - Bruce is pending adoption by his foster family.

12/26/06 - What a good boy Bruce is.  He does not bother a thing in the house.  I have not crated him at all while I am out and everything is untouched.  He gets along great with my boxers and my children and is so playful.  He has the sweetest disposition of any boxer that I've fostered this far.  Filled with kisses and boxer wiggles.  We had him out on the town for the holiday and he did well with children of all ages.  He does not jump on the furniture unless I call him up on it.(which I do).  I am still working on his walking skills.  He does pull a bit and he is powerful.  He is totally housebroken.  I have him ringing the cow bell with his paw that I have hanging on my sunroom doors.  This is how all my dogs tell me they have to go do their business.  Bruce is a fast learner.  He is physically beautiful.  So soft.  The only problem noted with Bruce is that he has broken upper fang teeth.  I called the previous owner and I was told that he probably broke them off in the crate.  He really hates it, although I have not  needed to use it.  He is a perfect gentleman.

12/21/06 - Bruce has been with us for 24 hours now and my first impressions of him are----beautiful, energetic boxer.  Bruce is absolutely gorgeous.  He was introduced to my 2 boxers and my other foster Jack and did very well.  No aggression issues at all.  Actually, Bruce and Jack are like long lost friends.  I've never seen Jack wag his tail so much.  They had a blast playing with toys and prancing around my yard.  I put Bruce in a crate for about and hour while I went grocery shopping and he did great.  I did also have my female crated in the same room so maybe that was a comfort to Bruce or maybe I just tired him out with the long walk we took upon waking up.  Later in the day, I had to take my son to basketball, and I decided to try Bruce with free range of my downstairs.  I left him and my male out.  I was so afraid to see what mess was there waiting for me when I got home but the boys were perfect.  Bruce and Tyson were actually lounging on my window box together looking out the window.  Not a thing was out of order.  I think Bruce just needs company.  He would do great in a home with another dog pal for him to play with.  He plays so nice with my children too.  He knows just how rough he can be.  The neighborhood children came over in the afternoon to meet my newest foster and they were all playing in my yard with him and he seemed so happy.  He loves to fetch a ball.  Bruce slept all night without any problems.  He shared his fluffy bed with Jack and they both snored like crazy.  Bruce climbed up on my bed about half way through the night and slept on his back with all four paws up in the air.  He is so comical and sweet.  You will fall in love with this guy so fast.  Let's get Bruce in a great forever home.  Ideally, with another dog and maybe some children.  He is a typical boxer, trapped in eternal toddlerhood and just loves to play. I will keep everyone posted on his progress.

12/20/06 - Bruce was returned to rescue as his family was away from home too much and he began displaying separation anxiety.

12/4/06 - Bruce is a fantastic dog - he loves to be around people - he loves to play - he absolutely loves to roll in the grass - he is a pleasure to be around - when he sees me - he literally folds in half from excitement and wiggles and wiggles - he's a very affectionate dog - loves to give little kisses - there isn't one person that he has met that he doesn't love to play with or get affection from - he sleeps on his back with his legs spread which is such a nice sight because it shows me he's happy -
My workday schedule is as follows: I leave the house at 7:00am every morning - my niece comes over at 11:00am and walks him and spends about 1/2 hour playing with him,  - my other niece comes over at 2:00pm and again walks him and spends about an hour with him - I'm home at 6:00pm and the dog does not get crated until the next morning.
Just so you don't think that he is PERFECT, there are some things we are working on. - he used to pull on the lease to the point that he couldn't breath - I've have corrected at with some techniques I have learned, and now he walks like a gentlemen.- he walks fantastic with me - but my nieces have not mastered the techniques, so they still have had difficult walks with him. I am trying to show them what to do, but have not had much success yet. We'll keep trying. He likes to jump on people, but with consistent corrections, he does not do that to me anymore - he jumps on everyone else until I step in - these have been problems that I correct and he obeys well to - so he is a quick learner.
Unfortunately there is one problem that has come up and I am unable to correct - he is starting to urinate in his crate - he did this a while ago - I called up and spoke to Gary and Tina who advised me to take the blanket out of his crate - which I did and the problem was corrected - but it has come up again - he is urinating in his crate and it gets on his toys (stuffed animals and rope pulls) 
I've also noticed he is shedding A LOT. All of this indicates that Bruce is a bit stressed to say the least, and that when I am gone, he is not handling that stress well.
When I come home I take Bruce, feed him, relax with him, and then take him out approximately 9:30 for his final bathroom call - most of the time he doesn't go - we just stand outside for about 5-10 minutes and get the fresh air - we go upstairs about 10:00pm for the night - he's gated in my bedroom bathroom - he's fine in there - for the most part - and curls up to sleep.
It breaks my heart to realize that Bruce is stressed. I wanted him to be loved, which he is, but I also wanted him to be very happy, which apparently he is not.
I've brought him to many people's houses and he's fine - I've had many people come to my house and he's fine with that - he loves to be around people - he's never showed any aggression - he never barks unless the door bell rings - he would be perfect except that my situation if apparently not perfect for him.
It would seem that the ideal home for my Bruce will be one where someone is home more often for him, so that he does not get as stressed as his gets now, when I leave him. Whoever gets this boy is truly getting a gem. As you can see, he is BEAUTIFUL, with a disposition to match.

12/2/06 - Bruce unfortunately has been returned to rescue.  His new mom works long hours and poor Bruce doesn't like to be crated and is showing separation anxiety.  He is keeping his crate dry all night, but during the day even though her nieces came over during the day and let him out, he peed in the crate.  He needs a home where someone is home the majority of the time.  His new mom is heartbroken, but wants what is best for Bruce.

9/14/06 - Bruce has been adopted

9/13/06 - Bruce is pending adoption by his FTA Mom.

8/16/06 - I love Bruce and thanks again for all your help
Last night he kept getting up on me just looking for a little attention - so i kept petting him - scratching him - he actually had both paws on my shoulders and his head resting on one side -  the poor thing - then we went outside and played ball for about 45 minutes - he was so funny - rolling around - chasing the ball - he is such a good dog - there was a toy inside his crate that he wanted - and the reason I noticed it was because he was looking at me - heading slowly to the crate - and then just stood staring into it - but keeping his eyes on me - then he got his courage up and went inside - got it - then brought it into the middle of the room - I cracked up laughing -
I keep taking him for walks - so does Christina - the only thing is he poops for her - but not for me - he is so well behaved that I can't believe someone would just let him go.

8/13/06 - Well Bruce has made his way to his foster to adopt family.  He arrived yesterday and has been a pleasure ever since.  He is soooo well behaved and a pleasure to have around.  I had a few people over last evening for Pizza and he loved everyone.  He was calm and so well behaved.  We have taken him for walks and he is a dream on the leash.  I can't believe this boy was lost and not found...lucky for me though!! He slept in his crate last night and I didn't hear a peep from him...I just love him.....  He has a ton of toys to play with and if I am busy he keeps himself occupied with them.  My niece Kristina has been coming over and walking him as well and teaching him sit, down, stay and working on shake (paw)...he learns so quickly and is sooooooo smart...and funny! Boy do I love him!!  He is such a character...he loves to throw his toys around, shake his head and rolls around in the grass....always comes over and goes belly up for a rub..did I tell you I just love him to death and am soo happy to have him here with me!!!!I will post more and keep you up to date soon.

08/06/06 - Well we finally get to introduce Bruce.  He was brought into our rescue ton 8/1 as a shelter surrender.  He was due to be put to sleep as he has ringworm and no one wanted to take him in.  t\hat would have been an awful shame as this boy has the sweetest disposition you could imagine.  The first few days here he did nothing but eat and sleep as he had a horrid case of Kennel cough and was a total mess. Yesterday he started to want to play a bit and today he was running around stretching his legs in the back yard.  He loves to play with the toys and roll around in the grass. 
He is such a silly boy.
Bruce will be going into our FTA program on the 12 or 13th of August as we want to wait until he is feeling better.  He will continue his meds and be neutered once he is ready.  I am sure this boy will stay put with his foster home as he will make anyone happy and give you lots of laughs.
Watch for further updates on this boy




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