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MARIAH 8/22/05


Pertinent Information - Adopted 7/2/07 - Rainbow Bridge 7/18/07

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Female Golden Mix
13 yrs. old
Spayed and UTD
Adoption Donation $150

7/18/07 - I know she was not a boxer, but please include her on your Rainbow Bridge today - and please change her status to "Adopted". She knew in her heart a long time ago that she was ours. It just took us a little time to catch up with the paperwork. She wouldn't drink this morning and hadn't eaten in two days - except for the kibble laced with grapes last night, and a peanut butter treat this morning, which she didn't keep down. Her back end was pretty worthless, but even this morning she managed to putter into my office, check out that I was there, and lay down - content. I had stopped crating her, figuring she could be wherever she wanted to be, and my daughter, Cami, found her when she came home from school, by the water dish, where she had been laying when Cami left. Mercifully, she just slipped away in her sleep. God speed, Mariah, and know that your family - two and four footed - will miss you very much.

7/2/07 - Mariah has been adopted.

6/23/07 - Miriah is pending adoption by her foster family.  She has been with them for 2 years and they want her to "belong:" to them officially.  Congratulations Miriah!!
From her foster family - Mariah is not diabetic - glucose is fine. Could be hypothyroid - has some signs, but not all - didn't test further, could, but not sure he'd medicate anyway. Not Cushings. Kidney function is at least 75% - would have to test further for more precise results. Liver is not enlarged, would have to test further to see if liver function was compromised. Bladder is normal and palpable. She is anemic, protein levels are significantly down, could be due to a bleeding spleen - apparently Goldens are prone to this, - would have to do X-rays, etc., to be sure. Doesn't think she's leaking urine internally bc she would appear toxic, fever elevated. Could be bleeding internally from the bowel, signs of bowel irritation. Fecal was negative. Noticeably luxating patella, probably arthritic. She does not appear in pain - except in her joints - or to be suffering from dementia. He feels she has some sight, more in her right eye. Substantial hearing loss. The growth on her face is probably a tumor, but does not appear to be enlarging internally or compromising any functions - at her age surgery would be iffy.
     The Vet has put her on a special diet to try to boost the protein levels, meds for the bowel, fish oil for her dry skin and coat, and meds to keep her comfortable/joint difficulties. We're not at the euthanasia point yet ;o))).
     I don't know how many months or years Mariah has left, but at this point I would like to adopt her. I'm not sure I ever thought someone would come along and want her, - although that does happen sometimes for the seniors, - but it's not fair for you two to personally bear the cost of whatever lies ahead, and I know it doesn't make a wit of difference to Mariah, but when her time comes, I want her to "belong" to someone. She asks so little of life and loves so much. She deserves to be someone's dog.

5/30/07 - Miriah is almost sixteen years old now. Her eyesight and hearing aren't great, and I've noticed that her back legs are stiffening, so getting up and down the steps from the backyard to the deck sometimes requires an assist, but other than that, she hasn't changed much. She's an extremely sweet and loyal little girl. She follows me everywhere and barks when she feels she needs me if I "disappear", or if she's finished with her business and wants to come back inside. Mariah continues to do very well on the Proin. I only give it to her at night, when she has to go a long stretch in her crate, and she rarely has an accident. Her bowel control is almost nonexistent now. She doesn't seem able to "save it up"(!), and probably needs to go three or four times after a meal in the course of two to three hours. Fortunately it also takes her awhile to "prime the pump", so we can usually catch her squatting and direct her outside before she actually has a bowel movement. I suppose the majority of people would find that fairly intolerable, but she's such a sweetie and can't really help it, that we just try to keep a really close eye on her for several hours following each meal. She loves her baths, and I swear she knows she's pretty again when she's all soft and clean. I know she's not going to get adopted at this stage in her life, but she is a tribute to the dedication of BAR to all dogs, not just the cute pups with years to spend with their new families. Had it not been for BAR, Mariah would never have had these last two years to enjoy - and who knows how many more ;o))).

4/26/06 - Mariah has settled in to be part of the "the gang" (consisting of six dogs), which, at 14, speaks volumes in itself for her sweet nature. We discovered early on, when we found her waiting patiently and eagerly at the door where we had left her, totally oblivious to the the fact that we had re-entered the room
from a door behind her, that she is somewhat deaf. Her sight is also not the best, but she is neither totally deaf nor totally blind - just a senior gal who's getting up there! She is on Proin to help her with continence issues,
again, old age related. She is extremely well house trained, so as long as she has three or four opportunities to go out during the day, she never has an accident, but she really can't make it through the night without her Proin, and it's not fair to her to make her try. We also crate her at night, - which she hates, and lets us know for about fifteen minutes every night. This doesn't seem to be a habit she will stop, but she does settle down, and it's just part of living with Mariah.
The good FAR outweighs the little kinks. Mariah is an extremely sweet and loving little dog, who hates being separated from her people. She follows me religiously throughout the day, wanting nothing more than to sleep close by me in whatever room I am working in. (She does snore a bit, but it's kind of cute ;oD.) Her tail is always wagging gently, and she gives the sweetest kisses.
Her coat is a beautiful, long, platinum blond, and she actually appreciates a bath, which makes her soft as silk. She loves going for walks, although she's not crazy about car rides, and she will even get excited about playing fetch with a ball - if the other guys, who are bigger and younger, are kept out of the game so she has a chance to shine.Affection and food are Mariah's prime motivators in life these days, and she is quite bullheaded about checking out everyone's dish - even before they are finished, if I don't keep her away. She is not at all food aggressive, but she should not be placed with a dog who does have food issues because she would quickly be in harm's way. Did I mention that Mariah LOVES vegetables and fruits?!?! She's caught on to sit and wait for the strawberry hulls when I make my cereal in the morning and is learning to catch them, if I toss them gently
and accurately enough. She loves broccoli too, and even sweet onions in very small quantities!
Mariah seems to get along well with all types of dogs, cats, poultry, horses. Nothing really phases her. She is friendly to everyone who comes to the house, but is probably too fragile, due to her age, for young children who
might want her to play more than she's really able. Mariah is welcome to live out her days with us, but she deserves to be the center of someone's world. At 14 her time left is probably measured in a few years, although she checks out as very healthy with our vet, but in that time she has so much love and happiness to offer. Won't you please consider being Mariah's "special human"?


8/22/05 - Well we have a new girl for the Friends of BAR....her name is Mariah and we are not sure what her mix is...she looks to me like a golden retriever with very short legs? She is approx 13 yrs old and just about as sweet as any dog can be. I brought her into my home and she met my 3 Boxers and 2 Shih Tzu's without incident. Later in the day she went for a long car ride to her foster home and again did terrific with the ride and intros to the animals in their home as well.
She was turned over to my vet to be put to sleep as she was having some leakage problems so my vet asked if we could help her...I can't say no so here she is :o))
I have started her on Proin and the first night she did well and kept her bed dry as can be. If you would like to give this very special girl a home please fill out a contract on our won't be sorry. She might be a senior but still has a lot of love and devotion to give please consider her for your home.