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COOKIE 6/13/09


Pertinent Information - Adopted 7/11/09

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Age & Sex: 10 yr old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  50 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Brindle
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: No
Owner Surrender
Location: Poughquag, NY

Adoption Donation $150


7/11 - Cookie is doing great, though she is getting older she still gets around just fine and the boxer who did not like my kitty, now tolerates 4 kittens sleeping all around her! She has learned to stay out of the way in the horse barn (that was a trial) She would walk right under them and look up at their bellies..thank goodness my horses like dogs! I attached a picture of Cookie sleeping with the kitties

8/21/09  - Cookie is just wonderful!  She had her vet checkup and everything was fine.  She does have an ear infection, which seems to be chronic and is getting treatment.  She is my shadow and loves to sleep beside me on the couch.  NO tie-out for her, she goes outside with Dinah to do her business and doesn't leave the yard.  she likes to chase wild bunnies though, but not too aggressive, the bunnies always win.  She knows cats are off limits.  My barn cat is no longer afraid of her. I do have to hold onto her when the horses are going in and out of the barn as she gets right under them!  Fortunately, they know dogs and do not want to harm her.  They just look at her strangly, like "what the heck?"  she is not afraid or trying to be agressive.. I'd say she is well used to her new home!Julie 

7/16/09 - Hi, an update from Cookie.  Mom picked me up last Sat. in MOnticello from my foster famiy.  I sure miss them, but Mom lets me sleep on her couch every evening and I have a new sister.  Dinah, made me feel welcome.  I do get a little possessive of Mom with her, but Mom doesn't allow it.  I remember foster Mom's rules about sitting and waiting before I eat my dinner.  I get to walk around the yard with Mom an Dinah, OH, and there are two kitties.  I tried to chase them (they ran and I couldn't resist)  Mom yelled NO and I stopped  right away.  Now I just ignore them. And there are four big animals they csll Horses. I bsrked at them once and they ignored me.  We sniffed noses and they didn't smell like any dog I've ever been near!  the other end is too high to reach!Oh, well. I like my country home.  I sleep in Mom's room at night with Dinah on a nice soft blanket and during the day I am gated in the laundry area with my blanket. Its not a bad life! Cookie

7/12/09 - Cookie went to her forever home yesterday.  She became a complete member of our pack over the last week.  It is such a pleasure when that happens, everything is just easy.  We will miss her very much.  She is such a happy and loving girl, and we wish Cookie and her new mom many years of companionship and love.  Thank you BAR for bringing Cookie into the BAR family.

7/7/09 -  I am happy to report that Cookie is now a full member of our pack.  Our Brittany has decided that Ms. Cookie is not so bad afterall. Gary B. told me once that he has never had anyone tell him that they wished they had introduced the new dog "sooner".  And in this case it's took awhile but they have all sorted out their places, without any fighting, and the home pack is stable and happy again.  Cookie will be going to her forever home this weekend and we will miss her.  She is a smart, happy and sweet old gal, and it has been an immeasurable pleasure to know her. 

6/27/09 - Cookie is pending adoption

6/23/09 - Cookie is doig great.  She had a few potty accident the first few days that she was with us.  But as soon as she learned our routine the accidents stopped.  She is crated during the day when we aren't home and sleeps where ever she wants (usually that is the couch) in our finished basement at night.  We have done limited introductions with our dogs.  Cookie and Nala (another BAR foster) do great together.  They are the same age and about the same energy level.  Cookie also seems fine with our younger boxer boy.  He towers over her, but she doesn't seem bothered by this at all. Cookie's favorite thing to do is just hang out.  She really likes sitting out in the yard and watching whatever is going on.Cookie came to us with an ear infection.  Her ears have apparently been negelected in the past.  Untreated ear infection have left her ears scarred.  She is a really good girl for her ear cleanings and medication.  Once the current infection clears up she will need very regular cleaning to keep the ears infection free.  Cleaning them takes just a few minutes and is very easy.Cookie girl is a happy, easy going love bug.  If you are looking for a dog to snuggle up and read with or take lazy strolls with then this is your girl.  

And here is a link to a video / slide show of Ms. Cookie

6/13/09 - Hi Everyone, my name is Cookie.  The landlord where I used to live said that he did not want dogs in his place anymore.  So my owner's of ten years sent me away.  Everyone at the shelter really like me, but I was still sad and very lonely there.  I am soooo glad to be back in a real home.  Thank you so much to everyone that made it possible for me to become a BAR baby.  Cookie is fabulous.  She is what senior boxers are all out. L O V E.  The more you talk to her the faster her little tail nub goes.  It is like a little helicopter propeller.  She loves to sit and be massaged and wants to be where the people are.  Get your application in for this gorgeous and sweet lady because she is a keeper!