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SUGE 2/14/09


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Age & Sex: 5 yr old Female
UTD: Yes
Weight:  45-50 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Fawn
Cats: Unknown
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Natural
Professional Training Required: No
Spayed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Owner Surrender to Shelter
Location: Nassau County, LI

Adoption Donation $250


8/16/10 - Hi from Suge, Pam & Bob!,,This Saturday is Suge's one year anniversary in her new home.  All of us think we are very lucky to have found each other.  This past year has been one of many changes for Suge and us.  My mother was in a nursing home when Suge arrived and became the best medicine anyone could want.  Suge was to have been her home companion but instead she went with me every day to work until January when my mother returned.  It took a week or so but Suge soon adapted to me leaving and her settling right down on her bed in Mother's room.  She is a lucky dog with a dog bed in every room in the house.  She is snoring on her bed in my home office as I write this.  Suge was also good about going in and licking Mother's hand each day to wake her up and waiting patiently for Mother to give her an end of the day treat.  In June I left my fulltime job to take care of my mother who passed away on 6/27 at home.  Suge still goes into the bedroom to nap but there is no more excited chatter to get her to toss her squirrel in the air.  Suge is now taking lessons to help her socialize while on leash.  From day one in our neighborhood she did not play well or meet and great other dogs without trying to nip.  She walks with the dogs, but at a distance.  So a people person she is - doing so well at the nursing homes with all the residents and at parties in our home with adults and little children.  And on vacation - trips to Boothbay Harbor and Lake Sunapee this summer.  She is so attentive and wants to be part of the pack that we are expecting good things from the training.  We don't often visit the BAR website because we would be inclined to adopt every single available dog.  We are so happy we were able to include Suge in our life!  Thank you.

8/22/09 - Well...after 6 months my Suge has gone to her forever home. I think she is going to be very happy in her beach front home in Plymouth, MA...although her new family did say they were going to buy her a red sox jersey.....i told them she will look terrible in one :o))

We had a pretty tight bond my suge and me, with all the time we spent together at home and at work....and she was one of the FEW who looked back from the back seat of the station wagon and followed me the whole time they pulled off the block yesterday.

I called today and she is starting to settle...she was a wonderful girl and i will miss her, but i know she will get the attention in her new home that is difficult to get here.  Good luck suggy girl!!

7/13/09 - Suge is pending adoption

7/5/09- I just wanted to send in a quick note on Suge....I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with this super girl...I have 13 dogs here...big and little and she was amazing with ALL of them...we went for a long hike in the woods on Saturday and she ran around (off lead) like a pup with Mona (my foster)...there were a couple of large streams that she went in and was wading around just having a grand ole time...this girl is so super sweet...I was sitting on the couch afterwards and she came over, cuddled next to me and laid her head in my lap and went to sleep...I have to say, anyone getting this girl is getting one very special pup.  Sure she may not be the best looking dog on the list but if you want an active, fun, sweet and all around great dog...suge is fall in love with her in a heartbeat.  Another plus from the weekend...she is good with cats!

6/29/09 - Our Suge is still here, waiting patiently for her new forever home. She is such a pleasure to have around. She has the most soulful eyes, she often comes up to me and gently nudges me with her nose and looks up at me with those eyes. Trust me, those eyes will melt you. She is, without a doubt a very special girl. She gets along with all dogs in the home, both big and small. She never ceases to amaze me....we have several geriatric foster dogs in the home, and Suge seems to develop a very special relationship with them. She will sit next to them and lick them for long periods of time. Almost as if she has taken on a mother role. Yet she will also take the younger, wild pups in the house and run laps with them. Like I said a very special girl.
I have been taking her to work with me for the last month and a half, and this girl is perfect. Last week we bumped into the bosses pit girl, who is not the nicest dog to dogs her own size. I was expecting a bit of a confrontation, but I quickly said "Suge, lets go" and she followed me right out of the office to go on one of her walks. Any my bosses pit did not make a move toward her, probably sensing that she is not a threat, and does not want any trouble.
She loves her routines, and learns them quickly. She does stress a bit on the 1 hr ride up to work, she tends to pant while she sits in the back seat. She does not not try to climb into the front, just pant and finds it a bit difficult to settle. Once in the office, she quickly settles and takes a nice nap. After a couple of hrs, she knows we are going to get ready for her walk.
Suge is great on the leash. She know she is not supposed to pull, so she stays as close to my left hip as she can. She will sit on command, and will stay when told to.
She has an absolutely wonderful appetite, finishing every last drop of food. She is around 50 lbs, and we make sure she keeps her wonderful girlish figure.
Well, what can I say but that this girl truly is a gem. A wonderful companion, she will do great in just about any situation. If you are looking for a dog who will make you the center of her universe, yet give you the space you will want once in a while, this is the girl for you. If you have kids, Suge will be the kind of dog that your kids will call their best friend. She loves people, and dogs of all sizes.
So what are you waiting for, you are not getting any younger, ya know :o)). Ask for this girl, the sooner you make her a part of your family, the sooner your family will be complete.

6/9/09 - Video's of Suge

5/17/09 - Hi there, it's Suge again.  Its a bit easier to get on this computer now that foster dad is only doing the extended tax returns :o))
I can't believe that since I wrote to you that no one wants me. I heard a rumor (I overheard my foster dad talking to my foster mom) that people didn't think I am all boxer. My foster dad said he has been doing boxer rescue for a lot of years,and YES, I AM PURE BOXER. I heard him say, yes my face is a little long, and yes I also have a tail, but that being said, I AM 100% BOXER. I heard him say that I have all the boxer antics, I am the SWEETEST girl, I LOVE my people, just like all the boxers you have come to love. He told me that the family that will adopt me will not care if I am not the classic looking boxer from the dog shows. They will love me for ME.....and it will be  unconditional. I always feel so much better after he talks to me.
So, I wanted to tell you about some cool stuff since my last update.
My foster daddy now travels to Westchester to work, and he has been bringing me and my foster sister, Shelby the Boston to work with him. I am so good there.  I hang out with Shelby, and daddy feeds us and takes us for walks a couple of times a day.  Sometimes other people come into his office to visit, and I am so happy to see them. I get lots of petting and of course, I just love it. We leave the house at 5:45 a.m. and take a long drive (foster daddy said it's about an hour in the morning and up to 2 hours at night).  We don't get home until 6:30 at nite.  I don't mind the car ride, because I look around and then fall asleep.  I just hope that my foster daddy can stay up! 
When I come home, I say hello to all my 4 legged brothers and sisters.  I let the 2 legged people eat dinner, and then I get fed again.  I play with everyone after dinner, and then it's time for a nap.  I like to chew on bones as well, so I will do that in between my napping.
You see, I'm a very good girl.  I will do whatever you want, and will go anywhere you want me to go. 
I do like it here, but with all these other dogs, I don't get the attention that I deserve
Does anyone want me?  I will give you unconditional love and happiness. Promise!

4/27/09 - Hi, this is Suge. I decided to grab a bit of computer time, as my foster dad has been totally monopolizing this thing during what he calls "tax season".
Anyway, I have really enjoyed my stay here. I get to stay up late, usually around midnight, I have several great pillows and beds to lay on during the day. I share very  nicely with all my buddies here, a bunch of pugs, pekes, a Boston terrier, a big French mastiff, and yes, even a boxer guessed it, Rocky :o)) All very nice dogs and I love their company.
My foster dad lets us all out to do our business when he gets up in the morning, usually around 5 AM. A bit early, cause I don't have to go that badly, but I go out with the rest of the sleepyheads and do my business, then back in for some more snoozing. Foster mom then comes down around 9 AM and makes us all a very nice breakfast. I usually get some nice stuff added to my kibble...turkey or chicken strips, some veggies like carrots or string beans, some yogurt, sometimes a bit of spaghetti, I said, a nice breakfast. I am always the 1st one done, but I wait for the others so we can all go out together to do our business again. During the day, there are lots of toys and marrow bones to chew on.
I get to go out several times a day, and then when my foster dad gets home, I get another great meal, which I always finish every drop. I do have a great appetite, and I haven't met a food I haven't liked yet :o))
So, with this great gig, you must be wondering why I would want to leave. Well.....I don't want to sound a bit selfish, but I really want a family I can call my own. My foster mom and dad love me VERY much, I get lots of petting and belly rubs, which I love, and my foster dad does this thing where he rubs his fingers in a messaging motion right at the base of my tail, which I could hang out and receive FOREVER....but there are lots of dogs here, and it is tough for them to give me more time, which I would really love. My dad tells me every night that the home he will find for me will give me everything I get here, PLUS more attention and love. He tells me I deserve the best, and he will find it for me. I cant wait. If you are reading this, maybe you are the one he is talking about? I hope so...I do love my foster mom and dad, and I know I will love my forever mom and dad...(and kids?) just as much, while getting more of that attention he told me about.
I'm waiting....please come and get me.
Love your soon to be forever baby, Suge   

3/16/09 - apologies..I am way behind on updating my suggy girl. Tax season is in full swing, but that is no reason to make Suge wait for her forever home.
Suge has really fit in so nicely here, but she is the kind of dog that is best with a nice young active family, other dogs would be a bonus :o)). She loves to play with any dogs that will play with her. We have a slightly older crew here, but she has found a few young pugs that can keep up with her. The weather has been getting warmer here on long island, so suge has gotten to spend more time outside. Now, as soon as she has gone out, she starts bouncing around looking for someone to play with, and it is usually our 7 month old black pug Archie who will accommodate her. She is so happy when Archie runs up to her and starts pounding his paws into her side...boy, that does sound like fun, doesn't it :o))) ? They run throughout the yard, bouncing into each other, having a great time. This girl is so spunky, you would never believe she is 5. I could definitely see her in a home with a younger dog, and some young kids to run around with.
Suge is totally housetrained, and although we started out crating her, we have not crated her for quite some time now. She is totally trustworthy, and really doesn't need to be crated. She gets along with everyone she meets, 2 or 4 legs, doesn't matter. Last month we added a French Mastiff girl (Dogue de Bordeaux) to our pack, and Suge greeted her like like a long lost sister. She is really a very special girl, one who will make some family extremely lucky to get her. Hopefully you have asked for her, I would hate to be an "I told you so" :o))

2/18/09 - It is time to introduce Suge, who was an owner surrender to a shelter.  Her family was moving, and could not take her with them.  According to them, she is 5 years old. She must be prematurely gray, which I can empathize with :o)) Her teeth are in VERY nice condition, with minimal tartar.

She was spayed prior to coming in, and had all her vaccinations, and heartworm test in the shelter. When we picked her up, we noticed that she had a slight cough.  The shelter sent her with antibiotics, and we started them right away, she already seems much better.

Her appetite was not that great on Saturday, but by Sunday, she was inhaling her food. She is first one finished, and then has no problem going into our boxer Rocky's food. He allows it, but we do not.  We now send her outside, until everyone is done.

She didn't bark at all the fist day, but last night as we were preparing the food bowls, she found her voice.  She doesn't understand that it takes a little time to prepare 12 bowls of food.  She was a little more tolerant of the wait this morning.

She really is a sweet girl. You don't even know that she is here most of the time.

She loves the soft beds, and doesn't mind sharing it with the other dogs. We have fostered lots of dogs in this home in the past, and I have to say how impressed I was with Suge, how she seamlessly walked into our home and made herself comfortable, and how accepted she was by all the resident and other foster dogs. (11  in all!) This goes right to the core of how super this girl is.

She does not play with toys yet, but she had a lot of changes in the past week. 

She does love the human touch.  She would love a home where someone can give her lots of belly rubs and attention.  She is good with people, children and animals. So if you are looking for your 1st boxer, or have some already, Suge is going to to make a GREAT addition to your family.

Get those applications in now, you do not want to miss out on this gem!!


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