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TROY 6/3/08 - 6/6/09


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Age & Sex: 5 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  58 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Brindle
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: No     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Shelter  Surrender
Location: Centereach. NY

Adoption Donation $250

10/09 - Troy has been adopted

8/31/09 - Troy is pending by his foster family.

8/26/09 - All is well with Troy in this corner of the world. J He continues to thrive, and is certainly enjoying his summer, and loving the baby pool now. And of course, his ball! Give this guy a ball, and he is beyond content. The only thing better than his ball, of course, is treats!!! He LOVES treats!
There’s really not much new to report. Troy continues to do great with everyone we have over the house. Happy little man, just wants to hang with everyone (and his ball) and greets everyone like such a gentleman. He doesn’t jump on anyone, just does the hop, turn…… rub my rump please lean, with those precious droopy eyelids!! J So, just checking in, and letting everyone know Troy is doing great!

8/5/09 - Slide show of Troy.  Here's the link:

8/4/09 - Here's a link to Max & Troy, in person! ;)

7/23/09 - There’s really not much to report on Troy boy, we’re all enjoying the summer, and he’s a good boy! Troy loves, loves, loves to play catch, some days he more energetic than others. He’ll play for an hour straight (and longer if you let him, I’m sure) and then other days, I’ll throw it 3 or 4 times, and he decides he just wants to play with it on the "pups lounge chair". So he hangs right next to you on his cushion and just chills.
We’re taking Troy back to the vet this Saturday to have a few lumps checked out. So cross your fingers for this boy, and send some positive vibes his way. He thanks you in advance. ;)
Troy is a big lover boy, he is VERY affectionate with us, and always wanting to give kisses. And he is so gentle with his kisses, its very endearing. He loves to lay next to us on the couch and get a belly rub, and his favorite by far is a "rump–rub", he’ll grab his ball, run over to you, and turn around for a scratch! And then he does the lean! J He loves his one ball, and takes it everywhere with him, literally, and if he forgets it, its only for a sec, and then he’s on the hunt for it again.
Troy seems to get along with all dogs, though he’s not exactly interested in hanging with them. If I bring him out with my female, he will interact with her for a few minutes, but eventually he just goes about his business, sniffing around the yard and playing with his ball. Seems like he could take it or leave it in regards to having other "fur-company". His people though, he wants you around ALWAYS, like most boxers. J
Troy is doing Great, he’s a pleasure to have with us, I can’t say it enough. J

7/9/09 - Troy’s had quite a busy 4th of July weekend. J And he said to say he hopes you all did as well!!! Yeah, he’s a sweetheart like that! J
He came to a Bbq at my friend’s house, and she has 2 boxer girls, they all hit it off! He seems to get along great with all the other dogs he’s met. He also met my mother’s MinPin (he’s only 20 lbs) and let me tell you, Troy did AWESOME with him. It was adorable to watch, because after the initial sniffs, Troy immediately dropped to the floor and played with the lil guy while laying down the whole time. I was impressed & very pleased with Troy Boy.
He also seems to be getting much better in the car. I try to get him out & about as often as possible, this way he gets used to being in car, and seeing people walking by. He’s already much more comfortable, he even gets excited when he sees me pick up my keys. And then gives me the "what are you doing?!?! LETS GO look", when he realizes I was only picking them up before they get lost! J So, now he loves his car ides, and is doing much better with people walking by and what not, so what more could I ask for from him!?!?
Overall, Troy boy is part of our pack now, and he is welcomed to stay as long as needed, because this boy DESERVES a special home!! And until he finds his forever home, we will enjoy his lovely demeanor, sweet kisses, cudlles and lots of ball playing! J

6/30/09 - Hmmm, lets see how can I put this?! Ok, we ADORE Troy! J This pup has worked his way right into our hearts from the minute he came to our house. Basically for Troy to be happy, he needs few things, not much…. just a few. 1) A Rump Scratcher 2) an Avid Ball thrower, with squeaky toys included!! 3) A loving human(s) that is willing to give this boy lots of love, and knows how to be firm, yet gentle with him.

Troy had his vet visit this past Saturday, and this poor baby is petrified of the vet. So, his new owners will need to know this. He needs help relaxing while being examined, and to be honest, he truly doesn’t want a part of it at all. So, he needs his people to help him behave himself while being examined. But hey, who r we kidding?!?! I don’t like going to the Dr. either, some dogs fear it more than others, and Troy happens to be a pup that really fears it. So, just a heads up. The vet did say he has a slight heart murmur, and he had his bloodwork done, so we’ll see how that comes out.

Other than that, Troy continues to do an excellent job while he’s with us. Like I said we adore him, and he is just a happy go lucky, let me play with my ball and be close to my people, kinda pup! J Endearing, and loving, and just all around a sweetheart!

6/24/09 - Troy boy has been with us almost three weeks, and boy does time fly!!!! This guy is such a sweetheart. What a good boy too! Troy LOVES his balls, and squeaky toys. He wont leave his kennel unless he takes his ball with him. And speaking of the kennel, he’s quite the gentleman when it’s his turn for time in the kennel. He’ll pick up his ball and walk right in, no complaints, you don’t even hear from him. So he’s definitely crate trained, and he’s totally housebroken. Not one accident. He eats like a champ, hasn’t missed a meal. He’s knows all his basic commands such as sit, stay, lay, etc.
He really enjoys being around his people! He wants to be in the same room as you, and will always follow you around, and then find a cozy spot on the floor, or the couch if you allow him. He loves to hang outside with you, and will only stay out if someone is out there with him. Typical. J
One thing we’re working on with this guy, is his fear of men. It seems when he is in a tight place and a man approaches, Troy gets on the defensive. However, he doesn’t seem to mind men as long as he has space to move. Like outside, or even in the house, but the car is another story. If a man walks up to him while we’re in the car, he gets very worked up. We’re already working on it, and I can tell with this guy, he’ll catch on quick, and realize that there are good men out there who mean no harm! Other than that, we have no other issues with this beautiful boy.
He’s going for his wellness exam this Saturday and will updated on shots and what not. And we will continue to work on Troy’s socialization and exposure to more men, and of course lots of loving, because this boy deserves it!!! J

6/11/09 - I’m so happy to re-introduce Troy Boy!!!! J We got Troy out of the trainer this past weekend, and he hasn’t skipped a beat. He fit into our house & routine like he’s been with us all along, and he is such a sweetheart. Troy is going to the vet soon and he’ll get updated on all his shots. In the meantime, we’re going to get to know this guy much better and let you know how he’s doing! J

8/27/08 - Troy is being returned to rescue and we need a foster home for him.  We think that he was abused in the past and needs an understanding loving family.

8/9/08 - Troy (aka velcro boy) has been in his new home for just over a week and I can't believe what a good boy he is!    He is pretty laid back in general and is quite content playing with his new ball, spending time outside with my dad while working in the yard, or just sleeping.  He has an incredible appetite and eats every bite - he hasn't missed a meal yet!
My dad takes him for a walks in the morning and I take him when I get home from work.  Troy continues to be good on the leash - meandering through our rural cemetery and wading in a nearby stream. He seems happy to return home after 45 minutes or so.  Of course he also loves to play ball - running & fetching.   
Behavior-wise, he has had some challenges. He has nipped a bit when playing with his ball but I back right off.  I don't tug at the ball nor will I pull anything out of his mouth.  Also, I recently took him in the car to get gas and when I got out to pump, he went ballistic barking/growling at me through the crack in the window. I imagine he was terrified he would be left but who knows? The minute I got in the car, he was fine and settled right down. 
Health-wise, I am concerned about a growth he has on his neck by his Adam's Apple. I noticed it a day or so after he arrived and at that time it was the size of a cherry tomato. It doesn't seem to bother him but it is red & weeps yet it seems smaller than it was when I first found it. I am bringing him to the vet Monday, 8/11 so hopefully it's nothing serious.
Overall Troy has been a delight and such a wonderful addition to our home. I really appreciate all the help & support BAR has given me during the adoption process. A special thanks to foster mom Emily as well...Troy is doing great!

7/30/08 - Troy has been adopted. 

6/28/08 - Troy is pending adoption.

6/23/08 - Troy went to the vet this morning.  His wellness exam went fine and the only thing I was instructed to do was to clean the “eye crust” that gathers in the folds of his face once a day with a medicated pad.  While Troy came out of the vet’s office with a clean bill of health, but he was not at all a fan of the experience.  He was extremely nervous and made it known.  We were able to make him comfortable enough, however, to complete the exam without a problem.  He weighed in at 58 lbs, so I think he has gained that “happy weight” since he has been here. 

Troy also went to the park this morning before his appointment.  He rode very well in the car.  He either laid on the back seat or sat on the floor behind the driver’s side seat.  We were in the car for about 45 minutes total and we was great the whole time.  He walked well on his leash and quickly understood that he was allowed to mark every leaf in the park.  He even walked nicely when I held the leash by the handle and gave him all the slack.  We did not run into any other dogs, but we will go to a different park sometime this week where we will see lots of them.  This way we can see how he is with other dogs while on his leash.  We have been going for walks as a pack (the three dogs and me) and he has been perfect.  I do continue to walk him with a chain or prong collar.  Both of the other dogs wear them as well, it is a good feeling to know that I have backup when I am walking that many dogs at once.  It is not ridiculous to think that he could walk solo on just a nylon collar, however.  In addition, Troy has been eating with the other dogs.  He continues to sit and wait patiently for his bowl and does not leave it, even when he has finished long before the other two.  Once everyone has finished they do the bowl check to ensure that nothing was missed.  He does not have any food aggression with people or dogs.  He does not beg when we are eating, even if we are on the couch or if another dog is begging.  He does not push any of the others away from their meals or get aggressive when they still have something to eat.  And he takes treats with the most gentile touch.  Troy continues to be a good boy.  Though he will require a strong leader in his new home, as he can be rather opinionated.  He should not be allowed on the furniture and the household should be prepared to teach him about playing nice with any resident pooches.  He just needs some help realizing where he stands in the pack.  Which makes me think that any children in his new life should not be any younger than 15.  Then they can help Troy to und

PS—We will also go to meet some cats this week… if we have a neighbor who will oblige. 

6/15/08 - Troy finally got to meet his foster brothers last night.  We took him outside on his leash to meet the less dominant one of the two, Paulie.  That went just fine and within a few minutes they were following each other around the yard.  Jack was the next foster brother, he came out and we walked on leashes around the property.  This went all right, Jack can be a little much to meet all in one shot.  Then Troy went into his room to have his dinner and relax.  Following everyone’s dinner Troy came back out to hang out with the boys and us for TV time.  I picked up all the toys, as Troy loves toys, so I did not want to give him any excuses.  There were a couple of arguments between Troy and his two new friends, but it was mostly just noise and nothing major.  Troy and Jack both feel that I am THEIR person and should not have to share with anyone else.  This will calm down in the next couple of days… and we will have a harmonious home.  They are simply trying to establish the rules amongst themselves… the dog rules that cannot be set by me.  All and all the introductions went fine.

But today, relationships were cemented.  Jack and Paulie spent their morning sunning on the deck and Troy did some yard work around the farm with my fiancé and me.  He loved following the tractor and fetching his duck when we threw it.  He was very well behaved and kept himself entertained.  He even discovered the little creek that runs through one of our fields and entertained himself with his duck for well over an hour.  He would push the duck under water then retrieve it and bring it to me to see.  Troy loves to be outside.  He is so happy to trot around and investigate.  He does not have to be entertained or have a buddy.  He has not shown any interest in playing with our guys, but I am sure that will come in time.  He spent the better part of the afternoon following Paulie around the house and checking in with Jack, who was lying under a tree.  We came inside for a late lunch around 3 o’clock and Troy just crashed.  But now he is back at it again… helping foster dad take more brush away in the tractor. 

Troy is a great dog, laid back, trustworthy, and loves everyone.  He would be a great addition to any family.

6/12/08 - After the last posting I realized that I had not included all of Troy’s achievements.  In addition to all of the good manners I have previously listed, I forgot to mention the following… Troy took a bath last week and was very good.  He did not exactly enjoy it, but he stood still in the tub and allowed me to wash him all over, pick up his feet and scrub the eye crust from his face.  He is not food aggressive with people.  He sits and waits for my “OK” to eat his meals, sometimes I stand there unnecessarily long just to see what he will do.  But he continues to sit and wait.  I can pick the bowl back up and stick my hand in it and he simply looks at me.  He tends to be a slow eater and not necessarily excited about his meals.  So it will be interesting to see what he will do about eating with the other dogs.  In addition, he has given up barking when he gets into his crate.  He has been immediately settling down to relax.  The only time he barks, EVER, is when he needs to go out in the morning and when there is clearly something exciting happening in the house and he is not a part of it.  Lastly, he has mastered the fact that he has to sit to get or do anything, like getting his leash put on or taken off, let out of his crate, get fed, greet anyone that comes into his room or have a toy thrown for him outside.  Having him sit and stay for the fetch game has worked well because it keeps him from jumping on top of the toy (and me) so that I cannot pick it up.  This also tells him to drop it because I am going to throw it again.  He does still jump up to grab the toy out of my hand once I do have it, but we are working on it.
I know he sounds to good to be true.  But he has not put a foot wrong since he came through the door.  And I hope that I will have lots more good things to say when he meets the resident Boxers next week.  I hope to take him to the vet for his wellness exam on Monday and he finishes his meds tomorrow, Friday. 
Also, I was able to take some pictures of him… hopefully they will come up with this posting.  He is not the best model. But they are ok.  I will get some more next week.  Maybe some action shots with the boys☺

6/9/08 - Troy continues to be a fantastic, easy addition to our home.  His day consists of the following… He routinely wakes around 5am to go to the bathroom (granted we go to bed at 9pm, so this is a solid eight hour night) and alerts me to this from his crate in the office down the hall by barking, he goes outside and does is business quickly because he is ready to have his breakfast, he has his breakfast which is covered in the required yogurt portion in the office and hangs out there while I get a little more shut eye (my dogs could sleep the day away and barely open their eyes when Troy wakes up), around 7 he goes for a nice walk down the road and takes in all that the country has to offer, then it is back to his room for the rest of the day with periodic play/potty breaks outside until it is dinnertime and then bedtime in his crate. 
No, this is not the most exciting of lifestyles, but Troy is still on medication for kennel cough and is not allowed near his foster brothers yet.  Plus it has been in the 90s for several days and he is not a fan of the heat.  But if you read carefully you will notice how little exercise Troy receives on a daily basis, this in my book makes for a laid back Boxer.  He is not exactly happy to be away from the action, but he does not complain.  He has been out of his crate to have full use of the office when we are home and has not moved or chewed on a thing.  He LOVES his squeaky duck… it is a tough rubber duck that is about a foot tall and wears a hat, a shirt and shorts.  He will not leave his crate or his room without it.  When we go outside he leaves it by the front door so that it is waiting for him when he gets back.  We have been going into the yard without his leash to go to the bathroom and play fetch.  He never leaves my sight and knows his name well enough to come when he is called.  We are attempting to master the tricky part of fetch, which is dropping the ball for me to throw it again.  He always brings it back and drops it, but most of the time he will do a play bow and snatch it back up before I can pick it up. 
Troy seems to get along with anyone, male and female.  He knows how to sit, lay- down and give his paw.  And to prove what a good boy he is… I will tell you this story.  Not only does Troy completely ignore wildlife on our walks, he also ignores it when it runs over his feet.  This morning after our walk we stopped by the neighbor’s house, because her two small dogs will not allow us to pass without a visit.  He is extremely good with them—he basically just gives them a good sniff and walks away.  We ended up standing on her patio for an hour.  During which time Troy was presented with her cat, which he simply looked at, and a chipmunk.  The chipmunk ran into the house followed by the two small dogs and a riot ensued.  Barbara and I were screaming, the small dogs were barking and when the little chipmunk was run out of the house it ran right in front of Troy and over my feet.  Throughout all of this pandemonium Troy simply stood there a watched.  This is a good dog…

6/4/08 - Troy arrived yesterday afternoon and is a total mush.  In addition to being b-e-a-utiful!!  He is a fantastic brindle with a little white on his face and feet and I do not think he weighs more then 50lbs.  He does not look underweight to me; however, it would not be the worst thing in the world if he gained a little “happy weight.”

I will take some good pictures in the next couple of days... so look out for those:)

He is hanging out in the office for the time being, as he has a little kennel cough.  So he will not get to meet my guys until he has recovered from that.  He is fine in his crate, but lets out a bark every couple minutes until he realizes we are not going to come to get him and settles down.  He ate well, but only after I was sitting in the room with him on the computer…I guess we have bonded already.  It is clear that he loves having people around, because he does bunny hops with all four feet off the ground when anyone comes into the room, but will sit immediately when asked.  He walks pretty well on a leash, requiring little correction.  He only seems to pull when I allow him enough leash to leave my side, while birds, bunnies and other dogs have no effect on him.  He just strides right by.  I have had him in my home for less then 24 hours and I already know that he is great… get those applications in!!

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