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WHISKEY 7/18/09


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Age & Sex: 8 yr. old Male
UTD: Yes
Weight:  25 lbs.
Other Dogs: Yes
Color:  Fawn
Cats: Yes
Ears: Natural
Children: Under 5: Yes     Over 5: Yes
Tail: Docked
Professional Training Required: No
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Shelter Surrender
Location: Maybrook, NY

Adoption Donation $150


6/11/10 - Unfortunately the 10 yr old chi in the adopting household will just not accept Whiskey and he needs to come back into rescue.  If you are interested in a very tiny senior Boxer, Whiskey could be the guy for you!

9/11/09 - Whiskey is doing wonderfully.  He has settled in and is starting to realize he is top dog.  He is very well behaved and even though his eyesight is impaired, he is finding his way around his new home. He is a very sweet dog and even though he can't chase things (because he cannot see them) he does like contact sports like wrestling and tug of war.  He has learned to sit and come when called and he just loves people and children. I will keep you updated on his progress.

9/5/09 - Whiskey has been adopted.

9/1/09 - Whiskey is pending adoption

8/11/09 - Hi!  Whiskey here!  My Foster Mom's been a little busy so I thought I'd help her out.  I'm doing great here in Maybrook!  I've gained about 5 lbs and you can't see my hip bones anymore.  We went to the vet last week to have my staples revmoved from my head and it sure feels better.  The Vet says that it will take about a month for the sutures to disappear, though.  She also said that I have cataracts - but that doesn't stop me - no sireeee!  I love going for walks and being outside.  Everyone who sees me wants to stop and pet me and say hello and I just love it!  They call me a "miniature boxer" because I'm on the small side.  My foster parents are great, but having a forever home with kids would be a dream come true! I just love to play and give big, wet, boxer kisses. Well, thats all for now!  We'll keep you updated.  Love, Whiskey

7/28/09 - Whiskey had his first bath on Monday, and although he was a little nervous about the whole experience, he did very well.  No agression whatsoever!  He is just a sweet little guy who wants to meet everyone he sees - especially the kids.  He's starting to feel comfortable with us and plays with a couple of the toys we have and even goes into his crate by himself to take a nap.  He'll be going to the Vet on Monday, 8/3 to have his sutures removed. He looks like he's gained a little weight since being with us, but we'll ask the Vet to weigh him when we go.

7/23/09 - Whiskey came to stay with us on Saturday, July 18 and is still settling in.He will go in his crate with a little urging and treats and keeps it clean.  He loves going for walks, and when he sees kids his little nub of tail won't stop wagging!  He's very small and thin but is eating well and loves his treats.  We're trying to teach him sit and stay, but he does come right away when you call him.  He's a joy to watch when walking because he prances - it looks like he has mini-springs on his feet.  He's just adorable!

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