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Hammer's Foster Journey - Adopted 9/1//03

New Picture 11/08

Pertinent Information
6 Month Old Reverse Brindle Male
Cropped Ears and Docked Tail
Owner Surrender
Good with other dogs
Neutered and UTD
Obedience Training Required
Will be fostered in RI
Adoption Donation $300

10/16/09 - Hammer died October 16,2009. He died of a heart attack at home. He will be  greatly missed and we take great comfort in knowing that someday we will see him once again at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you Hammer, you will be missed very much, you and your big brindle heart.

9/8/09 - Hammer is WONDERFUL to have in our house!!Lately he has been trying to get to see the puppy next door. She's six months, also a boxer.When she was younger, we would let Hammer out once in a while. But he would step on her with his big feet!Hammer has been preparing for the baby that is coming at the end of September. He has been adjusting to the new arrangements well.  Sunny and Hammer get walked daily and get to sit on the porch everyday. They both run through the yard and bark everyday too.Hammer still likes to sleep up on the bed and have spots with me. He is the biggest cuddlebug I've ever seen. We love Hammer very much and are so glad to have him.

10/12/08 - this is kathy's daughter and my mom[kathy]said that this year since i am ten i can write hammers page.
hello all! just wanted to say hey!and hammer is doing amazing.
he is a big mama's boy.he sleeps on the bed with my mom and dad every night.he tries to snag a pillow spot but the bed is a queen size,not a king like the one in our basement.
when he is not sleeping at night,he relaxes on the couch,love seat and our other sofa.he naps in the day time and naps on my brother,kurtis's bed.
we just got back from a weekend get away hockey tournament in missisauga and we all felt so bad to leave him and sunny.we had fun,but i missed them so much.
hammer has a play time every day. sometimes its playing with sunny or meaty.or other times we take his toys and play chase or tug of war.when these two games combine,i call them battle.
hammer is just like any other kid and has tantrums too.he will paw you.
thats all now and just wanted to say that hammer and sunny have gotten their shots already and were good sports about it too.

10/12/08 - Hi, I am Kathy's neice Allyson she is my aunt. I go over her house sometimes and see Hammer there and he is an amazing dog! He sleeps with her and my uncle Jeff when I sleep over and he loves when we pets him. He likes to play tug-a-war sometimes and he is very cute! Although sometimes he drools a little to much he is and AWESOME dog!    Allyson

9/18/07 - Just wanted to write and let everyone know that Hammer is doing wonderful still. Everyone loves him. He gets along great with all kids and dogs. He sleeps in bed with me every night. He is great. We all love him very much. He is 4 now.
Thanks again for helping t0 bring Hammer into our lives and hearts.

8/31/06 - Hello. Hammer has been with us three years now. He is an awesome boy- listens, walks, plays well! I am a little early writing this, but I love to talk about him. Hammer is wonderful with my children and all kids he meets.Hammer is a big boy-- 95lbs. His vet says he is like a linebacker-- not overweight, but solid. He walks twice a day and plays with Sunny in our yard.He loves us and we love him very much. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. He makes are family complete.  Kathy and Hammer

9/11/05 - Hello. I am Kathy W. I adopted Hammer back on Sept 11 2003. We are celebrating his 2 year anniversary today. I just wanted everyone to know that he is doing great!!! We love him so much. He is wonderful with the kids. He sleeps every night with my son. He is sleeping on the bed right now. We moved and changed computers so I did not have the email list address anymore, but still wanted everyone to know that we all love our Hammy so much. He is a happy boy-- all 92lbs. of him. 

Thank you,
 Kathy and Hammer

9/3/04 - Hello to all. We are about to celebrate Hammer's one year anniversary with us. I guess we have something positive coming out of 9/11. Our Hammer continues to do well! He is a wonderful boy--very smart, gentle, and loving.
Hammer's confidence increases everyday. He actually lifted his leg for the first time a week ago on our walk. He runs to the window now when he hears a strange noise and barks.  He also runs the fence with the male dog next door.
Hammer and Sunny are the best of friends. We were a little scared Sunny wasn't going to accept him because the did have issues the first few months, but that has all ended and they act like they have been together for ever. They love each other very much. Sunny is definitely the leader, but Hammer dosen't mind. He also likes to sleep in the big bed with Sunny.
Hammer plays well with the kids and has become known through the neighborhood as the boxer with big feet. He still likes to slap at you when he wants something--feed, treats, play, spots.
We love Hammer very much and thank all you who helped bring him to our home. We were very sad after Roscoe passed away. I knew we needed another boxer to complete our family. Plus, Sunny was lonely. Hammer being here also allows Sunny someone to rough house with. She couldn't do that with Roscoe because he was so much older then her and wasn't really interested. Now, they have their daily "herring fest" that's what we call it when they run the yard, bark at each other and chew on each other's legs.
We love Hammer very much. Our kids call Hammer their little brother. We couldn't be more happier with him. Thanks again. I hope evey one had a good summer and will have a safe and happy winter.
Kathy and Hammer Wozniak

3/31/04 - Hello. Hammer has been here 6 months. He also turned a year old. We know he was 6 months when we got him, so we used the 11th as his official b-day. Ham is busy getting ready for summer. He loves to be outside. Often I will call him at the door and he won't come. I go out to look and there he is--laying in their middle of the yard loving life. I am used to my other boxers going out doing business and coming back in. Hammer is independent. He can stay out and watch the birds forever. Love Kathy and Hammer

2/15/04 - Hello to all! It has been 5 months since Hammer has come to live with us. As I write in every update-he is great!!! He gets more comfortable with us all the time. He likes to bat us with his big feet. That is how he lets us know he wants out or a spot on the bed. He likes to sleep in my lap and sometimes along side of me in the bed. He is beautiful. He can be alittle shy of strange noises, but we are working on that. We tell him all the time it is ok- you are safe here.
We are looking forward to spring and summer. I can't wait to take him to the lake. It should be fun to see what kind of swimmer he is.
Good-bye for now. Kathy and Hammer

1/11/04 - Happy New Year to all. Hammer continues to do GREAT here. He is sweet, gentle, and a lover boy. He loves the snow. He runs at top speed throughout the yard and then buries his face deep down in it. He also catches the flakes. Hammer also enjoyed his first Xmas. He found the tree fascinating-he eventually learned to ignore it. Santa also brought some new toys and greenies to him and Sunny. Hammer's toys he came with have pretty much seen better days. Sunny and Hammer get along fine. She is definitely the dominate one. Hammer has no problem being beta dog. He is very submissive and wants no problems with Sunny. He is beautiful, loving, kind, and fun. He gets along wonderful with the kids. Thanks again for being this boy into our lives. God bless and stay warm!!!! Kathy and Hammer

12/13/03 - Hello to all and seasons greetings!! Hammer continues to amaze us all. He is such a love bug!!! I thought he would take to my husband (since he picked him up) but he is definitely my boy. He gets bigger everyday, and smarter. When he is excited he lets out serious gas-- we call it brussle sprouts. I now know that it means he is feeling happy and comfortable. He is sleeping now- snoring and stretched out on the bed. He loves good spots. Thanks again to all you do. Hammer would not be here if it was not for all BAR's hard work and dedication. I hope the holiday season and new year brings peace and happiness to all: that includes the boxers who have found none. Kathy and Hammer

11/10/03 - Hello to all! This is an update to let everyone know that Hammer is AWESOME!!!! I can't think of a better word because this boy is too great for words. Hammer is a perfect gentleman. He likes naps, play toys, food, and a spot on my lap. He is comfortable enough now to sleep up on the bed. His real personality has emerged and let me tell you-- he is cute, sweet, funny, and most of all gentle. He is amazing with my skinkids.
Sunny and Hammer play all day and most of the night. It is funny because it seems they save their real playing for the night. It is a ritual for them now. Hammer has grown so much since he came here. His collar is on the last notch compared to it being large when he first wore it. He enjoys his nugs and the occasional venison treat. We are still waiting for him to bark at a knock on the door, but he does bark to let Sunny know "it's time to play".
He also sits, stays, comes, shakes, and almost speaks for food. Again, a huge thank you to all that made Hammer part of our family. I have read the email groups letters regarding the boxers that went to the bridge for aggression. No one ever wants that to be the final solution, but that is often a necessary evil that comes along with any work with animals. It always has to do with the way an animal was treated in life, which leaves them scarred and unable to trust. It would not be fair to the animal to let them live like that. That is not living. I am grateful for BAR's true dedication and strong characters. Keep up the great work all you do in addition to other life work. Our family is forever thankful to all of you and your work.

10/10/03 - Hello to all! Hammer is doing extremely well here. He is so smart, fun, happy. Hammer and Sunny have bonded and now sleep together and give licks and kisses to each other. They also play outside and inside together everyday getting toys and each other. Very frisky. It is great to watch them together. It seems they have known each other all their lives.
Hammer is a very smart boy. He is competely house trained, leash trained and comes when called. I still am shocked that this great boy was given away. We always say to him "What was someone thinkin'".
We all love this guy so much. He is great with the skinkids too. We couldn't of asked for a better boy especially because he is still a baby.
Hammer also likes to seek and find the skinkids hidden toys. Sometimes his lip gets caught on his lower tooth and he will look at you like that and it is so funny.
Again, thanks to all whom helped make this great boy a part of our family. kathy and Hammer

9/18/03 - Hello to all! Hammer is a wonderful boy! He has fit in very well here. He is so sweet, gentle, and frisky! It seems he has been with us forever. It is hard to believe that someone gave up this beautiful boy. He is so smart. He had only two accidents since he came, but that was to be expected. he likes to run around the yard with Sunny. She is showing him the ropes. They get along fine. I want to thank all the people who made this possible. God bless you all. Your dedication is amazing. Kathy and Hammer

9/11/03 - Hammer's Dad came all the way from Niagara Falls and got him.  He just left and has a long trip back.  He's had boxers all his life and was very pleased with little Hammer.  He's going to get venison and a lot of good stuff.  All pups here get venison too.  Hammer went off looking a little puzzled as he's had a few busy days, with Pet Rock, camping and then the long trip back here.  But thank God for the motorhome.  All were very comfortable.  I sent Hammer along with one of Bugsy's toys...A quacking duck that he just fell in love with.  I ordered a new one first, which will be here in a few days for the Bugster.  He's got his giggling Koala bear that he loves too, and a rooster and Hunter's screeching chimp.  So, I ordered a lot more for the boys and whatever foster falls in love with them too.  They drive me nuts, but the boys just adore the noises they make.  I got such a kick out of Hammer cocking his head from side to side, everyt ime one would make those ridiculous sounds.
Hammer is going to be very happy.  Fenced in yard, another boxer to play with and two little skinkids.  Mom is home for now, so I can just imagine how
spoiled he'll be......
This was by far the nicest foster I've had, and I've had some really good ones.  But being just 6 months old, he was really very very good.  Too bad I didn't have him longer.  I really enjoyed his puppy antics.

9/3/03 - Hammer is pending adoption.

9/2/03 - Hello everyone on this rainy day of September the second! Guess what? I was SOOOOO good yesterday that my foster mom & dad decided to let me stay out of the crate last night - and I was really good! I snuggled on the really large dog bed my mom made for all of us until Otis kind of laid next to me and kept moving me around until I got off. But I found the best place sleeping between my moms legs with my head on her tummy!!! It was quite snuggly up on the bed. I did get off and go find heaven & dozer & otis, so mom was proud because all 4 of us were loose all night and NO ONE MADE BUSINESS ANYWHERE in the house or got into anything that they should not! Mom got up at 5:30 a.m., let all of us out gave us a treat and we all went back to bed for another hour; it is a bid day here....the oldest skin kid has her first day of 2nd grade...I gave her a good luck kiss and then ran to play with the other skin kid who called me. So long for now, your faithful friend, M.C. Hammer

9/1/03 - Well, here is is September 1, 2003, tomorrow my kids start school; 2nd grade and Kindergarten and I have Hammer, Heaven, Dozer and Otis all to myself!!!!
There is no better dog I have ever fostered than Hammer, and that includes my most favorite (rip) Tigger.   Hammer has learned already about #1 & #2 in the crate by my making his crate smaller....he can be in there over night for as long as 4 hours, I go go bed at 11:00 P.M. and get up around 3-4 AM. and let him out; otherwise he might have accident; BUT REMEMBER HE IS ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD!!! 
He is a delight...comes to his name, sits, stays, eats REALLY well, plays wonderful with resident boxers, resident kids, visiting kids and elderly, and boxer guest Otis! He is wonderful and a delight.

8/31/03 - Well, the 31st of August and I am having the time of my life here at the Silver Linings Boxer Sanctuary!! I know that my foster family has been talking a lot about how I would be the ideal foster to be here "permanently", but they also know that someone out there is looking for boxer love from me. Today we are running around the house at warp speed chasing the skin kids on their jeeps and then we got ahold of a foot ball and off we went!! They take good care of me here. I get love from everyone, playmates that are so good to share their toys and food, and a warm place to sleep and rest my baby body! Have a great day, must go and play!! Love, M.C. Hammer

8/30/03 - Hello everyone!! I am having the best time here at my foster home!! This morning we went outside played with balls, ropes, frisbees, and all sorts of good stuff; then we chased the skin kids in their Barbie jeeps around the yard - WHEW!! whe gave them a good workout in those things!! Then we had a hugs bown of iced water and a snack of vanilla yogurt. I really like it here in the country where I get lots of attention and can enjoy being a part of a family. Today I went yard saling (?) with my foster mom and skin kids, we met some of the neighbors who were literally drooling at me and my mom kept telling everyone about BAR and she even wrote the website down for 3 people at one yard sale. She gave me a kiss and said that there is nothing like a cute guy to get her attention. When we came home I met the skin kids cousin who lives next door and she LOVED me. She and the other skin kids who live here really were wild and running around with me, and the other fur kids here. Well, I hear the fridge being opened to I need to go and see if I can get a treat!! See you soon, M.C. Hammer

8/29/03 - Good morning everyone it is M.C. Hammer (for My Cute Hammer) here reminding all of you to stay safe and alert this weekend while out with your skin people on this long holiday weekend.  I am loving life here at the Silver Linings Boxer Sanctuary and I think they like me as much if not more!

I play real well with all kinds of skin kids, big and small, and other dogs of both sexes.  Last night I had all kinds of fun; I kissed and cleaned Heaven, Dozer and I ran at warp speed with the squeaky toys until I got tired and
decided to snuggle with old man Otis who is staying here for a few days, also.

I know that my foster mom and dad would love to keep me here forever, but I am pretty sure that there is someone out there who needs me all to their selves.

Mom said she was giving me "tough love" yesterday and cut my crate in half (not literally) with a board so that I would not have as much room in it, and her logic is the same she says as when the other fur kids were being crate trained...give me less room, and I will learn not to soil the create (who wants to have to rest in #1 & #2???  Not me, so she said I would be a quick learner!

That's all for now, so please consider even trying to get me to become your newest family member soon....with a long weekend we could do some serious bonding!!!  Bye!  Love,  M.C. Hammer.

8/28/03 - Well, there is not one thing I can say except whomever adopts this dog is one of the LUCKIEST owners EVER!!  He is everything you would like.  Last night he played (gently of course - still has stitches) with the resident fur and skin kids.  He is a complete love bug.
He seems to know come, sit, down, and a "little" bit of stay, but with all the excitement he is experiencing, it is understandable.
He goes to the door and bangs it with his paws when he needs to go out to relieve himself.  It is a complete pleasure to see his eager face experience the joys of squeaky toys, greenies, ropes, etc., like his when we dumped the toy boxes over for them all to play!!!
He will need a bit more help in the crate area of potty training...he does not make a noise in it and goes in when you say "Hammer...crate".  He has to learn longer duration of holding his #1 & #2...we went 3 to 4 hours, but longer like last night we put the dogs in their crates at 11:00 P.M. and I got up at 6:00 A.M. and he had soiled.  But he is definitely neat about it, so that is a
How he could be here too long would be a mystery, so if you are looking for a handsome, slender, dark skinned, dark eyed man who loves the outdoors, cuddling, playing and eating, then you might want to meet Hammer.  OHHHHH, by the way we are calling him M.C. Hammer for "My Cute Hammer"!!

8/26/03 - Hello everyone, it is the Silver Linings Boxer Sanctuary here to let you know that our newest foster baby "Hammer" was picked up today and brought here to our home for a brief stay, I am sure! all that came out of my mouth when I saw him.  He is remarkable and truly a true speciman of the boxer beauty!  He is one who has the sweetest demeanor, knows how to sit when asked, loves my kids and has healthy eating habits.
There is not much to say except that i think he will be out of BAR in a flash!  Dogs like this are a once in a lifetime thing and he's wonderful.
He is snuggling right now in the crate with a stuffed friend, and next to him are our two boxer babies and a sleepover friend, formerly a BAR dog, OTIS! 
It is great, we have four absolutely wonderful fur kids and two skin kids here and you would not know!  My kids have agreed that we have almost one of every kind of boxer:  a white one, a dark fawn, a brindle and now a reversed
brindle.  All we need now is a real flashy fawn and the "set" in complete.
What a love this little guy is...but by the size of his feet he will be a nice sized boy when he grows some.  I have chills looking at him and his beauty.
Let us go now and have some playtime before skin kids lose their grip!!!  They have been dying to play with Hammer but know they need to be gentle because he was recently neutered.
Look every day for updates on this handsome guy, and one day who knows he could be in your home!!

8/25/03 - Hammer has made  an overnight stop in CT and will be heading to the Vet tomorrow morning to be neutered and updated before proceeding on to RI to his foster home.  He is a VERY handsome dog with a great personality to match.  He is a tiny little boy with big feet.  He looks much larger in the pictures than he really is.  He is a beautiful flashy reverse brindle.  He got to run and play with our female after his arrival and eating dinner to give him some exercise before retiring to his crate for the night without so much as a peep.

8/24/03 - Hammer is a 6 month old male pup headed to RI for fostering. He is cute as a button and great in the crate...was wonderful on the ride home from LI today. More stories to come as he hits his foster home