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HARLEY SR. 7/13/03


Harley's Foster Journey - Adopted 9/29/03 - Rainbow Bridge 11/30/03

Pertinent Information
Approx. 10 yr. Old Salt and Pepper Fawn Male
Cropped Ears and Docked Tail
Skinny Shelter Surrender
Good with Children and Other Dogs
Being Fostered Near Ithica, NY
Adoption Donation $100

12/1/03 - Guys, I have some upsetting news for you. I'm very sorry to say that Harley died this evening. He was fine today, we went for a nice walk in the park. Then this evening while we were eating dinner he was lying on his bed and all of a sudden my daughter (who's seat faces his bed) said that he's acting weird. We ran over to him to see what was wrong and all of a sudden he stopped moving or breathing. My husband tried to resuscitate him and I rushed him to the vet (2 minutes away). When I got there, they said he was gone. We're all pretty upset here, especially considering my 13 1/2 year old Boxer, Georgia died just a few weeks ago. I want all of you to know that Harley got a lot of love and respect here and he went without pain. He will be missed. It's going to be very quiet around here without his woo woos.

11/15/03 - Hi everyone. I wanted to give you guys an update on Harley. The good news is that Harley is doing great. Between the Rimadyl, the Cosequin DS and the Cod Liver oil his arthritis is barely noticeable. He's a very happy boy who loves to be pet and go on walks. We help him up on our bed sometimes and he settles right in, enjoying the coziness. His kidney disease doesn't seem to be getting any worse, it's pretty stable for now but I keep a close eye on him to check for any changes. The bad news is that my Georgia died last Monday. We had her for 13 1/2 years, even before my children were born, so it's very hard to reconcile the fact that she's not here anymore. I took her to my vet Saturday morning, where she had her first seizure. The vet gave her an anti-seizure medication and sent me home. Sunday morning I didn't like how she looked, so 6:00 A.M. I took her to the Animal Medical Center in the city. They took some x-rays and were going to have the neurologist look at her on Monday and decide on the next course of action. But at 4:00 Monday morning the hospital called me to say that her heart stopped and although they tried to resuscitate her, they were unsuccessful. Thank God she died very peacefully, in her sleep. But it's still hard. We'll all really miss her. Well, hope all is well with everyone at BAR. Keep in touch. Ilene

10/20/03 - Hi! Just wanted to drop all of you a line, letting you know that Harley is doing very well. However, I took him to my vet the other day because he's been leaking urine. Based on some kidney tests, they found that he does have pretty serious renal disease. We put him on a k/d diet and we'll take it one day at a time. He also has a urinary tract infection, so he's on an antibiotic as well. Other than that, he's doing well. He's quite vocal, when he wants attention or a snack. And he really loves to eat, especially people food. He really enjoyed the birthday party we had last week for Penny, our 2 year old Boxer. Also, whenever Harley comes in from doing his business, he seems very happy, like he's accomplished something special, he's proud of himself. Hope everyone at BAR is doing well. Sincerely, Ilene

10/6/03 - Harley Sr. is great. He gets along with everyone he meets, 2 legged and 4 legged. My kids love to show off to their friends how he "speaks". I had his legs x-rayed and it just showed arthritis and his liver checked out so I've got him on Rimadyl, I think it's helping somewhat. Thank you all so much allowing me the opportunity to shower this wonderful boy with lots of love. Feel free to contact me any time.

9/29/03 - Harley has been adopted! Yeah!
Harley went home Monday and I've already heard from Ilene.  Harley is adjusting beautifully.  His new
boxer sisters have welcomed him home and all behave as if they've been together all their life.  He "spoke" to me on the phone yesterday and hearing him all happy so soon brought a tear to my eye.  What a wonderful family he has.

9/23/03 - Harley is pending adoption!
I spoke to Harley's new Mom this evening and I'm going to meet her part way on the thruway, Monday.  She's very excited about getting Harley and I know he'll have a wonderful home.......Liz does not give her stamp of approval to just anyone. :o)  So...send out the contract and I'll take the next few days to toughen up for the big day.  Harley's Foster Mom, Patty

9/4/03 - Mr. Harley is still here with us, waiting.....waiting.....waiting. He spent a week with another BAR family and really enjoyed his time there. Harley got along famously with the Boxers in their household and the skin kids really enjoyed him as well. But really, what's not to love. He even got a great report on his behavior with kitties. Harley would do just fine in a home with cats...he walks over, sniffs, and if the cat takes offense and hisses Harley just walks away. No chasing at all. We've had Harley with our 3 year old nephew and you could not ask for a more gentle dog....he just loves everyone. We know Harley's age is the obvious deterrent to him getting a forever family, and that's just very unfortunate for Harley. He so deserves one. He's such a wonderful companion, still playful, loves walks (although he does have a sore hip so we don't take loooong walks), loves children, gets along just fine with other animals, can be left alone in the house without problems and will greet you with wiggles and spins. There's lots of pep in this pup and so much love yet to share.

8/16/03 - Harley and I paid a visit to the family that will be taking care of him while we are away for a week. He got to meet their resident Boxers, Nikkita and Bianco (now affectionately known as "Bonkers"). Nikkits is the queen bee and mother hen all rolled up into one. She and Harley made their introductions, as only dogs can do, and Harley showed himself a perfect gentleman as always. Nikkita thought Harley was just fine, welcoming him into her roost, as long as he understood that she is the one to keep things in order around there. Harley is happy with that set up and Nikkita even gave him some little kisses. "Bonkers", on the other hand, is just hoping for another playmate...and couldn't wait to show Harley his really cool yard and kids...and couch. Harley was especially happy to see that skin kids lived there...he really loves kids...actually people of all ages. So Harley will head off for a little adventure with another BAR family. He'll have a great time because Harley is an adaptable little guy and makes himself right at home. Harley's still hoping for a permanent family of his own, but in the meantime he's enjoying the ride.

8/7/03 - After reading over Harley's updates, I began to feel that perhaps I have not presented this guy in the most accurate light. I wouldn't want anyone reading these to think that Harley is a geriatric bundle of problems...because this is far from the truth :o). Harley is a wonderful companion who still is quite spry and, now that he's gained back some muscle and energy (just needed some good food and TLC) is up for most activities. OK, so long hikes up a mountain are not Harley's cup of tea anymore...but he enjoys his play sessions in the yard, going for rides in the car (if he has a comfy place to lie down), walks around the neighborhood...just being all-around good company. He is very light on his feet and has a proud, graceful prance....something that doesn't show up in still pictures but should you be the right family for Harley, you'll get to see it live and in person. I should also tell you that Harley is not exactly the watchdog type. I had a friend come to the house yesterday and poke her head in the door before I was in the room. Not to worry, by the time I got there, Harley was kissing her hand and showing her in. If he could have, he'd have pulled up a chair for her and poured some iced tea. So protective he's not...but wonderful company, a good host, and Boxer ambassador he is.

8/1/03 - Finally some news on our guest Mr. Harley. We had our appointment with the vet, who was impressed with what a nice guy Harley is. Overall, the news was good regarding Harley's leg. The vet feels there is some arthritis in the left hip, which is why Harley favors it, taking weight off that side and leading to some muscle atrophy. Harley can still tear around the yard but you can see he's a little sore especially getting up after a long nap. We've started giving him a glucosamine/chondroiten supplement and of course he has lots of soft beds to rest on so don't worry...Harley is quite comfortable. Harley is also putting weight on, slow but sure, but at 47#, he's a little old man. He should probably top out at no more than 55# or so to avoid undue stress on those bones and joints. The vet also noticed an arrhythmia while listening to Harley's heart. This is not uncommon with seniors but it does suggest that putting Harley under anesthesia would not be a good idea. So right now, the future of Harley's "manhood" is being debated. Honestly, it is the furthest thing from Harley's mind now. He's enjoying retirement...taking naps, asking politely for treats, gobbling up his food before his housemates get to it, chasing the occasional birdie. And we are enjoying spoiling this gentleman. He's just an awesome dog in his twilight years who still has so much love to give...and receive.

7/22/03 - Having Harley with us is like having a visit from a very nice, very cool grandpa. We are really enjoying his company. He's fit right into his foster family...getting along beautifully with the other dogs and endearing himself to the humans too. He has his way of asking to go out, asking for hugs and pets, and even has "his" places where he likes to chill out. Harley never complains about going in his crate when we go out. But I have to admit I'm starting to feel a little ridiculous asking him to go in there when he's the best behaved of any of the crew. He doesn't seem to mind the nap, though :o). Harley is gaining weight at a nice steady pace and is beginning to look quite dapper. He has a proud strut, despite some soreness in his left hind leg, which looks very much like an old knee injury. Due to our vet being away for his service in the reserves, we haven't had Harley in for his check up yet...that will be next week. We'll be sure to ask him about that knee but for now, it doesn't seem to be much of a problem for Mr. Harley. He's a happy little guy that doesn't have a single issue. He so deserves to live out his senior years with love and dignity and affection.

7/15/03 - Our newest guest, Mr. Harley, Sr., is a true gentleman with a bit of spunk around the edges. Harley's accurate age is unknown...suffice to say he's a "senior"...but if all seniors are like Harley, I'd take a houseful of them. Mr. Harley's manners are impeccable. He is completely you a little paw and a "roo, roo" when he has to go out, is wonderful with people of all ages from toddlers to two-legged seniors, and is great with other dogs both male and female. While Harley hasn't actively played with our dogs he does watch happily from the sidelines, wiggling all over but not jumping in...probably for fear of being bounced around too much. And the other dogs respect that. You see, Harley has a little stiffness in his back legs...not so much as to keep him from trotting all round happily or even going up and down stairs, but enough that he can't quite keep up with, say, a two year old Boxer. But Mr. Harley knows a trick or two of his own. He knows sit, "paw", stay (I can tell him to stay, walk away from him, and he doesn't move a muscle till I come back for him), and comes when you call his name. And here's another bonus...Harley knows "speak" on command. He was obviously taught to "speak" for his treats the way my dogs were taught to "sit" to get a treat. I get out the cookies and everyone sits...except for Mr. Harley...he happily barks and roo-roos. Lots of fun. Harley is also crate trained but I honestly don't have a reason to crate him except if I'll be out a while and don't want him pestered by the other dogs. Harley came to us very, very skinny but has a good appetite now and we're sure he'll gain quickly. He'll be getting checked out by the vet soon and we hope to have a good report. For now, we'll enjoy Mr. Harley's visit and hope to show him a good time while he's here.

7/13/03 - Harley is amazing...elderly yes, skinny yes, a bit wobbly yes....but such a happy love bug.  If he could talk I know he'd let us all know how thrilled he is to be out of that shelter and with people who care. Thanks everyone!