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ROCKY BOY 6/1/03



Rocky's Foster Journey

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Pertinent Information
16 month Old Flashy Fawn Male
65 lb. Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Soon to be Neutered and Updates on Vaccinations
Good with Children and Other Dogs
Being Fostered New Utica, NY
Adoption Donation $250

10/15/2013: Tonight we said goodbye to our faithful friend Rocky. He had developed some tumors which made it difficult to breathe as well as arthritis which limited his ability to run around and be the goof we all knew and loved so we made the decision to put him to sleep and ease his pain. As good a dog as ever there was; funny, loyal, protective and wonderful with the kids. Sleep well buddy, we love you and will miss you terribly.....

7/6/04 - It has been exactly one year since Rocky came to live with Andrea and I and we love him more 
each day. He is such a wonderful friend to us both, very kind and affectionate and also great fun. He 
continually makes us laugh with his antics and 'funny faces'! He has made such a wonderful addition 
to our family and is a hit with everyone who meets him.
He has made good progress on his obedience, some of this is due to training but also some is due 
to our gaining a better understanding of him and his needs. So we have also been 'trained' by 
Rocky! He is very good in the house, rarely does he have an accident any more, again this is because we 
have all learned to 'communicate' better! He knows how to ask now, he pushes on the door or runs 
in circles to let us know that he needs to go 'NOW'!
Rocky is still a little nervous around strangers, particularly men, however he is much better than 
he used to be. Once he has a few sniffs of them, he warms right up and is soon pestering them for 
We can't say enough about our boy, we love him dearly and are so happy with him. He seems to be 
very happy and loves us back too! Thank you so much BAR for helping us to find our beloved Rocky.

9/9/03 - Well, it's been 2 months since Rocky came to live with us and he's doing great. He's made himself right at home here with us and is definitely a happy dog! It took a small bit of time for us to get used to HIS schedule but now everything is going great. He has made loads of friends in the neighborhood and even has a crush on our neighbors dog, Jade.
Rocky went on his first camping trip recently during Labor Day weekend and despite some initial fears that he might eat the tent, he proved to be absolutely no trouble and we all had a great time. He even tried swimming with us but it appears that he'll need some more swimming lessons before he breaks any records. He had such a great time and was so tired that he slept for two days straight afterwards which was a marked change from his usual self!
As I sit here writing this, Rocky has brought several of his toys over to play, this is typical of him, he loves to play with his toys and likes to involve everyone in his games. He is so funny to watch and he makes some very funny faces, we are kept laughing at his antics.
We are hoping to start Rocky in Obedience Training soon. While he is mostly well behaved, there are some things which he needs some work on. He is very smart, almost too much so! He has learned to sit and lie down and is very well behaved on a leash but off the leash is another matter and he needs to learn to come when called. But I'm sure he'll learn this soon enough.
Well, that's all from Rocky and us for now. We'll send on another update soon. Bye for now, Rocky, Andrea & John

7/6/03 - Rocky has been adopted.

6/24/03 - Rocky is pending adoption.

6/20/03 - The Adventures of Rocky (continued). ...Wow, what a wild time I'm having at this lodge. There were lots of extra kids many I didn't know who to play with first. For a couple days the boss lady made me stay quiet on account of me having a little surgery, you know, "back there". That's all better now, 'cept I think the doctor may have forgot to put something back when he was done with me. Things aren't quite the same, if ya know what I mean. Anyway...when the boss lady said I could run around again, boy was I one happy pup. You'd think those kids never saw a guy like me play with toys before. They laughed and said how cool I was (which I kinda knew already). And I'm proud that I never knocked any one of them over. I just look like I might...that's the fun of it! After playtime, it's nice to settle down with one of those great chewies that they have here...they're even better than slippers. But I still try to grab one of those fuzzy slippers for fun 'cuz then the boss lady or even one of the kids chases me around saying "Rocky, drop it...Rocky, drop it". Cracks me up every time. When they stop chasing, it's not so much fun so I drop it. I hope my new family has some kids or maybe just some grown-ups who can act like kids. I like it when people laugh at me. And I like the cuddles I get here too. Everybody says whoever gets me is gonna be one lucky family. If they love me like I know I'll love them...I'll be one lucky dog.

6/13/03 - Rocky was just dropped off to the doggie doctor for "the works"...his neutering, shots, heartworm and fecal tests, oil change, .... Rocky will be a new man, when he comes back to us. While we were waiting, Rocky had the opportunity to meet the resident cats that were patrolling the waiting area. Rocky saw one, she saw Rocky, and...that was it. A non-event. That's just what we were hoping for. Now Rocky is a pup at heart and in a home, I'm sure he'll try to investigate a little closer and maybe even give a bit of a chase. But he's a quick learner and cats are great teachers (especially cats with claws ;o)) so there should be no problems with that. Rocky is also doing very well with his housetraining. No accidents in 5 days. He doesn't know how to ask yet...or at least I'm not giving him enough opportunity to ask. We just make sure he goes out on a regular basis and when he's loose in the house, I keep an eye on him and watch for any pacing or sniffing. Then it's out the door and he does what he needs to do. What a good boy! Now it's just a matter of waiting for a call from that special family who needs a bouncing boxer boy to be complete. Rocky's ready, willing, and able to fill the bill.

6/8/03 - Rocky has been here a week now and yes, we're still enjoying his company. He is all Boxer through and through. In fact, if you defined that Boxer personality...playful, loyal, exuberant, affectionate, kid-loving, toy-tossing, protective, smart, always-by-your-side.....why, you'd be describing Rocky! Gotta be honest though, Rocky isn't perfect (who is?) and he was having some house training mishaps. These have been almost completely dealt with as we got to know each other. See, Rocky likes to drink (don't worry...just water), so we limited his intake just a bit and are making sure he gets to go out a half hour or so after he takes a big drink. He holds it all night and has been crated up to 4 or 5 hours during the day without an accident so we're just about there. He would do fine with a person who either worked part-time or could come home mid-day to let Rocky out for some R&R. Other than that, Rock's been awesome! He and our Boxer, Maria play hard...but it's all in fun. And when they get to be too rambunctious for inside, I use my "mom voice" to get their attention and tell them to "SIT". Then they have to endure a lecture about using indoor manners and how "sure, its all fun and games till somebody gets hurt", and blah, blah, blah. They listen for a while (just long enough to almost catch their breath) and as soon as I turn my back, they're at it again. Just like kids. Rocky will be neutered on Friday the 13th (sorry, Rock) and his shots will be updated then too. After that...he's ready to go...on to his next adventure. Not much time what you have to do to make Rocky a member of your family. You won't regret it!

6/4/03 - The Adventures of Rocky (Part I)...Rocky Goes For a Walk (Rocky is keeping a journal in case someone asks what he did on his summer vacation.) Around here we have a boss lady. Not Maria...she's not the boss of me, I just let her think that 'cuz she was here first and well, she has a pretty good left hook! The REAL boss lady is the one that kinda runs things around this lodge and everyday she picks up my leash and we go for a walk. I love walks....there's lots to see like birds and chipmunks and butterflies and big tall grass and trees that I like to sniff and a stream and well, you get the ain't the city but it'll do. So with all this stuff, it's kinda hard for me to stay next to the boss lady. I kinda walk a little ahead of her, criss-crossing back and forth and looping around her so she has to keep turning around or she gets wrapped up in my leash. I don't pull (much) though, and I know that dancing with your dog is really big right now but she says that's not the look we were going for. The boss lady also has this thing where she tells me to sit next to her when a car comes along. I am soooo good at that. But while I'm sitting there, I'm thinking....sure, this is fine out here in the sticks but if this woman ever went to the city it would take her FOREVER to get anywhere! Whatever...I like my walks so I'll do what she says and I'll even try to walk on her LEFT side (what is up with that???). Oh yeah...the boss lady says I'm real handsome and will turn heads when I walk with my new family. I get embarrassed when she says stuff like that. I'm just all about having fun...inside, outside, with dogs, with kids, with grown-ups, with toys, you name it. And I can't wait for my new family to take me for walks wherever they are!

6/2/03 -  Personality plus. That's the best description we can give for our newest guest at the Heaven Sent Boxer Lodge. Rocky was a bit nervous on his trip upstate yesterday so he forgot to thank his transporters...Cindee and family...who were also bringing their new family member Nikita home with them. Once Rocky arrived at the Lodge, though, he was a new man...actually a boy...full of bounce and fun and playfulness. He's just a big, goofy pup who would play non-stop if allowed. Of course, we have rules and routines here (for the comfort of our guests) and Rocky will learn that there is playtime and there is rest-time. He really does try hard to listen. He knows "sit" and obeys it quite well, even though you can see it's taking all that's in him to be still. Rocky is getting along very well with the other dogs here, though Maria has put him in his place a couple times when he was being just a bit of a pest. He listened well to her warning and decided maybe he should get a human playmate for a little while and give Mama Maria a break. We spent a good hour last evening just watching Rocky play with toys he discovered and laughing at his antics. Rocky doesn't walk...he bounds from one end of the room to the other, pouncing on toys, jumping into the air and landing on those big feet of his. He absolutely loves the skin kids, too...and would be the perfect Boxer for an active family. I don't want to give the impression that Rocky can't chill fact he's doing that right now, in his crate with a tasty marrow bone. Of course, in true Boxer form, he'd rather be right next to me, but he's learning that he can relax by himself too. So stay tuned for more adventures of Rocky (no Bullwinkle) and get your application in pronto. For anyone in love with the Boxer spirit and personality (and good looks to boot)...this boy is for you!