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ALI 12/8/02

Adopted 12/21/02


Ali's Foster Journey - Rainbow Bridge 2/4/10

Post Adoption

Pertinent Information
1 1/2 yr. old Fawn Male
Natural Ears and Docked Tail
Shelter Surrender
Soon to be Neutered
55 lbs. and UTD
Being Fostered Near Utica, NY
Adoption Donation $200

2/13/10 - I am writing to BAR with some very sad news.  Our beloved Ali has gone to the Rainbow Bridge on 2/4/10.  We miss him horribly, but wanted to say how thankful we are to BAR for all the work you do.  It brought us such a wonderful part of our family, and we have memories with Ali that we will cherish for a lifetime. 
Ali was having some small changes in his behavior for a couple of weeks prior.  He was not fully shaking his ears out, not opening his mouth fully to yawn, having very slight misses in his special awareness, and small yelps of pain that were unidentified.  About a week prior to his passing, he started shaking a bit, which the vet thought was due to pain that we could not locate, perhaps neck or back, but X-Rays looked good.  He was put on pain meds and referred to Cornell Animal Hospital.  After passing all his Neurology assessments with flying colors, we had him checked out by the Ortho group, who felt his pain may be coming from a muscle pull across the hip area.  Relieved, we took him home to rest and get better.  However, not even two days after, Ali went downhill very rapidly – within 12 hours, he lost the ability to bear weight on his hind legs, was visibly uncomfortable, and began turning his head sharply to the left.  We rushed him to Cornell at 4am (we are luckily 45 minutes away from such a renowned Animal Hospital), where they said these symptoms were the missing piece of the puzzle – the worst of possibilities – Ali had a brain tumor, deep in the brain and typical for a Boxer.  It’s amazing how that decision feels, but we couldn’t let him suffer.  Eric and I held him and cried while he passed.
Although this is so much more difficult than I could have imagined, I know we will want to once again feel the joy a Boxer will bring to our family.  We have also done foster to adopt with BAR a couple years ago, helping get Mia to her forever home with Rachael Vella, who we are still in touch with.   I have attached a couple of my favorite Ali pictures, and hope to be in touch again soon to find our next family member.

12/23/03 - Eric and I are proud to say that Ali has officially become the little prince of the house over the past year! Today, we are celebrating our one year anniversary with him and we could not be more pleased to have him as a part of our family. 
Ali fit right in from the start and was quick to learn which parent to bug for what! He loves to play with his soft squeeky toys, run around the yard, and cuddle. He has become very spoiled and usually ends up with more of the bed than either one of us! 
We have great fun spoiling him as well! This Christmas, Ali will take his first family vacation to Florida to meet his cousin Buckshot, who is a little older than he (we think?) and is also fawn with natural ears. He will be basking in the sun for two whole weeks and has plans to visit the dog park with Buckshot as often as possible. 
The last year has also taken Ali to the vet a few times and into minor surgery once. He had a small growth removed from his back in April and then had some pretty bad allergic reactions in the spring requiring some epinephrine and steroid rescue. But, he seems seasonally allergic and some regular benedryl seemed to keep those reactions at bay:) He also had some problems shedding, which we now know to be a thyroid issue; however, thyroid pills for the last two months have made him healthy and happy! He is proud to show off his beautiful coat and has charmed EVERYONE at Dr. Maine's office! 
We are truly a happy family, and Ali will be making an appearance when his mom and dad get married this coming June. But we have a big family vacation in the meantime, and Ali is very excited! He doesn't yet realize that this is a very long R-I-D-E to Florida! 
Thank you to everyone at BAR for doing such great work that brought Ali to us...we promise to better keep in touch this year. Happy Holidays to all!

5/10/03 - Just want to send a well overdue update on Allie and Toby. It has been very hectic lately so I apologize for being tardy in my update. Allie and Toby are both doing very well. They love to play together and run through the house like two kids. Allie continues to have problems with housebreaking but we continue to work on it. Toby does put Allie in her place every once in a while. I think at times his bark is worse than his bite (figure of speech)... He loves Allie and the two are never separated. Allie is definately a Mommy's girl and at times I feel like I have a third leg. I can't clean the house or do anything without my partner right with me. She remains extremely active. Toby and Allie have made friends with the UPS man who now stops when they are outside and throws them a bone. Since Toby always barks with his hair standing on end this man has decided that he was eventually going to be Toby's friend. He is a boxer lover too..... Thanks so much ......

12/30/02 - Ali couldn't be better.  He fit right in from the beginning and other than being a bed hog, has no real faults.  He does the usual barking when someone comes to the door but is very friendly when they are let in.  He loves their large fenced yard, pulls a bit on the leash when walking but listens VERY well to other commands like 'sit', 'down', 'off', 'leave it'.  They've left him a few times for short periods (an hour or so) and even out of his crate he does fine...has only played with his toys and left their stuff alone.  I reminded them to keep the crate handy as that may change for a little while when they go back to their work routine ;o).  I also told them to let us know when they want a friend for Ali... they aren't ruling that out :o)   They will be checking out obedience classes today and will email when decided on one.   Nicole feels they couldn't have gotten a better dog....he's everything we said he is...and more.

12/21/02 - Ali has been adopted.

12/21/02 - Ali is pending adoption.

12/18/02 - The busy holiday season is in full swing at the Heaven Sent Lodge and so our updates have been few and far between. We should first let you know that Mr. Ali saw the Doc a few days ago, had a perfect check-up, got all his shots updated, and of course...the "dejeweling" that our male guests complain about but are much happier for in the long run. Poor Mr. Ali was just too preoccupied with the operation site, so now he's sporting a dapper lampshade on his head to keep his mind off his troubles and give the area time to heal. The other guests think this is part of the holiday fun, dancing about with lampshades, and so have been clamoring for their own. Just one at a time is the house rule, though. Mr. Ali really has been the perfect guest and fits in so well around here that we sometimes forget he's just passing through. He lets the others check out his food bowl (as long as he can check out theirs), waits in line for the water bowl, greets company with enthusiasm but does let them get their coat off and sit down before climbing on their lap, and is just an all-around sweetie. Of course, we know he does have to find his own special home. It will be difficult to say good-bye to this boy but we want the very best for him. He deserves to be more than a guest...he deserves to be one of the family.

12/12/02 - Postcards from the Lodge: Let me get right to the point and say this place is cool. A guy could get used to this laid back life. The people are real nice...during the day I mostly follow the chief cook and bowl washer around. She makes some great food and I get as much as I want. Today I heard some of the other lodge residents say that I was lookin' goooood. Wish there were some mirrors around at my level so I could see for myself. Today, this girl Maria and I went out in the snow to play. She tried to play outside with me the other day but I had just gotten here and was still tired from my travels. Today, though, I kept up pretty good and we had lots of fun chasing each other and doing Boxer stuff. Gotta tell ya about this other little guy that lives here. He's real little, has kinda wiry black hair and these short little legs. Someone said he's a dog but I'm not convinced. I do know that if I'm bored it's kinda fun to go sniff him and listen to him spaz out. I don't chase him and I don't hurt him at all...I just like to hear him "go off" and then the other real dogs and I laugh at him. He's cool, though...sometimes we chill together and he falls asleep right next to me. There's some kids that live here at the lodge. The school bus pulls up outside everyday and I think it's some sort of lodge tradition to see who can get to the door first. Usually it's the little guy, then the goofy greyhound, then it's a close tie between Maria and me. I let them know I'm real happy to see them by talking my Scooby talk. You've heard Scooby, right? I suppose it could sound a little like a growl if you've never heard it before but a growl is like GRRRrrrrrr. And talking is like rrrrrrooooooooo...with puckered up lips. It's how I tell the others that I want to play. Hey, did you know there's a guy here that gives great neck rubs? Some of the others call him Dad but I just call him the neck rub guy and I like to get on his lap and have him rub my neck and ears till I fall asleep.

12/8/02 - The Heaven Sent Boxer Lodge has opened its doors to a nice guy passing through the area on his way to a happy home. Ali has spent the last month in a shelter and seemed very happy at check-in when he saw his new accommodations. He thanks the chauffeurs who made his travel so enjoyable...Paul, Nancy, Mary, and Bev. He also sends a hug to Tina for letting him crash at her place for a night. Mr. Ali could definitely use a few pounds on his frame but he's loving the chef's specials and will be looking big and burly before we know it. Now stepping into a lodge where there are already 4 canine residents can be a little overwhelming, but Ali is Mr. Good Times and everyone seems to have taken a liking to him. Ali is also putting his best paw forward with the management of the lodge...sitting politely before treats and meals, doing his dogly duties outside, and just generally behaving himself. Apparently the fireplace area is his favorite spot for napping as he has enjoyed dinner and is now dozing peacefully. We'll be making an appointment with the house doctor for a check-up and Ali will be giving up the family jewels. He's a welcome guest here but we know it will be a short stay and Ali will no doubt spend the rest of the holiday season in a home of his own.