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Baska and Caissa 12/7/02



Baska and Caissa's Foster Journey - At the Rainbow Bridge 2005

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Pertinent Information
Baska - 7 yr. old Flashy Fawn Female
Caissa - 6 yrs. old Fawn Female
Owner Surrenders
Being Fostered near Middletown, NY
Adoption Donation $175 each + $20 Microchipping

4/16/05 - We adopted Baska & Cassia on 12/26/02. We truly loved these girls. July 2004 Baska got Lyme disease and we treated her along w/Dr. Fischer. September 2004 Cassia blew a clot to her brain and Dr. Fischer had us treating her with Phenobarbital. Sadly, she blew another clot to her heart 4 days later after I spent the night sleeping w/her on the living room floor. She is no longer with us. It was a heartbreaking experience for us all. We have nursed and medicated Baska since July, hoping and praying that she would get better. She continued to get worse. She ate but could not walk at all. My husband and two boys would carry her out and hold her so she could go to the bathroom. She lost about 30 pounds. April 8th 2005 she went again to Dr. Fischer for her last time. We will miss these loving, warm, strong babies very much. We wanted you to know their status and to thank you for a wonderful opportunity to share our lives with them as brief as it unfortunately had to be with them. I am still crying typing this memo to you. We hope to heal a little and be lucky enough to get a younger baby in the near future. We will be in touch. Thanks, Wayne, Eleanor, Joseph and John

4/19/04 - Hi from the forever home of Caissa & Baska. They are doing great and we are loving every minute with them

8/8/03 - Wow, I can't believe they haven't always been our dogs. They are doing great and we love them very much. Their health is great, they look good and they love us as much as we love them.

4/6/03 - The girls are doing great. They enjoyed the winter playing inside and out but they sure loved the warm week we had. We have increased their toy collection because they are so involved with each of us. They both love to cuddle with our fourten year old at night and sleep. I still don't know how he sleeps with both of them in bed with him. The miniature yorkie has adjusted very well with them in his world.

2/14/03 - We are all doing great. Happy Birthday Caissa and Happy Valentines Day to all. Caissa had a urinary infection but she is done w/her meds and doing just great. These girls give so much love to our home.

1/02/03 - It's been a week and the girls are definitly settled in. They are being enjoyed by each of us. Our Yorkie, has finally come out of hiding and they are all learning to live together. The girls sniff around him and he sniffs them back. The cats on the other hand will take a little longer. We have taken down our Christmas tree to bring the crate up into the living room and then hopefully the cats will be able to check them out. The girls are only sleeping in the crates at night but they sleep all over Wayne and my boys during the day. They have taken a couple of car rides with us and are very well behaved. What a great Christmas present for all of us. We love the girls. Wish us luck at the vets tomorrow.

12/26/02 - Baska and Caissa went home tonight.
I did a home visit and took the girls with me...the family fell in love and adopted them both!!!!!!!!!! They have two boys 9 and 12 and the boys adored them from the start...they took them outside and played with them...the dogs were following them all over the house. They have a little Yorkie, Dradle, and he isn't so sure of them but the girls were ok with him...just time to settle....You have no idea how happy I am to have placed them together!

12/21/02 - Caissa and Baska both went in this week to have some small lumps removed from each of them. Caissa's biopsies came back clear...she is cancer free!!! We are waiting for Baska's to come back and hopefully should hear by Monday or Tuesday....keep your paws crossed for this sweet girl. They are both absolutely terrific dogs. They get along with the other 5 dogs in the home with absolutely no issues and are fine with the cats as well. 

12/11/02 - Well we got a snow day here at the Haven and I am able to spend some extra time with these two girls. I introduced them to my male, Dakota, and all went extremely well. Caissa wanted to play, play, play and Baska well, she acted like he wasn't there...I think she hurt my boys feelings. With the cats they are nosey but if you tell them enough they are leaving them alone...I think in time they will ignore them completely. I just can't say enough how super these girls are...please consider them as part of your won't be sorry. I will write more as the day goes on and I introduce them to the rest of my crew...

12/10/02 - Well the girls have been here for a couple of days now and are dong just wonderful. Baska is the more outgoing of the two and just bounces all over the house. Caissa is more sedate of the two but just LOVES to play ball. She let's Baska know she is the boss and Baska has no issues with this ....she is more than happy to let Caissa do as she pleases and will take the back seat. Both are housebroken and do well in the crate. I have a very large (great dane size) crate and they go in it together. At night they do sleep in separate crates. These two girls are going to make some family very happy. I have never seen a better behaved couple as these two. If you are looking for 2 dogs with no issues with each other please consider these girls. Caissa's 6th Birthday is coming up February 14th, a valentine sweetie for sure and Baska just turned 7 in November. These girls are ready and waiting to make your home boxer friendly. Fill out your app today as they won't be here long!

12/8/02 - Baska is a beautiful Flashy Fawn girl with white socks. She and her sister, Caissa, will be spending some time here at the Guardian Angel Boxer Haven. Baska and Caissa were originally brought in and sent to separate foster homes. Caissa did not care for this to much and we had to bring Baska here to our Haven to be with her sister. They are sooooo happy to be together. It was breaking my heart to know that they needed to be together, so we made the extra room for them. She is a little more outgoing and friendlier then her sister, but just as sweet. Both of these girls are very well behaved, housetrained and love their squeaky toys. If you have room in your heart and home for these two girls please consider taking them in to your home as a pair. I will send more updates as I get to know them a bit better.

12/7/02 - Baska and her Sister, Caissa, were brought into rescue today. I would like to say thank you to Liz and Nancy for taking time out of our holiday party to go pick up these two great girls.